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    That game is 4 years old now.

    It's not like Trump, or any President, writes their own speeches anyway. Anyone could have slipped that in mistakenly. Or, more likely, Trump said "F52s" when he misread "52 F35s", as Norway has ordered exactly 52 of them. Another possibility I've read in several defense journals today, is that they bought some classified aircraft with that designation. Doubtful IMO, but 10 bil is a lot more than 52 F35s as well, nearly double in fact, and that was the rational a couple defense rags used today in bringing up this point.

    I think he just misread the line, saw 52 and F35 close together and said "F52" first, and not realizing his mistake, just went on to say F35s too.

    This is nowhere near as ridiculous or insulting as when Obama called the US Navy corpsmen being decorated while serving with Marine Raider units "corpse-men". Ahahha. Corpse men. Only if they do their job poorly. Boom boom psshhh.

    I think the film’s suggestions here and there that Tonya didn’t know, and was a victim, were pretty tongue in cheek. Even if someone had never heard of the original “events”, they would think she was in on it based on the way the film portrayed it all. Tonya’s mother’s character was hilarious.

    You know when really good suspenders can't be beat? Wearing snow pants for skiing/snowmobiling/boarding/whatever the fuck in snow/etc. Those bitches no matter what you do always want to drop down, especially when frozen snow accumulates around your ankles or at the top of your boots. It's just physics. This dude at the ski shop sold me on a good wide set of comfortable suspenders, and when I was on the mountains I'd buy a new set every year after that, one of those mandatory purchases for the hobbies involving snow pants.

    Haven't tried them with suits or regular pants yet, don't really need them, but my father swears by them.

    Haven't shot a .22 Hornet, no. I was thinking of getting a .204, but I have so much 22 250 ammo, I'm talking like over 20k rounds of it still, that there just is no sense in getting another caliber that does about the same thing. Same with .17mach 2, the little itty bitty 17hmr caliber, or anything .22 or under. I have 100k+ plus of a wide assortment of .22, tens of thousands of .17hmr, and again, piles of 22 250 still. The small/fast rounds do fascinate me, and .22 pistols are still make up the majority of my collection of firearms, and always will.

    I wish someone would make a good semi auto .17hmr handgun. I have a revolver, just one, but that's the only handgun in that caliber, just another Ruger 3 screw but in 17 instead of the usual .22.

    Ruger makes a factory suppressed barrel/rifle for the 10/22, and there are at least 1/2 a dozen reputable barrel only makers. You guys in states that allow this, are nuts for not having one, it'd be in my top 3 of things to buy if I was able. I had a can for my 22/45 Ruger handgun that would fit on many rifles with the right adapter, on my former business permit, it was a blast using it. Getting an integral .22 suppressor for both the Ruger line of semi auto .22 handguns and the 10/22 = good times, all the time.

    Silent - SR. I mean even the take down for cleaning is well thought out. I'm impressed. It's only 600 USD too, I've spent double that on 10/22 builds before in CDN money, IMO that's so cheap that it's insane not to own one for what it does. Huge prepper potential too, having a quiet .22 rifle is SO useful, most of the threats near built up areas are going to be packs of wild dogs that pack up - the pets have to go somewhere right. Having a supp'd .22 for dispatching them alone is worth it, not to mention the regular use blasting varmints in every season. Good times.

    Didn't like GotG 2 as much as the first, but I agree, the CGI and costumes, art, and set design are likely going to get it an Oscar nom in that department. Visually stunning, on our best tv (OLED LG C7), it's one of 2 or 3 films I'll use to show it off. Still like Hunt for Red October for sound after all these years, but visuals, Guardians is a great go to film for home theater tests, calibration, and general oohs and aahs.

    If you can stand the $/time, buy one of the integrally suppressed 10/22 barrels. Best thing ever made for the 10/22 IMO.

    For stocks, Hogue still and always has made the best IMO, any of the Rubber line will do, very user/use dependent as to which one. Most of my builds I use one of the overmolded standard rubbers, if I do another one I'll try something different for a change, maybe a thumbhole model. It'll still be Hogue though, that much is certain.

    Barrel - so many options that will work. 20" are good as posted, I built one with a 24" stainless about 10 years ago that shot darts, probably a 3 or 400% improvement in accuracy/groups over the stock factory barrels Ruger used back then. Again, it comes down to what you're using it for, and where you're using/carrying it etc. I've built some with 16" barrels that shoot pretty close to what the 20 to 24 inch ones will do, so if you're out on snow machines/quads or just want a shorter handier rifle, it's something to consider at least.

    Triggers have already been covered, same thing as every other part, there are tons that work.

    Extended magazine release is something I put on every 10/22 build too, the factory ones are shit if you have gloves on, and up here in the winter, that's half the year. PWS T3 is the least obtrusive release and the one I prefer.

    Lastly, if you're mounting optics, and you should IMO on most builds for most uses, don't cheap out on the mounts/rings. Just because it's only a .22, doesn't mean you can get away with crap in this department.

    There are so many ways to go these days, it's endless with 10/22s. Even lame Pinterest has piles of examples -

    I really liked 17hmr when it came out, I ran a CZ Heavy barrel for a long time. I've seen 10/22 mods for 17hmr too, and I may try out one of the Savage A17 semis. 17hmr is a great round, it picks up where the .22 drops off in terms of range vs varmints, but I do find that the little light 17gr bullets really get pushed around by the wind. Everyone always talks about how great the 17 is at 200 yards, and it is, until you get a crosswind. It's a great balance between recoil and lethality I've found, you're able to see your rounds impact on ground hogs/etc through your optics at anything over 100 yards easily.

    See my finger,

    See my thumb,

    See my...I forget the rest.

    "Ya'll loved Elias..."

    That was the best scene in Platoon IMO - that smile Elias gives Barnes, even though they are arch rivals and hate each other, still, a great genuine smile of relief, having run into Barnes instead of 20 gooks. Then, the look of surprise, then almost grief, knowing he's about to be betrayed. 2 of the great actors that don't get enough credit if you ask me.

    Going to have to rewatch it again tonight now, it's been a couple years...

    i think it will be a while yet before we see 'magic bullets' or 'magic ammunition', if ever.

    Agreed, I’ve said for a long time that it’ll be targeting and acquisition that the next big revolution happens, and it’s already well on the way. At least a bigger step ahead than round lethality for now...

    I didn't mind Bright either, thought it had potential and some legs for some sequels or a Netflix 10 episode series sort of deal. I don't understand the incredible hate the critics have levied against it - a producer must be a Republican or something, I've not seen something so unfairly bashed in forever. That actor Joel Edgerton did fantastic job I thought, also saw some interviews he had done where he spoke about the process and how tough it was doing 4 hours of makeup every day on/off, and then acting 12 hours with a hyperpositive spazz like Wil Smith on set.

    Really liked this film, it's out on the various online sources now. Hilarious in parts, a brilliantly written script and motif - the producer/director/writer basically took real life interviews of all involved, and then had actors repeat their performances, and blended that into a historical bio-type piece. Great take and way to tell the story, I'd forgotten so much about it and those times, the first real crazy 24 hour super news. Well worth the time to watch, good "wife" movie too that you won't want to fall asleep 2 minutes into either.

    I haven't looked at my WoT account in a long time, I had a lot of high end tanks for the time when I stopped playing and a pile of loot and $ I'd put into it, as well as a bit of grinding time. I'll go check it out tonight maybe again.

    I missed the entire AW thing, I never got into multiplayer online WW2 stuff until late in that era, I did a review of WB 2.76 or something or other, and when talking about it in another game where my team was #1 in the world in both the ladders/rankings at the time (Rainbow6), a player there, Soulyss from AH, told me about the new AH beta. I fell hard for AH beta, and it occupied a ton of my gaming time for a year or two after that.

    I played every sim since the F15 on the C64, bought every single one I ever saw or heard about, but when I got AW, the box game, after seeing the little box screen and tiny icons and other turn offs, I said "wtf is the big deal about this", not realizing there was this whole world of multiplayer competitiveness - competitiveness and community - which is what made it great. I really regret making that mistake, as I'd have been in on the whole "thing" back in the AW days, instead of missing that, missing WB mostly, and just beginning with the AH beta.

    They didn't 'feel' hot when I shot them. I stacked a mag with every other round a FMJ then did the same with a few critical defense rounds, nothing remarkable there either.

    They probably won't, it's not until you get up into the 2000 to 2200 fps 9mm rounds that you really notice a major recoil difference, but the flash is certainly a ton worse with any of the specialty rounds, including those OP ones. The CCI frangible 75gr stuff I was talking about on the old board dates back to 2003, same with the RUAG, and it's really the first hyper velocity specialty rounds that were made and marketed in any large way. That 2100fps stuff and the RUAG GlockBreaker ammo was like a small bomb going off in your handgun, insane pressures, think what it takes to destroy multiple Glocks with under 1000 rounds. A decent shooter can manage that recoil easily, but it still will slow down anyones times so far as re acquiring a sight picture/follow up shots/etc, again, with the really high pressure/velocity stuff.

    The main negative with any of these types of new rounds other than the flash in low light conditions is their barrier penetration. They can do great against kevlar, some of them depending on their design, but other hard barriers, even tough car windows, they can really take a nose dive in penetrating capability vs that sort of thing. Again, like I said, it's a trade off right now still, you gain some things, but lose some as well. Nothing wrong with them, so long as you realize what they work best against, and what they work worst against.

    I have a few Rugers here and there -3 screw .22 revolvers and the .357 Vaquaros, I have 2 of each still kicking around, work good for the $. I have a Mini14 and a Mini30, the 30 is a great rifle for surplus 762x39. Also have one of the Ruger Scout rifles in 308, great rifle for the $, one of the best Ruger products outside the 10/22 IMO. Might get one in 6.5 and 556 too, 556 first as I have lots of ammo for that, but the 6.5 would be a great scout rifle caliber to use.. And of course a bunch of 10/22s I've built over the years, still have a few of those and my first one in stainless that was a gift from my mom. Where I agree with Razor is their semi auto handguns, just not a fan of their auto pistols, beats nothing, just not by much, in that department.

    It's not a new idea, I posted on the old board about this quite a bit. Circa 2003 or so, we had some 75gr frangible ++++P stuff that would do 1800 fps or more from a typical barrel length 9mm pistol. RUAG made some similar stuff too back then, they called it "Glock Breaker", as every Glock they tested it in had a catastrophic failure before 1000 rounds - ie no polymer framed pistols for that stuff, at least not much of it, if you didn't want major issues. Way too much pressure, and the flash is insane, shooting it in the dark or at night could create some issues.

    It does penetrate, that's for certain, I shot a lot of surplus vests with it, and any soft armor I tried it would defeat, and the level 2/2a and level 3a stuff, it would go through front and back panels every time. Still, there are negatives. Counting on any handgun to penetrate targets with armor isn't the best option IMO, as you're playing roulette with reliability. That's really the whole premise of this type of handgun round, to defeat armor, and IMO it's not worth the trade offs, and I'd just use a carbine/rifle for that anyway, and not engage such targets or threats with my handgun unless I had absolutely no other options.

    Still, as technology improves, it wouldn't be a bad thing to have a reliable round/handgun match-up that would really increase lethality vs armored threats, and have excellent performance and lethality without any of the negatives or trade offs. Not there yet, but it's moving along.

    I agree most of the mainstream places have gone to shit. Especially when I'm in the USA, it looks like the united colors of Benneton inside every place, and most employees can't even string a sentence together, much less make decent food.

    If I'm eating out for fast food, I'll go to Peter's drive through in Calgary, it's a local institution, really decent home made burgers/fries/etc. For subs I hit this Vietnamese place called Thi Thi, same thing as Peter's, a local well known shop, it's lined up like crazy during lunch from the downtown offices, so I go at either 11am or 1pm and buy enough for a couple days and just freeze them, cheap too. For pizza, near my mom's place there is a shop that does Chicago deep dish type pizza that's always really good, the Italian guy that runs it is in his 80s now, and has been running it for 50+ years, and gives a shit about his reputation and food, and it shows.

    I'll hit Harvey's if I'm in a rush to get sandwiches, or even the deli at Safeway makes a better sandwich than Wendy's or McD's does, by far.

    It's a shame, because Wendy's 10 years ago up here had fantastic food for the $, their dollar menu was off the charts for value/quality ratio, I could get a large chili, a caesar side salad, 3 chicken strips, and a drink for under ten bucks, and eat that for the entire day, and it was GOOD, not shit like it is now, plus it costs 75% more now too. Fuck that.

    Review of the Thi Thi place in Calgary - great subs, never had better anywhere.…vietnamese-submarine-yyc/

    DCS winter sale is on, 50% off every module, except the new Harrier which isn't really "out" yet anyway, but the Mirage and Viggen are included in this sale, for once. Spitfire too. Everything. FC3 is 60% too, so if any of you haven't tried DCS yet and want to, FC3 for 17.99 can't be beat for starters.

    I'll remember to find those Huey links tomorrow and post them.

    I like the pants, surprised nobody else came up with this already, like 5.11 or whoever.

    Watching that guys fucked up inefficient draw stroke ruins the whole video though. Perfect example of trying to run before learning to walk.

    Don't watch this if you don't watch spoilers, but it's a great take on the SJW-itus that has infected Star Wars.

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