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    that wont be popular but it is the truth. if it wasn't for the amnericans there would be no new zealand.

    the yanks fought hard in the in our neck of the woods. we own them our our freedom . thats why we will never leave them alone. being alone is hard. no one loves you when you are alone, you just get crap thown at you.

    where is the real exel, and what did you do to him?

    I can understand these two posts. i'm not used to that from you,. :D

    yea I do, and I miss it. it's why i'm not here that often anymore.

    I haven't read most of the replies in here. 23 pages is just too much to read through.

    thing is with this's already getting nasty with antifa and whatnot. they're already doing their shit. they've had a few years to organize and better prepare.

    when trump wins, they will go so batshit that batshit looks normal. the left will simply not accept another 4 years of president trump. the ONLY things that will prevent his winning is if the economy tanks, the demonrats cheat, or someone...uumm…...does a kennedy to him.

    on the other hand, if he loses, then the more extreme types on the right will not accept that. after 4 years of the bullshit that the left has been doing to demonize this guy, his loss will not be accepted.

    either way, this is gonna be rough. probably election night is not a good time to be in or very close to the city. prepare accordingly.

    Actually very few will be willing to give up everything. it is always the way. What will happen is that the law will be ignored and more and more young and full of cum people will resist in ways that show that the government rules by a premiss that does not exist... that they are all powerful.. the more timid.. will do what the ANTIFA little fucks do.. they will 'riot' hide behind the mob. A few cities burning will prove that the government really has no actual control.


    good points. also what should be noted is that the only reason police can keep people in order is because people in general allow it.

    there also seems to be a lot of legally acquired guns lately...and the lsm is all over that shit. also....body armor. couple guys have used it. get ready for a push on that too.

    One of the things that is killing electric cars is cheap fuel. lefties know this. California is doing its best to make fuel prices really high.


    yet another thing nj is copying. 2 years ago, gas was below 2 bucks a gallon. we were one of the cheapest gas taxed states in the union. then christy signed the demonrat bill raising the gas tax by over .25c a gallon. it was put on the ballot first, and these dumbasses in this state voted for it. what they all missed was that there was a target. if that target isn't hit, then the tax automatically raises till that target is hit. now, people that used to buy their gas here rather than ny or pa 'cause it was cheaper buy their gas in their own states. residents of nj that work in ny and pa and used to be sure to buy it here now also buy it in those states, 'cause there's no benefit to waiting. so the tax goes up. it's supposedly gonna go up again, 'cause it still hasn't hit the target.

    wouldn't happen to have a link, would ya?

    Because one can not buy fully automatic weapons unless one jumps thru many many hoops.. Even the "Black Market" has a hell of a time finding "Fully Automatic" weapons. Only real way Criminal types can get hold of them is to rob a Armory.

    or goes to camden, newark, philthadelphia, patterson, shitgago, and any other number of cities.......