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    you guys are whacked. there is no isms, there is just right and wrong and trump is wrong

    religeon and politiical idealolgy are mankinds curse.

    i don't live in the us and have no political slant either way but what i see from here is a bad president of the united states.

    i'm not political. i dont vote it just encourages the bastards. i told them i was dead. they leave me alone

    maybe i forgot. i think it is important that we not leave this monkey on the back of future generations. no one asked me if i want too live under a nuclear umbrella...fuck no. i dont want to live for ever.

    i tried. i spoke my mind.

    time to get rid of them the cold war ha been over for 30 years. why the fuck should a handfull of insecure countries have the right to murder millions.

    that comfy pernament un security council should be scrapped. it's a hangover from ww2, 80years ago. times have changed.

    all countries that have nuklear weapons should get rid of them or have trade sanctions imposed on them like nk.

    i gave up my weapons. now the only thing i am afraid of is an empty whiskey bottle

    Why do those who dwell outside our great land hate our leader so? The Chinese I can understand. Maybe Mexico. They have been shitting on us for a long time and some action there was overdue. New Zealand though???

    Why do those who dwell outside our great land hate our leader so? The Chinese I can understand. Maybe Mexico. They have been shitting on us for a long time and some action there was overdue. New Zealand though???

    maybe it is because i have been around for a long time and have seen the united states less divided.

    i actually do care about you guys.i was brought up during the vietnam war and know what it was like back then

    not you dumb fucks. but i owe my freedom to the us navy and marines in ww2. i can never pay that back but i will always pipe up and say what the fuck i want

    i have alot of relatives in new york who have probably disowned me by now .trump isn't looking after them. the fucken muppet

    i have been locked up for less than trump has done.

    hes the manchurian president. what baffles me is why so many americans support yanks deserve better than trump.

    if he gets in 2020 it will be the demise of the united states.the guy is a muppet

    probably. but it is true. she was no butterfly before she came to new zealand she was a guard in a british prison. not that you would know that by looking at her she was a gorgeous blonde. i owe her a lot and will never forget her

    i was in a mental health unit, she said said she was only doing her job by visiting me but she was my only visitor in that shit hole. to be honest no one had cared for me like she did.

    they let me out, but i had go to court and fight for my freedom.

    there is sweet people in the world. my own lot shoved me under a bus but i was fortunate enough to have a sweet english lady on my side.

    no matter where it takes you have an obligation to speak your mind. maybe some dark places, maybe they will try to humilate you to shut you up. speak your mind and be heard cause when you are dead no one will hear you.

    except me. when i am dead i am going to haunt the fuck out of those cowardly cunts. my word

    they are not fuuny but crude. i shouldn't listen to american comedians. i am sorry i posted them.i forgot i had a mother. she has been deed for thirty years, she was a saint. i don't hate womem i have just not meet one that can stand me

    no i can't help.but i am still sickened by what the germans did. euros and their wars were brutal but then they took it to another rung on the brutality ladder. servile peasants is all i can think off

    tip. obey no one. bow before no one. think for yourself and if you are too stupid to do that do the rest of the world a favour and shoot yer self in the head

    the league of nations was a british and french club to divide the spoils from the otterman empire amoungst themselves.the british promised the arabs independance if they fought the turks. they renegaded. lawence of arabia was either a fool or an incredible scamster.

    point is the english are back stabbing cunts

    the un. it mostly employs trash that has a long history of rapping and atrocities. wearing a blue helmut must be a curse. the un has done nothing worthwhile since the korean war

    Here I believe that it is 26" for shotguns overall but has to have 18" barrel.


    it's 30 inches minumin for long arms in new zealand. my ar18 had too have it's buttstock welded open to comply and be legal. barrel length can be any length as as long as overall length is at least 30 inches.

    it's all mute now anyway. the crown have banned pretty much everything here because of what that that facist fuck australian of trumps chumps. make america great a coward and slaughter 50+ people and not even in his own country. the turd should be put in general population. at least deported back to the penal colony he came from.he aint one of us

    if he gets in in 22020 he will ruin a mighty country, the country that all free men loolk up too. the mighty country that has alwayways fought for the week. polotics aside the united states has paid a high price for4 the freedom of its own and others. it is not fashionable but i owe my freedom to the3 united states navy and marines. why do you reckon they lockcd me up here.

    im just disapointed in you americans. you havn't learned from history from that crook nixon. trump is worse than nixon. trump is a traitor

    i owe my freedom to the united states navy and marines.

    im never going to let you forget that. i'm hard to kill so i will be here for a while

    Well aren't you a bundle of joy. Phrase it as your opinion and I have no issue. Disagreement yes. Please elucidate on pandering fear?????? All the fear and hopelessness seems issuing from the left, perpetually and wrongly. I might have said mistakenly but I thought, no, deliberately peddling hopelessness about the future of life herein earth.

    trump is a manchurian president. someone else is pulling his strings