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    there's lines in front of targets. I like walking right up to the front...and hearing a perturbed "maam, ma'am, there's a line!"

    I'm on now. I come on in the day to give everyone a chance to enjoy my fine company.


    First, people should have been willing to chip in something. I see no advantage to having ever split the website - either way you were incurring an expense. Split made zero sense other than you were engaging in a pissing contest with those who did not want to pay - to the detriment of those of us who did pay.

    Read the OP. I explained why the split and how it was going to pay for itself.

    I exhibited all the classic symptoms of the unemployed, the redundant man. First you don't shave, and it's not to grow a groovy beard, it's because you cannot be fucking bothered. Anger, deep anger sets in, with everything, with yourself number one, and with everyone else in the world number two. And justifiably so because I was being screwed by my mates. […] I might get up and stay on the bed a bit and not know where to go, and get back into bed. Then if I did get up, I'd have a drink. Straight out of bed. I've never been like that. There are lots of people who've been through worse things than that but for me this was bad news because I'd always been the kind of guy who could really pull himself together and think, oh fuck it, but at the time I felt I'd outlived my usefulness. This was the overall feeling: that it was good while I was *******. I was useful and I could **********, I could ******* for them to ***** and for me to *****, and we could make *****of them. But the minute I wasn't *****any more it became really very difficult.

    I paid the $5 EVERY single month from the very beginning of the opportunity to pay until it was phased out - plus the lifetime $34 (I actually put in $40) thing towards the end. The old place was a big deal to me because I posted there knowing the group of guys who could see it were pretty much trustworthy. Honestly, I don't feel nearly as comfortable posting in this new forum as I did the old one. I never did understand why splitting the forum was necessary because later I felt like I paid cash in to preserve FW (because this place & people are important to me) but after paying to keep it the damned thing I paid to preserve was turned into a ghost town, renamed 'shitbags' and eventually just disappeared!

    It is a big deal to me.

    I know you did. When it comes back it will be under domain and be called flamewarriors.

    Read my op for the reasons I did what I did. it became a ghost town because 90% of the people did not want to pay to keep it around . Think about that . They expected me to take all the cost I guess and didn't think it was worth $1 a month to have around .

    I did not know how many people would actually pay when I ask people to pay but the other alternative was going to be for me to shut it down . That's how pissed I was.

    simply not true. Not even close to true.