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    Good advice Bass, getting in even 20 or 30 mins of cardio a day will do miraculous things if you aren't already doing it. MP3, a good set of music, or ibooks if you can stand that, it's really the simplest, cheapest, and best way to get some exercise. Especially if you have limits or issues with doing weight training, which in my opinion and experience is nearly as important as cardio. If you can combine both - fantastic, even some low weight/high rep circuit stuff for 30 mins 4 times a week will help your ticker and body a hell of a lot.

    Pipz was a great guy, and it makes me happy to see the legacy that he's left behind with the game AH. Not a bad thing to be said from anyone about him, nobody could ask for more in terms of how people remember him, a truly kind, and humorous guy.

    I've met some Muslims that were great people, switched on, no BS, and solid. Jordanians mostly. Tundra Security had a contract to train the Kings guards and some of their special operations people and police on close protection and specifically the Sig Sauer line of firearms, which their King preferred. Their King is somebody I'd gladly bend my knee to, and follow, and have as my leader. A warrior King, kind, fair, just - not without faults, but IMO better than the disaster my nation's current political leaders are. When ISIS burned one of his pilots and friend alive, he jumped into the cockpit of the F16s himself for revenge. That, is a leader. He's also Muslin. He loves Star Trek. He was even IN a Star Trek episode before being made King.

    Lots of their guys are great too. Some aren't hence the shooting at the gate of one of the green zone/bases not that long ago. That's the shit thing about radical Islam, as it isn't hard to weaponize guys to the right of moderate in that religion. Or any for that matter, it just so happens that these guys are the ones that are our current enemy.

    This confirms you're a complete idiot. I never said that Russia decided to do this because of Snowden. What I said was Snowden CRITICIZING it was bad for his long term prospects, since Russian articles came out suggested Putin was giving him back to Trump as a "gift" just 12 hours after Snowden made tweets critical of Putin regarding thins.

    The time has come for your demasking. The calls have been made. For reference, check the last 2 idiots with similar BS on HTC I outed. One took 2 days, the other 3. I'm betting 1 for you.

    That is all.

    You can come forward yourself, and spare yourself some embarrassment now, otherwise I'm happy to do it for you.

    Also, funny how after Snowden beaked off over this, that the next day a story breaks that Putin is willing to "gift" Snowden to Trump. Should have kept quiet, he may have lived longer. I still think Snowden has massive shit to spill that he's kept secret, in fact, that's a known fact from his documentary, where the British newspaper pointed out one such bit of info Snowden gave them, and said that the military and government there threatened them with dire consequences should they release that.

    Russia is banning all VPNS and requiring all apps to identify users. With all the crying from social justice warriors, and the censorship Youtube, Google, FB, and others are up to, I wonder how long it'll be before it's illegal to use an alias or VPN in the "free" West?

    Pipz was a great guy, really positive attitude, funny, and Canadian. He was around right from the start pretty much, and flew in the first beta in 99 IIRC too. Guy like him deserves to check out quickly and without or minimal pain and suffering, so I hope that was the case.

    That first pic of Morena Baccarin was from Stargate SG1's last couple seasons, or maybe the TV film that came after, but yes, she was awesome in Firefly. Great character too, I can't stand Joss Whedon, but Firefly was a brilliant piece of work, which he was inspired to create after reading "The Killer Angels".

    That's really cool Indy, if you finish it post pics.

    My boss at my first PMC was in the US Army special missions unit back in the 80s when they were obsessed with lock picking for entry/assaulter teams. He showed me how to use the basic tools, tension, scrubbing/raking, and how the pick-gun works on about 80% of the door locks on planet. I have a 65 piece kit someplace, I haven't been into it for a while, but used to participate in a few Youtube channel/websites where guys would exchange techniques and intel on the subject.

    Bill's channel is probably the best, at least it was when I paid attention to it. These days, same deal as others, if I was to lock myself out and it wasn't an easy unlock, I'd just make a call. I have hundreds of breaching rounds still too. The hobby swiftly grew boring for me, but I know some guys are really into it, and there are some pretty tough high security locks out there now, seeing guys get through them is interesting sometimes still.

    The Mannix family that backed my range/operation in the late 90s/early 2000s, one of the grandsons my age was a huge collector of vintage arcade games, and we had a couple dozen in the lounge of the training side of our large building, the one with the 3 story indoor rappel/assault tower and cqb rooms.

    I could beat the 1st Mortal Combat one a single credit using SubZero. Whenever I'd get to the Goro level, the 2nd last but hardest, anyone nearby would yell out "Gord!, instead of Goro, I still don't know why", I was so dedicated (obsessed) with beating it on one credit, anyone in ear shot knew the sounds by heart. The game "Cabal", the first good rollerball shooter, I could wrap on a single life, not credit, but life. Shinobi, and a few others, I could finish on a credit as well. Rush'n Attack too. Good times. I loved the golden age of arcade games, Karate Champ, so many others.

    It's a fairly common airshow crash, there have been many just like it, just misjudging the altitude required to pull a split S and recover with enough alt, a Thunderbirds pilot famously did it, and wrote up a big explanation of his mistake with the altimeter and unfamiliar air base/etc, I'll find it and post it later.

    I've always watched Trek and sci fi for the science/technology parts, and ignored their socialism BS. Deep Space 9 was the only one I truly loved, and it was more about warfare/tech and characters with flaws - one of the main characters was a former insurgent/terrorist even, than other Trek series visions of a bright communist future.

    The Expanse blows everything except Firefly away now anyway, and I'll take that over any Trek any day.

    I grew up watching The Next Generation, every Friday after my paper route I'd rush home to catch it, rain, snow, or shine. I met Wil Wheton (Wesley Crusher) and Michael Dorn (Worf) in 1988 in Calgary at the Calgary Tower for the Royal Bank (my uncle was VP of the Royal Bank) celebrity auction for the new children's hospital they built there. I was playing the Spy Hunter video game, and this kid came up and quarter dropped me for the next game, and it was Wheaton. He was shocked I'd recognized him, as it was still the 1st season and he wasn't all that famous yet, and he'd snuck away from the dinner banquet to play video games. We hung out for 2 hours playing every game in there, I had 20$ in quarters and shared them with him as he had only a few dollars Canadian on him. I'll find the pics my parents took when we were eventually caught and undone by the handlers of the event dragging him back for the auction.

    I've posted on his blog and he remembers the whole thing, but I can't stand him now, his politics, snowflakeyness, and so on. Still, it's what really cemented me as a Trek fan.

    ^^ Like the Ford in that pic, GM Top Kick trucks are popular up here with all the $$$ oilfield workers, blinging them out like the truck from the Transformers film. Too big to fit anywhere, but for highway driving they are fantastic, especially the one I rode in that had 2 high quality seats from a semi truck maker.

    IMO I think the Tundra from Toyota has the best build quality, when you shut the door it sounds like a Lexus, not a truck. My Duramax trucks are...well, gross motor skill built trucks. I've been lucky, never had a trans or injector failure which they've been famous for. I no longer need a large truck as it's mainly for the brakes/towing I had them, and I just haven't done that in years now. The GM 2500HD SLS I always would buy always had crap seats too IMO.

    The new ZR2 diesel is perfect for us, just need a truck for the dog and the bed for moving stuff. Reviews online of the new ZR2 diesel have been great, and nostalgia plays a part as my 95 ZR2 was my favorite truck I've owned, also my first 4wd. I bought it right before a big blizzard here, and roaring around in 4x4 laughing at everyone in cars struggling as I had been the winter before, I said never again will I not have at least one 4wd/awd winter capable vehicle.

    Tundra is a great truck, Nissan and Ford too. I've had a 2003, 2007, 2012, and 2016 Duramax. I like the new ZR2 diesel a lot, I had a 95 ZR2 when they first came out, loved it.

    My dad has an Armada now with his 2016 TC van. Nissan makes a good vehicle, Toyota too.

    Don't tow much now, may get the ZR2 diesel this winter.

    I claim 2 to 1 because there was one Starfleet standing, 1 down, and 2 Klingons down, albeit one did survive. In the moment, that's 2 to 1. And still just as gay as before, come ON, Klingon's entire MO is massive power due to their gorilla like strength, same as the Vulcan's wiry strength due to the nature of the gravity on their home planet compared to Earth Normal 1G. Those Klingons in non projectile weapon fights at that range should kill 10 Starfleet men, let alone 2 women.

    As said, suspension of disbelief is one thing, and as Indy said DS9 would pull this with Kira frequently, a species even weaker than humans, again due to gravity/adaptation on their world of Bajor according to canon. I'm all on board for women using weapons to good effect, I've witnessed some do it, and that's well within the abilities. Fighting with edged weapons because a huge disadvantage though due to strength (speed), and reach, and then completely unarmed...come on.

    Louder with Crowder channel has this "Not gay Jared" guy who...well looks gay due to his efiminate looks and 130lbs soaking wet frame. He arm wrestled this huge body builder chick on air, and absolutely crushed her, with complete ease and she outweighed him by a bunch too. The brought up the whole TV/Film thing of super strength women kicking huge guys asses as one of the reasons they did they spot.

    I've hit some Israeli girls that looked similar to Uma. One of the wildest was in that group, top 3 for sure, insane, so nuts all I could think was hoping I wasn't getting set up , and she would later pull the "he hurt me" trick for what she wanted and liked. As it turned out, she hurt me far more than I her, freaked me out, but it became addicting AF.

    I've done far worse, and better than WeinerWife, if I was single she would more than do.

    I've done some editing work for The Aviationist website. The owner is an x Italian pilot, he still flies with various Stormo doing articles. He knew the pilot, small community there. Sad crash, as they all are. Even the best can slip up, and at 900 fps there is no margin.

    LOL! I remember that, I had just been in a huge fight on 200 with Vraciu about his supposed head shots @ 1000 meters with iron sights regularly BS the week that happened. Serenity grew up very quickly once he got into the Navy IMO, he's still Serenity, but different, more direct, serious, and as it happens, funny as hell.

    I've been collecting Serenity's posts - with his permission - as I think someday it could make a great book, how a kid playing wargames on the computer was inspired to join the military and be a real combat pilot, and actually did it. The pineapple men incident, along with what I feel at least were courageous posts in the Cait Jenner thread alone make 2 great themes to build a book around, and I'm going to do it once he reaches his squadron and has "done it" so to speak.

    He's a great guy, very nice, a huge resource for simulation gamers back in those days. Him, Eagl, Mace, and others have given us so much great info over the years. Last week I went into Mace's profile on HTC and re read the majority of his longer posts, just fantastic stuff, Eagl too. That torch will pass to Serenity, who is quite the character, and certainly not afraid to post pretty much anything. I'm happy to call myself his friend, and as he enters the strike fighter community, I think he'll really come into his own in terms of "pro sim" posting.