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    There's no indication they were illegal. There's many things you can call it, but illegal may not be part of it.

    True, without more info it's possible they weren't illegal, although I can't imagine how. With no warrant, wiretaps aren't legal, nor is any comms monitoring by law enforcement. What crimes could the victims here be suspected of that a judge would sign off on a warrant is the question then - it looks more and more like just one political group wanted intel on another, not that Obama or any in the justice dept or administration were concerned about illegal acts or espionage at that point (ie "the Russians").

    Joe Rogan, a few military and shooting ones, some poker casts, and a few sci if ones. I like them better than audio books on the road.

    Big improvement tonight with ep 02 for The Orville. I laughed more than a few times.

    Adrienne Palicki = teh hawt, Lady Jaye in GI Joe, only good thing about that was her ass in that film, she was good in John Wick too.

    I've only shot about 50 rounds through one - it's an interesting design, there are benefits for the rotating barrel system, and since they've used better materials so the lugs which sheered so often on the 92 models in the past are now stronger, reliability and especially longevity should really, really spike up. The trigger I did find sort of odd, I know there are aftermarket mods for that though. The magazines were very tight, we only get 10 rounds up here, but the one I shot was a CBSA (border/customs guards) pistol with full up magazines, and he can't get the last 3 rounds in either of his 3 issue mags.

    Specifically about the rotating barrel design, it's supposed to eat up energy rotating instead of all of it being transferred back into your hand thus lowering recoil, also increasing accuracy due to being more linear and consistent, and mostly less muzzle flip that is just inherent to the design, not sure of the actual physics of it, but it's true from the few rounds I put through it, very straight and light push, almost all to the rear, very little flip up, at least in the smaller caliber.

    It has a pretty low bore axis, points well, very, very accurate with the barrel system and with a bit of experience with the trigger, or mods to it, has very fast follow up shot capability. A shooter I really respect who worked for Sig Saeur while i was there and was a sponsored shooter who won every IDPA title out there with a Sig 220, Ernest Langdon, shoots for Beretta now and swears by the PX4, says it's 5x better than the G19 in terms of accuracy and general shootability. I really like the dimensions, and the low bore axis points great for me when I shot it, off a bench at about 20m or so I was really impressed with a couple 5 shot groups strings I shot with it with duty issued ammo the CBSA used, he wouldn't let me run anything else through it as their armorer has cats if they do that.

    I think if it fits your hand, points well for you, and you like the ergos/etc, it's a great option everyone including me forgets about in the G19/etc/etc sized typical CCW/issue combat 9mm handgun discussion. I'd absolutely want to check the mags first or get new ones that will fill to capacity if I was looking at one though, be sure to check that as it's a common problem similar to the early Gen 1 large caliber 45/10mm Glocks back in the day.

    It has one of the same faults as the 92 series what with the safety position and function, very easy to accidentally engage it when doing a clearance drill or any slide manipulations, just something to be aware of. IIRC they were going to make a "decock" only version like the Beretta models Wilson Combat makes, that'd be what I'd get if it's available, for sure, who needs a safety with a DA/SA handgun anyway dammit.

    If you want a Kimber IMO try and find one manufactured prior to 2005 or so. My company had a real tight relationship with them, I was the Kimber pistol and rifle national distributor for Canada, and they built me whatever I wanted custom as well back then. Their QC was fantastic back then, out of the thousands of handguns and rifles of theirs I imported, it was one tenth of one percent that had any issues at all, truly a huge value for the $ compared to others back then. Back then the Smith 1911 barrel crowns literally looked like someone did them with a hacksaw, and Springfields were so crunchy that you would swear every model had sand and rocks in the slide/frame rails.

    What's happened is Kimber's quality slide, while everyone else improved. There are tons of makers like Baer, Wilson Combat, and Knighthawk that are factory/custom type deals that you can get a great 1911 for 2$k or more, but if you can find an early serial number Kimber of any variant, TLE, Gold Match/Combat, Super Match, whatever, that hasn't been shot out, it's often a great deal and way to go still. Even some new ones are great, it's just you need to really carefully check them all out before buying IMO. Kimber makes a great 9mm 1911 too, as much as I've been a 45/1911 shooter, my favorite 1911 I own is my 9mm Knighthawk with the bushingless barrel.

    I have large hands as well, but find the 1911 fits them OK, there are 5 major and 10 minor factors in the hand in terms of size and shape, so it depends on where and how your hands are large/small in terms of fit and comfort with various types of shapes. For me the 1911 is long/wide/narrow in all the right places, although if I haven't shot one for a while and have been training with 9mm double stack autos, the 1911 always feels like a pencil in my hands for a bit again.

    Good used Kimber if you're looking for a mid/higher end model, this is exactly what I'd go after and I've had several Super Matches, one made to my own specs that was more of a Super Combat with fixed sights instead of the adjustables.

    This too:

    Or this for $1000, if he took $900 or 850 it'd be a great deal.

    Kimber truly deserves a lot of credit, they are mostly responsible for bringing the 1911 "back", when they came out with their first line, it was just a few makes and other than the Colt Match models, there wasn't a lot of options other than really expensive custom guys. Seeing Kimber's huge success - I sold 200+retail handguns alone some months and 100s of wholesale just in piddly Canada alone - other makes jumped in, and progress and innovation went up, and cost came down. Kimber just grew so fast that their QA suffered in middle years because of it IMO. My very favorite bolt action rifle I own is a Kimber 22 250 for varmint shooting.

    "What kind of hand is your friend with a gun?". Always liked this scene from the first episode of Deadwood.

    "They was all screamin in squarehead!". Hahaha. Screaming in squarehead. Cracks me up every time.

    MurderFace, I've been waiting to watch that, I'll do it today. Ben Foster was in "Lone Survivor", and if you watch the "making of" film of that movie, he took to shooting/tactics like a duck to water, it was really impressive to see a pretty liberal actor actually get right into shooting and all the techniques like that. He's a gun owner now, there are articles out there about it and him. Notice how his eyes don't blink when he squeezes off rounds? Pro.


    his heart attack could have distracted him that could have caused errors at Gettysburg.

    We Are The Mighty (great site btw) had an article just this week that had medical historians discussing how all of Lee's actions pointed directly to symptoms of a heart attack and some other medical thingamajig, as in exact diagnosis as close as they could do today, based on what had been written about his symptoms and behaviors just prior to Gettysburg.

    I always loved this line from the Gettysburg/Gods and Generals films - I believe it was the Longstreet character who said it "we should have freed the slaves first, THEN fired on Ft Sumter". If only they had done it, many in the South knew that slavery was coming to an end just based on economics alone. Imagine what would have happened had the Southern states acted first, and put the "freed" slaves into their ranks. Many blacks fought for the South as is, imagine how the ranks would have swollen had they been offered what blacks in the North were, and first. I'm not saying it wouldn't have been without its problems, but obviously Longstreet just having said that, it was on many a Southerners mind already.

    The civil war can be laid right at the feet of Lincoln and his government IMO. They were the aggressors, raised troops, wouldn't leave or issue orders for troops to leave at Sumter, an invasion of its own at that point, one without having to have moved any troops. In no place did "freeing the slaves" ever come up in Lincoln and the North's rallying in the early days of the war.


    The North went to war to preserve the union.

    After the South seceded to preserve slavery.

    To what twat has said - it's actually not all that out there, but with one critical omission, and what I firmly believe is this: The North BEGAN the war, for whatever reason, and yes to preserve the union is near the top of the list. The South defended itself, and yes, that includes institutions and traditions it had including slavery. Had the North had from the beginning been saying they were going to war to free slaves, I could almost swallow Twat's party line, but it didn't, that came much later in the war, and was nothing more than an astute political maneuver at that point. Look how the North treated the slaves it "freed", hilarious, and as others said, the Indians may have something to chime in with regarding the "peaceful and reasonable North".

    What Sherman did was worse than anything anyone had done on the continent of North America up until that point.

    I thought it was pretty lukewarm, only laugh was also in the previews, running and cutting the alien blob in half in the corridor. Family Guy it is not. Creator is super SJW liberal sometimes too which = the ghey. Maybe it'll improve.

    His western comedy was a let down too. You can only ride Stewie's voice so long brah........

    Last time he made me laugh is when he did the Oscars with Shatner's ST skit.

    I always perk up when they start throwing the "unclassified" word around. DAMN YOU. WANT TO KNOWWWW. Seriously, so much cool shit we aren't allowed to know, someday I hope that changes in some way, not that I want our guys and kids in harms way over civilians having access to stuff that puts them at risk, just a change in the whole dynamic.

    Eagl and frequently Mace over at HTC would frequently do this in various ways, you could tell that they could make their arguments SO easily, just IF they could spill a little more info, in so many posts, I have most of the good ones saved, particularly the F35/Stealth ones Mace posted. What a shame he left the game, such a fantastic resource, a Top Gun instructor who loved sim flying and discussing it anytime, I have a pile of PMs that I should post with so much great stuff, but wouldn't do it without his OK first.

    Just a thread for games is cool and the gang for me.

    DCS = win this next year or so. They're going to sell that Hornet module like gangbusters, and IMO the F14 will even sell more I'd bet. That'll give them some resources to make even more cool shit. On the Blue Force server, it still bakes my brain what it's come to in the online sim world - it's amazing, back in my C64 and early days of Janes and Microprose sims, it's all I could have ever dreamed of. Now with VR, and in a couple years hopefully VR that doesn't look like shit in order to have it...good times.

    Bill Jordan is a legend in the business, and he's as valid today as back then, culture and tech have just changed a bit is all. Mindset is something he absolutely preached, and it's hands down item numero uno on the list before anything.

    I used to try and match his .27 double action and couldn't do it, I could pull those times as a kid doing single action/fast draw, but was always in the 3's at best for a DA handgun. I read everything he wrote as a kid. I got to meet Jeff Cooper, but not Jordan, and would have liked to have, and chewed his ear off for days.

    My school adopted his position on cross draw (and by relation, shoulder holsters) as well, even while seated in a vehicle, or at a card table, whatever, there are better options (ie ankle, and others) than cross drawing and the extra hangups that come with that. I'm sure if you train anything enough you can make it work, just statistically and "overall" going past your centerline is always going to be slower, more prone to fumbles and hangups, and so on.

    That's pretty much what I thought too - that airspace can be pretty small, the AO they've actually fighting in, and with all the Russian and other activity, it seems as though that they are pretty much in visual range and doing visual IDs on anything the detect BVR. Interesting to hear the pilots talk about how the E2 Hawkeye or E3 - had a track on the SU22 and had it ID'd but because they were so focused on the CAS mission and that they just don't really think "air to air" these days, that they actually were ahead of the warning from the AWACS planes due to comms switchology and monitoring methods. The one pilot specifically said that had they been tasked for defensive counter air, it would have been the reverse pretty much, and that there's a back and forth in that airspace for the various reasons they mentioned.

    Really interesting stuff.

    It's long, but you can fast forward through parts to find the goods. Tailhook convention, pilot describes the missions, and mission where he shot down the SU22. Sounds like a dud AIM9x, not a deal where old flares spoofed it, but they'd probably be ordered to say that regardless of what happened. Hope the dud part is true.

    I think we need to realize how close we could have come to WW3 in this mission. A Russian SU27 variant was way up on top of the Hornets watching them as they shot the SU22. All that needed to happen is that Russian decide to defend his Syrian counterpart, and we'd have been trading shots with the Russians, and that could spiral downhill PDQ.

    11:00 ish for the start of the mission description to cut some time. 16:30 to jump even more if you're time pressed.

    Not only did they try on GUARD to tell the SU22 to fuck off and not bomb friendly/US forces, they positioned right in front of his canopy and popped flares 3 times.

    Extremely interesting stuff here, pilots talk about dodging debris clouds in training and combat when employing weapons, all kinds of info.

    Haha, a shoe phone, no doubt, I remember in 1989 my best friend whose father was a surgeon and had one of the early bag phones, then the new Motorola infamous DynaTac, which looked like a military handheld field radio with phone buttons. We strolled around with the bag phone and Dynatac in his father's 1989 Acura Integra thinking we were kings of the world with 160hp and a brick phone.

    Lots of interesting posts on the old board, on with the new.

    RAZBAM just started internal testing on their AV8B Harrier module. I'm hoping this foray into vertical lift will help them in the future with a possible F35B module, which would be balls, once they get their carrier working, making an assault ship/F35B USMC deal should be easier too. Good times ahead.

    AV8B mod screen shots etc.


    You always read what a tricky plane the Harriers have been to fly, should be fun for a sim, difficult and complex to manually work all the engine/thrust vectoring controls and such. There could be some great naval ops in DCS in the future, they are working on an updated SU33 and Kuz carrier module, then with the F18 and F14 coming and their carrier, add in assault ships for the Harrier - good times. We could have a US carrier strike force with the 18, 14, Harriers, and they are working on an A6 as well. It'd be cool if one of the helo groups does a Seahawk/Blackhawk as well.

    So much future potential in DCS.

    Mom is that an MGB? I've always wanted to have one or a Triumph TR6 of something like that. Guy in our car club in Calgary is the local "MG" guy, has a shop for them, badasss convertibles. He has a Miata with a 5.0 Ford V8 pusing about 350 WHP, like an MG that was fed steroids for 10 years. I'd still rather have the MG or Triuph