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  • I'm bringing sexy back.

  • Thought of you the other the day, I moved to Colorado from FL. I was looking out at the Rockies from a Boulder parking lot. I was just sitting there smoking my doobie and marveling at the purple mountains when someone with an umbrella very similar to yours walked by lol

    Hope you are well, my dear

  • She had been drinking .. fucking April 28th.
    ... <dots

    Of course I will miss you most, Fortresss.


  • She had been drinking .. fucking April 28th.

    • I'm not drinking tonight until after I finish this damn quiz. He said it's "easier than usual." My ass.

  • I have been drinking, so this will be a series of three million responses, since that's what I'm capable of right now

  • I love that you love it!

    • LOL... main character is the dog, of course. Then you have the two potential hold the dog for ransom girls. Then you have the brokenhearted pet owner and his family. Then you have to have the sinister villain- maybe after the dog gets out he approaches a villain who knows he's about to get busted by the police, so he attaches a safe deposit box key to the dog's collar, and shoos him off right as the police apprehend him.

      The girls are after the dog to hold for ransom, the owner is after the dog to reunite him with his grieving family, and now the villain, released for no evidence, is after the dog to retrieve his key... Instead of a vet to check for chipping I'd have the dog wearing a tag with the dog's name and the owner's phone number. When the dog approaches the bad guy the bad guy reads the dog's name and the phone number and memorizes it.

  • I like the doggie ransom concept. Screenplay? Anyway I have some thoughts on it.

  • Not a Toilet!

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  • What the fuck is all that?

  • mom... did you get the other watch? the second package I sent?

  • Not sure what the deal is on the last package it says that it was delivered to your mailbox at 1059 yesterday.

  • Thank you, that is so very awesome!

  • Ok Rachel.. I just got back from the Post office.. I sent another Priority mail package. It is the mechanical with small seconds.. this is to me a killer watch but you have to wind it every day or set and wind (obviously) when you do use it.. exhibition back Wyler from the 30's? maybe 40's for sure they quit doing small seconds by the 50's.. the watch has some nice looking detail work and the jewels stand out. and.. it has kept perfect time. I included the new old stock 1960-70 crock patent leather band. any jewler can change it for you and yes.. I know it is a mm or two too large but it will fit and look good the tracking number is 9505 5143 5038 7352 1211 86 between the three I hope there is one that works for you.. oh.. and free coffee right?


  • LOL... you should see my ammo and gun stuff. I admit to doing things to excess at times. anyway... going to the post office send you another package... I also felt that poor wrag got a raw deal having to compete against you so if I can get the old fuck to give me an address I am gonna send him one of the watches you did not pick.

  • Imean, having that much of anything would make me crazy

  • You have 300 watches? That's a lot. I would flip out to have that many of anything

  • LOl.. I have like 300 watches left.. I made my money on em but I absolutely forgot about this one.. it is really really cool.. it is a melanical cause thats all they had in the 30's.. you have to wind it (gently please) it has a small seconds which.. just means it is a little dial at 6 position that has it's own dial and second hand.. we are talking raised dial.. exhibition back. rare as shit. worth a bit less cause of the wear but still cool.. "incaflex" means that it is 'shockproof" which was a big deal in the flapper age.. Tell mr Dean that if he does a really really good hug.. there might be a soviet era russian in his future.....


  • tell him I expect a good one!

  • I'll give you the coffee, Mr Dean is happy to give hugs :)

  • Soo.. what is important here.. I get free coffee and a hug right?


  • You are worth it.. you earned it.. shit at my age I love to pretend all women are princesses and give em stuff.. but.. I really like you (in a paternal way) and shit.. digging through stuff? you WILL LIKE the next package.. tell the old man that no fucking way do I think I can compete. he is a great guy.. hang onto him. I wish I had married someone like you 40 years ago LOL shit. who am I kidding? i would of fucked it up.. that is what I do.


  • :) thank you!

  • shit.. gonna send you a watch I like but is only good for women.. this is a very cool watch you can't buy one.. Don't take this wrong but I really enjoy you on FW this is well worth it for me. Tell the old man he is a lucky fuck.. LOl.. Tell him you are my daughters age and my son is older than you.. but.................I expect a hug and free coffee! I will show up...


  • Ok Rachel.. says that it got delivered to you.. let me know if there is a problem.


    • I don't see that they left it or left a note. I was gone almost all day, so I will double check with my son when he gets home

  • Darn... wrong tracking number... 9505 5143 5038 7348 1191 42 I left out a 5.... in any case this is the right # and USPS site says you should get it monday sorry for the confusion.

  • Ok Rachel.. here is the tracking number... it is USPS priority mail...950 5143 5038 7348 1191 42 should get there in a few days. enjoy.. I did throw in the Eco drive which is also a nice (but modern) watch. they only require sunlight to work... the Wyler you got to shake like a bitch for 30 forty times at least but then it will run for 24 hours at least. If you wear it just normal motion will keep it going. Thanks for playing.. LOL


  • Yep.. that will work.. I will send the Wyler.. it seems to be working fine but I will send you the eco drive too just in case... don't want to seem like an asshole. LOL.. I will try to get em boxed up and to the post office.. it will be priority mail and I will give you a tracking number when I get it.


  • Rachel Dean : )