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    There's already a hint of otherworldly stuff with the old lady giving the soldier an invisible cloak.

    So the rest of it just steps up the game to match that.

    I'm not convinced their dancing will be actual dancing.

    It may be more like:

    "Meet ya at the merge" typa thing.

    It just says they went from one forest to the next, but doesn't say how they got there.

    So portals.

    Last portal puts them under the water in the lake, so it will be natural for boats to be waiting to fetch them out.

    you know what would be great and funny at the same time? Trump takes the failed impeachment articles and tear them up tomorrow.

    Fuck. Yes.


    I know I just said It's my favorite fairy tale. Ok. It is. But not for the shitty story. For the possibilities.

    It's a shitty story.

    Basically they're selfish bitches who sneak out to party all night every night.

    Lots of dudes get killed in the effort to find out where they go.

    A soldier figures it out, and the jig is up.

    I've wanted to write an interpretation of the twelve dancing princesses (forever). It's my favorite fairy tale.

    I finally decided to do it, and I'm totally excited that I figured it a way to marry the story with an interpretation that doesn't stray from the verbiage. ❤️

    It's really amazing, the difference between the Filipino attitude towards us and the time just prior.

    I always wondered how we could be so seemingly ungrateful in our remembrance of the band (THE band).

    Now I know.
    Thank you.

    Man, there was this one time I was in PI and they had martial law, which meant if you got caught on the streets after midnight you'd get arrested, or maybe shot, so we'd get our drunk on really early, and I was wasted and ended up passed out in bed and then, about one AM, I was awakened by the foul breath and loud snoring of the... creature... I'd ended up with. I mean, she was hideous. It was about one AM, and I was awakened scared and straight.

    I had two choices- stay there with this beast until morning, or take my chances of getting arrested to make it back to Subic Bay. If I got arrested- even if they didn't shoot me- it'd be a Captain's Mast, with severe punishment and a mark on my service record but My God, man, this- creature- was so fucking hideous I decided to risk getting shot or arrested.

    It took two hours of creeping through alleyways and crouching in the shadows to evade the PI police and I finally made it to Shit River Bridge, which was where the Filipino police were massed, waiting to arrest (and shake down) American curfew violators like myself. I was about two hundred yards from the main gate, and if I made it I'd be OK, so I went for it and sprinted that 200 yards with the Filipinos yelling at me to halt and the Marine gate guards shouting "Go man! GO!" and the Flips trying to trip and grab me and I was like Walter Payton running for the end zone, man- And I made it.

    Fucking scariest shit I ever went through in a friendly place.... but man, that woman- if she really was a woman- was the most hideous creature I've ever seen, and I live in California, among Feminazis who march against rapists... because they've never been raped.

    I love listening to you tell stories, Air.