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    Owns a retard and the retard thinks it wins

    My belief is this man is an empowering dynamo unequaled in how he reaches people on so many levels. Because of that he faces incredible resistence to what he teaches because TPTB can't have us comprehending and dealing with our own prolems. Indep0endence is their enemy. He has been and is so inspiring and full of common sense.

    Send some good vibes, prayers, whatever towards the good doc...

    God bless them and thankfully they Are warriors dealing with a resistent enemy, the system itself. But they have seemingly achieved some incredible results and I dopray that they will get through this and continue to share their story to raise awareness levels. Thank you for this.:love

    If Romney showed backbone it would be the first time in his life that he did. But what about all the dems in the house that voted with the republicans? Hell... one of em even switched parties over this sham. guess they were showing backbone too?


    or principals

    What crimes did Uncle Joe do? The Cheeto attempted to shake down another country' leader for dirt on a political rival and impeded the investigation into that shake down.

    NO he did not. Where was the 'shake down'?

    I saw all of this, so pissed off. When the entire front line held for that pass on 3rd and 15 without a single flag thrown, I turned off the game and went to bed.

    I watched that over and over and felt strongly that his feet were out, one clearly and the other one too. Hwever, I am happy I did nt have to call it.

    I don't think Mrs Cheeto would like it if the Cheeto fucked Pelosi up the butt hole.

    What childish useless imagery you issued in this worthless response. How old are you?

    LOL molly... having met you I know you are reserved and logical.. all your posts prove that like most Americans you are pissed off at the dems... I absolutely agree.


    HMMNN, reserved? I can be. We will see down the road if that is how you end up describing me. I have to ask my hubby ti see if that fits.

    Perlosi has now signed off on the subpoena for John Bolton and Nadler says he may get around to acting on that from the Judiciary Committee. The initial subpoenas that were issued were not originated from wherein they legally had to be so no one was required legally to respond to them. Just as little something omitted in the reporting that the executive office and the state department ignored them.

    Pre exist conditions. The economy was on the rise when the Cheeto took over. Growth was in the low 2% when he said it would around 6%.

    He said we could bring it up from 1 percent to 4 percent. He thern said we might be able to bring it up even to five or six percent. It's the little things that matter in what we say. He also prefaced that with "I think".

    The pre existing thing is not true. The Graham-Cassidy bill backed by Johnson and Heller did have that provision in it to protect that and Trtump stated he wouldnot sign any replalcement plan that didnot have that in it. It went so far as stating that if any states wAnted a waiver they would NOT be granted one without providing for adequate catre for such as thi being included.

    She led the House to vote for impeachment. Why is Trump expected to shake her hand?

    Two percent economic growth is anemic. That's where the economy stood after 8 years of Obama's economic policies.

    And there were 457 million people on food stamps and Obama said no manufactujring ould ever come back. More andore and more.
    Europe's economy is in serious jeopardy even including the manufascturing muscle, Germany.

    What was petty was the Cheeto not shaking hands with Pelosi. Speech had many lies in it.

    No what was petty was the total lack of appropriate and customary protocol associated with the entire speech observation. She intentionally neglected the protocol of the introduction of our president and his office. She began tearing up his speed before he had concluded it and upstaged him and his audience in so doing. She smattered the entire event with her eye rolls, yawning, etc. Start naming with evidence of your asserion.

    Great speech.

    Could Pelosi have been any more petty? Tore up the speech while he was still at the podium.

    All planned right down to the power white suit. The opening salvo, the departure from protocol in her introdction of the president and then offering her hand and concluding with the upstaging of his concluding remarks from the podium. More like an example pf the terrible twos tearing up the speech? Setting anyone up is a sad attempt to effect anything but showing your naked face of who you are. Her yawning and other eye rolls throughout the speech were little touches of "look at me efforts".

    In the end she won more negative attention than anyone. can have a lot of fun with the .22. shooting beverage cans ,ballons or swinging steel targets. i taught myself to shoot straight with my old mans .22 krico way back. a 5 shot self loader loaded with cac ammo-colononial ammunition company,,and that's going way back to the days of paper case 12 gauge ammo.

    Very cool idea molly!


    Thanks Lazs. It is rather like a bounding deer.