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    actually, while i'm at it with the stupid questions......

    glock21 gen4. bought new. only has a couple hundred rounds through it.....when i take it apart, i still see what looks to me like copper never-seize? otherwise doesn't look like i need to clean it yet. kinda shocked.

    should i be removing that stuff, and lubing with regular oil and/or grease?

    socialism is a leach. it actually proves that capitalism works, as they leach off of us for their innovation.


    A new report by Battelle, an international science and technology company, found that other countries are working aggressively to lure research facilities and high-paying jobs away from the United States. They are offering friendlier regulatory policies so companies can get products to patients faster, and they are lowering taxes and offering other incentives to boost private investment in new medicines and medical devices.

    Our edge is not gone yet, but U.S. legislators must quickly act to stop the drain. Today, 12 of the top 20 medical device companies are headquartered in the U.S. Last year, U.S. companies had more than 3,000 new pharmaceutical products in development.

    This superior medical innovation not only creates life-saving drugs, but boosts our economy. Battelle also found the biomedical industry contributed $917 billion to the U.S. economy in 2009 and supported more than four million jobs.

    Guys, its a non event. currently moving 270° at 12 mph. if it remains on that track it will hit the sierra maestra in Cuba and become greatly reduced. it's going to whack LA

    maybe humor us paranoid types and check in anyway?

    She's serious.

    storch Make sure your phone is charged. Please check in by Sunday afternoon. Same thing I'm saying to a coworker of mine in Clearwater.

    To Villa, the model seemed refreshingly subversive. The Surgery Center would charge $19,000 for his whole-knee replacement, a discount of nearly 50% on what Villa expected to be charged at his local hospital. And that price would include everything from airfare to the organization's only facility, in Oklahoma City, to medications and physical therapy. If unforeseen complications arose during or after the procedure, the Surgery Center would cover those costs. Villa wouldn't see another bill.Sometimes called direct pay, and closely related to concierge care, this sort of business model was once seen as the perquisite of rich folks and medical tourists from foreign lands. But nowadays many of the people seeking cash-based care are middle-class Americans with high-deductible insurance plans. For a patient with an $11,000 family deductible, for example, it might make more sense to seek out a cash-based center like the Premier Medical Imaging facility in Minneapolis, which offers a basic MRI for $499, than to cough up the several thousand dollars that the same procedure generally costs at a traditional hospital. Cash payments don't count toward a patient's deductible, but for some it's worth the gamble.

    The catch is that the whole facility is cash-based. It doesn't take insurance of any kind. Not Aetna. Not Cigna. Not Medicare or Medicaid. Patients or their employers pay whatever price is listed online, period. There are no negotiated rates, no third-party reimbursements and almost no paperwork. "We say, 'Here's the price. Here's what you're getting. Here's your bill,'" says Keith Smith, who co-founded the Surgery Center in 1997 with fellow anesthesiologist Steven Lantier. "It's as simple as that."

    When Art Villa found out, after one too many boating accidents, that he needed a total knee replacement, he began asking around to see how much it would cost. The hospital near his home in Helena, Mont., would charge $40,000 for the procedure, he says. But that didn't include the anesthesiologist's fee, physical therapy or a stay at a rehabilitation center afterward. A 2015 Blue Cross Blue Shield study found that one hospital in Dallas billed $16,772 for a knee replacement while another in the same area charged $61,585.It was in the midst of this confounding research that Villa, who's 68, heard about the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, whose business model is different from that of most hospitals. There, the all-inclusive price for every operation is listed on the website. A rotator-cuff repair for the shoulder costs $8,260. A surgical procedure for carpal tunnel syndrome is $2,750. Setting and casting a basic broken leg: $1,925.