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    there's at least 2 carry cases from NJ that have a good shot at being heard by the scotus. also, I think the 3rd circuit is no longer demented majority......

    Been there, done that.

    You may want to prepare for locking her into her room when not around, or she may take off to visit those who are no longer here.

    she's not wandering yet. and I don't think she will. she'd been severly overweight for a big chunk of her life, and it took its toll on her knees. she has trouble walking, although so far she refuses to use a walker...cane only.

    I'm sincerely sorry to hear that Cap. You have my best wishes for the trying times ahead.

    thanks man. i'll do what I have to do to keep her at the best possible quality of life. she'd made me promise to not let anyone put her in a home......and accordingly, that will never happen.

    We went up to the in-laws. The old guy has severe dementia and at first he didn't recognize us. Sad.

    But a bit after we showed up he realized who was there and he brightened up and had a VERY good day. Not his old self, but still a VERY good day for him. It warmed my heart to see him doing to well.

    mom's falling into dementia. it sucks. i have her living with me. she forgets shit that happened a couple minutes ago. yet, last night she was talking about how we were in memphis the year elvis died.

    Huh? Hanging out with family? Just staying home and relaxing?

    I'm getting ready to go over to see my aunt Kathy. She's making some kind of Christmas dinner - just us.

    hung out with my aunt n uncle, cousins, cousins kids and mom. to be honest, that was plenty for me, as we don't get together often enough. got a few small things that will be useful. gave a few small things that will be useful.

    Several left wing media outlets predicted last month that the Xmas shopping season would be a total disappointment and that it would be an indicator that the economy was headed for the tank.


    i'm sure you've already noticed that the lamestream media is constantly predicting doom n gloom, hoping to hurt trumps chances for 2020

    yes. sort of. she ran in ny. in reality no money from outside of the city should've gone to her....but i can understand from other areas of the state. but nothing from outside of the state should have gone to her. in va no money from outside of the state should have gone to any candidate there.