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    The term we use is "free at the point of use".

    And then there are people like Beeter who pay for private healthcare and then get sent to a NHS hospital anyway as it saves the healthcare insurer a packet (I would fucking ban that).

    I haven't paid for private healthcare for about ten years. With my advancing years, it was set to become very expensive! Even though I did have several small procedures in the 1990s, I found that I only just broke even, ie the insurance premiums I paid amounted to the costs of the procedures had I paid for them myself. I DID once get sent to an NHS hospital, the difference being that I did not have to wait in line behind the freeloading plebs.


    • Spends 55 minutes a day behind the wheel
    • Drives 29 miles a day


    • Women drive less (21 to 38 miles per day)
    • Men drive longer (67 to 44 minutes per day)

    Milo is right. It cracks me up when some American idiot infers that America is such a huge place where people need big gas guzzlers to cover the "vast distances" they drive. :D

    But then if you read an analysis by Forbes magazine of equivalent, the average mileage driven by Americans is about 12K a year - which is about the same as here.

    What some Americans fail to realise is that even if we live in a postage stamp sized country, we are not confined to our postage stamp sized country. There's a whole continent we can drive in just across the channel. I am going to be doing FOUR European tours this summer, and will be visiting or passing through France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain.

    I think the Allied West are going to be playing the long game. Impose sanctions and give them time to work. If Russia then feels the pain, opposition in Russia to the war could grow and Putin could be destroyed from within. I hope it turns out that way.

    Firing off nuclear missiles now would be MAD - mutually assured destruction.

    How ya been beet? I like his girl friends and... they like me!

    You would like MLW, I'm sure. But she doesn't like guns! I've told her all about that day we went shooting at your workplace - back in 2003!

    How does traveling between countries work? Are you still able to do that without a Visa or any kind of checkpoints? I'm guessing you're not allowed to just move anywhere within the EU anymore?

    Yes, I went out to Tenerife last month. The plane passed overhead Spain on the way there!

    No visa required (until arrival), but they do stamp your passport, so it's pretty much as it was in the 1960s/70s, before the EU existed. A bigger headache was providing the Spanish authorities (not everything that's Spanish is in Spain) the requisite covid forms. I had to submit my application online, and got issued with a barcode, which I printed out. This was needed right after passport control at Tenerife TFS airport. I also had to submit a report to the UK authorities prior to my return, and do a lateral flow test on Day2, ie. two days after arriving back. Face coverings were mandatory in all public indoor locations at my hotel, but fortunately the weather was warm enough to have breakfast and dinner outside.

    Having left the EU, we no longer have right of residency in any other EU country, but I'm sure this could be applied for if needed. One of my Remainer friends is pissed off that he can no longer visit Spain for more than 90 days at a time.

    I'm fine, thanks! I'm still seeing MLW, and this Saturday will be the 50th anniversary of our first ever meeting. But there is some bad news. MLW has covid. Symptoms indicate the Omicron variant. She sounds groggy, but she'll be OK.

    Show me verified data that shows any significant weather patterns that have changed in modern times. Something that is happening now that has never happened before, AND is proven to be associated with human caused changes.

    Already done, Nuke. It's true that climate has always changed. 55 million years ago, at the time of the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum, the earth warmed by about 6° over a period of around 20,000 years, or 1° every 3,000 years. Since the start of the 20th century, warming by 1° has been observed in as little as 100 years. That has never happened before and is accounted for by the increased concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere (man made) - up 50% from 280ppm to 420ppm since the end of the 19th century.…%93Eocene_Thermal_Maximum

    He did indeed talk about a tipping point for the Co2 we could have before it was the end. No way I could know how to search for that.

    Try searching for where I said "tipping point", which is what I searched for. It doesn't exist, Lazs. Because I never said that.

    Beet used to say that Co2 would reach a 'tipping point' where nothing could be done. well.... we reached that a year later but they still didn't shut the fuck up.

    No Lazs. I never ever used the phrase "tipping pint", despite your repeated claims over the years that I had. I challenged to to find ONE post where I said that, and your response was that "I don't know how to look it up". Like I said at the time, in 2020, that is not my problem.

    Just to remind you - and then

    Happy new year, by the way.

    Iberdrola, the Spanish company I work for, installed 7-2.6 MW wind turbines in the Chimiche Park in Granadilla de Abona, off Tenerife, and that Spanish company counts that into their Spanish wind energy portfolio.

    It may well be Spanish, but not everything that is Spanish is in Spain, and not everything in Spain is Spanish.

    Like I said, the argument was completed in the Northern Killifornia shooting thread. There is nothing more to add. I covered all points, and you are wrong.

    There are 19 autonomies in Spain.

    No, that would be the Kingdom of Spain.

    I don't deny saying "But the name of that sovereign nation is often abbreviated to Spain", but you have truncated my statement in an attempt to distort what I actually said, which was:

    "No. Spain and the Canary Islands are each part of the territory forming the KINGDOM of Spain which is a political, not geographical, entity. But the name of that sovereign nation is often abbreviated to Spain, hence your confused state. Similar confusion exists on this board, as demonstrated by people who use the terms England and United Kingdom interchangeably, when they are not the same thing".

    To see the full post, see here: Northern Killifornia shooting

    There is nothing to be added to that discussion Holden. It ended with the conclusion that you are a left handed wanker! :snicker