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    Yeah, I'm fine! I was talking with Molly the other day. She was a member of a forum that was not unlike ours as far as friends and longevity. The owner recently died and the place is gone. I told her that I don't want that happening to us.

    I have surgery coming up for my beautiful face, and you just never know. I'm not going anywhere if I can help it, but I want to make sure the forum will still be here in case anything were to happen. There's a lot of memories here. We have a bond and it would be a shame to have it suddenly just end for everyone some random day.

    Sure, you guys will probably cry for me every day for maybe 10 years, but eventually FW will get back to being s shell of what it was when I was around. ☻

    Seriously. If you want to be someone who get's the keys, flat-out just say it and I'll work with you to make sure it happens. It can be more than one person. I trust any of you.

    I'd let the power go to my head.

    I think most people would. Are you serious?

    I pride myself on being pretty even keeled. In our heyday, I really took some on the chin. I'm like Tex "tree trunk" Cobb. lol

    I'd offer but there'd likely be revolt.


    I think the key is to just stay hands off.... and not get butthurt. Lol.

    Nothing really needs to be done, just take it over, sit in the chair and look sexy.

    I don't expect anything to happen I'm just trying to prepare. After Molly and I talked the other day, I realized that we need a plan in place. Sooner the better.

    Like I said I could send the information to several people and maybe you guys could all get together and figure it out. I can even show somebody the ropes if they're interested. It's not like it's a big deal or anything to run the place.

    I'm just about ready to go into a doctor appointment right now so I'll chat later..... or when I'm inside waiting.

    if something happens to me I want Flame Warriors to continue on with somebody else.

    We need to find someone who can keep the lights on.

    I would like to set up something that will trigger the sending of all the information for the server and logins in case I'm not around for a given amount of time. Does anybody here want to be that person? Maybe it could be a couple of people? Even if you don't personally think you would like to runs the place, I would like to have somebody to at least get the information to so that everything won't be lost.

    he is right up there for worst POTUS of all time... him ... LBJ... and the monkey boy.... any order you want depending on mood.


    I remember when he was president... and for years after, people would say he was a "nuclear engineer" for serving on a nuclear submarine. he never did serve on a nuclear submarine and he was and is an ignorant fuckwad.

    I'm super, super fortunate in a lot of ways. No one questions that I'm a woman and I look decent. I've really only lost one friend that I know for sure is a direct result of my transition. Other than that, I have gained everything. I'm happy and fit right in to my skin. I wish I would have done this when I was 20.

    So far I've only had a partial paycheck.... last Friday. Before that, zero income for two months. My dad disowned me and I'm afraid about where me and Ziggy are going to live. I need to save every dime and pray I get hired on after my 90 days.