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    She's opened a twitter account too.

    There's very little of substance and her 14 followers are all involved in this FISA investigation.

    Why the public appearance and social media account?

    It's because the people under investigation cannot communicate directly, and since there's been recent speculation she'd flipped, this is her simply signalling to the others that she didn't flip and is still on script.

    They were both attending the same seminar for early release prisoners, the hero dude was on day release and in the company of the prison social worker for it. It's not like he was out on his own.

    The jihadi was there as well, but already released I think.

    The social worker was one of the casualties.

    Big difference being that Ukraine didn't pose the clear and present danger to Russia that militarized cartels pose to the United States and its citizens.

    They are slaughtering American citizens on the border. How long before a couple well placed drone strikes cut the head off the snake?

    Actually, Crimea was littered with heavy military assets that absolutely would pose a serious threat to Russia and every other neighbouring country has Soros' sponsored socialist revolutionaries managed to get control of them.

    Add to that that the region was heavily populated with Russian citizens, who would have been slaughtered by the rebels, I view the Russian annexation of Crimea a responsible course of action.

    Much the same way as you see the annexation of Mexico.

    The Soviets intervened in every national election beginning in 1920.

    Every GLOBAL election ... And the USA in just about every global election too.

    Everyone has done it forever, yet it's only a problem when a guy with the sole goal of cleaning up American politics once and for all and to put the USA back on the top of the pile is elected? Have I got that right?

    The only reason they're panicking, the Dems, the never Trump Republicans, all of them, is that their gravy train is being derailed and they're going to be exposed for the career criminals they are.

    See, that's effectively declaring war on several countries in South America.

    Not an unexpected response from a totalitarian extremist like yourself though.

    If he wants to go down this route, he has to do it with the cooperation of the host countries, and with precision strikes controlled by small combat units on the ground.

    The cartels will do everything in their power to exact a brutal toll on uninvolved civilians inside the USA in retaliation.

    I don't think he's adaequately prepared for that eventuality.

    The wall must be up and complete before he starts, but the cartels already have a small, loyal, gang based army inside the USA.

    Depending on the vaping system and manufacturing process, it may not be healthier on the lungs.

    Most bootleg vape cartridges use vitamin E acetate to thicken up the oil. Unfortunately, it is bad for the lungs and can severely damage them. Almost all the people hospitalized after using vape pens were smoking bootleg THC cartridges that contained vitamin E acetate and some also contained a fungicide that when when heated up formed into hydrochloric acid.

    It's a dry herb vape.

    If I was to use an oil or wax vape I'd make my own concentrates to use.

    Also they were finding that some of the fungicides used were converting to hydrogen cyanide when heated in the vape pens. I dont know if they also do it when burnt when traditionally smoking. I talked to a doctor the other day here that has a theory that we are going to see clusters of neuro diseases like parkinsons popping up due to the fact that marijuana legalization had such a wild west period of no real oversight and people were using all kinds of fungicides and pesticides that were never meant to be used on stuff humans consumed.

    That's the exact issue I have with people using nutrients containing synthetic PGR compounds.

    They're banned for use in food products, and I believe it's a major player in the increase in CHS, which prior to the boom in hydroponic production, was pretty much unheard of.

    I'm very picky about where i get weed from.