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    Of course it only accounts for 3%. The AR-15 type isn't really for killing. It's just something for drooling mouth breather overweight tacti-cool wanna be militia cowards to hang a bunch of useless optics and accessories from.

    My 13 year old declared today that "this war is boring". He is quite knowledgeable about the history of Europe, their wars, and warfare in general. So I trust his judgement on this and have to agree.

    Boroda, tell your people to get off their lazy asses and conquer Ukraine already, or take your dumbasses back home. Either way do you think maybe y'all can wrap this up?

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    Paying to see Top Gun: Maverick is basically giving money to Scientology. That's no better than giving money to Disney.

    That's the history of every country, all the time. No country is free from it, at any time, including current european countries.

    I really don't care much about the country anymore. I'm just living my life, loyal to only me and mine. This society is too sick to participate in more than absolutely necessary, and as a country we are too far gone to "save".

    Did we ever have a soul? Seems our complete history is nothing but constant war, division (based on race, religion,economic and social class), and general hatefulness towards each other. Take a close look at it and you will find there has never been a time of peace and contentment in this country. If we as a country ever had a soul, it was corrupted and sold to the devil long before any of us came along.

    Sad that you'd rather admit to gross incompetence of the officers(all officers of any country service are incompetent) and crew(should have a clue) in regards to the Moskva sinking.

    Damage and sinking due to an attack is honorable. Why not go with that?

    Sinking because the sailors let a non-combat related fire get out of control is embarrassing. Why even push this story at all.

    Either way it proves your little regional Navy is nothing but a paper tiger. Best to keep it in places like the Black Sea and Baltic where they are never very far from land, a salvage ship, and tug boat.

    I'm not sure were Switzerland stands today, at one time they had free drugs for everyone. Seems drug use went up.

    Besides killing people, drugs have another unique feature, seems no one wants to pay for them. Hence the killings. Making them legal may not stop the violence.

    So you are for supporting our corrupt for-profit prison systems by jailing folks over minor drug charges. That helps no one except the corporations that own the prisons. It often also helps turn someone who was originally just a drug user into actual criminal.

    Do you realize decriminalized does not mean they are legal? It's a focus on treatment instead of incarceration.

    But yeah...spending billions on misusing military resources which haven't put a dent in use or importation is the way to go. Or innocent folks getting shot in no-knock raids after the goose stepping, jackbooted swat team couldn't get an address right is totally worth it.

    Key word there is "properly". Not just maritime interdiction, but eradication at the source(s).

    Right. So we go into another sovereign nation and start waging war against the producers of the drugs? Seems reasonable since that sort of stuff has worked so well for us in the past.

    Truth is this is a "war" we never should have fought in the first place. It is really what started the militarization of our police forces.

    Portugal seems to be doing okay after they decriminalized drug use. Perhaps we should look into the same.