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  • Here you go Lazs, search for this: "Well that's all come to an end. President Pelosi can't be bought, and she can't be intimidated. Mueller is closing in... I wonder if TrumpyBear still "loves wikileaks"?"
  • Accidentally visited... I will not pass go nor collect 200 buckeroonies :P
  • Visa shouldn't be a problem, IIRC your administration left a consulate in Frisco. They reworked Soviet experience and grant a 3 years visa in half an hour.

    I don't own a gun license, but I'll take you to gun activists with kalashoid rifles :)
  • Lazs, do you have a passport? No kidding, i want to pay for your trip to our hard land of the winter. I inherited some money i can't spend rationally, so, would you be so kind to meet me? I pay for airline tickets to Moscow and high speed train to Leningrad er SPb
  • PM ya? don't see the link for it? Everything goes on your wall?
  • Hey tell her that I sent you there( Jess Ledford), ya wont get a discount nor will I, but it just lets her know I was spreading the word.
  • It arrived. Probably been in the box since saturday!
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  • Heya, Nuke has blocked me from posting but how ya doing?
  • Toilet!