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    What's a med card and how is it that having once makes owning guns a felony?

    some states legalized mj for medical use. you usually gotta get a prescription. thus the med card. makes ya legal in the state. what no one tells these people though, is that it is still illegal federally, regardles of what the state says. the feds can come and fuck with those in possession of weed any time they wish, even if it's legal on the state level.

    i've never lived in a really nice home. it's ok though. i don't tend to be very neat, so old is fine with me. if i'm warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry when it's raining, i'm good to go.....

    in all honesty, years ago(as in before he disowned mom and me) my brother was looking at trailers. there are some REALLY nice fucking units out there. moms cousin lives in st pete i a trailer that's nicer than my house. but...then my house was built in the 1890's by drunken monkeys snorting crack on a bad lsd trip that had no clue as to the usage of a square, level or ruler

    I'm tossing around the idea of a manufactured home (fancy trailer) for about $100k or construction at $200 sqft. probably an additional $40k if we stay within budget.

    I'm leaning towards the trailer.

    either way it will be 12 ft above the highest ever flood level back in 1926. I'll have to place the structure about 6 ft higher than the house pad on stilts.

    tornado/hurricane magnet.

    BS. Honda Odyssey FTW, by far.

    odysseys always seemed to have some sort of electrical problems. to me they just never felt as good as the caravan/town and country. they also had tranny problems. but then so did the caravans. and of course, hondas cost more to fix.

    i haven't dealt with the fusions losing their steering yet. but was a lil late going to electric assist. gm's been doing it a couple years longer than them. first was(i think) the malibu. which would cut in and out. could never find the cause. the fleet i work on that had a couple of em just told their drivers to pull over, shut the car off, then re-start it, and it was good for another couple weeks.

    a driving school i do work for bought a couple kias with electric assist. i recommended against it, due to the workouts they were gonna see in parallel parking. both of those things would fail almost predictably when they were teaching that. pretty sure they were overheating the unit at that point.

    the exploders......most of us in the field have been calling em that for as long as i can remember. mostly due to the trannys in the early ones.

    if you're going for highway patrol vehicles, there's taurus's becoming available already. awd v6 320hp.

    No one makes aftermarket Daimler parts that I've found.

    Sucks big-time cause I was MOPAR to the death with these minivans. It is a better made vehicle than my previous Caravans, so it's a trade-off.

    of all the minivans, chrysler/dodge made the best. till they went german. that was a big fuckup on their part.

    Because then it will make a stylish hat for you.

    shop i used to work at we had a customer brought us one on a rollback. he'd bought it but it wasn't running. was already converted to a 360 and manual tranny. we got it running. i took it down the road, brought it back, and told the shop manager that we should not return it to them running, 'cause the kid was gonna kill himself in it. the dam thing was lifting the left front wheel at part throttle. and stupid fast doesn't do it justice.

    kids parents paid us for the work, his dad drove it, then sold it.