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    i'm too much of a pussy. i carry at home and at the shop. those are the only places i can legally carry in pfrnj. i can't risk taking that ride. i am all my mother has to depend on.

    grandfather clause means that if you already own it, you're "grandfathered" in. in some instances you can pass on what you were allowed to keep, in othrs, you can't.

    thing to remember about the police......few reasons they join their depts. they want to improve the community, or at least try to keep it safe. this is the majority of them. they were bullied in school, and want to get back at the bullies. they WERE the bully and want to keep bullying. they're just plain asshats. these last 3 catagories don't equal the first one, but can do irreparable damage to a depts reputation.

    most people i know that hate the police usually had some form of unfriendly interaction with police when they were young. more often than not, that unfriendly interaction stemmed from the person acting the fool.

    and finally...the thing that no one realizes....the only reason police have/are able to maintain control is because we the people allow it. don't believe me? look what ONE rogue cop did to half of commiefornia. look at what two black supremicists just did in jersey city.

    they're going full retard, trying to essentially outlaw nearly anything semi-auto. the people aren't accepting it, the sheriffs are upholding their oaths, the govt is showing exactly why the 2nd exists, and in the end nothing will happen. the commies will continue to sabre rattle till the very last minute, then come up with some warm/mushy sounding reason for them backing down.

    you don't use antisieze on those bolts. many actually have locktite on them.

    when they're stuck, I generally get out the air hammer.

    In all the cars I have had I have replaced exactly one set of wheel bearings. Now... I have rebuilt entire front ends and did the wheel bearings as part of it and while replacing rotors on the Elky I changed out the hubs just in case. but never had to replace but one that was actually making noise and was bad.


    newer stuff has "permanently sealed" wheel bearings. usually sold as hub bearing assemblies. most are bolt on assemblies like on gg's explorer. many though are still pressed in. as i'm sure you know, there's no such thing as permanent in the automotive world, and these are no exception. i replace at least 2 to 5 hub bearings a month, and i'm a small shop.