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    I'd like one of those M98s, especially for that price, obviously they'd be expensive here now, the few that made it here. The Fr8s, I could buy them for 250$ with a fantastic bore, almost unfired a couple of them, now, they are 750 to 1000 up here due to their popularity. Glad I have both of mine.

    We lost the patrol rifle bid due to several factors, mostly cost, and the fact that Colt Canada was local to Ontario and builds probably one of the best factory/military issue M16/M4 derivatives in the world. However, that said, our rifle, in both lengths, the 8.9 552 and the 14.3" 551, was far more accurate, reliable, etc. It did use a cam/rollin magazine system similar to the AK, which meant more training/issues for police, as the controls/ergos on the M4 platform are better in this regard (IMO, theirs too). That said, it'd be easy to train around this, and again, their rifle had malfunctions in the trials, both of ours, not a single one. The PE90 is known to be probably the best main battle rifle made, in terms of quality, reliability, and accuracy, and of the thousands that passed through my hands I never saw a test target worse than 1 MOA at 300m with 10 rounds fired. Even the 552 9", I'd see some that were close to 1 MOA, usually no worse than 1.5 -2, which is nuts at that range for such a short barrel. When I started using a full length PE90/Swiss Arms rifle in Service rifle, they tried to ban it as I was pretty much unbeatable with it, mainly due to the gear advantage, I got 2nd with it at a Fort Lewis shoot, and was the top civilian that year using the factory Swiss 4x fixed optic and US issue 62 gr 556, that wasn't even the best round for that rifle.

    Our rifle would have cost 75% more, which is what killed it mostly. They did like it though, particularly the 14.3" accuracy and reliability, in any weather. It's really the best of the AK and AR mixed together with that long stroke piston, incredible build quality, excellent factory night sights, etc. The stock they wanted IMO wasn't necessary, the stock folder was fine, but they demanded a scoping stock, so we had to cook up this fitting to add an M4 stock on to the side folding rear end of the Sig rifles, and it worked really well actually, but added weight and complexity, and cost.

    Swiss Arms/Sig PE90 rifles are a dream to shoot, like the Mercedes Benz, or better yet Rolls Royce of the main battle rifle world. There is a reason people pay 3$k for them here, since 2001 when we brought in the first ones, they cost never went down, in fact they are now worth even more what with the government issues that came up a couple years back. Still, the M4 is cheaper, better ergos (in some ways), and does the job still for much less cost, and Colt/Diemaco Canada makes a really good one for the OPP.

    Wow, I have that same Acog too, when the Ontario OPP police wanted a new patrol carbine, we submitted a mid length Sig PE90 rifle with a custom folding/scoping stock we designed for it, and that same small Acog is the one they wanted on it. We lost to Colt Canada, but I kept the optic and rifle, minus the F/A parts group of course, that'd be unlawful. I have a couple NSN Acogs and a larger 762 caliber one too, 4 total, but have used the Leupold CQB as my primary carbine scope for a while.

    You see many FR8's there in Norway? It's my favorite surplus rifle, SO many good things about it, short like your little sbr bolt action rifle there, very short in fact. HK style diopter sights (this is because Spain used the CETME with the same sights and this was a training rifle for that), takes NATO 762 stripper clips, a bayonet still, and has great sling point attachment locations. Best truck rifle ever for this country, as it looks very regular, and non threatening, should you ever get stopped, or worse yet have to use it.

    My biz in the early 2000s distributed Schmidt/Bender optics. I have a fixed 10x 30mm Police Marskman model on my 20" LTR 308 rifle. It came with the goofy metric calibrated turrets, so I switched them out for MOA, which I was using before converting to the mil adjusting turrets like everyone else did about 10 years ago, so I have to be careful and really focus on my dope data and data book when shooting it. Great glass, it was very expensive though, about 30% more than a comparable NightForce (my pref, we were the first Canadian distributor for them too, and I have 1/2 dozen NF scopes) or Leupold/whatever. It was just an extra scope we had which I mounted on my "short" precision rifle as I didn't have anything else at the time to use for it.

    When our government tried to get Apple to unlock one of the San Berdoo shooter's iPhone and Apple said they wouldn't do it because of privacy violations and other such crap, it came out that in order for Apple to sell any iPhones in China, they had to hand over the encryption keys (something Apple said it was impossible when asked by DoJ) or Apple couldn't sell any products in China.

    I’d forgotten about that, but you’re right.

    Lots of Vader reference too still in this film, even more than the last one, The Force Awakens. I still feel one of the best SW scenes of all time is the last sequence in Rogue One with Vader mowing through all the Rebels on Admiral Raduss's ship. Gave a true sense I felt of just how powerful and merciless Vader was. The rebel he pinned to the roof using the force, and then killed with an overhand/backwards lightsaber swing after walking past him, has got to be the best lightsaber clip of all time. When I saw Rogue One in the theater you couldn't even hear yourself think during that 2 minute sequence, what with the entire theater freaking out and cheering. Cheering, for Vader. Awesome.

    Bronk, not nearly as much as I expected. I mean, sure, the main character is a girl who can fight with men and hold her own (bs in the real world), but she is a force sensitive, so it's not completely ridiculous. The new Rose Tico Asian character obviously was a "girl power" insert IMO, but they didn't overdo it and make it ridiculous.

    Overall, I've seen other films that had tons more SJW both in subtext and just overtly out there. Kathleen Kennedy who runs the show for SW at Disney now (formally of LucasFilms/arts/whatever), has been accused of being a SJW/uber feminist, but to me, she could be making things much worse. There are signs she IS trending towards it more and more, I mean the most recent animated shorts were ALL about female only characters, intentionally. I suppose we'll just have to see, but I do think that although they WANT to move SW in a more SJW direction, they also realize that if the push that too far, they risk losing many of their bread and butter fans who have been in it since the start.

    not me, the chicoms and the Russians have always topped my enemies list

    And you all thought I was delusional years ago when I said China was the real threat...

    Me neither, in fact whenever I posted shit about China on HTC, that Zach pies guy would always start making fun of it and start in with the bs smart cracks, how anyone thinking China is a threat is nuts. Look at the posts I did a month ago about their naval build up, and that's just the tip of that iceberg, their AF, island bases they constructed, all of it - they are spoiling for a fight. We need to get our shit wired tight, as it's a fight that's going to be unreal.

    So far as Russia goes, they are being played by the Chinese IMO. China get put people out in the ocean, even though that's where they are building up. No, the only area near them that is ripe for takeover and expansion is Eastern Russia. The Chinese even call it the "Western Resource Area", famously described by Tom Clancy in one of his later books. Like him or hate him (and his writing), Clancy predicted MANY things that came to pass, including airliners being used as poor mans tactical weapons, and tons of other political and military things. I believe he's right about China too, one of their long term goals is to take away Russia's Eastern land, put their people on it, and suck up those resources there. Their amphib capability sucks, and even if it didn't, where the hell would they go, Australia? To far, especially when Russia is right next door.

    Let me know what you think MF, I'm really interested to hear your (and others here) take on it. Ignore the negatives out there, I'm sure you'll enjoy enough of it to find it well worth seeing, probably more than once. That's how I feel right now, taking the bad with all the good, and just the cinematography is worth it, there aren't enough superlatives to describe what this film looks like.

    I've seen it 2x now.

    Like I said, my earliest memories are of my father and ep4, and him buying me the toys from the film. I do vividly remember Empire Strikes Back, the 2 uncles that took me, and how much they loved it. I still have the Mad Magazine "The Empire Strikes Out" somewhere, and the Time Magazine of the Falklands with the "Empire Strikes Back" title, hah. I also remember that Empire wasn't widely accepted are all that well received by many fans and critics, yet over the years has become 85% of SW fans "top of the list" in terms of ranking the films and stories. I think maybe this film will suffer that fate, and be loved later on, as there is a TON of criticism happening.

    I liked it, and hated parts of it. Part of me wishes they took Luke in a different direction, but I do really like and understand what they did in this one. Spoiler here, the only one -

    I thought the light saber(s) fight in Snoke's throne room was fantastic, watching 2 Jedi, or at least 1 Jedi and one Sith Lord (maybe) taking on 10 Praetorian guards armed with lightsaber crystal powered weapons = so much win. Some of the space battles were great too, even with the gravity and other errors, SWs has always required suspension of belief when it came to physics and world building, and I'm happy to do it.

    BBC did a test recently. It took 7 minutes for a white reporter whose face was entered into the facial recog systems of the Chinese government. 7 minutes to be found and arrested by cops not in on the test. They have 150 million facial recognition cameras now, and that's going up to 400 million in a couple years. China has been cracking down on anyone who speaks out against their government. NO freedoms there. This is the face of our enemy. You don't build dozens of island air and naval bases in seas that are NOT yours or even closest to your coasts, if you don't plan to start a war IMO. It's coming. THIS is what the left wants, this type of nanny state. Fuck that and fuck them.…-china-s-all-seeing-state

    Chinese artists detained.…2?ocid=socialflow_twitter

    I respect Nancy and support her in every way. You guys sure ask a lot of questions for not being even a little curious.

    x2. Questions, ya, I've got dozens of them, as this is still something I don't, and probably won't, even can't understand. I also realize that this is OK, I don't have to understand it, just accept it, and I do. There are things I've done that have been very harmful over the years, as I was fueled by hate for a long time. In some of my work it served me well, probably even kept me alive. Now, not only do I not need it, I realize I never did. I've been letting that go, it's a process, and part of it is knowing who my friends are, and being friends to them.

    I don't think asking questions is bad, or even wrong, but I also believe that Nuke is under no obligation to answer. I'll admit I'm curious to see some of them though, so if he does, great, if he doesn't great.

    I do believe that accepting others, trans, gay, whatever, isn't solely a liberal tenet of faith. In fact, the left is IMO actually more about isolation everyone, including those they try to hold up on their standards and banners, as those they are committed to protecting. Bullshit. In fact the left is one thing I'll always have problems keeping hate off the boil for, as their blatant deception infuriates me, as does their new world order goals. Classical liberals, libertarians, etc, those are the true liberals IMO, the left is another thing entirely, and should be destroyed.

    I'm going to see it tomorrow night, it opens in Canada and the UK on the 14th for some reason, the USA on the 15th.

    The first movie I can remember going to was when I was 4, the first Star Wars, my father took me to it, and bought me the Xwing Fighter toy with the Luke Skywalker figure, that had a little lightsaber in the arm you could move back and forth. The city he was posted in then had this old school theater, and its balcony was closed to the public due to disrepair, but they always let the cops up there, and I have vague memories of being up there, but that could be in later years as we moved away when I was 8, but I'd seen many movies up there with my pop. Hard to believe it's been 40 years.

    Reviews are pretty good such as they are so far, it's 2 and a half hours long too.

    I agree, Lazs. With all of that. Then again, I'm not totally bat-shit insane..... just a little bit nuts.

    I agree as well, and, we're all crazy in our own ways. Part of being libertarian/freedom minded IMO is letting go of old stereotypes, and accepting that to be truly free, we have to really embrace the facts that others may not think or feel similarly, in every respect.

    I'll admit to being slow on the uptake on this, I just started reading it last night, and finally realized what it meant reading this thread again today. I also admit it has me scratching me head wondering about some of the things I may have written in the past on here, and hoping I didn't greatly offend someone I consider a brilliant friend of mine. I suppose many feel the same, I was just thinking what parents would think when their children come out to them, and how they must go back mentally and wonder how many times they offended their own kids unintentional as it may have been at the time. So, if I did so at any time, I apologize now - you're the first friend, at least that I know of, who has made a decision like this. And that's how I look at it - a decision, which we should all be free to make. Also, considering how much trepidation I've felt today about this, I can only imagine what it could feel like for you Nuke, and not just on some forum, but out in the real world.

    Nuke, I think you would be a great representative for your group, you should really look into becoming active in a public role, as your people need you right now, as it's a very confusing time. What isn't confusing to me is your views, from everything from politics to gaming, I can't remember the last time you posted something I disagreed with, and I'm glad I found this place and that we (and others) became friends. You've all helped me through what's been a pretty garbage year for me personally, and it's nice having a place to go where others help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Regarding controllers, I've been messing with the Virpil T50 since the Gunfighter from VKB was delayed. It's not a desktop stick, it has these clamp mounts like little elevator platforms that attach to your desk/table. The gimbal is hands down the most robust, accurate, high quality, and every other superlative, I've ever seen. If only TM had made the Warthog so well. Also, they just announced a new gimbal that will be a desktop sitter, probably because I've been bitching at them for 3 months to do so, as they did initially, but then abandoned it as the stick was just too high. I'm on the wait list for the new VKB Gunfighter which should be out on Friday (if they don't blow the release date...again), and it'll be interesting to see how it stacks up to this T50. They builders of both are known to one another and they look somewhat similar in terms of the Russian sticks, the bottom end, we shall see. I've also stuck the metal Warthog handle into the T50 base, a great way to go if you don't like plastic sticks, even high quality plastic.

    New Hornet videos out today. Yay.

    Yep, best way to proceed at first, and always in fact IMO, is to delete everything in the control assignments, just clear all of it. Then go and assign stuff after it's all gone, or you'll likely run into issues.

    Been having fun with the Harrier, Spitfire as well. Last Steam Sale I bought the remaining WW2 stuff I didn't have, as it still uses the old copy protection so you can use the Steam CD keys for the normal desktop DCS 1.5/2 launchers by adding them to your account on the DCS homepage. I have the entire series now. Mirage and the Vig are next for me to mess with, the Gazelle too. Had a lot of fun showing my father the Huey in VR, he couldn't believe it, and wished his father was still alive to see it, after all the hours he had in Lancasters flying in them during the war, he loved flying even though he wasn't a pilot.

    "Kelly" was turbo hot in the 2nd GI Joe movie, about the only reason worth watching it was to look at her ass.

    Norm MacDonlad's voice just makes me laugh, he's been great in The Orville.

    I've seen this firsthand in all the doctor/hospital visits I've had. They are starting to really push the MM up here what with complete legalization coming shortly too. It's fucked, every pot smoker I know who has a medical card doesn't REALLY need it, anyone with serious enough health problems to require some sort of painkiller IMO also needs something stronger than pot. I do know some kids with seizure problems had great success with edibal/soup pot, and I'm all for that, but I hate the BS line that many of the medical users up here string out, when all they want is to just get high legally. I too have no problem with that, in fact I think the entire drug war is BS and should end, but I also HATE the constant whining line of shit I hear about how MM is going to cure everything and remove the need for other painkillers.

    So far as the legal ramifications of registering - we had a registry up here remember, and even when the gov ended it (conservatives), guess what - surprise surprise, the RCMP still had all the data, and still use it, and so does the SQ in Quebec. Don't ever let a registry happen, and if one does, don't comply, at least not will all your firearms.

    I'll be praying for you, and especially your mother. I know how difficult it's been for my father losing my mother last month, and I'm sure despite her show of grace and strength, it'll be a hard time this xmas without your father for the first time. I'm just happy to know that a veteran and father of one of my friends here is no longer suffering, and was buried with honor by his family and friends.