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  • As I cannot return to the thread, you should read this:…taxman-mr-heath-dies.html
    Except for a small faux pas on the lyrics just before the names of the prominent politicians, this British writer sums up my position well.

    • Then I guess you missed the part where it says that Wilson and Heath were polar opposites - ergo, they were NOT both part of the political establishment responsible for high taxation. I tried to make this point many times, but you ignored it, causing me to make further NASCAR laps until, finally, you conceded this point. The trouble is that you ignored the facts for a long time because you were too busy trying to impress several idiot bystanders with your "cleverness".

    • I did not concede the point.

    • Tacitly, you did.

    • I did not. I simply stopped responding to your dishonesty in that particular thread.

      By the way, once again, it does not matter that two politicians were polar opposites: It only matters that Harrison wrote and the Beatles sang of them in that song. That alone links "Taxman" Mr Heath to Wilson and the tax policy of the UK.... as your countryman admits in his eulogy.

      And now, as you cannot respond honestly and defend your position, I declare victory and retire from the discussion.

    • ...except that "Taxman" Mr. Heath was NOT a taxman (he was never chancellor) and was not even in government at the time the song was written. I guess that small detail was lost on you.