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    1934 was not even in the top ten hottest years since 1880.

    And the stat that GG quoted is disputed.

    "A higher reading of 134F, or 56.6C a century earlier, also in Death Valley, is disputed. It is believed by some modern weather experts to have been erroneous, along with several other searing temperatures recorded that summer."

    I'm glad things are good in YOUR California, where the temperature never goes much above 70F.

    Note "new world record for the month".

    Funny, I read this just now. There must be more than one California! Or maybe it's a StrangeDays deal - like when more than 10% of Australia was underwater, and he claimed that only 500 people had been affected!

    Dear me, people in California not feeling well. Do you suppose the heat might have something to do with it? ;) Record breaking heat on both coasts I hear. :S

    Iberdrola, the Spanish company I work for, installed 7-2.6 MW wind turbines in the Chimiche Park in Granadilla de Abona, off Tenerife, and that Spanish company counts that into their Spanish wind energy portfolio.

    It may well be Spanish, but not everything that is Spanish is in Spain, and not everything in Spain is Spanish.

    Like I said, the argument was completed in the Northern Killifornia shooting thread. There is nothing more to add. I covered all points, and you are wrong.

    There are 19 autonomies in Spain.

    No, that would be the Kingdom of Spain.

    I don't deny saying "But the name of that sovereign nation is often abbreviated to Spain", but you have truncated my statement in an attempt to distort what I actually said, which was:

    "No. Spain and the Canary Islands are each part of the territory forming the KINGDOM of Spain which is a political, not geographical, entity. But the name of that sovereign nation is often abbreviated to Spain, hence your confused state. Similar confusion exists on this board, as demonstrated by people who use the terms England and United Kingdom interchangeably, when they are not the same thing".

    To see the full post, see here: Northern Killifornia shooting

    There is nothing to be added to that discussion Holden. It ended with the conclusion that you are a left handed wanker! :snicker

    Beet you HAVE to move up your USC trip to September! Where were you planning to go anyway?

    Flying into PHL with British Airways. There are only two airlines which operate a nonstop service between LHR and PHL. The other one is American Airlines. But I prefer the timings offered by BA. And I shall travel in Premium Economy. My English friend M has lived in Delaware since about 1994, and it will be good to see him again. I'll get picked up at PHL airport. He's the guy who spent time in Fort Smith, AR and against all advice offered to him declined to buy a gun because he didn't need one. At some point in the trip, I plan to head to NYC. There's an Amtrak service from Wilmington, DE to NYC Penn Station, from where it's a cab ride to the upper West Side, and I shall meet my Jewish princess again. M became a US citizen not so long ago, and used a pen that had been gifted to him to vote against Trump! He said he'd always intended to use that pen for something really important! :snicker

    If you go to Hawaii you are still in the United States and that is no different from going to Greenland and still being in Denmark, or going to Tenerife and still being in Spain.

    Well for one thing, Holden claims that if you are in Greenland, you are NOT in Denmark. And the full title of the US is the United States of America, and Hawaii is nowhere near the Americas.

    I have zero respect for anyone who is fucking a married woman (or man). If you bragged about banging MLW in my presence you'd likely need to go see a Dentist. You're a disgusting piece of shit.

    I can't see why my relationship with MLW should be a problem for you. I do love her, and come January, I shall have known her 50 years. We had a 30 year gap in the middle because of Him, but we're OK now and it's been 15 years for us so far. There was a bit of overlap with Tomato in 2006, but we won't talk about that! :wink

    I always thought Alaska was in the United States?

    It was not always in the United States. Before 1867, it was in Russia. But then it relocated to the US, achieving statehood in 1959 to become the 49th state.

    And according to you, Spain and Kingdom of Spain are interchangeable monikers.

    No, not really. The Kingdom of Spain is the political entity which includes Spain, the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands. "Spain" is a geographical entity, bordering Portugal and France, the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

    So there IS a difference, but in most cases it doesn't really matter or make a difference if the full title is abbreviated simply to "Spain" - except for arguing on this board, of course.

    Sounds pretty Draconian.

    I've been out and about every day. I've put a couple of thousand miles on my Kawasaki this year alone, and we're not quite in summer yet. Could not go to Tenerife this January, but I have just booked a trip to the USA for October. Meeting about 8 other riders for lunch on Sunday, about 75 miles from here. Plans to meet up with MLW next month. Leading an 8-day group ride to Yorkshire, the Lake District and Scotland in July. Might be able to attend the Classic TT in Belgium in August.

    It's not all gloom and doom!

    Holden - what you actually said…&postID=608963#post608963

    I said that the Canary Islands, while not IN Spain, form part of the Kingdom of Spain.

    But according to you, the Canary islands are IN Spain. And so I put it to you that if this were to be the case, that Greenland is IN Denmark, because Greenland forms part of the Kingdom of Denmark. By your logic, this should be true. But you contradicted yourself. You think the Canary Islands are IN Spain, but according to your flip-flop logic, you claim that Greenland is NOT in Denmark. Well? Which is it?


    Keep arguing an argument you admitted losing several years ago. Go ahead.

    I never admitted anything of the sort. Your memory deceives you.

    You, however, conceded that Greenland is NOT in Denmark - a reversal of the logic you are trying to use now.