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    Good for them, I hope they get some good paper in their file at least for their actions, better yet commendations. It'd be all to easy to just take cover or gtf away from there. So many in the videos were standing tall and doing first aid, or helping in some other manner, as the rounds still rained down.

    I would absolutely go to a shop like that. I’d have “mandatory “ laptop tables, where you had to be doing...well nothing other than being a hipster, on a laptop, but the network admin setup would only allow conspiracy sites through the firewall.

    Hah, this would be extreme, make all the waitresses get rfid chips in their hands to interact with the squirrel program. Now that would get publicity.

    You need a zooology section for reptilians for sure, a mental health section called “MKUltra”, and an environment section for “global warming “ and most of all “Chemtrails “. The Illuminati, masons, and the Vatican could be in the “world travel” section. You could sell flags, but they would have to be “false flags” so far as merchandise goes. The presidential section should cover the Clinton body count list, Obama’s birth cert, and so forth.

    Also, at your coffee bar you absolutely need a sign putting all on notice that floride and salt peter come free with all beverages.

    Also, those little model helicopters that buzz around in circles on a string, paint some all black and have a few suspended in various places attached to the ceiling.

    400 is a lot of ammunition or magazines. Or, a dot optic. I’ve read so many great things about that trigger, glad you’re liking it.

    Agreed and agreed.

    GREAT article in Washington post toay.…op&utm_term=.05c0c498b151

    The NRA today has called on the ATF to look at bump stocks/etc. IMO if that's the only thing that happens in terms of law changes, I'd call it a win. Not that I'm in favor of any laws or restrictions, but if that's all that the wimps at the NRA end up giving could be worse, you could have laws like up here foisted on you, all mag fed semi autos heavily restricted (until some started coming in thanks to me and my company circa 2000 or so thanks to the loopholes they missed in 95 C17/C68 law). From the safe, to trunk double locked, to the range, and then home, no deviations or adios license to own firearms. That's what the Dems/left wants to do to you. Would you trade bump stocks to avoid that? Of stand firm and tell them to eat shit on any new laws....I like the latter, but would settle for the former in your shoes if it stops or even delays eventual restriction or confiscation a la Beetle. Settle, it doesn't mean I like the idea....

    Scientists have NO way of proving what effects CO2 has at higher altitudes within the atmosphere in terms of creating a "warming bubble" or what have you. It's all just hypothesis, essentially guess work, that the current warming trend is to be blamed on that - a trend which again is nothing compared to what the planet has gone through in the last 10,000 years several times, all without fossil fuels being burned.

    IF burning fossil fuels has created all this increase in CO2 in the atmosphere which in terms create more heat - why are the charts not OFF the scale compared to 1000, 2000, 4000, 5000, and so on years ago, where it's been proven that at the surface level, the temperatures were much higher than they are now at times in the cycle. Should it not be even hotter than it was in the past if man made problems are to blame? How can it be cooler now even in this "warming trend (their words not mine) compared to when there were just a few tens of millions of people on the earth, who only burned wood, and in small quantities at that.

    Prove it to me with science other than just anecdotal evidence, saying that because it's heated up since 1920, and taht the only reason is fossil fuels/CO2/ETC, based on lab experiments at sea level and not on a large scale experiment/tests out in the earths atmospheric conditions. That's what's happening, some climate change scientists will point to the effects CO2 can have, point to the rising in temperatures - IF that's even actually happening, but I'll say it is for argument's sake - and claim that they've found the source for temps rising. If that's the case, how do they then explain even greater temps, rising at even faster rates, all throughout the NEEM core samples going back even just 500 years, and all the way back to 10,000 and further...when C02/fossil fuels didn't exist.

    Regarding the musket/1800 laws vs 2017 AR15/Semi auto 2A argument -

    When the founding fathers (sort of, the 2A was written after many were no longer serving, but whatever), wrote the second ammendment, it had little to do with small arms. In fact, England never tried to pass "gun control" laws on the colonies, it wasn't even something the British even cared about. It was considered normal by the British that the colonies, and not just the American ones, of the empire, had people who walked about with flintlock rifles and pistols. They were tools, there was food that needed shooting, and indians that needed repelling. In fact there were times and places in the colonies where the British crown ordered colonists to own small arms and ammunition for public defense. (…l_Firearms_regulation.pdf)

    What the British DID try was to seize the powder, shot, and artillery in Concord. This is largely what the second ammendment was written for - to protect the rights of the people, and the militia, to have equal firepower and weaponry to a standing army, including America's own, should the government raise or create one for any reason. The King and Parliament couldn't have given a tinkers damn about small arms regulation, but they did try to disarm the populace of their MILITARY grade weapons, ie their artillery. And, the artillery in that war, and every major war since, was responsible for 2/3 or more of the casualties, which give credence to the British moves at concord, and for the writing of the 2nd in the first place.

    Again, 2A was never focused on small arms, although it certainly covered them, it was about ensuring that the people, and any militia made up OF the people, would have equal capabilities as their government or a foreign invading power.

    To give a 1790 analogy, 1 man with 1 horse, a cart, and an wheeled artillery piece in the 6 to 12lb range, with some rounds and powder, should he have snapped and found a large crowd gathered, could have plunked explosive, bar shot, canister, or even regular solid shot rounds into tha crowd from a good KM away, and killed hundreds on his own. There are accounts of single solid shot rounds killing 56 men and wounding over 100 with one shot in the Rev war. A single man could get off one round per minute. Owning those items were something guaranteed him in the constitution. Why should it be different today?

    Also, the caliber and method this guy chose was designed for maximum impact so far as casualties/spectacle, NOT deaths, and the x10 number of wounded to fatalities proves this. Armed instead with any decent >30 cal deer rifle and a good optic, he could have made every single shot a head shot at that close range of 600 feet. 15 minutes of accurate aimed fire would be 5x or more fatalities, at least, with fewer wounded. Bolt action rifles being the lowest denominator for "scary lethality", if you're going to restrict or ban them, you may as well ban everything. Point being such a rifle or weapon is all it would take to kill even more than this event by some future nut.


    If we really wanted to lower violent crime we'd just end the drug war.

    or end the drug suppliers.

    We're tried to end the suppliers. After taking out Escobar, and then the cartel that replaced him, and then the next ones, and the next ones - there will always be a desire, and always more to fill it. Ending the drug war would be the ONE thing that Western nations could do to improve things in a rapid way. No more wasted $/time/etc with L/E, the courts, all of that. Just legalize all of it, not just "medical only MJ". Watching lawmakers I otherwise respect and like such as Trey Gowdy get all scared and bent out of shape when they bring up MJ and possibly legalizing it, just a BIT, pisses me off.

    Get it out in the open, get control of it THAT way as the "war" way is NOT working, at all. Put it in stores or pharmacies, have the junkies, addicts, and even occasional users get safe quantities of medical grade, track their info should they choose to want that, and offer them help - should they ask - instead of prison. If they want to party and risk it, let em. Why bring prison and punishment into it at all, end that shit. You'll hurt the cartels, and the "drug suppliers" in a far better and more rapid way than the "war" so far. Take away their $, they'll go find something else criminal to do, as the $ in drugs will be over should it go legit. You don't see widespread alcohol smuggling or running anymore, and it'd be the same for heroin, blow, meth, all of it too.

    Having had to deal with partiers in the largest/roughest nightclubs in Calgary and Vancouver, I'll take dealing with someone fucked up on any drug over alcohol 8 days a week. Even meth/blow, they talk real fast and jerk their eyes and limbs around, but compared to a drunk....yet alcohol is the only truly legalized and "legitimate" "fun" drug allowed by our governments. It's retarded, I can't come up with a more descriptive term than that.

    We've got an insert in our lake home as well, but I don't have no 15 cords ready to go, only a couple. Chop chop.

    You can see the old fireplace in my tractor thread, I put it in the back yard at my mothers place and used some extra steel I had lying around from making targets with a local farmer around the lake, who built himself a nice 2000m range on some of his land, which is going to = good times around here in the future. Good for outdoor burning, cooking if it ever came to that, etc, it's ugly as fuck, but out there, who cares. The solar power array grid is even uglier, but between those 2 things, the other off grid power/battery crap between my close family in the nearby homes and cabins - could be a life safer should the power go off out there due to storms or collapse/whatever. Off grid power could be used if we had to, to move the blower fans on the insert fireplace and keep the 1700sq feet a lot hotter than I'd thought in the winter.

    We've got some cherry and some red oak, nothing beats it around here for how it smells, it it burns pretty well too, good energy/long burn from it. I know one of the cords is crappy white birch, which was claimed to be seasoned, I have doubts, but it was free so wtf. Local guy out at the lake camp has 4 cords of seasoned for a few years birch he'll give us for $500 which is a stellar deal up here, I just have to pick it up and then stack it, probably we'll do that next week if I can get the home care nurses to sched time to watch my mother for a couple days. I want at least a couple of cherry/red oak too.

    Even if you're correct Beetle, and it IS warming - how do you prove it's man made, or caused by any human interaction with the atmosphere/etc?

    You still have never responded to the videos I posted from an actual environmental scientist, that was there and did the ice core samples with the NEEM project. Their analysis of the ice core samples deep in the Greenland ice shelves showed that we're not even close to the warming trends this planet has gone through even in just the last 10,000 years. We're well within the "wobble" or sine wave of temperature fluctuation of warming/cooling as per the many different cores and teams of all political and scientific stripe analyzed. This being the case, proved by actual scientists in the field of environmental change, not a 4 year degree in Engineering like your sides hero Bill Nye the transgendered guy, how can anyone just assume that any change must be blamed on man made things, like "carbon" pollution of the atmosphere (this one is particularly funny...carbon polluting the atmosphere...hah).

    Let's do the Beetle Bill Nye global warming dance together! Hit it Bill!

    Great bang/buck, a couple schools I know are running TP9 variants HARD, and are very impressed so far. Sand bag that biatch and see how tight you can group it.

    Great factory trigger by all accounts, 20 round mags available that fit pretty flush, good sights, for the $ a great handgun.

    LOL Slam. That's exactly what comes to mind when I think of Thailand. Or Costa Rica. Ah, the Blue Marlin...

    Baitman, did I miss a thread recently or something, I thought you had a farm outside of the city, a plane, wife, kids, etc. Not to get too personal, but are you single again now, hence the new relocation plans? I went through the same thing circa 2003.

    There is an office, not in the West Wing, but near the oval office, where the Presidential speech writer and his/her team resides. It's that important of a position. Obama off the cuff without a prepared speech = well, I give you the first debate versus Romney back in 2012. Um, er, uh, em, er, uh, mouth breathing, um, er, uh, um. Also, other times where the teleprompter went tits up, and various other incidents. Presidents and politicians largely just approve public speeches, for decades now, no secret to anyone here.


    In Vegas there's all kinds of conventions all the time. People carry all kinds of shit to and from rooms

    That's what I meant before, due to the nature of the city and conventions, coming up with a cover story/legend for having cases, bags, lots of golf bags (inventory you see) - would be simple, and thus getting large amounts of ammo/weapons into a hotel room in Vegas would be easier than a non convention common city or hotel.

    All you would have to say is "can I have a room facing the concert, I love country music, can't believe I lucked out getting here on the same weekend" or some similar BS. People do NOT expect you to be up to serious no good, and bypassing any security that was there would be the easy part.

    Further research today has shown that many casino hotels in Vegas have disarmed their security by and large due to...well you can guess, but it has much to do with a certain 8 years in the recent history, where having defenses is a "bad" idea. Maybe somebody who has been to Vegas recently can comment better or Rollins, I do know 10 years ago anyone hitting a casino was signing up to be compost IMO from the gear I saw, and they looked reasonably switched on for security guards.

    From what I've been reading, when they transport $$ using armored trucks, THEN the casino security often is well armed, but other than that, it's 90% or more unarmed guards now. They'll be reconsidering that I bet.

    Loose-Deuce will arrange a memorial flight for Pipz Saturday 8th Oct. 23:00 CET...

    More details to come apparently, it'll be in the Pipz thread on HTC, for those of you not allowed there, I'll keep updating the thread here as more info is posted so far as which arena/etc.

    You would be hard pressed doing it spur of the moment, but if you create a legend to cover any questions about why you have the large caster rolling "band" road case trunk cases for your entire band with you (security and insurance issues you see), and want to keep your equipment in your room to test it before your performance at a big wedding/contract/whatever...with a bit of social engineering, and even false concealment panels to be REALLY sure you didn't get caught pre act, it could be done. Just a couple of those large ones which are designed to fit and roll through common doorways, you could have dozens of rifles/MGs and 10s of thousands of rounds, no problem.

    It would just take a couple of these…d.php?p=RRHUT1EC&k=119609

    and a good story to back up their need and use. And hoping you don't walk by a dog trained at detecting firearms/ammunition and his handler.