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    you havent chased us off.

    Thats why i said before, you met your match.

    you have no idea what we've been through here. You're nothing we haven't handled. Calm the fuck down, quit being an idiot, and give us a reason to accept you. It's not real hard.


    But we're accustomed to you being you. And I for one miss you're airhead stories. Must be diffent weed up that way these days.

    gotta admit, in the 11 years this forum has been alive, you're little group is the most we've had at one time. It's....odd. But, you gotta admit, some of your group were fucking douchbags. As were ours. But, ours were just the watchdogs at the outhouse. Not saying they were always right, but they did keep the shit from overflowing. I think one fell in......we'll have to call in an idiot to finger that out

    we were all new once. And we have had people here for over a decade who are truly cunts. What do we do? Flame both. Its fucking flamewarriors. Deal with it or get the fuck out.

    yea, no. We're going to fuck with each other until this forum dies. Which I hope doesnt happen anytime soon. But, it's sometimes the only entertainment us old fucks have at night

    This place is exactly how it was intended. 11 years And no one has tried to change it. We've had people we care about leave. And come back. We've had idiots leave and luckily stay gone. We truly are just a bunch of fuckers talking shit after work. Exactly how it was intended to be.

    You're nearby, and a rider. Next time I'm out your way, I'll buy you a beer, and show you some roads you may have not known about.

    I'm in central Texas....I haven't seen an Asian girl since...well I left central Texas. She was going down a slide and got stuck. I guess that stereotype is true

    Storch might be a good guy to you, but he is pretty relentless to most of the newbs. If he stopped, it would null alot of the bullshit back and forth.

    I dont get offended by him, he isnt exactly a strong energy. Lars was more intense to deal with.

    Shit...I would say storch and lazs are two of the greatest guys here. I'd give them both 1 and a half thumbs up.

    PS....look at the banner at the top.

    See? This is fun. And, again I want to reiterate... I'm pretty sure it's all in jest from everyone here. Except Crystal. She's abusive.