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    An answer from the crazies might be more fun. I mostly agree with your assessment. I've thought for a while that the only way inflation is coming down is if unemployment goes up significantly. If the Fed really is determined to slow inflation, they can make that happen with enough rate hikes.

    What bothers me, though, is that it's a pretty mainstream view. A hell of a lot of people have similar opionions right now. Maybe a majority. The majority isn't always wrong, but they often are.

    A number of things affect inflation. Increasing unemployment is a blunt tool that affects some of those factors.

    The problem with a main stream opinion is it is mostly reflected in the market. That gives you a general feel for direction however understanding how other factors are gaining relative weight is how you can tilt your exposure towards mitigating risk and/or increasing returns.

    For example, I was following covid stuff back in Jan 2020, went almost entirely risk off , ie sold almost all my long positions and shorted the market. What was a 30% surprise market crash for many people was a 9% upswing for me and then I legged back into the market in April/May and rode it up until it topped and went defensive this last year.

    I spend the effort to understand things and act when it makes sense. it amazes me how many drive down the road of life completely fucking clueless

    What makes you think some sort of crash is imminent? I'm not really disagreeing. Lots of people think that these days. But why now?

    I can't answer for the crazies but a rational mind would point to the near everything bubble huge amounts of excess liquidity got us into and the risks of unwinding that. With the Fed tightening, and they have been tightening for months now, the effects on the economy are beginning to show up. The question is can they hit a benign landing or will they fuck it up. Their record of not fucking it up isn't great. Ergo, with the effects now starting to hit the economy, it's reasonable to expect unemployment to rise, and some sorts of liquidity issues. Saying it will be a crash is one extreme not consistent with observable facts in the Macro environment but Black Swan events do happen during times of change.

    What do you think this fight is about? Whose equipment is better or sone chance to cheer “Go USA” at an old rivalry? This is Russia pushing back against the west and all the sick values they espouse. You live in a country that jails people who look a lot like you for being at a protest with no trial, in solitary confinement.

    The Ukrainians are fighting for the right for faggots to march naked in rainbow dildo necklaces and publicly piss on each other in kiddie pools as kids watch. You miss all of that. To you it’s a football game. I look forward to seeing what copes you come up with when our sick and rotting empire gets righteously slapped back. By Russia, a country that recently outlawed pushing faggotry on kids. A country that doesn’t have boys in dresses cutting their dicks off. What will the commentators hand you to repeat that you will think sounds smart? We’ll soon see.

    You have a very fucked up Qtarded view of reality. I'm embarrassed for you since you lack the capacity yourself. Honestly dude, get some help if you actually believe what you wrote is true.

    More Russian troops (640th or 641st battalions) are saying that they have been trained to be artillery men but instead were assigned to infantry units.

    That means, either the Russian army is running out of artillery (including ammo) or they are running out of infantry, or both.

    — (((Tendar))) (@Tendar) January 19, 2023

    Source: Kotsnews

    — (((Tendar))) (@Tendar) January 19, 2023

    I think you have to admit that Russians demolish old Western arms faster than they may be reproduced.

    Unfortunately we have to kill our compatriots that are sent to a grinder by American puppets.

    Do you have any idea what you are even saying? Demolish old arms that are not being produced faster than they are produced? Since they are no longer in production...

    NY Times

    US will announce $2.5 billion shipment of arms and equipment on Fri

    * 100 Stryker combat vehicles

    * Bradley fighting vehicles

    * Ammunition for HIMARS

    * 155-millimeter and 105-millimeter artillery rounds

    * Air defense systems

    * other vehicles

    No mention of tanks

    — Paul Healey \uD83C\uDDFA\uD83C\uDDE6\uD83C\uDDE8\uD83C\uDDE6 (@Paul_TheNewf) January 19, 2023


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    for the lulz

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    The poles are all in. They have a really based culture and hate the Russians for the last 100 years or murdering them.

    Also news.


    The European Parliament just voted for creating an international criminal tribunal in which Putin will face trial.

    472 MEPs voted for it, 19 against.

    — Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) January 19, 2023


    Poland’s PM Morawiecki on Scholz’s procrastination on allowing Poland send its Leopard tanks:

    “Consent is of secondary importance here. We will either obtain this consent quickly, or we will do the right thing ourselves”

    Poland is tired of German sabotage


    — Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) January 19, 2023

    Sweden just announced it’s sending Archer artillery systems, at least 50 CV-90 IFVs, NLAW rockets & more to Ukraine as part of the 10th aid package
    Hugo Kaaman (@HKaaman) January 19, 2023


    The Defense Ministers of Poland, UK, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will have a conference today to coordinate military aid packages for Ukraine.


    — Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) January 19, 2023

    Are you retarded? It sure looks like you are retarded.

    Both Trump's and Biden's policies & financial decisions during their Presidency have been very inflationary. More so than any Presidents since Carter. Therefore I would assume that the Federal Reserve wants inflation.

    That is the easiest way to minimize the national debt. Inflation favors the rich and hurts the poor. The poor are not the main sponsors of the politicians.

    I know that question wasn't for me.

    I get 0% offers and I usually never take them.

    My point to him is understanding that money can be used to your advantage or not. It depends on the circumstances.

    Good advice and one of the reasons I won't pay off the mortgage on one of my houses. I could rent it for more than the mortgage payment too if needed.

    I am loving my 2.375% mortgage right now with inflation being what it is. It feels like I am beating the banksters for a change.

    The issue of being responsible is the one that hurts people. Irresponsible people should be encouraged to pay off all loans even if there are better options because they won't take advantage of them properly. Either that or stop being selfish retards but some people are unfixable. In my case, for example, I took the money that could have bought this house in cash with in 2014 and put it on it's own account then continued to invest wisely. It's worth nearly 3x the value of the house 8 years later and I get a tax break on an already low interest rate. I would never carry higher interest rates unless I had no other choice.

    Looks like the pussy footing about by Germany may be called soon with the Leopards.


    Sweden's government has called a press conference tomorrow. They will announce "heavier military equipment", including armoured vehicles to Ukraine, Aftonbladet reports

    Expressen also reports that the govt will instruct the army to send the Archer artillery system to Ukraine.

    — Faytuks News ? (@Faytuks) January 18, 2023

    According to Politico, new US millitary aid packege for Ukrainr will likely include GLSDB munition developed by Saab and Boing. GLSDB has a range of 150 km and it can hit the target within a radius of one meter.

    — Special Kherson Cat \uD83D\uDC08\uD83C\uDDFA\uD83C\uDDE6 (@bayraktar_1love) January 18, 2023

    USA’s \uD83C\uDDFA\uD83C\uDDF8 next military aid package for Ukraine \uD83C\uDDFA\uD83C\uDDE6 will likely include GLSDB Long Range Missiles with a range of 150km, and Stryker Armored Fighting Vehicles (Politico)
    — Ukraine Battle Map (@ukraine_map) January 18, 2023


    Pay off the house as well.

    Hard to rationalize that one. I could but a 30 year at 2.3% fixed is well below long term avg inflation. Paying off all debt is finance 101 stuff. It's simple and even advisable for irresponsible people but I would advocate towards understanding money and how it works much the same as i would advocate for any other life skill.