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    lol, the barbarians get uber and apple pay and they think they are at the leading edge of technology. Lol

    Happy innocence.

    You can't even imagine things i talk about.

    Come here to MSK and i'll show you some shit you've never imagined.

    Even your thoughts and imagination fail. Uber my ass.

    Moscow is the world's best city for tourists in 2019. Much better for us, who just dwell here.

    If America is so behind on tech... why would you fear a cyber attack from us? surely you know how to protect against that?


    I am a Windows admin. Most of the PCs here in Academy of Science run Windows.

    Even Unix we run at server positions are developed in the US.

    I am a certified IBM/360 operator, Thanks to our Party and Governmemt, may they rot in hell, they literally buried BESM series and started copying 360-370 series in 1972 when i was born.

    OTOH you have no options to buying old Soviet rocket engines. We build tanks and rockets, you use Verilog to build totally black box microprocessors. So it goes. You are now quite far from Cyrus Smith. Leave Material Resistance to someone closer to real life.

    • We can't? That's pretty much the entire world at this point. I don't know of a country that doesn't have app based transactions. Why would Russia not?

    Can you send money to a cab driver's account from your phone? Nope. Can you feed your cell phone with cash via terminal in every corner shop? Oh sorry we don't need it for over 10 years... Such a simple option looked like a miracle to Westlings.

    My distant friend!

    Here in Mordor we've built a best friendly environment you can imagine. Sorry, you can't.

    We're not ahead of you for decades. We are ages ahead in concepts and ideas.

    Look. Every 10-15 years i visit US, every year or two i go to Australia for vacation.

    Enough experience to compare, don't you think? I am all anxious for you to enlighten me about bread lines. You're welcome.

    Penn station, buying a ticket to Jamaika otw to JFK. $20 bill and drumroll - 12 one dollar coin change, Prehistoric? I think before 2010 they didn't accept bills, only coins.

    If the banking is so good why do you need the cash on hand?


    Just in case our American partners start a cyber attack. My generation and elder try to stay prepared. We remember 80s-90s. You can't imagine how dull and uneventfull your life is. Surely, my Dad (1926-2018) had much more adventures, but we had a great experience in an art of survival too.

    BTW, after a vacation in AU, in late-February, i'm going to apply for a hunters license to finally buy a gun. People say it takes 1-2 days. Smoothbore for first five years, then - Vepr or Saiga, semiauto AK in 7.62x39. Smoothbore - i think it should be also a Saiga semiauto AK 12 gauge. At least i can assemble/disassemble it blindfolded, as every Soviet male 45+.

    People living in russia probly don't tho.


    I do.

    Most of the people i know do keep serious amounts of money in cash. I don't use cash, but still have ~$2k in a safe place.

    You guys can't imagine how advanced our banking system is. Even buying something on (Russian craiglist, but better) it's convenient to open a bank app and send the money to seller with a couple of clicks. Once i managed to pay a Tajic Jihad-Taxi driver with Sberbank app, because he didn't have change from 5000rub bill.

    Let me say it again:

    Everything your media says about Russia is a lie.

    We here, in Mordor, laugh at all that sick bullshit about influence on US elections. Soloviev was ironic and sarcastic calling Trump a Russian agent. Author managed to mix all TV shows, he obviously doesn't watch Russian TV. I didn't see the programms he mentioned, but I listen to Soloviev's morning radio shows and understand his agenda pretty well.

    It's upsetting that such a great nation as US completely went off the rocker. Your media looks and sounds mentally sick.

    Real American design is retarded and I like it.

    Ages ago you guys could make something really working. No matter how it looked.

    I'd prefer anything with mechanical relay switches.

    My first microwave lasted 1988-1999. Could be cheaper to fix it, but I wanted grill and convection. What an idiot I was.

    I hope RF should bill you for Avangard hypersonic warheads spent on your imbecilic heads to get your genes out of Homo Sapiens Sapiens genome.

    Indeed, can you reasonably explain the need for your existance as protein bodies? Producing carbon dioxide?

    Bullshit again.

    The Tsar abdicated in March 1917.* When your customer vanishes, your market vanishes.

    *It took another year before the commies killed the woman, the little boy, and girls whom they feared.


    You are uncurable.

    Customer vanishes my ass. US factories were fucking unable to produce the cheapest magazine bolt-action rifles. Industrial power, go fuck yourself on coffee break.

    It's a good thing we were able to reverse engineer the brilliant TU-4 as well as the weapon you people dropped on the Japs.


    We bought all we could, stole something, so you didn't burn us as you intended.

    Ficking unfair, isn't it?

    Maybe if Russia hadn't signed a non-aggression pact with Germany and hadn't co-invaded Poland we never would have had a WWII???

    Go read something about August 1939 Soviet-French-UK negotiations.

    Bloody assholes made Stalin sign a non-aggression treaty.

    Don't know about that but as someone who likes firearms history I can tell you that Russian... and then the soviet union screwed both Smith and Wesson and Remington on gun deals... paying gold for the first shipments then not paying for the latter ones at all.

    Good news is that Russia actually made the Smith better in that they ordered the guns with a 44 cal inside lubed bullet which became known as the 44 Russian... which in turn became the 44 special which in turn became the 44 mag


    Russian Imperial Defence Ministry representatives simply refused to admit US-made shit. US arms companies ran bancrupt by 1917, being unable to deliver Russian military orders in decent quality. Simpliest, technologically chepeast 3-liners. Think about it.

    Remington wasn't sold for debt to Russian Defence Ministry only because you, assholes, refused to pay debts to Bolsheviks.

    Technological superiority my ass. Remember Winchester 1895 for 7.52/54 were consdered useless in trenches. Coo-coo clock.

    yeah it was Stalin that saved the world...:laughtears

    Yes he did,

    Stalin payed solid gold for American machinery and techology, like a Ford factory that became GAZ. USSR won the War on American industry we've bought. That played a dieceicive role in getting you, shitheads out of Depression.

    About lend-lease. You guys are expectedly uneducated.

    USSR payed four times more (!!!) for the same stuff then UK.

    UK sold us war materials for solid gold, and called it "assistance". HMS Edinbourgh was torpedoed by British destroyers while it was far from sinking. USSR re-payed (!!!) gold that it carried.

    How can you count 27M Russian lives in dollars? And fuck, we payed the debt that YOU claimed.

    Nevertheless, we thank you for canned meat, oil refineries and telephone wire. Planes and tanks were mostly useless, with rare exceptions, like P-39s that you master race couldn't fly.

    In 1989 in st.Louis I traded Springsteen for Lennon on tape. That very album.

    If I'll find cheaper jeans I'll surely buy em. If I'll get a decent style, not narrow at the bottom. I mean close to shoes. Bell-bottom should be fine. I try to dress like 70s. Long collars and all things.

    Anyway, I just wear what's comfortable for me. M65 and an Aussie hat now. Or Chinese huge fur hat from Ali.


    I buy two pairs every time I'm in Brisbane. Two at the price of one. And I really like their shirts.

    In MSK they are insanely expensive.

    Last time I bought Wranglers was in a street market back in the 90s.