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    religon is the curse of the weak and simpletons. religon like political idealolagy has been the cause of most of the suffering in human history.

    i have watched a lot of it on youtube. this is the best i have seen. it's pto and in colour. it is 0ustanding quality. 12 minutes long.

    i thought i would share in case you hadn't seen it


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    i think the cowardly feature that allows members to hide should be removed from the board. why hide. if you are scared to reveal youself why be here at all.

    and the minions of guests need to take out a flamewarriers account , speak their mind and put their name to what they say.

    they wont. the board shoud be members only.

    i agree america is a shit hole. the military industy complex has been rampet since the end of worrld war two. and they have lost every war you have been in since then.

    i have an idea, instead of spending trillions of dollars on your military spend it it on youre people and infrastructure instead. the weapons will never be used, and if they are we will all be dead so what the fuck. except me, i'm hard to kill i will be here at the end.

    Do they round them up like lepers and throw them in camps in NZ?

    `````````````you guys are knobs. anti vaxxers that compare their plight to the holocaust of fascism in the 1940s are fucking insane or need some history lessons. that is what i am saying.

    put the the dumb shits in a barn and burn their diseased arses. you fucks are lucky i dont get my way. but i'm working on it.

    that is sad. i loveved the ronettes music. the wall of sound. motown i have a soft spot for it because it was good music back then. it is still good but just not apprecited these days.

    some of them are saying they are been treated lilke thge nazis teated pretty muich everyone that wasn't in the plans for the super race.

    these people are ejither insane or pig ignorant. no one gives a shit about them.


    it was calculated that the invasion would cost between one and four million allied casualties and the deaths of at least 20 million japanese


    the nuking of hiroshima and ngasaki saved lives. no doubt about that.

    iwo jima and okinawa were a taste of what was to become.

    the revisionists of history need to drop their idealogy and get a history lesson.

    0verall. no western general was in the predicament that stalin pushed on to zhukov in 1941. he was the differance between failure AND THE DEFEAT OF THE NAZIS.


    Not even close. General Motors was the best general.

    and don't forget ford. we will overlook that hitler had a portrait of old henry on his office wall and he jerked off regulary to it.

    i like fords but there are limits

    you guys really need too think for yourselfs and stop being servile to one ideology or another. the elite dont give a toss about you. they are only using you for their own ends.

    hands down it would be zhokov.he escaped stalins purge...lucky for the soviets.he more than anyone else he was responsible for the defeat of nazi's. moscow would have lost with out his brilliance in 1941.

    marshal zhokov as he became. what annoys me is how the west have trashed him and poytrayed him as a cold blooded stooge of starlin.

    he was nothing of the sort.

    i can name plenty of real stooges that were incompetant on the allied side , bernard montgomery for one, he was an arrogant idiot that got the men serving under him killed in their droves

    from what i have read from differant sources the invasion of japan would have cost between one and four mililon allied lives and led to the death of at least ten million japanese.

    the nukes saved lives. i could go in more depth with my claim but iwo jima and okinawa is all i have to say

    Do they even allow porn in NZ these days?


    it's all over the internet lazs. there is no puritans here. prostitution was legalised in new zeal and some years ago. the crown wanted the whores to pay income tax. i think the world's oldest profession has it's days numbered in new zealand , the hookers are not only speading the usual diseases but now the brothels are spreaders of covid 19.

    in short it was the catholic church helping nazi war criminanls to escape justice. they would give them false papers so they could flee to south america.

    this was the vatican doing this.

    it was called the rat line for a reason