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    I'm really sorry. I should have said to faced, stabbing asshole. Telling me in private messages that he loves me going on other forums talking all kinds of shit about me. Fuck that butthurt pussy

    Well, I donot know why when we had such a terrific, funny and good group of people why they are one way today and then, bam, out comes the devil???????? What is the point in going around trashing anyone? Maybe off meds or something???:dunno:laughtears

    Taint was a former poster known as Saint. He was gay, and he wagged his dick at all of us and when he failed in his attempt at shock value he got frustrated and left. He thought he was dealing with a bunch of Nebraska hayseed propane salespeople who were God fearing Bible thumpers instead of the degenerates we all are and he left- he took with him Crystal Meth, who was the latest in the string of whores to visit us.... she set the record for shortest membership duration to show pics of her in her underwear, beating MCKP (or whatever her name was) by two days.

    Lazs ran them both off.

    I like him. I like you too. I am sorry he isn't around. We used to chat at the other place. Say hi to Steph.

    mollyblue palentology and archeologly i would i go for if if i lived in the us. there is so much t to discovever in the mighty country. i think people were living in north america a long time before the clovis people

    in new zealand i found a limestone cave. full; of bones, probably sheep . people have carved their names on the walls going back to the 1930s. that was back in the 1980s.

    I agree with you and if you follow some of our large rivers you will discover all kinds of petroglyphs and languages, Ogham the ancient Irish from medieval times and ancient Hebrew and others. From north to south and down throughout central America and South America. Last year I read about a Canadian whose Indian ancestry specifies he is related to a tribe located below our souther border has been here from 14,000 yearsz ago. He is the sole descendant identified today.. There is all kinds of evidence of people who came here thousands upon thousands of yearzs ago from all over the planet.

    LOL Molly... you are correct but... I don't go anywhere that it is a problem... if I do? I wash the car right away.

    I don't like to see snow... even on TV.


    I lived in Squaw Valley one winter with record snow and feel the same way. I cannot tell you the rate of oxidation but I can mention when on Naha in Okinawa I was observing a car with a whole lot of rust damage along the outside of the driver's unerneath along the bottom of the doors and said how many years has he failed to do something about this. The guard replied that started happening about three weeks ago from a scrape. Struck dumb on that one.

    Well, I believe we still use a sand salt mixture to address road :flowerssnow reduction and that triggers rust issues??????????

    My son does this too.