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    sorry about your car. I think I have done my dash here. I'm just repeating myself. I am forever in your debt for giving me the right to speak my mind and vent at times. thank you gg.

    it's time for me to move on. I need you to delete my account with flamewarriors please.

    the carbine was used on the front line in ww2 in great numbers by u.s troops. it's a myth that it was only issued to rear end troops because they couldn't shoot straight with the 45acp.

    it was a dog of a rifle, inaccurate, unreliable and underpowered. there is accounts from the Korean war where the cabines 110gr pill was unable to penetrate the heavy winter clothing of the nk and Chinese troops.

    I have owned two m1 carbines and are well aware of it's faults

    I had a big collection of mad mags and comics, then I became an adult and threw them all out. I wished I hadn't of done that , being an adult is a cunt.

    I did buy something from those cheesy ads in the comics, tiny little explosives that were shaped like a small seed that you inserted into the end of a cig. I use treat 2 or 3 smokes in a packet that my father was using. ha he never knew when he was going to get a bad one. funny as shit

    yeah there is probably some good money to be made buying into a bear market.

    I am more thinking of the geo politics.

    a weak Russia and the downfall of the ccp. the ccp has too be taken down for this shit . it should be a matter of urgency for the west.

    the lockdown is not affecting me. although when I went to the supermarket today I couldn't by soap, they were all out of it. and more annoying they were out of Victoria bitter. I have to drink the local swamp water.

    bill withers. another great gone

    Forever Now is probably one of their best songs. Ian Moss' guitar sounds fantastic.

    the 1980s was easily the best time for oz and nz music. there was so many good bands back then. cold chisel and dragon were my two favorites from that era

    I don't think so. I don't give a shit anyway

    airhead I had two ops to get rid of the tumour I had. it was large and had been interfering with my drinking for a long while. the follow up treatment is important.

    I was told that bladder cancer is caused by toxins from smoking and alcohol . probably right but I have been exsposed to some nasty chemicals over the years like dioxin in herbicide which probably played a part

    Actually it was Obama. Cubans are ultra right wing. Intelligent and industrious. All the correct qualities for thriving in a free enterprise system and an embarrassment to the left.

    Arguably the most successful immigrant group in the US.

    We punch far above our weight

    I don't remember Obama wanting to build a wall. I think you have your presidents mixed up.

    good luck airhead. been there mate. I have had more tubes shoved up my dick than millenials have spent time away from their smart phones. the bcg treatment works. that's where they inject tb straight into your bladder through a tube of course. the initial round of treatment made me very ill, sometimes I couldn't drive to the clinic because of it.

    as I was told the tb activates your immune system to fight the cancer. it does work . I am living proof that it works. good luck mate.

    no . i had 6 years of treatment. i get a check up every 6 months, that's when they push a camera up my dick to check my bladder. not as bad as it sounds when you have had it done as often as i have. suppose to get it done in two weeks but that was canceled due to the lockdown.