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    heather doesn't exist. she was a figament of my imagination . lynette on the other hand i am sure she exists and i'm pretty sure she is or was a cop. she is brazen, but she probably doesn't know how hard i have fought to not run her off the road and chop her head off,but that goes for others too. fucking cowards

    i dont think brexit is a good idea. just to make it clear i don't give a flying fuck about england.

    without britain in the eu, the eu is just that much weaker and is more likly to return to it's barbaric past that killed tens of millions of people last century..

    the rest of the world needs a watchdog overseeing the barbarians in europe. the first sign of the rise of their old bullshit they need to be stomped on. i am sure donald trump will agree with me.

    you put me of my food, i was eating when i first saw your monkey arse.

    nothing more than that you fucking slut. you owe me a ham and pinnaple pizza

    i have never seen the like of them in new zealand. sort of like snakes there is none of them in new zealand either. the jews drove them out of the country.

    those folk wearing the bed sheets how do they tell each apart? they all look the same,i reckon they are hididing from each other cause they look like dicks. it must be an american thing cause i dont know of any other country where grown men hide in a bed sheet and gather together. it really sounds gay

    if guys want to sell some weapons sell them to me . i want an xm177e2 and a thosand rounds of m193 amo. and i will need 20 x20 round magazines. i need this stuff to fight the aliens or zombies or mormans, or tom cruises lot, they are really freeky. they came here in boeing 707s year right.

    there is nothing like drumming up buisness by demonising a country so you can sell weapons to their neighbours.warmongers. i did my bit during the cold war. i was the offical brownee tastier at the south auckland girl guides. they only put me in hospital three times.

    seriously it makes me feel like a sucker that i supported the west during the cold war.

    and did israel ever apologise, acknoweledge and pay restitution for deliberately attacking and killing american sailors on the uss liberty in 1967

    rnzaf a4s had air to air reruelling back then. the best attack pilots in the world had a long reach.and they were the best. they often beat raaf hornets in excercises

    i mostly watch you tube videos on a smart tv. there is a lot of good stuff there if you are into astronomy, archeogly, palentology and general history. the internet has a worth despite the turds and donald trump

    donald trump needs to stop using twatter and come to this board. i promiss i will treat him as mr president of the muppet world

    i had a win trapper.94. i used hornaddy 240 grain xtp,s. with both win 296 and h110. full loads. the reciol was noticiable. took it on a deer hunt once and nearly died of exsposure. the rifle was so frozen i could't work the lever. i prbably didn't oil it well enough with break free. i came away from that thinking i am never going to do it again

    i would like to see. the new zealand government should watch it to since they ignored the falkland war. planes beat ships.

    what military were you in gscholz, i am interested.

    i have said some shitty things to you but i am aware of the brave things norwegian commandos did during the last war. the raid on the heavy water plant for one. the importance of that raid has never got the recognion it deserved. it was brilliantly executed and went along way to keep the nazis from developing the bomb

    good point. but i think there is a differance between plundering for profit and learning history.

    did you know military wrecks are being cut up and plundered in the western pacific. they want the steel because it is pre trinity ie before the atomic age. apparently the steel has a high value. from what i have heard the prince of wales and repulse have been gutted.

    it is still a grave for 1500 people. if it was a military wreck the carpetbaggers and profiteers would by law not be able to touch it.

    there we go with the juvanile shit again. it's lke being back in 1967 when i was going to kidegarden.

    you know i had to walk there in the morning and walk home in the afternoon. it was near 2 miles. i was fucken 5. i thought my parents wanted rid of me.

    people on this sodding planet can't rest in peace. there will always be some nerd who will dig you up an fuck with you. even a king of england couldnt avoid it some spotty nerds tracked him down to a carpark and dug him up and ruiend his rest

    thats why i inted to be buried on my farm despite a lawyey saying it was illegal. what are laws for if not too be brocken. i have already dug my grave..3 years ago

    i am going to haunt the place and those whores, they will never have happy lives.

    unless they wan to get it overwith now. i need your name and aqddress. i t will be you and every one around you. no time limit

    it's a grave for 1500 people. the tomb raiders should be kept away from it, they only want to profit from it

    and that includes camaron. what was with that movie he made with the angry muppests. it was shite,

    she was so cryptec. i told you i have been waiting for you all my life . you should have dr4agged me out of there. i was yours. i am really sorry that i hurt you.

    they locked me up and told me i was delsional. that's new zealand now. it hasn't allways been that way, i hope you are happy with life if you actually exist

    sounds like fun. whoever said guns are only for killing people has probably never used one. go back about three decacades ago i had a colt car, my cousin had an ak47. we fought duels to find rich rifle was best. many empty beer cans died. the ak had the edge in downrange thump, and firepower with it's thirty round mags. the ar was more accurate but the 20 round mags were a liability. i bought some 40 rounders from numerich and rock'd and rolled the ar. i was cheating

    i suppose jacinda wants me in hadcuffs. she can spank me anytime