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    Loose-Deuce will arrange a memorial flight for Pipz Saturday 8th Oct. 23:00 CET...

    More details to come apparently, it'll be in the Pipz thread on HTC, for those of you not allowed there, I'll keep updating the thread here as more info is posted so far as which arena/etc.

    You would be hard pressed doing it spur of the moment, but if you create a legend to cover any questions about why you have the large caster rolling "band" road case trunk cases for your entire band with you (security and insurance issues you see), and want to keep your equipment in your room to test it before your performance at a big wedding/contract/whatever...with a bit of social engineering, and even false concealment panels to be REALLY sure you didn't get caught pre act, it could be done. Just a couple of those large ones which are designed to fit and roll through common doorways, you could have dozens of rifles/MGs and 10s of thousands of rounds, no problem.

    It would just take a couple of these…d.php?p=RRHUT1EC&k=119609

    and a good story to back up their need and use. And hoping you don't walk by a dog trained at detecting firearms/ammunition and his handler.

    Heh, so I'm not the only one thinking wtf about hotel security then. I can understand how a guy could infiltrate all that stuff in, playing for the "red" team, I know how I'd do it, and it'd work. But to NOT respond with some kind of armed assault against this guy for ALL that time he was firing - especially when the last time I saw a security unit at a casino it looked like no expense was spared on armor, gear, and weapons, they look like tier 1 SF units...again, why is nobody in the media asking where they were? Protecting the count room? I'll admit it's been a while, 2007 since I was in Vegas...have the security been disarmed since then or what?

    Possibly, listening again to the fire, it's hard to tell if it's one of the echo/slide type fake FA, or actual FA. I think the ROF is actually a little low, probably was a slidefire/whatever type deal. It also varies a great deal, which would suggest that type of goofy system. It doesn't really matter either way at this point I suppose.

    One thing nobody is talking about - where the fuck was the hotel security? Those casino hotels have their own rapid response units, almost all of them, in case of robbery, and rifle/MG fire indoors is LOUD and unmistakable. Why did it take so long for someone to take a shot at him, from what I understand the cops tac unit set up a breach and that's when he killed himself. Of all that armed security in a casino hotel - not to be too critical without all the facts, but where were they, and why didn't they react, as they were ON scene well before any tac unit could be? They have cameras and security shit ALL over the place in those hotels/casinos, it just makes me wonder why there was no reaction from them immediately to protect their guests and obviously those outside. Maybe there was, but I'd think we'd have heard about that by now, and obviously if there was, they failed, and didn't mount a second assault on the guy.

    2 Canadians confirmed dead, several missing, 2 wounded so far as well.

    The AK drums are reasonably reliable, the AR drums, it depends on the manufacturer, and size. The USMC has adopted some of the 60 rnd ones that are pretty trustworthy apparently, but my experience with ARs and drums = no thanks. Still, the Magpul 60 drum is only about 5 seconds of fire from an FA AR rifle, and I heard some 9 second bursts on video, which is why I say AK and 90 round drums most likely were among the weapons used if it wasn't an AR with drums, not that it really matters all that much at this point. I take that back actually, it could to NFA owners, if it was already legal but modified equipment used instead of an NFA weapon that got "loose".


    The guy allegedly owned 2 aircraft, and NFA are cheap.

    This. Plus modifying an AK or AR variant to full auto is no great task, there are vids/docs all over on how to do it yourself, or it just costs $ to have someone do it for you if you know someone willing to break the NFA rules. AK+ lots of drums I would wager, I too heard some long bursts. AR belt fed uppers are around too as are various drums that have mixed results in terms of reliability for the AR platform.

    There is no solution or defense against lunatics. Certainly not more laws.

    I've looked at Dubai myself, if you can live without alcohol - and the local Brit/Canadian/US get around this at times, but it IS a huge risk - I'd say it's a pretty solid option. If it was 1996 still and the Brits had told China to go fuck themselves and kept Hong Kong, I'd highly suggest there, as I lived and worked there for 6 months in 96, best tax/small biz laws in the world, and it was a cool place to be as well. That didn't happen though.

    Not many places left to run to anymore. All hail the new world order :/.

    I was 25 when I bought my first home, we built in a new area in the far south of Calgary called Cranston and were one of the first 50 homes in there. I could have bought a few years earlier, but was young and even dumber than I am now, and spent most of my $ on Rx7x, 300ZXs, Stealth Turbos, Camaro SSs, Firebird Ram Airs, CBR900RRs, and other very unsound investments, that were sure fun, but cost me 10s if not 100s of thousands in just depreciation alone. I didn't care about such silly things back then...I could have probably paid cash for a home at 25 instead of mortgaging 3/4 of it had I not been so stupid, and/or had a solid financial adviser that would have taken me by the ear, hard.

    52 GBP was excellent $ circa 2000, no doubt. 750,000 USD the last time I was in the UK would purchase you a Harry Potter-esque home, one of those where the stairwells are 1/2 the width they are in Canada and the USA, the rooms have ceiling's 1 or 2 feet lower, and the kitchen is the size of the pantry in my smallest home. The real estate values in England are astronomical compared to even the most expensive areas here. Still, owning your own home in the UK is an accomplishment, no doubt.

    750$k USD being roughly 1 mil CDN, here are some examples of homes that would accept an offer of 1 mil in the current market most likely. You could put an entire English block in some of the acreages, hahaha. There are examples in AZ, TX, and other states we've looked at that are of even better value, by far in some cases.



    Hah, see told you. That should be best overall, the weekend, for the majority I think. I'll be there. FW members could do some duels in Pipz fav aircraft afterwards too perhaps, be good for some laughs on a sad day, and it would help remind us all that humor/fun and Pipz went hand in hand in the game, and get lots of us from here together in the same place with vox.

    MF in his profession, that sched does make him "free", and many in oil and gas/trades up here Beets work that sched. It's incredibly common. In Ft MacMurray where I worked for a 6 month hitch when I was back from a contract training gig - I did so because my new missus back then was working up there, 2 jobs, one at Suncor and bar tending, which both paid ridiculously well.

    I worked 13 hour shifts plus 1 hour travel each way or more depending on traffic some days. It's not all that bad, it's just called work. The bonus was 3 days, 3 nights, 6 days off, with as much OT or trading of shifts allowed when you requested it. Easy work too, supporting and monitoring under water diver support gear and systems, the exception being in the heat, or worse the cold, and dealing with spraying water all the time.

    I actually prefer working more hours in a day, if it gives me a chance to have a shorter work week, or the ability to work 6 on 6 off, or 15 on 15 off, that sort of deal. Far more so than the regular shmegular 5 days a week 8 to 5 and the weekend off. That "normal" schedule can suck the big one.

    I realize England is better than France in this regard, but having 3 tea times per day, 1 crumpet time, the "ploughman's lunch" hour, and as many "on holiday" days as can be drummed up, might be nice, but the pay sucks by comparisson, and so does the actual days off you're able to string together, again, comparatively. But do enjoy the ploughman lunch, that bit is quite good from what I remember, a good traditional lunch time meal.

    Yep exactly. That's one of the big problems, that even few muzzie guys I would consider OK, IMO it's a coin flip on whether or not they do the RIGHT thing when push comes to shove should they have to choose to act proactively against the "faith" in some manner. Coin flip may be too generous in fact. Either way, I'm happier and feel much safer when not in proximity to the majority of them, there are a few I'd trust with weapons and being behind me, but not many. The Jordanians for the most part respect their king, and his wishes, but should he ever die, or be overthrown, and somebody less moderate take over, even that place and people could become completely unspooled.

    That's not bad advice, if you can find a place to rent one, if you just need it for a few purposes and not long term. I have property, plus where that property is there is 150 cabins/homes and our family's lodge and lake camp and all the kids lodges. Along with the horses, the clyde team, the corals, and the section of land we own next to the lakefront property, which is leased to a local wheat farmer, but still shit comes up.

    I also am glad to have it should there ever be a SHTF, our lake place is our family's refuge, 8 miles up a single access road, where the fields would be impassable on foot in the winter, off of a single lane highway a longs ways off from the nearest city. I'm also going to use it to improve the range out there, build up the berm etc. There is also a light aircraft strip there where this will come in handy.

    MF - what specifically do you think JD does that's superior in your opinion, as I already have mine, but it's fresh and I"m new to these units, give me a data dump, as like I said, I almost bought JD and only didn't because of one assholes attitude. I took great pleasure of picking up my 3 stacks of 10k and walking away. If there is a change in staff at the dealer some day, or if we relocate sometime, especially if we buy property outside the city in the USA somewhere, I may buy another one, and sooner than later.

    Roger, I posed the question already on HTC to see who would pick up that torch, somebody from his squadron or one of his good friends deserves the honor IMO. Once I know more, I'll post it, or I'm sure AckAck will, he finds things out faster than anyone else in my experience. And remembers it. All of it.

    I know you were friends in the non-internet world Cap, I'm glad you got to know him, and many others certainly wish they had the chance you did to hang out with him in person and have some laughs. So, think of that as a gift that was given to you, as every person posting in that thread including me would love to have had that same opportunity you did.

    His flyby/farewell is going to be something else, I hope everyone who is able will join in, I'll do it off my laptop at the hospital if I have to, but I'm not missing it for anything. I remember Pipz from when I first started flying, when I was editor at Combatsim right before I started working in the firearms/shooting business again. Circa 1999. Feels like yesterday still, and I'll miss Pipz comments, vox, and positive attitude every time he showed up in the arena.

    Funny you should ask, the Kubota was a strong number 2 to the Massey after the Deere was removed from consideration, and I'd actually been about 2 minutes from making a serious offer I know they'd have accepted. It had a better seat than the Massey, it was adjustable in the back, which for my lupus ravaged guts makes a big difference. It's a fantastic tractor, the engine design, radiator placement, SO many little details, it's 99% of what the vaunted John Deere variant of this size of tractor is. 99.9 even perhaps. What held me back was the local dealer, my father back when he first started in law enforcement was posted near his home, this area, and had busted the owner's idiot son for DUI after giving him a VERY generous warning before when he blew 3x over, and just got a drive home, as was wont to happen back in those days. He still bares a bit of a grudge, and made a couple comments that just had me concerned about any future dealings if I had problems with the machine. Plus I'd heard his mechanics were pinheads from the local farming grapevine, and I trust those who told me so. The Massey dealer has nothing but praise from everyone, very kind and giving folks. So, I decided to support them over the Japanese tractor place.

    I'll say this though, I would HIGHLY recommend the Kubota, to anyone, it's a fantastic unit, I demo'd 3 different sizes and models, and everyone impressed me. Again, take all this with a large grain of salt, as I'm pretty experienced with performance cars and diesel trucks, but a complete newbie with tractors, I'm just basing this opinion on what I felt driving and testing the 5 different types I looked at. All of them were satisfactory, I'd not be sorry purchasing any, but short of the $$$ over priced, but still quite impressive John Deer, I think Kubota probably has the superior product, and so far as bang/$, that too, even though it was about 5$k more than the entire package of 4 implements and the Massey tractor that I priced out everywhere. Money wasn't really a factor in this for me, everyone likes a good/better deal right, but had the Massey dealer sold John Deere or Kubota, I'd have bought one of those instead, no doubt, as it was primarily their proven service and attitude that I went with them, not that the Massey is a hugely inferior product, it's not, it's fantastic and has a great warranty which backs that up.

    Seat wise, I have an after market frame/etc being constructed by a welder/builder friend right now, which will allow me to replace the seat on my Massey with a custom adjustable one, so I can alter the back angle to various degrees which takes pressure of my midsection, which is the cause of most of my discomfort from my internal guts being busted up with inflammation so frequently from SLE/Lupus activity there.

    Buy that Kubby Razer, if the dealer is cool and sound, IMO it's top of the shelf once J.Deere is out of the picture, and blows it away in value for the price IMO, no matter how cool and slick the Deere stuff is. Backhoe huh...that's something for next year, I can think of a ton of stuff I can do with that already.

    Also, yes the Mahindra's are great, but no local dealer that carried the smaller tractors, checked one out in Calgary when I was back last month for a funeral, but no dice in the area of our lake property and my mother's place in SK.

    Again, I'll honestly say that I don't think you can wrong with any of them. Great little units they are, this one fits on the local sidewalks even, and I have a blade for it I can push snow with come winter, and do both sides of the entire street in about 5 minutes flat. I'm going to be the hero of the hour come that first snowfall here, haha.

    You're right about 25hp being overkill, but I don't mind, better to have more than not enough is how I've looked at it. The power is INSANE, when I first started looking, being a complete tractor noob, and I mean turbo noob, I was like..25Hp?!? WTF! My women's car has nearly 600 stock, and you want my tractor to have 25hp? After having the mechanics of how everything operates demonstrated, and demo'ing 5 different models in this class, I quickly realized just how much power and torque this little diesel bangers put out.

    I do have a bit of buyers remorse not getting the 'Green Machine', as it's such a cult/culture here in the west to run "The Best" when it comes to farm equipment, but fuck it, the Massey does all the same stuff, was 13 thousand dollars cheaper, the dealership treated me like Bill Gates, even delivered it 125km to our lake place instead of the city for free, and took the time to demonstrate all the units in the field. First servicing, they'll come pick it up, free again, and bring it back. They are truly an above and beyond operation, and that's worth as much as the equipment for me. Value wise, they may not hold quite as well as the John Deere, but they still depreciate very little, not that I plan on selling it anyway, it's FAR too useful. I'm busy tending to a sick parent now, as the 19 bed hospital and non hospice city she's in demanded I either put her in a long term care place, or bring her home now that she's declared palliative, so that's what I did. Still, once the snow flies, I'll bring it into her town and use it on her block as the city is a giant POS for moving snow, so I'll just do it, as there are some great neighbors, 2 combat vets from A=stan who work crazy hours in their new jobs and don't have time to move snow. So I will. In style, and with 25hp, with a smile on my face.


    That's also an example of why I'm a huge proponent of an armed society... There were adults on the island, including an off-duty policeman. While they bravely opposed Breivik they were unarmed. He just gunned them down. The policeman was his first victim on Utøya.

    I'd just reread the AAR of that incident a couple weeks ago. One thing that really stuck with me was the kid from the for Yugoslavia, who called his father on his cell. His father told him "find some sort of weapons, fashion them, use rocks, anything, you and your friend attack him, and do it properly, and kill him. I love you, goodbye, go kill him". Fucking awesome father, and they did try to take him out but he shot at them as they threw the rocks. The kid then went and saved a bunch of others, and then was arrested mistakenly and stripped naked and interrogated/beat by the cops. Woops. Nice $ lawsuit for him I'm sure, I know there are articles about him filing one, but I've never seen any reporting if he got $. Anyhow, you're absolutely right about how meticulous he planned that, the bombing, the infiltration, everything. And you're right about an armed society too, had there been just 1 or 2 there with weapons, they could have resisted his attacks and likely taken him down.

    Bought this to make work easier at our lake property, lots of gardening crap to do, large lawns to cut, and huge amounts of snow to deal with for the family reunions that happen at xmas time at our family's campground we own. My first tractor. I wanted a John Deere, the old green machine poppin Johnny, but those assholes wanted SO much money, were complete DICKS to deal with too. I'll admit their product is a bit better than everyone else, changing out equipment like the mower/tiller/snowblower/bucket is real slick with the John Deere equilvalent.

    So, I said fuck it them, and looked at everything else. Massey Ferguson had the best bang/$ I found, we bought the GC1715 25HP diesel unit, with front bucket, their best tiller for that class, a front mounted snow blower (bucket comes off pretty easily for that), and their best mower. The snow blower and mower are in the workshop/garage beside it, as we're done with mowing this year pretty much, and no snow yet.

    What an effing riot this thing is, yes, it was 25 grand, but compared to the power of the old yard sized riding mower...holy crap. Tilling the garden and weeds and shit, it's like an animal, lifting stuff with the bucket = so much better than manually doing shit, which is getting a lot harder for me year by year.

    Only thing I haven't purchased yet is a winter enclosure, as it has hook ups for a heater unit with those things that go around the light rack above the seat, and has a Jeep soft top sort of deal with zippered in windows/access points. Snow shall come to fear me, along with my back pack Stihl BR 600 blower, Winter Is Coming shall fall to my weaponry, Starks be damned.

    25 HP doesn't sound like much, but I'm real impressed with what this little bugger can do, mowing is a blast, the 4WD is great too, and the controls and everything are real simple and intuitive, even for a non-farmer, I took me minutes to run it pretty pro like. It's light too, under 1500lbs or so plus a bit more for the different units. So, even if I go down to a smaller truck than the Duramax this next 2018 model year, the ZR2 diesel is what we're thinking, it'll tow this thing on our old sled/bike trailer like a champ as it's so much lighter than I would have thought.