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    announced they're normalizing relations with israel.

    Theres another peace prize nomination that will never go through.

    will be Trump's invited guest tonight at the debate.

    I hope he calls Joe "big guy" every time he addresses him.

    Holy shit. Lol.

    So fucking savage.

    Ok.. not my favorite but for firepower.. and tough.. and ground support.... Nothing else came close in the day. it also had an insane PW powerplant.


    It is my favorite behind the p51.

    And the p51 is my favorite *soley* because of the game changing, life saving role it played for our previously unprotected bombers.

    none of this is new.

    Now there's just documentation to back up what's already been claimed for years.

    No surprise here.

    Nothing was done about it before.

    Why would something (anything...) be done about it now?

    that's cool. =)

    Panned in fairbanks last time I visited. Didn't find shit, and don't want to do it again.


    If I were to go back to Fairbanks, here's what I'd do.

    Take a metal detector on the dredge piles from 120 years ago. Still there along the rivers. Just find the few chuncks so big it didn't make it through the machines.


    Guy in Kali found some tin cans full of gold coins. Ended up a multimillionaire. His patience payed off BIG time.

    I'm not sure anyone expects to find big stuff.

    It's mostly to pass the time doing something cool. =)

    Im happy to hear that guy found something big!

    I bought a metal detector last year to use around our house that was built in 1890, and have never used it. I have too many hobbies and not enough time.


    I hope you have so much fun. =)

    Don't forget people stuck their bags of shit in tree hollows, too =)

    No metal detector, but one time in the 80s my dad and I went to some farmland where his grandparents lived. All that remained was basically a bunch of thick bushes that were growing out of the old exposed basement of where the house used to be (last time he had gone to this house was in the late 30s right before it was torn down). Family had lived there since 1830. Anyways, my dad rummaged around in the old basement and found a few things (rummaged in thick bushes and got bit by ants is more like it). Unless you knew a house used to be there, it just looked like a cluster of bushes.

    He found a clothes iron with a wood handle - the old kind you had to heat in the fireplace. No big deal, but it was cool to have something that his grandmother owned and used.

    best treasure ever. =)

    Years ago we were visiting my daughter when she lived on Liberty Lake in WA. She had a patio table and chairs on the dock and the kids claimed the wind blew them into the water. Might have been about 20 feet deep at the end of the dock where the table was. We got a nylon line and hook and started dredging for them. We brought up all sorts of old stuff including a very old outdoor chair but not the ones lost.

    I love that.