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    molly I took latin way back in 1976., my teacher was a ww2 vet. I only learnt how to read the year in latin.

    I find it fascinating these days with modern technology what they find. I love watching the documentataries on this stuff. there is so much about the past that we still don't know

    I agree with that as to the past. I took Latin for three years and also count and read a tad but that's about it. WhAt it did mostly for me was expand my English on a broader scale I was interested in medicine and science.. When that gets mentioned today about the language mostly people laugh, shake their heads and ask why.

    There is a very disciplined, ethical and hardworking bunch of folks up your way.

    The leader was a wonderful husband wife team Jim and Nancy Dornan.

    You could do far worse than be associated with that bunch.

    Hmn? Dornan rings a bell. Yes, most of the Amway people I was acquainted with I would regard as y9ou describe and they wholly believed in the quality of the product and the marketing of it as well.

    Yes. 'They' still have zero idea about the moon's

    origin. It is now being stated that there was no BIG BANG. When people cite "science" as undefrlying their beliefs I ask what science and what period? Science come from Latin scio, to know, but today it is cited as fact not fact finding. JMO

    Yore? you need to take a look in my safe... LOL molly... I am a dinosaur... I love wood and steel in guns.


    I think I may have some older than what you have. They were dumping Garands not that long ago for $50. I thought about picking one up at the time. always thinking:crab

    Yore kind of had a nice touch to it with the classics stuff.

    I'm really sorry. I should have said to faced, stabbing asshole. Telling me in private messages that he loves me going on other forums talking all kinds of shit about me. Fuck that butthurt pussy

    Well, I donot know why when we had such a terrific, funny and good group of people why they are one way today and then, bam, out comes the devil???????? What is the point in going around trashing anyone? Maybe off meds or something???:dunno:laughtears

    I used to like him too until he turned out to be a backstabbing asshole to me.

    Really? I missed that apparently and also what Mike said he had put on here. I'm sorry that turned out that way. How Are you?

    Taint was a former poster known as Saint. He was gay, and he wagged his dick at all of us and when he failed in his attempt at shock value he got frustrated and left. He thought he was dealing with a bunch of Nebraska hayseed propane salespeople who were God fearing Bible thumpers instead of the degenerates we all are and he left- he took with him Crystal Meth, who was the latest in the string of whores to visit us.... she set the record for shortest membership duration to show pics of her in her underwear, beating MCKP (or whatever her name was) by two days.

    Lazs ran them both off.

    I like him. I like you too. I am sorry he isn't around. We used to chat at the other place. Say hi to Steph.