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  • Hey Iron, got a question. I lost my sense of smell years ago. I can tell when things are heavy in the air, and I sometimes get a smell that think is just in my mind. I was curious if you experience that as well. I think mine was from working with floor sealer for several years, but smoking and heavy drinking for 2 decades prolly contributed. I know cancer and other diseases cause the same symptoms. Anyways...watchuknoboutdat?

    • I think mine is mostly from age. I think it was greatly diminished long before I realized it. I can still smell something if it is pretty strong.

  • Hi, do I know you?

    • Probably not. I played Aces High for a few years beginning with the beta in '99. The Bulletin Board there got kinda outta hand for Hitech and they put in a bunch of new rules. Nuke created Flamewarriors in 2008 and hung out there until maybe three years ago. Needed a break. Just came back a couple days ago.

    • I noticed you were new and thought you may have been around with us at ICOM. Thank you for your response. I am friends with GG.