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    Prone, using only the strap for support. Iron sights. The "10" circle is 50 mm wide, so that's a sub 2 inch group at 100 meters (109 yards), discounting the single flyer to the high left it's a sub 1 inch group. I did not shoot that. It was shot by someone competing in the annual national rifle competition over here where many army guys just bring their service rifles to participate.

    that's better than what one of our club members did at 100 yards with a scoped nagant......

    Coworker lives in Clearwater. Rumors going around that grocery stores in the area are already getting bare. He has to go out and stock up this afternoon.

    time to make french toast?

    Yes "if". The AR-platform is perfect for a highly trained and equipped force like the US armed forces. It's the Ferrari of assault rifles. And like a Ferrari it is high-cost and high-maintenance. Remove that maintenance and it is just an expensive club, or at best a spear. On the other end of the spectrum you have the AK; more common than water in some parts of the world, for a reason: Crude and inaccurate, it just works. Even if the shanghaied child-soldier carrying it has no idea how to take it apart and maintain it. The G3 is somewhere between these two extremes.

    we've got one club member that hasn't cleaned his $300 buck ar for 2 or 3 years now. he said he's trying to see how long it'll go before it actually does fail due to being dirty

    It is funny how people get all white in the face and almost get the vapors when they hear that the Garand weighs almost 8 lbs but love guns that weigh a pound or more over that. Not a huge AR fan but when you compare em to the guns in this thread they win hands down. There are better like the HK 416 or the SCAR or... the M110 but that is not what we are talking about.. the AK platform was ancient when it came out. It is not particularly a good platform unless it is for third world people to have an effective (in their hands) weapon.

    I love my Garand... I love M1A's even FNFAL..


    my garand and my m1a are my favorite rifles to shoot.

    it almost looks like this turned into somewhat of ar15 vs everything else?

    i haven't fired a 300blackout yet. i've fired my ak, and my ar. and of course my garand, 1903, and a 308 ar.

    my shit hits ar is bare bones KISS. probably weighs less than 6 pounds. by comparison, the garand is what? 9pounds.

    if one is used to carrying that much extra weight, i guess it doesn't matter much......but it also begs the question? is it better to be able to carry more ammo of a lighter/smaller caliber, or to be able to carry less ammo of a heavier/bigger caliber?

    Knuckle bump makes some sense if used in lieu of a handshake.. less germs. but high five?


    i fucking HATE that fist bump bullshit. if one can't shake my hand, then get the fuck out without doing anything. the high five is stupid too. i get customers trying to fist bump all the time. i offer my hand to shake, and most end up shaking. couple look at me dumbfounded.

    yet....the guy that owns stratford diner......when i walk in with mom, he greets us, and instantly has his hand out to shake.

    What the fuck is arrchery? Is that a pirate with a bow and arrow?

    it's pirate speak, lololol

    or it's me being a dumbass and not checking my shit before i post

    just took my bows out for the first time in about 8 or 9 years. strings look in good shape, and the bows performance backs that. both hoyts. 1 ultra tec, the other's an ultra mag.

    one has a self aligning string peep, the other has a string peep, but minus the self aligning rubber tube. i hadda replace the tube on the self aligning one. i've noticed the other rubber on them seems to be "melting"? for lack of a better way to put it. the rubber silencers in the limbs are sticky to the touch, and look like shit, but they're still working. the rubber on the balance shaft is the same. guessing i'm gonna hafta replace that all.

    it's amazing how fast some of this stuff comes back. at 20 yards, first round of shooting was little smaller than a coffee saucer. second round had all the arrows just about touching, and one of them got fucked up.

    they're fun to shoot...more than i'd remembered, and i can shoot these in my yard, even here in the pfrnj. the tec is quieter than the mag for some reason. not sure why. both are set at low draw weights.....55 and 60 respectively, and both have a 70% let off. i wanted to go shooting, i just don't have the energy to load up the truck and drive to the range today. might manage that tomorrow though

    back when irene was supposed to hit cape may, we had to remove CAP assets from Cape May County airport. driving down there 2 nights before it was supposed to hit, it was nothing but a parking lot on the highway leaving the area. when we got near the airport, it looked like 1979 all over again. 1/4 mile long lines to get into the gas stations. many were out of gas. all that were open were between 1 and 2 bucks a gallon more than in cherry hill about 60 miles away.

    THAT was price gouging. what's happening now isn't,

    It's a good thing we have our own refineries here in Denver.

    we used to have a couple here in south jersey. i think they've closed both of them, and most of the ones in philly