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    Supporting Ukraine is supporting western values. Faggotry and people pretending to be animals pissing on each other and an economy based on Jew banks and slave labor and the eternal creep toward globalism. It's supporting empire USA. Russia is punching back, hopefully China will as well, and I would really love to see Iran devastate Israel. They have nukes, but we'll see. Anything that wrecks the empire is good.


    \uD83C\uDDEC\uD83C\uDDE7Britain is considering the transfer of ATACMS-class long-range missiles to \uD83C\uDDFA\uD83C\uDDE6Ukraine - CNN

    "This war has been going on for a long time. And now is the time to bring it to an end," the head of the British Foreign Ministry, James Cleverley, emphasized in an interview with CNN

    — \uD83C\uDDFA\uD83C\uDDE6Ukrainian Front (@front_ukrainian) January 20, 2023

    Causus belli. In place since before the Roman Republic.

    Also true. If you want I can run through some of the many reasons why pretty much everyone who is serious agrees that UA had pretty much zero percent chance of joining NATO before the the 2022 invasion. As you may know, the aspiring country does not simply fill out a form and send a check. All NATO members must agree to the country joining and there was no chance of that.

    So copy and pasting the same question a 3rd time isn't going to get you to admit the point?

    That is the reality of analyzing information. You take words and actions and compare them to known facts and reality. The reality in this case is there was no chance whatsoever that UA would become a member of NATO anytime in the foreseeable future. Thus the entire line of justification is a deliberate lie not meant for serious conversation.

    I think the Jookranians being flirty with NATO serves them well. I don't think we should be in NATO but Jookrain certainly would benefit.

    I don't know why they wouldn't so long as America is potent. That they don't might be an unspoken comment to that.

    Can we be in agreement that UA joining NATO wasn't going to happen and everyone knew that?

    Ergo, the whole argument that UA needed to be be invaded at that time because it was about to join NATO is observably false.

    Just the same. The equivalent of ssssh I only want to feel your warmth. Just the head. Just a little bit.

    You are getting mrfish excited again.

    Can we be in agreement that UA joining NATO wasn't going to happen and everyone knew that?

    Ergo, the whole argument that UA needed to be be invaded at that time because it was about to join NATO is observably false.

    Actually I have argued here and elsewhere that were I Russian I would be uncomfortable with NATO in Ukraine.

    Yet here we are in North America with the illegitimate regime selling vast tracts of land to the filthy chinks.

    There is only one solution.

    Some key details. Russia and everyone else knew there was zero percent chance that UA was going to join NATO anytime in the foreseeable future. So saying OMG we need to invade right now to avoid them joining NATO is as false as OMG Nazis! It's not a legitmate reason to invade your neighbor and the excuse was nothing more than an excuse for idiots.


    They wouldn't lay down propaganda if no one picked it up. It's unsettling how easy it was to brainwash you though. The proof is in the pudding though. You'll keep barking with all this hubris, but you're going to lose. Not just in Ukraine. You'll be able to say all kinds of things, but the cold, hard reality will be right there looking you in the face. And you'll probably go to the grave without having ever seen the truth. Seems like a waste to me.

    You don't know shit about me and you don't know shit about the Ukraine war. What you are is a ignorant self righteous asshole who only gets information from the same set of sources who feed you blatantly obvious lies that you are just fine with because it fits your fantasies, just like your fantasies about sex.

    I have nothing to lose in UA. I'm not fighting there. My efforts in this thread has mostly been a community service by posting factual information as well as opinions from both sides. The Girkin post I shared above is one example of a ultra Russian opinion but I bet you don't even know who he is.

    If you have read what I written over time you would know I could not have less respect for Globalists. They are a cancer to humanity, just like Putin. Your fantasy that I'm some sort of Globalist shill is just yet another delusion that fits your narrative.

    You could not give a shit less about the integrity of your opinions. Since you zero respect for facts, why should anyone else give your opinions any more respect than you? That is why the things you say are worthless, because you give them no value yourself.

    I'll do it, as I have no problem sinking down to that level. The ones that scream the loudest about that sort of depravity ALWAYS are doing it out of either guilt, self-loathing, or both. So yes, I am not above saying that mrfish is most likely a bigoted, closeted, faggot child molester.

    No one who talks like he does is anything but that. The loudest most self righteous assholes are always guilty. They just can't stop themselves and the psycho leaks out.

    Go ahead and answer my Q question. You skipped it. I’m not fantasizing, you literally have porn in your avatar. What message is that supposed to convey other than “Here’s a nerd who jacks off all day.” What do you say it conveys? Are you 14 and still amazed at boobies?

    All of those talking points you laid out are straight up alt rgt talking points that have been put forth by pro Russian shills over the last year. Literally all of them. Over and over again. But I'm sure it's your original thoughts because you definitely are not yet another PAYtriot who can't think for himself. After hearing the same talking points literally dozens of times over the last year it has no value other than outing idiots.

    All in all.. Go fuck yourself. You have mental health issues and I don't give a fuck about what rando shitbag who wants to mouth breath in full retard mode wants to say. By all means keep saying that shit out in public. Sooner or later you are going to get skull fucked by someone who going to school you on why you don't spew that kind of slander around actual men.

    That thing where you think you have a clever line but no one says anything and you repeat it. Everyone heard you the first time. Either way Churchill was a degenerate and drunken pos that got in trouble for faggotry when he was in Africa. He was a gambling and drunken shit stain with an ocean of blood on his hands. No surprise you are a fan.

    Yet again fantasizing about degenerate sex. You are that hardcore anti gay minister who no one is surprised when he turns out to be gay.

    When has a country ever told soldiers what they are actually fighting for? Maybe it’d be shorter to list the propaganda you don’t t believe? You have a gif of a woman playing with her breasts. I will have a hard time believing you don’t watch porn and Jack off alone in front of your computer. What have I said that has anything to do with Q? I don’t even know what they believe.

    Still fantasizing about me masturbating? Even when called out on it you can't stop yourself yet somehow it is not you who has mental issues.

    Girkin threw another hissy fit today, a long read: claims Russia needs to build up several armies, mass retraining asap to avoid (almost) inevitable defeat. Does not expect Ukraine to start an advance until April, by which time the West will send even more weapons \uD83E\uDD21

    Dmitri (@wartranslated) January 18, 2023




    Well I suppose you can take it that way too, RR

    Everything he initially said is right out of the talking points for Qtards. Nothing he said was an original thought. He just mouth breathes crazy conspiracy shit instead having enough respect for himself to do some, hell, any level of due diligence. If he did he would realize that if he ever mouth breathed those talking points to the vast majority of Ukrainian men they would rip his little bitch lips off his cock holster in short order. I swear the internet and isolation allows people to hide from reality and rational thought to the point of serious mental defect.

    So you are pro-degeneracy. Makes sense. You are obviously a porn fan. How much time do you spend jacking off in front of your computer each day? You have a lot of company. The ruling class love compliant sheep.

    No. What you said is a fantasy. Just like your response again is a fantasy of me masturbating. You're a sick fuck. Feel free to poll Ukrainians on what they are fighting for. I will safely bet you that zero percent would give you an answer that you claim. I will also bet you that that if you conduct your poll in person you will lose your front teeth before you get far.

    Seriously dude. You are way in over your head if you think you have anything close to a rational understanding of why people fight. You have embedded yourself in a path that is so far out of line with reality that you can't even fathom the concept of doing due diligence and balancing information to come to a logical conclusion. If you ever approach some degree of self awareness, print out your responses to me here to your first appointment.