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    It's a documentary, the most recent one, from Dr Steve Greer, a noted UFO-ologist and very involved in SETI and the Disclosure project. It's about unacknowledged access programs, UAPs mostly, which are what the true shadow government has to classify and hide the technology they've created and received from...other sources.

    Recently a friend of mine caught something on the SOHO feeds from NASA - these are cams on sats we have in orbit near the sun, watching the sun for storms and monitoring it - NASA often is slow on the uptake. An obvious ship shape he caught and screen shot it and kept the film he was recording. Then, as usual, NASA has an "outage", the feed shuts down, and then when it comes back, there is a nice, and DELIBERATE, artifact/error from the "streaming" inserted right over top of the shape that was there before. NASA does this all the time, obvious poor attempts to hide shit like this that slips through, and obvious air brushing or just plain blotting out shit on the various monitoring instruments that feed to the public from space. This more than anything has me convinced something is going on - why try to hide things if there is "nothing but ice crystals and nonsense" happening. Way too many instances, like hundreds and thousands, where it can be proven NASA and other agencies are doing this. Oh ya, and the hundreds of whistleblowers who were things like fighter pilots, scientists, etc, who aren't just "UFO nuts", but true pros who have come forward. The civilian coroner and funeral home operator from 47 at Roswell has compelling and believable testimony on the books and video too - he's no liar, I'd bet my life on it.

    Also, when Greer did the first big disclosure thing on the net back in 2000 IRRC, the NSA jammed every T1 line (back when T1s were fast) that they used to broadcast the event live online, and that's been proven beyond any doubt by the records and whistle blowers from the NSA. Why jam it and try to shut it down, if there is nothing out there, and it's all a bunch of kooks? There have been several astronauts that have also said quite a bit.

    I have other reasons I believe there is something going on with this, from co workers in the past, nothing specific, just the looks I got and looks I caught when they would look at one another when this subject would come up. I also asked a Canadian astronaut point blank why they were ordered to lie, and specifically about times astronauts have accidentally grabbed the unencrypted comms and stated yammering about unidentified and alien craft in sight on the radio. Obviously he didn't give a straight answer, but again, the look I got, and the look I saw him exchange with another right after he thought I turned away - I trust my instincts.

    The truth will come out sooner than later, they've been drip feeding the public and an increasingly faster rate, trying to set up the whole "alien life will be OK" narrative. Even the Roman Catholic church has been in on this, adding it to their dogma and doing and saying a lot of strange shit lately from their own very well equipped observatories and space monitoring equipment.

    It's not just, or maybe at all, aliens IMO, we have some very advanced shit flying around out there, WAY too many video captures, and a good one recently from a camera crew from a TV station, of flying craft behaving far outside the limits of flight and physics as is currently accepted.

    I thought it was odd he happened to have an AR to hand in the city, just in time to take cover and then return fire - figured there was more to that story than just a first time random drive by, and HEY, I have my assault rifle on me in my front yard it just so happens at that exact time.

    Beetle - what happens in the UK is you stand there, get your teeth knocked out of your head with a lead pipe, then get stomped on, cut, slashed, and kicked in the head some more. Than the cops come, interrogate you as to why you were assaulted, and warn you not to go public or cause a fuss, all while ignoring obvious information as to who the criminals are. Ask Paul Thorpe in London who was robbed in that manner of a Rolex and another watch - the cops treat him like the victim, and threaten to charge him for discussing armed self defense on Youtube. He had to take his YT video down that was on the old site, as the "Bobbies" threaten to imprison him if he didn't. Those cops should be shot IMO, it'd be better than the alternative of having the UK slide further into this BS. You country is fucked up even worse than mine, and that's saying something. No self defense allowed, criminals and immigrant muslims have all the rights, and even speaking negatively about them can get you jail time. Ridiculous.

    Ethan Allen Furniture up here - gave the woman who stole my x wife's info 20k alone in credit, and that was just one of about a dozen places they hit and opened up cards and lines of credit. They had her face on a drivers license with my x wife's info, as they had a person who worked at a DMV outlet and could print up fake licenses for them (she was caught too and got a wrist slap basically, fraud and some other indictable (felony up here) charges but no jail time). It's amazing once you have a fake DL and another couple pieces of info/ID what you can open up if that person had good credit, and my x wife was in the 800s which is good up here back then. They had an apartment rented with the fake license, and got everything delivered there, so it looked legit to the stores - smart in a way so they thought, yet stupid as the apartment manager ID'd them for the cops and court once they got busted, which they didn't think about. My x wife back then was the national trainer/manager for Prizm brands, which owned Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and some other place, so she traveled a lot doing corporate BS for them, and sometimes would visit the same places often, and somebody figured out where she was leaving her purse during meetings (stupid), and stole her info

    We only found out about it as we were getting a 2nd vehicle back then, and it came up on her credit file, the dealership finance person was like...uh, been on a spending spree this month or what, to which we said, no, we'd been saving to put 1/2 down on her new car in fact. Lucky, or it would have been worse, and they may have moved out of Province making catching them and charging them much harder.

    I check my credit rating on CreditKarma all the time, even though I'm locked, I'm perpetually paranoid since 15 years ago having to jump through endless hoops and court dates to get it all straightened out. I have everything we need and don't need credit really either, cars and homes have been paid for for a bit now, have 2 credit cards each, I have a pre paid card I use for internet purchases, and I bet I use that card 10x more than my other one for gas/groceries and stuff like that for the air miles.

    There are various types of speed reading, some of the early Evelyn Wood methods work well for novel reading for me still, I'd never read fiction with some of the newer and faster techniques. Extensive over scanning/skimming etc. It's easy for most people once trained to triple or more their former reading rate, yet still retain, in fact improve on it, all the information and "story" in a non technical book.

    The new Caniks are excellent for the $.

    I have a first gen HK UPS in 9mm, and a Tactical in 45 - the dual spring system makes them the easiest pistols to cycle in the world, and for a polymer framed pistol, they have outlasted all others on my range to the tune of 30k+ rounds usually before having a catastrophic failure.

    Smith just came out with a G19 sized M/P, the M/P 2.0 has a 4ish inch barrel and is almost identical in dimensions to the G19. With an aftermarket trigger, this or the PPQ - now that Walther has fixed the little square ejector box piece that always broke in all their P99 style pistols at less than 5k rounds - would be my first choice for a polymer framed pistol now.

    I learned to shoot on 1911s so far as semi auto handguns go. They point better and more naturally than anything else for me, and they are wide and narrow in all the right places. Capacity does suck, but the trigger press consistency and ability to tune makes up for this somewhat for me. They are certainly more complicated in terms of all the various safety mechs build into the single action, and getting them into dirty water/mud is a problem, as you spend $$$ to get a tuned up one to get reliability, which means tolerances tighten up, which means in combat in shit conditions the reliability then can go out the window, sort of a catch 22 with them.

    I was issued a G19 and G26 by 2 companies too, and after getting some whizzy ammo, some mail order 3.5lb trigger connectors, and the big dot sights I ran back then shipped out, they worked fine, and I put about 10k through that G19 shooting free ammo from the US government that our company got to raid in just a few weeks.

    I good handgun shooter should be able to shoot every type well, I've been fortunate to have much of my training paid for over the years, and learned everything from fast draw to CQB from some of the best instructors and schools, and I while I have favorites and preferences, if it works, has a low round count (polymer longevity/reliability), I'll make it shoot well and trust it.

    I have it in epub if anyone wants to borrow it.

    What's hilarious on the Amazon review blurb is that they state "it's been discussed on the floor of congress as a book every American should read". Funny that, since it's congress that won't spend the comparatively small amount of $ required to protect the power grid from an EMP attack. Ridiculous.

    +1, great book. I'm trying to get into audio books for road trips that I frequently end up driving, I find the pace difficult to stand sometimes, as I've been speed reading for decades, and what's kept me from listening to more audio books is how I end up thinking more about how annoyed I am at the slow pace, than listening to the effing book being read.

    I've been waiting to watch season 3 so I can binge it all in one shot this weekend - the first season was great, 2nd I though was ok, heard great things about 3.

    The big advantage with a Ruger MK/whatever suppressed pistol is being able to put your thumb on the back of the action/bolt, and keep it from ejecting and being even quieter for single shots. I have a can in the work vault for my MK3 Ruger 45/22, and it works fantastic, and an adapter for the same can for the Walther P22. I've used a 9mm can for the Sig 226/2022 on the Sig 226/22 that works great too.

    .22 rifles are pretty quiet even with supersonic ammo, but that sound can carry, and I regularly can track where other shooters in my group are on the Calgary pro rodeo grounds pasture land for horses, and that's 4 sections of land all up against one another in a square, and I can hear guys in other sections shooting .22 frequently. Suppressed, with subsonic .22 rounds, 100+ yards and it starts becoming very hard to hear anything at all, even the rounds impacting.

    In the USA I'd be picking up a couple of the Buckmark integral/etc canned handguns for sure. Some of the Ruger integral pistols too. I'd like a .22 like the Smith R8 or 617 revolver too with an integral suppression barrel, nobody makes one, but I know somebody that would.

    That's just it Gsholz, it' is NOT the advertisers, at least the vast majority, who don't NOT want their adds on gun/non liberal type/etc channels, their viewers in fact typically have as much if not more disposable income. They just want eyes on their adds, and people to spend $ on their products, more than they want to make political statements and NOT have those people as potential customers. There are ample vids from Google employee/leakers who have said exactly this - it's just a punitive action from left wing Google execs, and has nothing to do with the will of the add buyers. After the Pewdiepie "Nazi" nonsense article, which was 99% false and just a typical hit piece, many of the major add buyers withdrew from Youtube, yes, but that hurt and hit everybody on Youtube - what's happening now is a selective targeting of content that doesn't fall in line with certain execs narratives, and that's something else entirely.

    It's also an absolute diversion from their former policies, the issue is IMO that now out of the blue, they've declared content that was in the past fine, "not demonetization friendly". When a video about how a historical piece of artillery works without a single bad word is deemed "demonetized" for not being family friendly, yet a video on "Queer Kids Stuff" which talks about getting poop on your pee pee being OK to 8 year olds regarding anal sex, as well as all kinds of other debauchery covered under the LGBT umbrella - blatent sex content that would get NC17/R rating in any film - WTF is going on? It's an obvious agenda against any subject they dislike, and not some request from those placing adds.

    I do agree in part that it's a private company, however they've pulled a Microsoft as well and created a monopoly that makes any new company trying to make a platform for content creators difficult. I'd be happy with a new platform that respected free speech as Youtube did years ago, and IMO that can happen if people make it, and Google lets it. Where I would see the Gov involved is if Google tried to block and screw with any new platform. IMO, a new platform just needs to bandwidth and server farms, and then undercut Google/adsense rates by 15%, and offer incentives for creators to jump ship. Adios YT in short order, as in liberals like Sargon/etc on YT are sick of their shit.

    Storch, I hope you prepare as much as possible regardless, just in case. I'm sure you'll do all you can knowing you. If you have old cell phones that aren't connected but still work, charge them up, as they can still use the 911 network if it stays up, and can serve as emergency comms for that even with no account active on them.

    I had a teacher in the 10th grade of high school when I had to take a mandatory shop class, it was fantastic fun, as the teacher was hilarious. He'd once run his hand through a table planer, and it took off his 4 fingers, and they reattached them, but they were all off just a slight angle of about 1mm per finger, so you could instantly see them. He gave me shit for screwing up a lamination project, laminating 2 boards for some box or another together poorly - I told him his surgeon did the same thing when they laminated his fingers on crookedly. He gave me a friendly swat on the head and laughed - this was back in the day when teachers could actually show some tough love to kids.

    Also, great rifle MiniD if I forgot to say so - I've built several pretty similar over the years, my "shooter" has a rubber, very rubbery stock right now that is overmolded big time, a $200 trigger I can't remember who I picked it up from, and decent Leup optics on it, and of course, the mandatory cheap Harris bipod and a good sling, as I end up walking a lot when ground hog blasting when I can do it. They tried to make the 25 round mags illegal up here, and are still trying to, its a grey area in a way, so my 20 of those and few drums are controversial now, but I have dozens of the 10 rounders anyhow, so NBD for varmit shooting anyway.

    If I was in the USA, I'd be picking up an integral suppressed barrel for one of my 10/22s. Ruger makes them,…l-mist-22-suppressor.html

    and places like that as well sell Gemtech/etc. I've seen vids of these, super quiet with factory ammo that is just barely subsonic, perfect little rifle for low sound signature work. Having one of these could be critical in a shtf deal, as dealing with packs of wild dogs will be happening big time, not to mention being able to quietly take game and threats has all kinds of handy uses.

    Hah Nuke.

    I think using AP in the city with 556 may be a pass, but I wouldn't be too thrilled about shooting shitheads in vehicles with my neighbors in the background of that with 308 or especially 3006 AP. I'd be pissed at them if they did it my direction, that's for sure. I realize background is one of the 4 major rules, and the first one that goes out the window under stress conditions, but having AP rounds just adds to the % chance that something may go through your intended target/vehicle and into somebody in that background. On the other hand, if there isn't much to worry about in the background of your sight picture on shitheads, then AP gives you a better chance of going through barriers like vehicles/etc. I guess what I'm saying is using AP in the city requires extra, extreme caution and adherence to smart engagement tactics within the arcs you decide to shoot.

    Garands are great, a true war winning weapon. 3006 is no 308 that's for certain, a more powerful cartridge it truly is in the majority of instances. Imagine guys with 5 or 10 round bolt rifles (Enfield) seeing troops with a much more powerful cartridge than the 303, and having 8 rounds of it, which takes a good rifleman 2 seconds or less to reload. Hah hah. It wasn't until later German weapons near the very end, like the STG44 and a few others, did anything come close to competing with the Garand, which already had millions out there issued and working 100%. I do wonder what the 276 Pederson round would have been like in the war, as the majority of infantry engagements were well within 300, averaging 1/2 that or less during the war.

    I warned you the kid was a retard, although 100% of his nonsense is staged, it does get views - you may have noticed the several hundred k to million views of his retarded shit, all of which is mostly 13 to 16 year old girls from the video I saw of one of his meet and greets which had 5000 people at it. Again, I can't begrudge him this, he figured out a way to make $, which is what this is all about. The only thing of value on his entire channel was the fact that he spoke up saying even he is getting fucked over by YT and Google now, as they figured out his and his family's support for politics they don't like. Since then, a steady removal of memorization, and that his material isn't "family or trans/lgbtxyz friendly".

    His channel could die, and it won't bother me, but there ARE channels of value, such as China Uncensoured, and dozens of others, Historical Firearms (Ian's channel), and others I watch, which are very close to having to shut down, over the same reasons as this stupid kid has spoken up about.

    I could agree with that, IF GoogleTube had acted in this manner from the inception of the platform - it hasn't, it once respected free speech, and thousands of creators made a career out of the platform. Now, YT thanks to the new PC/SJW wave of alt left BS that some of the execs there have bought into, decides to slit the throats of any creators who they personally disagree with - this, after also creating a monopoly where they are the ONLY option on the entire internet for this type of work.

    The best solution going forward is the government acknowledging this monopoly, a single choice for "free speech" channels and news exists, and that this is in fact against many existing business laws and practices. That is likely going to get legal traction, what with the thousands, and growing exponentially daily, dissatisfied creators, who have made YT billions, who are being targeted and demonetized, and suing GoogleTube in court. Any judge/jury seeing some of the sick shit discussed in Trans videos, with all kinds of profanity and other fucked up shit, and THEM not being demonetized, compared to a libertarian news channel that loses 5000$ of video add sales money for saying "dammit", or even following the PG13 language rules and just having the "wrong" opinion - and then being deemed "not familiy friendly content" and having 500 videos demonetized over it, compared to ass fucking after trans surgery being discussed - that'll be the easiest win in legal history. Complete and obvious double standard where it will show that it's simply the channel's personal politics that have caused them to be financially punished and destroyed. HUGE fines and punitive damages incoming, watch and see, the results will be a break up of GoogleTube. Great example of this - China Uncensored. A news channel that covers the crazy laws/stories out of China weekly. They've had every video demonetized due to their "non progressive" politics, and the guy running it is actually not a conservative or libertarian. Google just disagrees with his channel - adios $, after they have made Google millions in add revenue, and built up a business of 10 people over 5 years of work. Now Google decides to just stop paying them? Hah, this is going to go over great in court, I can't wait.

    This will allow a new platform to begin, one that truly respects freedom of speech, and doesn't arbitrarily stop paying its employees and partners over politics and PC/SJW bullshit. What YT is doing is no different than if Walmart decided to stop paying their employees due to their opinions, as the YT creators are contract employees which share in a common partnership with adsense on the platform, with Google controlling how the $ from adsense revenue is distributed.

    Regarding how the DPRK developed its program and materials, obviously the Pakis and Indians had some part to play, as did others. Canada gave India the CANDU reactor tech - funny huh, we don't even have a nuke weapons program, yet we gave one to the towel heads. Fucking idiot liberal politicians. Pakistan has supplied tech and material I have no doubt. I've also read that the NKs have found their own local sources for material to refine into weapons grade in their own ground. I can believe that, as many have said that the DPRK is sitting on a literal gold mine of resources in their ground, one of the richest areas on the planet in fact for many precious metals and other things. Once you have the capacity built up and all the thousands of centrifuges/etc going, and the process down for manufacturing, scaling that up into a large program is the easy part, it's just time and numbers.

    They are proceeding at pace, for sure, and I believe they have already figured out how to minaturize their weapons, probably their small Hbomb or boosted regular devices, and make them deliverable by rocket and all the other means. This makes the whole tunneling under the DMZ and far South into the ROK a far, far more dangerous item on the menu. 20 tunnels + 20 100+kt nukes...heh, hello instant breakthrough, and doing that, then pouring millions of troops South through those blasted gaps a few days later once the fallout is done..I don't know how we'd stop that. Not that I think it likely, but should war start, that's just one of hundreds of scenarios that the DPRK are making go from unlikely to completely plausible.

    The thing is, Mattis has said almost exactly what Bannon has. Yes, Mattis has said the DPRK would get its ass kicked, and it would. He also said a war with the DPRK would be unlike anything we've seen, even WW2 - and he's right, it'd be a combination of the largest infantry/arty fights of WW2, and the high tech warfare of the last 15 years. (tanks too, but the terrain limits Desert Storm type pitched battles with armor, a HUGE, HUGE negative and problem for how we plan to fight maneuver warfare large scale, giving an advantage to the NKS).

    Mattis, Verbatim - "War with North Korea would be catastrophic, for both sides.

    I read an accurate article regarding war with the DPRK from an x analyst on the area. Read this. It's closer to best case than worst too.

    Give that goofball Rodman a chance - he's as good as any new politician, better even as like I said, he has Kim's ear, and friendship, and respect already. Stranger things can happen than a backchannel averting war through a sports figure and a dictator. War has to be THE last option, in fact, I would rather us wait to respond to a nuke launch than initiate one of our own. That happens, market crashes, as does the economy which is fragile as fuck, and the likelyhood of war with Russia and especially China goes through roof too. WW3. I'll pass, I've seen a couple war zones, I really don't want to see the third world war version.…k-like-20k-nk-dead-a-day/

    That's how I feel too, the Browning Grade 1 next to a 10/22 or other semi, is like having a Rolls Royce or Bentley next to a boosted Camaro or Mustang.