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  • Hi, to both of you . I wanted to thank you again for such a really lovely time down the river. We still have the things we had bought to send but no designated destination? We hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Looking forward to repeating getting together when convenient.

  • Hello??

    • Hello hello...

    • Heya- you good?

    • Not especially, but I'll live. You good?

    • I'm more than good. My daughter called me up this morning and she said she was getting married.... we went to the court house. She got married. I gave my son in law the same plain gold band I'd given my wife before we hit the big time and she got her rock- a plain gold band is the best place to start a life together. MY girl allowed him to put it on her finger.... that's just the start.

      I'm sorry about FD but he must die... I have to kill him. I apologize and be assured I take no satisfaction in this, but I have to drive him off. I may have to kill Saint, too- the verdict is still out but hey, if you poke your head above the radar... a sniper will set his sights on you.

  • Hello....

  • We did foster care for Scooter's Pals for a while. Loved all the babies we took in.

    • Yeah, that's cool stuff- we have a tremendous staff and volunteer group. Our guests are walked daily, and all have plenty of human interaction. We sent two staffers to a three day seminar to learn more about dog interaction, and now we have playgroups of 3-4 who run around chasing each other, laying in a wading pool when it's hot- it's fun.

    • We had from five to 7 dogs here and they got along and most of them were pit and pit mixes and ever so grateful to come here. I loved all of them and they had fun. I live on acreage and we have a 36' X 49', and a high fenced run that extends about 21' back to a wall and is 48' long. I also have a large fenced grassy area with more igloos and a Critter Corral stall and shade trees so they have that as well. lot of the dogs we got were pulled from kill shelters like Stockton. Now we just have our four dogs and over the past three years had to put down four others who we dearly loved but they got cancer. Nice to meet you.

    • Nice to meet you too- Where do you live? Lodi area?

    • Lovely Loomis but not in the town. Out by the lake.

    • Cool! We lived in Orangevale and loved it. Five minutes from Folsom... 90 minutes from the slopes... hanging out all day on the river... we moved back over here in 2004 and I like the fresh air, no traffic, hippie vibe but man is it ever boring.

  • Happy Friday everyone

    • Man it was a long week- We do Animal Rescue stuff for our local Humane Society so it'll be a long day tomorrow too. Enjoy your weekend peeps.

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  • LOL

  • Toilet!

  • NEVER FORGET the 1,231 like points killed by Gina