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    I have never laid hands on a lady or a woman in my life.

    However, there are plenty of *ahem* women that I would happily beat shit out of if the situation should warrant it.

    Jesus, Im talking about bitches that would happily punch on with anyone if you offended them in any way.

    Mostly by smoking the last cigarette I assume.

    Fuck if you need to beat yr missus cause you had a shitty day and/ or she burnt dinner then yr a sad fucken excuse for a man.

    and get offa yr ass and cook yr own dinner fucktard.

    But if some bitch reckons shes good enough to take a swing or just seems to think that having a pussy is a license to say and do whatever they please.

    Nah fuck that Im giving you some equality,

    cause im an equal opportunity muthafucker.

    If you piss me off so bad that Im going to lay hands on you, and considering that solid poke with one finger is assault.

    then I better get my moneys worth and smack shit outta that someone. Male or female.

    Damn I think her diaper is full.

    I have to be better, far better than any white people in order to gain grudging acceptance. that involves performance, puns and often punishment.

    I routinely plow around you stupid stumps.


    at 1/16th how would anyone know?

    are you wearing a sandwich board or something?

    Sorry, I'm like 1/16th nigger and you'd never know it.

    well we will give you the benefit of the doubt and say you are 1/16th negro or just 1/16th black.

    Cuz thats the polite thing to do.

    We wont call you nigger till you chimp out, engage in a drive by shooting. or some other stereotypical exploit.

    Its only fair.

    I was at a function the other night that was emceed by a prominent aboriginal comedian, he said "It doesn't matter how much milk you put in coffee, you're still coffee"

    Out of curiousity

    Was it a govt subsidized event?

    Or was said ' comedian' standing on his own merits as a comedian? ie- was he funny with original material or was he just trotting out the tired old observational humor tried and true regarding how hard it is to be black? (yawn)

    I bet his aboriginality was the forefront of his act?

    So to translate,

    No matter how white you are, if you have nigger in you then you are a nigger. Feel free to behave like one. Feel free to be a victim by screaming racism at every turn, commit all sorts of crimes, kill as many other black folk as you can, all the while blaming whitey for keeping you down.

    Sure thats not what he said. But hey we are all realists right?

    Dont even get me started on what that does to real estate prices.

    Dear celebrities & sports affiliates.

    your antics used to take my mind off how retarded reality really is.

    But you appear intent on telling me what to think at every turn.

    Just to be clear, no one gives a fuck what you think. Sing yr songs, shake yr ass, play yr sport & do some pretending that you call art (aka acting)

    Just take yr millions & shut the fuck up.

    FFs hows about someone try to make an original film that is not comic book based, nor a sequel, prequel or animated shit?

    and while im ranting like a loon.

    How is it im not allowed to say the word nigger?

    13% of the population can use it with abandon. Put on some fucking hip hop shit and its nothing but nigger this and hoe that.

    What if I like said song? can I sing along? can I use the forbidden word then?



    what if Im part black? can I say nigger then?

    and exactly what percentage of nigger do I have to be in order to use the offending word without persecution?

    50/50? sure.

    But what if only one of my grandparents were black? Is that enough black to nigger myself silly?

    oh and while im fucking here,

    Can Rachel Dolezal say it cause she workshopped a fro on?

    I bet she swallowed enough penis to qualify if it was measured by the inch.

    Nigger please

    fuck this douchebag.

    52yr old man banging a 15yr old? What a stud muffin.

    This fucken shit makes my blood boil.

    Im up to my eyeballs as a witness for a case very similar.

    Except he was about 45 at the time and banged his fiance s morbidly obese 17yr old daughter.

    Where I live, its determined that being in a position of authority that sort of thing is a crime under 18.

    The fucker went on to marry the fiance & the daughter kept it all quiet for about 6yrs, but 8mths ago she spilled the beans and all hell broke loose.

    Then the other younger daughter piped up and said he tried it on her a few years back but she told him to fuck off.

    Like I said Im up to my eyeballs in this filth cause he confessed to some of it to me.

    Ive made a statement to the cops and now we go to court next year.

    Guess what? this cocksucker is pissed and is playing silly buggers to piss me off to take a swing at him in order to help his case.

    Fuck him, Im just gunna be calm, keep score & settle up when its all done.

    How the fuck can a man in his 40's or older think its ok to have sex with teens?

    When I see a 16yr old girl with her boobs out and in skimpy shorts with her lunch box hanging out, I have no idea where to look. I feel like a dirty old man & will fuck off in the other direction.

    When I see a hot 21 yr old with her boobs out and her clit ring showing, I try not to ogle & I silently send big high fives in congratulations to whomever is hitting that.

    Lucky man/ dyke.

    At no point do I think I need me some of that.

    What I do is, think of the good old days fondly, way back when being 17 or 18 it was totally appropriate to be banging 16yr old chicks.

    It was so long ago that I hardly ever jack off to it anymore

    But hey thats me,

    I got a granny fetish so go figure.

    I am proficient in the five knuckle shuffle on the one eyed flute.

    Yes I read by sight, unless its in the dark with mrs dorkus, then I lip read.

    Speaking of mrs dorkus and her lips.......... she loves the vibraphone.

    She sits on my galaxy7 & I call, then hang up, I call then hang up.

    Rinse and repeat till the battery is flat.

    We dont have much here in the way of guns in my country, so I dont really know enough about glocks to talk about, let alone indulge in a marketing campaign about them.

    However, if you wish me to appropriate some German culture.

    In case you havent heard shit has changed over there somewhat.

    Now, its wear a burka, wage jihad and bang some goats if you want to be German these days.

    what a time to be alive

    Yes I do work for beers & bongs, and I think the idea of me doing a car wash in a jumbo thong is a great idea.

    I think thats everything................

    I've invited a friend who is looking for a place he can be himself without offending the powers that be.

    I hope the joins, he's been driven from the other places of the internet, branded as 'Literally worse than Hitler"

    He should fit right in.

    Im not sure I want to be associated with you now. I just looked at a thread called 'boys with guns ' and im pretty sure at least one dude was leaking 'gun oil' everywhere and everyone else seemed very happy to see me.

    However I found it strangely arousing & I am currently boring a hole in the toilet door.

    I think it may lead me to have those strange dreams again. at least todays society affords me the right to whack on a dress, some lippy, gobble some knob but not shave my beard.

    Wow! what a time to be alive!

    Pls remember my preferred pronoun of 'hey fuckface'

    So, as stated above. I have absconded from 2 other forums due to being hounded out by the SJW's cause no fucker can have a fucking giggle anymore. I am sick of being censored & labelled for engaging in lowest common denominator humor.

    anyhoo, I like beers, bongs and boobies. Hopefully there are some cool peeps about to shoot the shit with.