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    Can you quote me where I said any such thing or is that just the usual sewage you spew?

    It is part of his fantasy that everyone who points out his hypocrisies and personal failings is some leftist nutbag. By him wrapping himself in a false flag of patriotism he justifies his fantasies as being legitimate.

    He knows he is lying but that is the only way he can rationalize his own behavior.

    So what? This isn't about Azov or Wagner. It doesn't make sense though, if he was cozy with Nazis, why fight Azov? Why specifically and overtly claim that he is in Ukraine to de-Nazify? And why have you still not answered my question? This is a weak argument and you are still deflecting. That you veer into Jerry Springer level pop psychology gives away a lot as well. Those shows were meant to brainwash women. That it snared you as well is embarrassing.

    It's not complicated though I get that applying reason to your narrative causes you to disconnect.

    You said Russia does not tolerate degeneracy such as being a neo nazis. Yet, Putin has had a long relationship with a number of neo nazis groups who act as his thugs on demand and before the war were the majority of the recruits in Wagner which is his personal private military corp to work around Russian laws. The commander of Wagner is this guy who is active duty Russian Spetsnaz. He is a hard core Nazis with Waffen SS tats. Most of the guys sent to "denazisfy" Mariupol were from Wagner. Literally the number of neo nazis sent to "denizify" were at least 10x the number of highest claims of "neo nazis" they were sent to kill. There are literally millions of organized neo Nazis in Russia and they are coddled by Putin for his purposes. The bit of ironic justice here is they have had such high casualties Putin has indeed managed to denizify many actual neo nazis by sending hem to "denazify" not actual neo nazis in UA.

    The entire narrative about "denazifying" UA was a weak red herring to drum up nationalist fervor about continuing the Great Patriotic War internally while giving mouth breathers in the US something to cling to. The entire conversation was bullshit propaganda from the beginning and you should have known better but you didn't for the reasons I illustrated above.

    Everything he says is from the same circle of propaganda outlets and it never occurred to him that his increasing radicalization is his self affirming deliberately contrived lies designed to radicalize someone. I'm not kidding when I say he is the willing victim of a psyop. He hits all the talking points and then goes over the top even further.

    Only a man who places no value on personal integrity could take such bullshit spoon fed to him as if it is actually truth and not ever bother to do even the most basic level of due diligence.

    An honest man looks at information and applies at least some level of reason.

    An honest man gets information from multiple sources and compares it to form a balanced perspective.

    An honest man has a core set of values that other men can see and respect.

    He has none of these core competencies and is nothing more than a programmed mouth breather.

    To some degree I pity him for falling so far but the psycho sexual infatuation is disturbing. I'm willing to bet he has hurt others weaker than himself sexually in the past. There is something really broken about his mind.

    " It's supporting empire USA. Russia is punching back, hopefully China will as well, and I would really love to see Iran devastate Israel."

    You are pro America but you you want to see America destroyed by Russia, China and anyone else.

    Does that not just strengthen my case that they are more against degeneracy than Ukraine?

    So we established that you are a OK with thousands of Christians in Russia being tortured and killed by the state/church in Russia because that, in your mind is better than how Christians are being treated in the US.

    Is being a neo nazis degeneracy?

    How are Christians treated in America vs Russia?

    The head of the Russian Orthadox church is a known FSB informer. Quite literally, the guy you are quoting is responsible for keeping the church part of the police state and has used the church to as a vehicle to kill thousands of Russians who made the mistake of trusting the church. This is why your mind is so fucked up. You lack the sense of reason that would cause an mentally balanced individual to do ANY level of due diligence and form a rational point of view based on fundamental values and logic. You don't even know how fucked in the head you actually are and are left mouth breathing psyops talking points.

    Muh Christians!

    Meanwhile Zelensky, the Jew comedian has a skit oh himself playing piano with his dick and yet another in drag...

    Either that or the Russian orthodox church is pro russian and using its facilities for espionage. Because they were.

    You just keep fantasizing about grown men masturbating and shit posting filtered propaganda like you always have.

    A bunch of fucked in the head buggery

    You really need to see a mental health professional if you actually think all the world revolves around fagotry and jewish bankers.

    There is so many more moving parts that your twisted mind can't see. This bag of cats that is your head is way off the deep end. I just don't have the relevant professional experience nor the inclination to help you out from here.

    He's correct about certain things.

    What is he correct about?

    This then?

    "It's supporting empire USA. Russia is punching back, hopefully China will as well, and I would really love to see Iran devastate Israel."

    Is Pax Americana a bad thing for the US? I'm pretty sure it's been a good thing. Only more recently where power became more centralized have we gone down a dangerous path of Authoritarianism.

    That was close

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    Girkin claims that Russians began moving forward in the Zaporizhzhia direction, this is echoed by other Russian sources announcing "It began!" throughout today. Afaik no official statements by the Ukrainian side. Girkin does not believe that this advance will have success.

    Dmitri (@wartranslated) January 20, 2023


    Again and again your fascination with abhorrent sex. Face it, the thought of another dude masturbating gets you off. No normal person thinks like that and you can't stop.

    Let's continue..

    "Faggotry and people pretending to be animals pissing on each other and an economy based on Jew banks and slave labor"

    These are the words of a person with deep seated psych issues.

    Storch is right about the Ukes being a Christian nation. They are very similar to the US in the 1980s in that regard. Only in your sick, twisted mind would a nation of 44 million mostly Christians be faggots and people pretending to be animals pissing on each other. Just because some qtard website finds one dude who may happen to live in the country does not make the other 44 million people the same. A rational mind would not even begin to think like you do. You don't have the balls to say that to any Ukrainian man because you know most of them would beat the shit out of you and rightfully so. Instead you hide behind a keyboard condemning all 44 million of them to Russian subjugation over your sick fantasies. You are majorly fucked in the head and if consistent on anything you are a liar and a shit bag of a human being. I have no respect for you whatsoever because your lack of integrity and would not piss on you if you were on fire, you would get off on it.

    I am normally a tolerant guy but you crossed a line into psycho land and you need to stop fantasizing these sick sexual deviant thoughts and assigning them to other people. It's you, you're the nut bag. Normal people don't constantly act this way and you just can't stop yourself.

    I don't know why you came back here but expect me to call you out each time you share your sick twisted fantasies. You really should just go back away and seek professional help.

    Oh yeah, and more .gifs and memes. Nothing is better at conveying your grasp of an issue than heavy use of memes and gifs.

    You should show your posts to family members. Better yet, other people. Any rational person is going to have questions about your mental health.

    You are so fucked in the head memes and gifs are about all that can be said.

    On a positive note, Someone posted up that today is International Fetish Day. I'm sure you already have a celebration planned.