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    There was a crow who was friends with the village seamstress.

    The seamstress made vests for the villagers all year long, and they wore them to a faraway celebration every year. The crow was always sad when the seamstress went with the villagers to the celebration, but it was too cold for her to go. So the seamstress made a vest for her, and she got to go to the celebration.

    There was a super long Lithuanian history about each village having their own color vests, villagers going to the bigger town for an actual celebration, etc. that I didn't include. It's a kids story, so the cadence of the story was a lot more important =)

    I finally stopped being asshurt over my illustrator's obnoxious comments and finished my children's story tonight about how the lithuanian crow came to wear a sweater vest.

    Of course, as I was sending it to her, she had more obnoxious comments.

    Whatever. She's an amazing artist, and I know she'll do great for the story.

    Two of them were drunk (I'm sure), but not soldiers.

    Third one barely tapped the damn thing. He was backing out of our drive and there were fucking kids in the road. All dressed in black, teenagers, of course. He swerved to not hit one.

    Good choice.

    Now they have that damn autoplay when you're scrolling through.

    That shit needs to go away.

    Had three hit and totalled parked outside of our house.

    I'm fucking tired of car shopping.

    My mom moved one of their vehicles into the grass (she lives next door) so we can park our extras there.

    I'm gonna work on some fun shit.

    Then I'm gonna work on that band.

    Then I'll work my way back around to Smalls.

    I made it as well as it could.

    But what I made is not enough.

    You can take the escape, which is dramatic and exciting and remarkable...

    Or you can celebrate his whole amazing life. Which puts the dramatic and exciting part at the very beginning of the movie.

    Exactly where it doesn't belong.

    So it's better off as a mini series, with each episode highlighting a different time in his life.

    I haven't decided to write that, even though I know that's the appropriate format.

    It it like an exclusive dyke-commune, or do they have guys/husbands on the side when they visit the real world? They should turn that into a reality show...

    I agree.

    They're marketing it pretty well.

    It would be an interesting show (for a while).

    They're not good Farmers.

    They're good marketers.

    There's no off-grid.

    They're entire customer base is built off of social media.

    Good for them.

    Doing their thing and being creative about it. Hopefully with tons of success.

    But they ain't living the pioneer life out there. That's for sure.

    Sorry, Mike.

    I wasn't trying to be a jerk.

    I am sending you an invite though writerduet now.

    Just vomit it all out, regardless of format. ❤️

    I'm at my mom's.

    When I get home I'll send the invite using your email address.