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    I did get my Virpil pedals in at last, pretty good. Really good in fact, you can make them like my Slaw Viper RX, foot on floor combat peds, or like my Slaw 109Cam peds, feet off floor completely. They're as good as either of my Slaws, and better than my VKB and MFG Crosswind pedals. Really impressed. Hopefully they get their cable situation figured out, as the pedals, newest throttle, and the latest base (CM2) all have a plug to interconnect, and be unified into one USB connection.

    What are your thoughts on throttles? I'm slowly piecing together a setup and just started with a ebay virpil warbrd base. It seems their products are constantly sold out but overall, probably the best product .

    How many of you rednecks actually read the whole article?

    I skimmed through it and it's a political hack job and not worth anyone's effort. I normally scroll past everything you post for the same reason. Actual professionals are prescribing these meds appropriately as they are part of standardized protocol now. Worthless pieces of shit like you spread propaganda that kills people because it gives you some sense of purpose in life and that's beyond pathetic. Fuck you.

    Milo, do you masturbate to your posts here? How much does it get you off to shit post worthless propaganda? Do you choke yourself while masturbating? I bet you do.

    In regards to this bullshit, it's been known all along that anti virals need to be be taken very early on in the disease course to have an effect. They also have a prophylactic benefit as well. Since the first results in the beginning of Feb, we have known that taking Hydroxy/zinc and a zpack at the first signs of infection have significantly reduced the odds of serious complications / death. Taking just the hydroxy without zinc does little good as hydroxy is the mechanism that gets enough zinc into the cells to limit viral replication. By time one is in serious condition, it's pretty much too late to limit viral replication as the symptoms are from the immune system reaction and clotting and viral load is no longer much of a factor.

    So, it works quite well , reducing serious complications by about 40% or more if taken at first signs of sickness. It does little to no good if given after serious complications arise. The same goes for Plasma. The disease course goes from viral infection to the effects of the body's reaction to and damage from the viral infection. You use the antivirals up front and treat imunoreaction and clotting effects once serious complications arise.

    We have seen "study" after "study" that ignores the known and established modality to make political hits at the expense of peoples lives. it really sucks to see that you value a pathetic jerk off over the lives of other human beings. Politicizing human suffering and death is about as low as a human being can go. Get a life that has some value instead of wasting it being a piece of shit here.

    The virus attacks the red blood cells and then the red blood cells can't pickup O2 in the lungs and take it to the rest of the body, the victims are dieing from lack of oxygen. They need low pressure high volume oxygen. The whole blood is to replace their damaged red blood cells until their own body can replace the red cells.

    If you want to replace RBCs then you give RBCs and not give whole blood. You also then run into a volume problem with any blood products in quantity which is not good for anyone, particularly those who are already ill. Whoever told you to infuse whole blood does not understand transfusion medicine.

    I think he meant plasma with antibodies in it.. could be wrong.

    There is a reason tho for whole blood.. you are bleeding out on the battlefield and no help on the way.


    We are well past the days of plugging lines from one patient into another. It happens in movies but not reality. Presumably you are right on the antibodies from plasma but that program is stumbling along with almost no supply and processes. Just putting plasma into a patient comes with risks and what little is being transfused is happening haphazardly often without titring it so they don't even know what they are infusing. The program is very slowly being stood up but is a long way away from being operational in a systemic way.

    Misuse of ventilators is what is killing people. Ventilators are for people that can't expand their diaphragm. The victims should be given whole blood and O2 and that hydroquinone drug. This virus screws up the red blood cells. Lack of Oxygen is what s killing them.

    There is virtually no circumstances that a patient should be given whole blood.

    to treat the virus doctors use a higher dose of the drug. It's not the same dosage that people with Lupus or RA use.

    So you are saying that some doctors over prescribe the dosage to the point of killing their patients even though they knew better thus no one should use the medication which is otherwise widely used safely with most reporting positive results?

    That's not in reference as a treatment for COVID-19. COVID-19 is a new virus and was not around when that was written.

    So it has been used for decades with hundreds of millions of doses without this very serious complication and now, with presumably the same doses (those who are reporting success are using normal doses ) this thing which wasn't enough of an issue to even list is now a major complication? So much so that it's not recommended for that reason ? Weirdly, it's available over the counter in the vast majority of countries and widely used everywhere for this purpose. Not sure how that is logical. Perhaps we are in a "face mask" scenario where everyone knew all along that wearing protective face masks in public would substantially reduce transmission of the virus but said otherwise so everyone did not run out and buy them in competition to the medical professionals.

    Yes, in the Brazilian clinical trials, there deaths as a direct result of the side effects. There also deaths in clinical trials done by others.

    This is from the WHO in the days before vilifying things for the sake of politics was cool.

    " Despite hundreds of millions of doses administered in the treatment of malaria, there have been

    no reports of sudden unexplained death associated with quinine, chloroquine or amodiaquine,
    although each drug causes QT/QTc interval prolongation"


    I don't think this will go away soon and may well run until the election. If so, i will be the dominant issue the country faces between here and the elecetion. It may well get sporty and if Trump handles it well, he will almost certainly get a second term. If things are a rolling cluster fuck and Trump plays it wrong, he will run into trouble. It's to early to say how this thing will play out. Maybe containment will work. So far, it lost ground last week and the US is likely to see more outbreaks and they may worsen progressively as the weeks tick on.

    I have shitbag on ignore but I bet he didn't say anything worth reading.

    From the rumor mill...

    Unconfirmed reports that there were 4 Iranian generals with their families defecting from the Iranian Regime. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard called the Ukrainian pilots to force the Ukrainian Flight back to ground but the pilots refused. Thereon evil and stupid decision was made and the plane was shot down.

    When I get home this aft I'll post a more accurate list, but for now - the used/hardware for sale sections of, ED/DCS, IL2, r/hotas on reddit, various reddit PC hardware subreddits/etc, the Hotas Discord is excellent as well. here in Canada there is always piles of PC Hotas for sale and you can buy it from the USA, plus your $ is strong vs ours now too. I'm forgetting some, but again, I'll post a better list later today. I put a couple 27" Gsync ROG Swift monitors for sale along wtih a VKB and Virpil hotas on the Hotas Discord back in the summer, and a guy who lives about an hour away of all places from my mother's old home (one of mine now) answered and bought them for what I was asking, for all 4 pieces. I've picked up several things there myself too, a couple Virpil sticks, a T50CM2 stick and a Delta, and a VKB TM adapter (these are as rare as diamonds right now, and always have been).

    I'm in the market for a virpil setup so let me know if you want to part with anything. I'm basically looking for a desktop stick for Starcitizen and sims. Probably looking for a throttle too.