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    I don't think so. I don't give a shit anyway

    airhead I had two ops to get rid of the tumour I had. it was large and had been interfering with my drinking for a long while. the follow up treatment is important.

    I was told that bladder cancer is caused by toxins from smoking and alcohol . probably right but I have been exsposed to some nasty chemicals over the years like dioxin in herbicide which probably played a part

    Actually it was Obama. Cubans are ultra right wing. Intelligent and industrious. All the correct qualities for thriving in a free enterprise system and an embarrassment to the left.

    Arguably the most successful immigrant group in the US.

    We punch far above our weight

    I don't remember Obama wanting to build a wall. I think you have your presidents mixed up.

    good luck airhead. been there mate. I have had more tubes shoved up my dick than millenials have spent time away from their smart phones. the bcg treatment works. that's where they inject tb straight into your bladder through a tube of course. the initial round of treatment made me very ill, sometimes I couldn't drive to the clinic because of it.

    as I was told the tb activates your immune system to fight the cancer. it does work . I am living proof that it works. good luck mate.

    no . i had 6 years of treatment. i get a check up every 6 months, that's when they push a camera up my dick to check my bladder. not as bad as it sounds when you have had it done as often as i have. suppose to get it done in two weeks but that was canceled due to the lockdown.

    Mine is bladder cancer, and it's kinda spread from there- they call it "high grade" and it's in the muscle of the bladder and maybe spread into other organs, so we have another operation next week and then they'll work on slowing down the spread but basically it's not gonna go away.... I'll play their game until it starts wasting me, but I'm not going to be pathetic and dying and have my grandkids remember me as pathetic and dying... Fuck that.

    Of course I'm afraid of dying but I'm much more afraid of wasting away to a pathetic state when I do die. In comparison dying while still being viable is the best option. Hey, it is what it is.

    same here. bladder cancer. was pissing blood for years until the day i couldn't piss at all. it was after a night at a pub . i was going to explode. the blood from a bleeding tumour had blocked up the plumming, hospital and kimo. didn't work. but then there was a new treatment , they injected me with terboculous. was sick as dog for a long time i had tb. but it seemed to work.

    i get check ups. no what your mean about wasting away airhead. not me mate. my grave is dug

    STFU froggy fuck. Trump and the administration has done more than any other... look in the god damn mirror you POS... you will be begging Trump for help before this is over because America was rated #1 by the WHO and NIT in preparedness while your country was so far down it was not rated... less than some third world countries... You are doing nothing but snooty french waiter bullshit.


    you place a lot of dependacy on your queen. she was slow to react because she wanted to give time for her friends to flick off their stocks. what a whore you have for a leader. ever considered being your own man and not a serf to someone else .

    one of the most funniest stand up comedians ever. he is locked down in his apartment in new york with his pretty wife and five kids .. but he still gets out. dinner with the gaffigans every day on youtube. I find it entertaining.

    dinner with me would be a beer or nothing. not so entertaining

    the chinese communist party has brainwashed it's people. that should change. I'm thinking about 20 dedicated saterlites in geo stationary orbit above china broadcasting EVERY NEWS OUTLET IN THE WORLD, MAYBE NOT FOX THEY ARE DICKS. AND OFCOURSE THE FREE INTERNET. AND MAYBE THE CCP WILL BE FLUSHED BACK IN HISTORY WHERE IT BELONGS WITH STALIN AND HITLER

    The chinese have the molecular code. They released it the fucking second they cracked it. Enough with bomb China.

    Sadly, the answer is not fish tank cleaner.

    the Chinese communist party covered up the virus for months. they knew about in November 2019. they let it spread outside their boarders, now they are withholding vital information on it's origins that might help fight the virus.

    chaiman pooh bear and the ccp should be expexcting a massive bill and a firing squad

    when it is over

    sp you sound like jacinda. I'm tired of the bullshit nanny state telling me what to do. in all my 57 years I never new how to wash my hands until the gov told me how to do it. they are getting really annoying. cough into my armpit,which gov dweeb came out with that. what did my armpit ever do to me. nothing. this lockdown would be easier if they just shut the fuck up with all the preaching. and the pigs have way too many powers under this so called state of emergancy