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    Every time I hear this I remember Morgan Freeman on CNN telling them to shove their negro history month up their ass. We don't have many Black people up here so it's not really in the public eye, and one of my best friend's since I was 4 and his family have never once brought it up (Dr Earl Bernard, my family's dentist and they are a family of 5 black people in Central Canada). Black's just aren't treated as a protected class up here, at least in the same way as America, the Natives get to claim the majority of that deal. I see what goes on in the USA though and it's absolutely ridiculous.

    Why can't the blacks act like the Asians anyhow...the Chinamen weren't treated any better for the most part post 1865, and you don't hear them whine about it, or demand to be a special protected class with their own history month. The Democrats should make December Asian history month, and have a day of remembrance on the 7th.

    A lot of the Friday losses can be attributed to a few obvious confidence things in the news, the memo first and foremost. Some pretty ironclad proof that the gov and justice system can't be trusted had an effect no doubt. We'll see next week, I'm not getting worried about a major market correction yet - and yes it's coming, it's always coming, it's the nature of the market. If it does happen next week, it happens next week, IMO it'd be better then than closer to the 2018 elections...

    Mine took a long time to d/l as well, I have a 260mbit Fiber/curb hybrid connection, I usually get well over 20megaBYTEs/sec down from Steam, I was seeing 1.5dsl days 355kps on the torrent for DCS at times, boooo. I sped up to 1.5meg/sec eventually, but still took 10x longer than normal due to the serves getting slammed I guess.


    Escapegoat wrote:

    It's funny how noone is disputing the fact that Trump is a crook guilty of money laundering, collusion with a foreign government, and obstruction of justice. You retards are pinning your hopes and dreams on four pages of half-truths written by partisan hacks arguing that Trump should not have been investigated for his crimes. Take another bite of that nothing-burger.

    That statement is NO different than saying your anointed one, the almighty Obama, is a crook guilty of drug dealing (community organizing, not that this bothers me as I feel the drug war should end with complete decrim, but it's still the law and he was still a President), collusion with foreign governments (too many examples to list), and obstruction of justice (uh, IRS/Lerner targeting political opponents, orders that could only come from Obama, NSA surveillance, giving guns to Mexican cartels, it goes on and on). Actually there is a difference, there is ample evidence for my statement, some of it in Obama's own hand/books, while your Trump accusations...not so much.

    That's interesting, and something I'm going to move on to next, Korea so far as reading goes. Clothing IS an issue so far as stopping penetration, it's a pretty common subject in colder climates so far as defensive ammunition, and engaging with any type of round. That said, how thick could the Chink and DPRK clothing really be, they were pretty cheap on outfighting their troops, certainly not layers and layers of round stopping material that you have to consider these days, not at all. Most of the Korean vets here I've talked to have never brought up the range/lethality with the M1 carbine as they weren't issued it, the Canadian army in particular PPCLI vets I know were still using .303 in both rifles and GPMGs then, and they killed so many enemy troops in some actions that they built walls with their frozen bodies, and not just once or twice.

    It's a great little rifle for under 100-200 yards, where the vast, vast majority of combat happened in WW2 and Korea between infantry troops, although in Korea it did run into problems with the thicker winter clothing and longer ranges. Past that range, not so much, but it did have a place, and not just with support troops who needed something more than a .45 handgun. I think it's the fact that it's a shoulder supported rifle, which gives it all the accuracy and stability advantages, plus recoil management, that makes it a better option than a handgun for those troops, as the lethality increase while there isn't a huge thing. Paratroops had tons of them, the folding ones were great rifles to jump with, very light and compact, and the magazine system and all its advantages can't be overstated either IMO. I'd rather a Garand or even Thompson myself if I was going into battle back then, but I wouldn't have felt completely unarmed or anything with the carbine.

    I've read a lot about Vietnam lately, TONS of US advisers in the special forces, particularly in the first few years, used the M1 .30 carbine in combat there, until the M16 and later shorty variants came out.

    Mini14 is a good rifle too I agree, I have a Mini30 which IMO is one of the best 762x39 rifles out there for the money, when they banned the AK in Canada tons of us bought them for our x39 ammo stocks to have a purpose. Luckily the Czech x39 rifles like the 858 and VZ58 were allowed in here in the last 10 years, but honestly I still prefer my Mini 30, and have 30 magazines for the 2 I've got. The polymer stainless Mini 30 cost 900$ CDN back in the day, that was $600 USD when I bought mine or so, a GREAT deal for such a rifle. The standard wood/blued ones were even cheaper, I have one of each. Needed to do some spring switching for them to reliably eat surplus Chink x39 ammo, but that's simple and cheap.


    I really hate to link War Is Boring,

    I know, back when Trump won the election early Nov 2016, David Axe and his team of cones went completely berserk on WiB - I commented a lot on that shit and got into it with them several times, I'll find the threatening email one of the peons there sent me and post it here, it's pretty funny. Seriously, for like 2 weeks every single article was a Trump whine, every one had "Trump" and then some negative or pejorative shit in the title. It's like they forgot they were a defense journal/site, and went completely leftist shill attack site overnight.

    Strangedays, that's completely true IMO, and worse. All of the Chinese high mach weapons they are working on - and some claim they may even be ahead, which I doubt, but still, they are closing - Clinton SOLD them all that tech. The reason China has anti sat weapons, and tested one and fucked up the low earth orbits with debris, is Clinton. I still can't believe they were just so blase about selling that tech to them. For money. The Clintons should both be in prison, or worse.

    Just out today -great channel to support, I've been there since the start, Strangedays I know you'll like it based on your China views here.

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    So far as the F35 doing the A10s job, the real problem I see with this isn't the weapons, or the sensors, the "Gen 5" capability, or oven the loiter time. It's the fragility of the F35. My concern is weather, and even the F35's sensors can't see through an overcast layer, and quite frequently this means to even DO the CAS job, you're down in small arms and lighter AAA range/envelope, which historically has always been the greatest threat. The A10 has a substantial ability to survive that - the F35 does not. Yes the F35 is more survivable against modern SAMS and other radar/sensor directed guns and in the modern A2/AA non permissive environments, but against the age old regular AAA, and even 30cal small arms - not good for the F35 to take even a large caliber rifle round, much less anything in the 50 cal Soviet ranges, or the bursting 37mm/57/mm ect stuff that can be laid without high tech gadgetry. That's my point - frequent weather issues which will negate the ability of the F35 to use long range advanced stand off weapons, and force it down into the lighter AAA envelope - there isn't a solution for that, other than more armor and toughness.

    Look how many fighters were shot down in Vietnam by 50 cal range Soviet weapons alone, much less the larger stuff in the 37 to 100mm range- lots of F100s/etc which handled the CAS mission, which are likely going to stand up to fire much better than the F35, were brought down by even 1/2 dozen rounds or less hitting them. This concerns me greatly, handing the CAS mission off to such a potentially fragile aircraft, hoping that it'll just be able to float above the dangerous envelope of such guns, and use wizzy sensors and weapons to plink stuff out of range. Again, in perfect VFR weather, that's great. In shit weather, it's not going to work that way.

    The A10 lasting for 10 more years- that could be an extreme best case scenario, again, just look at all the articles of what the USAF has done just in the last few months, it'll be lucky to last 5 more much less 10 with the things they are up to.

    Until there are swarms of unmanned systems with the ability to do the A10s CAS job in any weather conditions, it needs to stick around IMO. Risking extremely expensive F35s down in the weeds is a stupid idea, and if the A10 is gone, squadrons of F35s WILL get handed that task.

    Clint shooting his M16 from the hip = made me ??? Heartbreak Ridge. Any Gunnery Sargent witnessing such tomfoolery from any of his Marines would have laid a shitkicking on them. Otherwise, that movie is great.

    I liked Edge of Tomorrow a lot too, some of his best action/sci fi work, in fact the best IMO.

    That's how I understood it too. Their forums are hard to get into right now, getting smashed, otherwise I'd post the link to the post the USSR guy did regarding this, clearly explaining the upgrade chain/path. It won't matter in a week or two anyway, it'll just be one simple installer for everything at last.

    I'd agree with that. The Scientology stuff does make him come off nutty, but freedom of religion and to BE nutty is something that should be respected more I guess. That's hard for me especially with Scientology, but still..

    He's made some legendary films, and his work ethic from what I've read is incredible while on films, everyone always raves how great he is to work with. He's a pilot too, before Top Gun everywhere he went he said he took 2 pics with him, one of a Spit and one of a P51.

    More info coming out, throws a bit more light on what happened. IMO it still doesn't explain how the fucked it up so badly to have 2 people convinced to turn those keys, but the person who is eating the blame perhaps was a senior and ordered the other guy to activate his key, who knows. Anyhow, the story now is it wasn't just a slip up or accident, and that the person who initiated the alert thought they were actually under a real attack, and not an exercise.…ccidental-employee-fired/

    I watched it a few months back when it came out in the newsgroups in 1080p online. Same report, it's not completely accurate from the stuff I read online about what and who it was based on, but close enough. Cruise was actually pretty good in it I thought too.

    I read Gowdy's statement, he said clearly he isn't seeking any political posts, but that doesn't mean he can't accept one offered to him. The USA needs him in the political sphere, he's one of the few I really respect and trust. Not sure how he feels about Trump, but what a great AG he'd make.

    I think the A10 can still have a mission, I agree with Indy regarding China, but there is still a couple unlikely scenarios where the USA could end up fighting Chinese tanks. More the Russians. The whole concept of A2/AA and "permissive" environments is just as likely to fall apart due to entire battlespaces being blanketed with ECM - then what. The A10s mission and singular capability of bashing armor on the ground becomes relevant again, although yes, if the small diameter bomb in anti armor config, and other goodies coming, really begin to work well, the F35 and future unmanned platforms could be just as effective as the A10 using different weapons. It isn't yet, not even close, and that's the point, losing the A10 right now will leave a gap in capability IMO, as unlikely as a fight with China/Russia/Peer Threat/etc may be, still, need to maintain that capability.

    Shocking, a CNN reporter actually acts like a reporter, instead of a shill for the Left as every other CNN reporter has been for years. Watching Pelosi on the SOTU, and how they just sat there with sour puss faces, didn't stand for 3/4 of it - I'm actually happy they kept the cameras on those treasonous cunts, losing votes every second showing their colors live.

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    2.5 beta is out, and a standalone installer for it will be out Thursday according to the forums. Pretty cool so far. The F18 Hornet CV ops is going to be great. F14 this year fingers crossed too.

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    They are quietly retiring A10s already according to every defense journal out there, google it and you'll get a phone book of recent articles. Ridiculous IMO, as the F35 can't do that job, it just isn't designed to be in the weeds in small arms and light AAA threat areas, nor does it have the 30mm gun, or the loiter time, although from my friend who has flown the F35 and done all the training in the USA for it says the F35 does loiter pretty well (he's the CO of Canada's Air Force test squadron and has flown 1/2 dozen modern fighters both at Empire test pilot school and with exchanges with the RAF and USAF and USN in the last 23 years he's been a Hornet pilot here). The cost to re wing all the A10s is only 1/2 a squadron of F35s, it's ridiculous they aren't keeping them, as losing them = losing an entire CAS capability, and the Army/Marines will and should be pissed about losing that.

    F35 despite it's continuing problems, has great potential ( I hope) and if the results from exercises mean anything, it's going to eventually do pretty well. I've not seen a pilot bash it who has moved to it, they can't ALL be full of shit and just walking the party line.