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    Not true at all actually. He did not dismiss. He engaged, asked questions and responded. It was some of those that he engaged that dismissed.

    He only "engaged" with the kind of questions that allowed him to respond to the answers with more of his bullshit. he had no interest in what anyone else thought, or trying to convince anyone to come around to his way of thinking.

    If there are no rules for him to declassify? then why is thinking about it not enough? I bet neither of you know the rules.

    Cause.......................... there are no rules.


    I know the rules for handling classified documents. Was a huge part of my job. So unless there is a something in writing that says shitbag ruling elites don't have to follow the same rules, then they should be held to account just the same as some E-1 that accidentally mishandles classified materials.

    They all should hang for it. Bullshit "it was declassified" whines or not. Or at least be in custody until the shit is figured out like anyone else caught under the same circumstances would be.

    Trump, Biden, and now Pence. All have been caught with classified documents outside of proper security controls.

    This double standard for the ruling class is utter bullshit. Why do they get so much leeway while these 10 year long investigations are carried out? Why are they deserving of the due process us regular folks don't enjoy in matters like this?

    Had I been caught with just one document at my house, marked even as low as "confidential" , I would have been in custody right away and stayed that way until trial. I'd also probably still be serving time for it.

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    I hope you do restore it someday.

    I've heard that pay has gone up in those places. But Scott County is the ass crack of nowhere, so I assume the pay is lower.

    Cost of living is pretty low though. So starting pay may not sound great, but it's decent for here. The ONLY reason folks have money problems here is all of their own doing. Drugs mainly. However an hour commute to better work is nothing. Folks here act like it's a big deal. In Jacksonville, FL everywhere is an hour away from wherever you're at, and folks didn't complain. Besides the drugs, the problem with a lot of folks in TN is they are just lazy and think everything should be easy.

    There is nothing resembling a city in Scott County, TN. Also very little commuting because they are over an hour away from any halfway decent job. Just a bunch of government hating hillbillies living off disability checks and stealing from each other.

    You're not completely wrong. There's some decent manufacturing jobs here for those who can stay off the drugs though.

    That's where affordable housing comes in. You can't go one more exit down the freeway forever. They target those areas specifically now. Literally. It's written into all kinds of planning programs now. Find White areas, break them up.

    That tactic works in the suburbs of the cities. Believe me it will never happen in Scott Co. TN.

    That you celebrate any racism you can find on the subject is pathetic and sad.

    Meh. Prejudice and racism are human nature. Most folks have to make a conscious effort to not be so. So I have got to the point of "why try?". It's not like we will ever achieve a point where we all just get along. I think my solution is a good one. I just moved somewhere that I don't have to worry about it.

    Hell, I've listened to NPR. The way I figure out the truth is to listen to what the right is saying, and also what the left is saying...Both are equally dishonest so by listening to both its actually pretty easy to discern what the truth is. I will say NPR's style of soft spoken voices and the use of ambient sounds from the story in the background makes for decent storytelling.

    Yes. That is my assessment of this place.

    There has been a fundamental change to the more extreme right.

    I don't know what Flamewarriors you are thinking about. It's pretty much always been far right of center. The left has just succeeded in normalizing leftist views to the point that it just appears to have moved towards extremism here.