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  • Ok...this will make you laugh. Henry Austin married Peggy Roberts. He is my wife's uncle on her dad's side of the family. I didn't know he was into pest control, so that threw me. Henry passed away about ten years ago. He lived at Snyder. The wife and I were at his house the night he died.
  • My cousin, Helen Jean, knew their kids or grand kids.
  • Yup. My mom knew him. Not well though She thinks he was married to her dad's niece, Peggy, and they lived in Hamburg or Snyder. How does yours relate?
  • You know a Henry? Pest control.
  • I had family in town and I think my cousin lived in that house behind the station there in thatvoic I posted. ILL get the names of whi he thinks lived there. He's 58. Tried to catch you while he was visiting my mom. Only talked to him for about 30 minutes.
  • Hey, you on now?
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