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  • I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for all of the mean, awful and accurate things I’ve said to you this year.
  • I love you murderface *smoochies*
  • I forget how sensitive you are sometimes and type before thinking. Irregardless of how funny my comment was it was out of line and won’t happen again.
  • Fuck, customs will never read it.
  • Ya gotta wait til Monday- Nov 5th- before it ships. I need to pick up some boxes that work. Thanks for the like points man...It's all I got left.
    I have another VA psych evaluation coming up on Nov. 2nd, and my lawyer tells me the worst they can do is a 72 hour psych hold but yeah man...they usually let you out of psych hold due to overcrowding in an hour or two, so we should be good.
  • Toilet!