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    12 years ago I was thinking of slogans for Mitt. I liked him as a candidate, came up with Mitt's the shits. Has a different connotation now.

    It's really not hard. Know anyone that lives maybe a thousand miles away or more? Call them up. Both of you take a carpenter's level, set a child's protractor on it. Make it level. Note the angle to the sun or moon, pick the lowest point. Give me both locations, the measurements, and I'll do the calc.

    Think I got a couple of copies for my grandsons a few years ago at like $15 a pop. You probably won't ever see that price again but it'll go for $25 within a month or two.

    Mitt thinks he can get the 2020 GOP nomination if Trump is out. Ain't gonna happen.

    If you've never played it before you get one terrain and two planes free. Caucasus and the Su-25T and TF-51D. If it looks like something you're interested in we can recommend other stuff to buy first. They have regular sales with most of the planes half off.

    I'm confident you can run it on at least medium graphics, maybe high with a few adjustments. I turned off MSAA in the game and on in the 3d control panel for the card. Made a significant difference.

    Waiting for the updater to finish downloading... like... 3 hours to get to 65% right now.

    Kewl beans. They always have yuge updates. I have a gig down so it's pretty fast. Any connection less than 100Mbps is gonna take a while.

    He hinted at them in his speech. I think he'll wait until after the election to push/implement because it's gonna piss a lot of teachers off.

    You can practice formation flying by putting a tanker in orbit and hooking up. I did it years ago but with the turbulence changes it's tough in the F-14.

    Well, one cannot, or should not, use reason to attempt to deny the reasonable or to prove the unreasonable.

    Regarding philosophy and quantum mechanics I think the "Copenhagen interpretation" was an agreement to not assign meaning (philosophy) beyond what is readily observed through the math.

    Nobody really believes in "flat earth". It is an exercise in philosophy vs science.

    There's really too much evidence easily observed to make it much of an exercise. There are other things that border the boundary between philosophy and science like quantum mechanics that are far more interesting.

    If you really believe in a flat earth then I suspect you must have some underlying distrust of the "establishment". Nothing wrong with that necessarily so long as you understand it and do not let it destroy your ability to reason.

    If they do take a pounding they'll be trying to impeach us deplorable voters. One can only hope.

    Even these metaphorical snakes serve a purpose. Freedom isn't free and won't exist without vigilance.