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    yeah, because that's pretty much the same thing as having an election stolen.


    That won't stop the Democrats from prosecuting him.

    As soon as he's no longer President, Trump is going to be in court in NY and in D.C. Can he fight the Feds at the same time?

    I'd bet Traitor Pence will pardon Trump if he steps down.

    there is no depth the stupid cunt democrats won't stoop to.

    There were bad actors in the crowds, but overall, the vast majority of people that were there were not doing anyone any harm. They didn't damage anything or burn anything. They didn't roll police cars and set them on fire. They didn't wear makshift body armor and carry sticks - all of what BLM did and was praised for being "mostly peaceful"

    Fuck anyone who says the crowd was not peaceful.

    Its not my back though. I don't really have much or any fat back there. Ive gotten smaller in my band measurement. I wear more fitted tops and t-shirts and I don't have a fat roll up there with my bras on.

    I've measured pretty accurately.

    There's a 6 inch difference between my bust and band size. 36 F is the actual measured size, but I ordered DD.

    Id forgotten about the fact that I've been on progesterone for several months. For people like me, that's supposed to be a factor in making boobs fill out more.

    If I bend over.... I can see how big the actual boobs are, they're really big

    I don't have fat on the back to speak of.

    I've also held just one cup over one boob, and the boob just does not fit in the 36D cup bras I used to wear.

    Actually, I think my boobs just got bigger. I have been on a small dose of progesterone to balance the estrogen. I think sitting at home for 3 moths and wearing sports bras... Kind snuck up on me. When I tried wearing my normal bras today, non of them fit. And I know they used to.

    I don't want bigger tits.

    It's funny. I guess we're just never happy with what we have. Karen is the cutest thing ever. She's petite, great little figure, but small boobs. She wants bigger ones, but she looks so good like she is. I tired to tell her, and she asked me if I'd give up my boobs then. I said I would if I could trade for a hot little body like hers.

    Never happy.