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    I've got so much shit to do.

    I shouldn't be spending time on this fairy tale stuff until next month.

    Due in less than a week is this painted on plywood for a gf's birthday (it's her, as Supergirl).

    I fucked up the cloud, but I can fix that on the big one when I paint it.

    I'm working on all the wrong shit.

    They were dancing for what? And why did the King want to stop them?

    It really sounds like the intent in the original version of the story is that they're just selfish bitches who want to go out dancing.

    I don't think the king wanted to stop then from dancing. It was the sneaking out that I always thought he objected to, but they happened to be dancing when they snuck out.

    Drug people... I'd shoot people in the face to protect my own. So would you. So would anyone who has a spine and a moral fiber.


    So just adding in the "why" of all that brutal behavior is the real story.

    Those who took the challenge to figure out what they were doing were put to death. Or were the princesses putting each other to death for not dancing?

    I don't get it.

    Those who took the challenge of finding out where the princesses went only had three nights to figure it out.

    If they didn't figure it out, their heads were chopped off.

    The princesses drugged each person who tried, assuring nobody would figure it out.

    A bunch of princes tried and died.

    A soldier tried, didn't let them drug him, used a cloak of invisibility to follow them.

    I won't say everything about it, but I did figure out a way to keep every horrible thing in that fairy tale and make you think it was honestly the best they could do in a series of horrible situations.

    For a long time I could only see it through the lens of abusive behavior, because that was the only "logical" reason I could think of that could create any of the behaviors. But I knew I'd never be willing to write any story centered on abuse.

    So I just had to get out of my own way. Now it's so fucking good, and I'd totally lock my kids up, drug people knowing it would lead to their death, etc. It's still all bad shit, but I know I'd choose it if framed right. And still believe I was making "the right choice."

    Which version? The Victorian Disneyfied version or the original Brother's Grimm? In the original tale the princesses were all conniving and treacherous, even trying to poison one another. Those who failed the dance were put to death.

    Grimm, for sure.

    i know the verbiage really, really sounds horrible.

    ... but the injury doesn't prevent him from running ahead of the princesses on the way back to "be in bed" snoring before they enter the room.

    So, he's not lame, in the proper sense.

    Old is all relative.

    Our 25 year olds were the old guys.

    What it says it's that he was wounded in battle and could no longer fight.

    So the injury is what's keeping him from fighting, not age.

    I thought it was very entertaining.

    My husband didn't care for it all that much, bitched about all the historical shit they missed, said we should just go home and watch the "real" one.


    I liked it well enough.