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    The Soviet Union died in 1991. I remember that well. So we're talking 70+ years of being a proud member of the Soviet Union. What are your ties to Ukraine?

    It's not like they could have left until the collapse in 1991.

    Ukraine may oust the Russians but the corruption will remain.

    That may or may not be the case. Zelensky who has only been in office since 2019, and was not a politician prior has been working to reign in corruption. It's not something that is done overnight. Especially when it is so deeply rooted and decades old. He has successfully passed legislation that removes legal immunity from lawmakers, judges, and diplomats, and also another that reinstated criminal liability for illegal enrichment. I'd say that is a step in the right direction, even if it's just a small one so far.

    Like Rabidrabit said, removing the Russian influence is going to go a long way in cleaning up the corruption.

    For the sake of clarity... the vast majority of that corruption, such as the guys Hunter Biden was associated with, were pro Russians who coordinated with Putin to undermine and keep UA in Putin's sphere of power. The 2014 Maidan protests were them revolting against yet another Putin henchman that Putin took advantage of to invade 10% or their country. The whole thing since the mid 90's has been Putin undermining and trying to retake UA. The narrative you understand has been the pro russian one intended to flip the reality. This war is hopefully the final chapter of UA gaining its independence after decades of Russian meddling. They were deeply divided with Putin's partial invasion of 2014 but now that Putin went balls deep they are entirely fed up and fighting hard to kick the Russians hard enough in the balls to keep them out. What needs to change is the Russian fascist attitude of destiny to be the old soviet union enslaving those around them. that never went away and the ideas behind the behavior need to die or it will just keep going. The best outcome for the world is to let Putin demilitarize Russia and lose bad enough that the old soviet ideas die with it. Anything less is just kicking the can down the road for a few years.

    UA's fight for freedom is about as American of an ideal as you can think of. We should be glad to weaken Russia to put an end to all the undermining of the world they have done for the last century. It is happening with our old stocks of material and without our blood being spilled.


    Here's another angle to consider. Ukraine is not a member of NATO yet we have come to their aid providing the resources to hold off the Russians. Their NATO neighbors should be wondering why they should pay for NATO when the US is there to rescue them at no charge?

    It's not just the US sending money and equipment. Many NATO nations are too. As per usual we put in more because we can afford more. I believe it's in everyone's best interest to stop Russia here.

    Not a clue, but it sounds like something I'd like to see.

    But the onboard video of the ascent was virtually all ground based.

    A falcon ascent has tons of onboard video.

    Maybe because it was the first flight and they weren't sure it would make it all the way?

    There is some onboard video of it after it reached orbit showing the solar arrays being extended.

    There is a live feed on Youtube.

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    7. Trumps fault it failed.

    No, this one can be blamed on Obama. We could have had something better and sooner if he hadn't cancelled everything and used NASA as a climate change mouthpiece instead.

    If they used cruise missiles tracking would be problematic

    Those particular cruise missiles have pre programmed waypoints along the route, and are air launched. They can also be directed to a different target in flight. They would be near impossible to determine exactly where they came from. Best guess would be if they had radar track of it along it's entire flight path which is highly doubtful.

    Of course that doesn't fit the false flag it can't be true.

    Scheduled launch for launch at 1:04 AM. Will the stack of recycled space shuttle parts with a capsule on top make it into space this time?

    Which one of these scenarios do you think will happen?

    1. Launches as planned

    2. Scrubbed for weather

    3. Scrubbed due to last minute malfunction

    4. Blows up on pad

    5. Structural failure in flight due to rushed inspections after leaving it on the pad during a hurricane.

    6. Blows up in flight

    Trump has ONLY divided the party between those who want success and those who want to be complacent.

    There is a SIGNIFICANT contingent of the Republican Party, you included, who'd rather be the well liked lap dogs, than the disliked accomplished. You'd rather be a Romney, who capitulates on everything that matters, but wins ever election, than someone who has actual principles.

    Trump has principals? That is laughable. The only "principals" he has is making sure he stays the center of attention like some kid with ADHD.

    Trump has made the party stronger. There's a few rinos that have to go like MNN.

    Stronger? Trump has done nothing but divide the party. Any Republican politician or voter that doesn't buy into his cult gets attacked and labeled a RINO, part of the swamp, or worse a leftist. Or even all three.

    I have been registered a Republican and voted for nothing but Republicans my entire adult life. My values and beliefs haven't changed in that time, and do not align with Trump's or most of the whack-jobs like MTG he's helped get elected.

    Because of that a lot of you will say I am not a republican. Who are you to decide that? Perhaps it is the Trump cultists that aren't Republicans. Just right wing, q conspiracy, nutjobs that have usurped the party.

    What's really sad about it is that most can't see or won't admit that Trump is a Yankee, blue shit hole democrat. He managed to do business and be successfully in one of the bluest shit holes on earth. You don't pull that off without being one of them. Now I'm supposed to believe he is one of us?

    He is smart enough to know just the right things to say to the right demographic. He will have everyone thinking that DeSantis is a total shitbag, and do everything to sabotage and try to destroy him to get the nomination. The same folks that have cheered DeSantis for the past couple years will buy it all hook line and sinker. He will ruin a viable presidential candidate for the sake of his own ego.

    These are my actual thoughts, not just shit talking again.