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    you shoulda listen to that podcast.

    Its fucking horrific.

    Especially when you realize that *everyone* in power knows exactly what's found on (including our fbi & dea) and silence is the order of the day.

    Including from me.

    yeah, I'm not worried about getting kidnapped. They'd end up killing me quickly if that happened.

    They'd just kill my mom or my kids and let me live with that.

    We'll just figure that shit out later - but nobody's baby gets kidnapped off the street ***by the police*** and raped to death.

    Damn straight.

    Also, finding out about all of this has actually changed my mind (completely) on illegal immigration.

    You from Juarez sneaking across? Come - bring your whole fucking family.

    If everybody with power knows, and nobody is willing to do anything about it - what do you even do then? You write a bomb-ass story naming names and put it on every screen in the world. Until your husband tells you no, then you just shrug and say "well, shit."

    I think anyone who knows about near-genocide level kidnappings that turn into rape parties for the cartels to celebrate successful drug runs (turned murder because they've seen all the high level people attending... turned into mass burials of hundreds of girls) HAS to do something about it.

    The problem is so vast, so big, includes every single aspect of their entire society that it's become a norm. It's from the lowest policeman to the President of their country. So I don't even know WHAT one person can do about that?

    Nothing, actually. One person can do nothing.

    It's overwhelming. I just kept wondering why there was *no outrage* about this (worldwide) because nobody knows about it. The mexicans solved it completely. The americans solved it completely. The both told their medias, but nothing was broadcast, save a few things. A few documentaries, a few articles and books (didn't name names, btw), and that's it.

    Meh - I'm never going to do it now that I know he doesn't want me to.

    For as much shit as I talk, I won't do *any*thing that I think he disapproves of.

    Not even if I think it's the most right thing in the world to do.

    tbh, it was the first time I'd considered exercising regularly in 2 years.

    Fuck it, man. Can't run from the cartel if I'm fat.

    This is the only place dark enough to make light of this without getting cancelled, doxxed, or maybe killed in a drive by execution.

    I've been considering writing a screenplay about the murdered women of Juarez.

    But it wouldn't be fictional. It would more/less be an expose on who did it, who knows, and who continually sweeps it under the rug - just told in the form of a narrative film rather than some boring ass documentary.

    The husband: We live in the actual cartel corridor. Literally. Your Mom and my Mom do, too.

    My argument: Think LESS of how many people they murder for exposing them - and MORE about how many DON'T get killed.

    The husband: Three. That's three people who haven't been killed. That's it.


    I think my cover art (for a pitch deck) is gonna be good.

    Imagine twelve images of one girl (stop motion animation style) swinging a sword.

    Then just make each one a different princess. I didn't figure the rest out yet. My son who usually helps with graphic design stuff is unavailable for almost a year - so I'm on my own. =)

    Thanks, I'm happy with that, and ready to drop it to move on to other stuff.

    Maybe I'll swing back around to brothers grimm stories again later and make a handful of them, so they can go together as a set.

    That's awesome, lol!

    What award did you get? What was in the story that made it sour those buthurts? lol

    Yeah, it was just a low tier screenplay competition.

    Yeah, same once that someone questioned my moral compass over.


    Also said: " there's so many princesses. Can you make it like 3? Or 4?"

    No. It's *literally* the 12 dancing princesses.

    You throw enough around, even Clemens goes to bed.

    He came to one of the towers I worked at.

    One of the controllers said to him "I could hit that shit."

    I think he offered to go out on the grass with a ball and bat, but the shit talker backed out.

    I woulda hit that shit.

    Like, maybe a bunt.

    But still...

    My "jutty out thing" story won a (minor) award.

    PLUS! someone questioned (with great disdain) my moral compass after having read it.

    So, it's good.

    If I knew how to insert gifs here, I'd do the Robert Redford nodding gif.