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    decent setup. too much carb. cut it down to 750, and you'll be shocked. most people tend to overdo it with carburation. that's probably a little bit of the reason it seemed to cough sort of when you punched it.

    most converters tend to stall about 500rpm lower than their stated rating. when we ran the shop camaro, we had a 454 bigblock with a 4500rpm converter. I usually left the line at 4,000rpm on the transbrake. it looked like you're foot braking. count the tree. stage shallow. at the flicker of the last yellow, you should be gone.if you see green, you already lost(in bracket racing anyway, lol) that should get you into the .00's for reaction time. .002 on his part, he was on the money. what's the tree? .4 or .5 lights? your reaction time won't make your et lower. it just means you'll be quicker off the tree. if you'd left right with him, you'd still only have run that same 7.77. I don't think that getting another 1k rpm out of the engine will get the tranny to shift quicker, but I could be wrong. it just sounded like it wanted to hang in 2nd on ya. i'm almost wanting to suggest a little more rear gear, but I feel with that combo you should be flying with that engine. .002 on his part, he was on the money. what's the tree? .4 or .5 lights?

    i'm not trying to be critical, just tryin' to be helpful harry.

    I don't know about dropping down to a 750CFM Carb on a 454 cubic inch motor? I have a good 750 on my 383, but in my mind it'll choke down a 454? The tree is a four light at that track and you're right I'm rusty and need to work on that light and stage correctly.

    Don't sweat the advice, you could very well be right about the transmission, it doesn't have much time on it either. It could be the rev limiter too low or the transmission; it could be the transmission and get better with some time? Either way, I'll get it figured out in time.

    what was your 60ft time? it didn't look like much spin on that run. you launched too low. on the 2-3 shift it looked like there was hesitation between you hitting the shifter and the thing actually shifting for ya. I heard a hesitation on launch. that's part of why you want a higher rpm launch.

    sounds nice. what's she run on a full 1/4 mile?

    That guy in the Chrysler nailed the light big time! So, yeah, I could shave off 0.20 off of the light alone. The hesitation at the top of 2nd gear is from me having the rev limiter set too low, bumping it up to 7k will take care of that. And yes, I really need another 1k of stall converter; it's got a 2600 rpm stall in it. I really thought it would be enough since the engine is making over 500 ft lbs of torque at 2800 rpms, but the next time I have the transmission out, I'll swap converters.

    The nearest 1/4 mile track is four hours away, so I've never had it on the clock at a 1/4 mile track as of yet. This was the maiden track day on this engine and I'm happy with how it did for the first time out and will enjoy working the bugs out of it in search of a 6.99.

    This is the setup I'm running as of now..............

    563 HP/567 ftlbs of torque 454 small block Chevy, .638 in. intake/.622 in. exhaust lift and 251° intake/259° exhaust duration @ .050 in. lift roller camshaft, Aluminum 64cc chambered heads with 2.08 intake/1.60 exhaust valves and 220cc intake/67cc exhaust runners, Edelbrock Super Victor Intake, 950 CFM Holley Double Pumper, MSD 6AL Digital Ignition, Doug’s Long Tube Headers, Dual Exhaust with Flow FX mufflers.

    PATC Level Three Raptor 700R4, with a 2600 RPM non lock out Stall Converter, B&M Megashifter.

    Rear End:
    Strange Engineering S60 Rear End, with S Trac posi, 3:73 gears, Strange Engineering chrome moly 35 spline axles and a Strange Engineering chrome moly drive shaft with 1350 U joints. 255-50R-16 Mickey Thompson ET Street SS Drag Radials.

    Mostly stock, UMI Drag Links, adjustable pinion angle with the Strange Engineering Dana 60 and frame connectors welded in.


    Finally got the IROC to the Drag Strip in Sallisaw today, the car ran great, but had a lot of traction issues with the drag radials. While I didn't lose any races, the best run I could squeeze out of her was a 7.771 at 89.99 MPH. There's more there, just have to figure out how to put it to the ground. Here's kind of what I'm thinking I may do to get to the elusive 6.99 ET. A set of 90-10 front shocks to help with weight transfer and disconnect the front torsion bar (for track day). I need to bump my rev limiter up to 7000 rpms, I have it set at a conservative 6k now and I was hitting it right at the top of second gear just before the shift. I also think I'm going to install a HVH Super Sucker Carburetor Spacer for a tad more horse power, everything I've read says big cube small blocks respond well to them. I'm open for any advise I can get, I just need to shed 7/10s of a second for my goal. Light weight driver mod is unattainable at this age.

    We had a great time though, here's a clip from inside the car.…G_7-aAbssCvc15y6DxkFilMdQ

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