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    you don't use antisieze on those bolts. many actually have locktite on them.

    when they're stuck, I generally get out the air hammer.

    In all the cars I have had I have replaced exactly one set of wheel bearings. Now... I have rebuilt entire front ends and did the wheel bearings as part of it and while replacing rotors on the Elky I changed out the hubs just in case. but never had to replace but one that was actually making noise and was bad.


    newer stuff has "permanently sealed" wheel bearings. usually sold as hub bearing assemblies. most are bolt on assemblies like on gg's explorer. many though are still pressed in. as i'm sure you know, there's no such thing as permanent in the automotive world, and these are no exception. i replace at least 2 to 5 hub bearings a month, and i'm a small shop.

    Left rear wheel bearing... The guy said he'd replace it for $100. I'm not going to get my hands dirty to save $30.

    couple years ago, I quoted a guy on a radiator on a late 90's f250. kept it cheap, 'cause the dude's a cheap Russian. he decided not to do it. he came in a few weeks later for something else, so I asked him about the rad. he said him and his dad did it. I asked him how long it took them? he said 2 days. I couldn't resist. "it wasn't worth the money you saved by not having me do it, now was it?" he laughed and said it probably ended up costing him more. I told him he was 100% correct on that.

    I don't mean to step on your toes here Cap, I know this is your area of expertise, but my philosophy when dealing with things like this is, "one is shot, the other isn't far behind".

    I'd swap them both and save the quiet one for a spare.

    you're not. and could quite possibly be correct. I work on a small local pd's vehicles, and due to the usage, I do exactly this. actually, I do this on all the small fleets I do work for, as they're all seeing some sort of heavy use.….

    I called one of the guys from his shop last night because he works on cars. My front wheel bearing is about to freeze up. Grinding pretty bad. He was really concerned about me and was bending over backward to be sweet to me. I never even mentioned my dad. He said "don't you worry about anything. I'm going to take care of it for you. " The way he was talking made me think my dad probably told all of them not to let me set foot on the property - which is something he would do.

    Javi was so nice and was so concerned . I told him I have the money to pay him, and I will, but he kept telling me he was going to do it all. It will probably cost $100 for the part and I guess he needs to have the bearing pressed on. I asked if the wheel can fall off and he said no, but it will lock up. He told me not to drive it but I have to drive it today and tomorrow. Probably 100 miles each day.

    if you're still driving the explorer, and it's a front bearing, it's an entire hub assembly. relatively easy to replace, although a bit time consuming. if it's a rear bearing, that's a different story. the rear bearings on those are pressed....and they never like to come out.

    Yeah, I'm fine! I was talking with Molly the other day. She was a member of a forum that was not unlike ours as far as friends and longevity. The owner recently died and the place is gone. I told her that I don't want that happening to us.

    I have surgery coming up for my beautiful face, and you just never know. I'm not going anywhere if I can help it, but I want to make sure the forum will still be here in case anything were to happen. There's a lot of memories here. We have a bond and it would be a shame to have it suddenly just end for everyone some random day.

    Sure, you guys will probably cry for me every day for maybe 10 years, but eventually FW will get back to being s shell of what it was when I was around. ☻

    just checkin'. glad all's good!

    if something happens to me I want Flame Warriors to continue on with somebody else.

    We need to find someone who can keep the lights on.

    I would like to set up something that will trigger the sending of all the information for the server and logins in case I'm not around for a given amount of time. Does anybody here want to be that person? Maybe it could be a couple of people? Even if you don't personally think you would like to runs the place, I would like to have somebody to at least get the information to so that everything won't be lost.

    you ok?

    none of the ddemonrots currently running are electable. not a single one. they're either crazy or crazier. klinton will jump in somewhere in the april'ish timeframe to save the day