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    There's footage flying around up here of him in an interview in 2010 saying he believed in Canadian firearms ownership, hunting, and would never, ever ban or take guns away. So yes, fake, as are most if not all leftists, especially the politician ones.

    This has served though to piss a lot more Westerners off, the separation movement here is in full swing, and is now growing thanks to this law - imposed through a declaration called an "Order in Council", which is much the same as Obama's "I have a phone and a pen" deal, outright dictatorship.

    I know I said that this one was written by people who knew firearms, and knew what they were doing compared to all past laws that have piles of loopholes/etc.

    Spoke to soon. Apparently this new law now bans EVERY 12 gauge shotgun or larger, and every hunting rifle over a .400 caliber, ie all heavy hunting rifles, even single shot 4 bores etc. The law says anything over 20mm or a certain number of joules at the muzzle. Apparently every 12 gauge falls into this now, cyl bore or screw in choke models. They were going for the 50 cal rifles, and those of us who have Lahtis and Solothurn type anti tank 20mm guns up here, but their net swept a little too wide. Now on top of the 1 million "assault" weapons, they picked off 2 million plus shotguns and they estimate another 500k or more single shot/bolt action/etc dangerous game type rifles.

    Watching today as the FUDD duck hunter types who said "who cares" about this new law, now having their very expensive high end duck guns made USELESS, as by law they can't be used, at all now.

    Unreal. Beware of Democrats and worse leftist USA, this is what they want to do to you.

    Local cop posted this today on a Canadian firearms website - PS he's not slamming Americans, I know for a fact he loves the USA and shooting down there (competes in PPC).

    So... can you ship parts to the States?

    It depends, ITAR has an effect on what can be shipped both ways - having a firearms business license makes 2 way shipping possible, but the pita is high, forms are many, cost is high obviously, etc etc. There have always been weird anomalies - when I was more active in the firearms business in the early 2000s you could import all the full auto AR parts you wanted, except drop in auto sears, and it was legal, for example. Our law was and is very fucked up (as stated, it was up until recently made and written by those who know little about firearms and how they worked).

    Lazs - there were a half dozen who spent the entire day, I had about 60 firearms/uppers at that time, and maybe 200k ammo, 1/2 of it .22 which they counted just the boxes, the 556/762/etc stuff they opened up some boxes, then used a scale to verify the boxes/cans/crates were all the same, but they still were there 9 - 5, a lot of that was "interviewing" me on everything they could think to ask as well. I was lucky that a couple of them were guys who were shooters, and were at least a bit sympathetic and not dicks, plus they were all men, which IMO helps a lot. They didn't bother with my company at that time, as they check that all the time, anyway.

    So they can carry out an unwarranted search? That's another reason we revolted against the British government.

    It's happened to me twice in my lifetime, once when my divorce was happening in 2003. I'd acted before the Fed unit could, and had loaned/transferred all of my firearms to an acquaintance who was a local cop (on his advice based on his own divorce). Then after I moved out and bought a new place, and got everything back, they came and checked again, mostly to save face I 'm guessing, but were very very thorough and went through every serial number, and catalogued every piece of ammo I had as well. Nice huh.

    All anyone has to do is call a 1 800 number to the RCMP set up for the purpose, say they are "concerned" about so and so and their firearm ownership, and poof, instant no notice inspection (ie raid). I can list dozens, if not hundreds, to whom this has happened to just in the West.

    Yeah well,

    It's Canada. Nobody gives a shit what happens there. Not even canadians..obviously. Why would you?

    Nobody needs to ride in front of the bus. Peasants can't grasp the concept.

    Too much truth with this, even here in the West those who do care, and hate Ottawa/Feds, want no gun laws (at all), etc etc, are becoming less and less of a small majority. The Province I reside in mostly now, SK, is an exception though, where a vast majoirty are what the left would describe as "very far right". Still won't matter, short of a snap election or this Fed gov falling in the next 2 years, not much will happen.

    Difference is Canada was gifted it's "freedom" from the Brits, the US fought for theirs, and has a constitution which reflects that.

    There is no difference except one is black! As for explaining,I didnt write the law but it is what it is.Now if I did write it I would have banned handguns and left the rifles alone. Although they were used is the few mass shootings but it could have been any semi auto rifle or even a shotgun.

    But whats so hard to understand about the fact that Canadians dont have your 2nd and under Canadian law if you follow the law your gun is all but useless. It must be locked up,a trigger guard installed and the ammo must be stored in a separate and locked compartment. Failure to comply results in confiscation,loss of the ability to own a weapon and possibly jail time. If you own a weapon you give up the right to a lawful search and seizure,in other words the popo can enter without warrant and "check" to see if the weapons are secured in a safe manner.

    Ask Gman if you think I'm wrong. One of my friends had his weapons confiscated because he was stupid enough to get an assault charge,after he was convicted the popos came and took all his guns,he lost around 10 grand worth of guns,IIRC he had around 14 or 15 rifles and 2 handguns,oh and a couple of shoties.

    Yep, that's what happens with any assault or drug charges - instant firearms seizure, and at least a 5 year to lifetime firearms ban. Also, minor addendum, restricted (ar15 and most handguns) need to be stored in a box/case or Vault, if in a vault you don't need trigger locks plus ammo can be stored inside the same vault - or room designed as a vault (they have never been specific about the design). The LE can enter your place of storage (home) with no warning any time to "inspect" your shit, Spit is correct about this part of the law. Lame huh...

    That's not exactly correct Spitbull be careful using this or telling anyone else in the tribe that it's okay. The order in council says exactly that First Nations DO get an exemption from the new law, but it's only effective for some rifles, and it has to be proved that you were using it for providing sustenance ie hunting BEFORE the law went into effect, it isn't retroactive, and it certainly isn't a blanket permit to own whatever you want. The new act also says FN can only keep using said now prohibited rifle until "a suitable replacement can be found". Ridiculous wording, but read it, that's what it says. FN have never had a blanket permit to own any handgun, restricted or prohib rifle they wish, non registration and not needing a PAL applied to non restricted rifles, but none of the stuff that was just banned.

    You can ask the hundreds if not thousands of FN people in Canada that have been convicted under the current firearms act/etc, who are making up over 1/4 of the prison population (if not more, it depends on the Province, but out West here it's far far over half right now, 75% in SK for example), if they think that FN law supersedes Canadian Federal and Provincial law. It doesn't. I know FN have their own governments and can set some of their own bylaws/laws/etc, but Canadian laws so far as criminal code still apply on the Res, and everywhere else to FN people. There are parts of Canadian law that don't apply on reservations, but again, it's far from a blanket exemption, a perfect example is murders/asaults/etc on reservations always end up in non-tribal regular courts like the rest of us.


    Plenty,the gangs out in BC use them all the time,usually they are oriental gangs and the guns werent bought or stolen here.

    The stats don't bear that out, you can easily search this - there HAVE been plenty of Asian (mostly East Indian AND "Oriental" gangs, but a lot of whites too, it's a mixed bag) gangs using rifles, but there hasn't been a case where a machine gun or full auto fire was used in...forever. Try and find one, and you will have a very hard time, I can't even find a single link to one incident that I do remember from the 90s ATM.

    Still, it's a moot point, anyone with any experience with small arms knows that semi auto aimed fire is usually much more effective than full auto when it comes to shoulder supported rifles.

    I forgot that the MBB Bo105 is coming soon-ish too, and yes, the AH64 is planned by the ED division, not one of the smaller dev teams, but in house, so hopefully it'll be decent. I'm really looking forward to the Hind and the Cobra, especially the Cobra. I hope all have duel crew as well.

    What would you do Storch if the Democrats win in the fall, plus a Democrat Gov wins in Florida, and passes similar shit? Believe me, given the option many of us would rather live elsewhere, or at least not be under Ottawa's rule.

    It's not all that easy to move to the USA as a Canadian for most which is the only option for better firearms laws, hasn't been since I've been alive. It's not like gun owners, and even non gun owners, are happy with Ottawa/Canada, and haven't been for decades. You can buy property and live in the USA less than 1/2 the year, but that's about it, this doesn't come with an automatic right to own firearms - it takes a long time to get a green card where you can legally possess firearms (there are loopholes, but it's not 100%, at all and varies by state) as a Canadian snowbird. They've closed a lot of stuff over the years, 15 years ago you could get a CCW permit in Idaho as a Canadian, but that's gone now.

    If you asked most people in Western Canada, the majority don't like our gun laws (and a bunch of other laws). I doubt the Western 3 or 4 Provinces can ever get their shit together to leave Ottawa/Canada, but there are options to fight. The Premiers of both Alberta and Saskatchewan have a notwithstanding clause they can probably use which will delay Ottawa's new order in council law by 5 years or more from taking effect, leaving things as status quo (maybe), plus other initiatives that are under such as replacing the Provincial Chief Firearms officers with local people instead of Ottawa appointed lackeys.

    We'll see. The major negatives again are that none of the listed firearms can be "used" any longer, whatever that exactly means right now, plus the aforementioned financial hit that the value of the firearms take. The cost in Canada is always much higher than the USA, as an example an XCR is 3600$ at a minimum up here, only the Chinese rifles are cheaper than the USA on average, so it doesn't take many rifles, just a handful, to put a 15 or 20k dent in somebody's pocketbook. That's not counting the investment in magazines, accessories, etc.

    Unlike past Canadian gun laws, which were written by people who knew little about firearms, they corrected this and got people who really knew their shit (unfortunately). They even banned AR 15 upper receiver groups, not just the registered lowers. They got pretty much everything, but strangely stuff like the Benelli M4 semi auto shotguns/etc, and pretty much all shotguns, combat barrel lengths or otherwise, were left off.

    Get this - the First Nations/Natives get an exemption from the ban. Funny, the one group with the highest ratio of violence, criminal firearms charges, etc, doesn't have to participate.

    As of now you can't use anything on the list at the range, or anywhere else for that matter. All of my personal stuff on the list got transferred to our company inventory, which means I can still use stuff on our "approved" testing range (it's large, 1000 meters), but no place else, no training elsewhere, plus I have to store everything separate in our company vaults (luckily one of these is at my home in Calgary still). Big pita, at least I won't "lose" anything as it's all designated for trial/testing/etc under our military contract, but I do lose the $$$ value of them now. Easy come, easy go, cost me about 100$k or so. Not that I had plans to sell anything right now anyway, but the market for everyone in Canada who owns any of the banned firearms is pretty fucked.

    Good news is there is a 2 year period before it become enforceable. Hopefully Trudeau falls to a no confidence vote or an election before then.

    Take this as a warning Americans, this is where the registration path and further chipping at 2A leads...

    CZs point incredibly well - a CZ variant, the "Jericho" from IMO, is one of the best pointing 9mm handguns I have (it's a metal framed handgun as well).

    It's one thing about Glock that I've never understood, it wouldn't take a huge amount of engineering or retooling I think to adjust their grip angle to something that a majority of shooters can agree is less than...good. Even huge Glock fans won't argue the point much, that the grip angle isn't the best. I mean it isn't as bad as the 226, but that isn't saying much as IMO it has one of the worst grip angles in the industry (and it was my company's flagship for decades).

    The Smith auto line of handguns (their metal framed ones in the series Storch has, the 59 series, etc etc) are good pointers too, the 1006 are the only 2 10mm handguns I own, and they're great in that respect.

    I'm thinking A6's were the radar killer planes in GW1?

    Somewhat, legacy F/A18 Hornets shot a lot of Harms as did the F4 Phantom Wild Weasels, but the A6 did a ton of attacks vs other targets too, the squadron T shirt that the Silver Foxes were selling at the aforementioned air show had sensor pics of 2 2000 lb precision guided bombs (laser) hitting an Iraqi HQ building of some sort.

    Getting a bit o/t, but a fantastic article on the A6E here -…-of-an-a-6-intruder-pilot

    A6 is in active development too Nefarious, while not on the "official" roadmap, Heatblur has a bunch of stuff still on the net that can be found. Wasn't your father in an A6 squadron IIRC? A6 is my favorite bomber in history, even by today's standards it's an incredible machine. USN lots it's deep strike and medium/heavy attack when they retired it, and a ton of their tanker capability too, making Superhornets do tanker duty until the new stealth drone refueling thingy is in sqdrn service.

    We had an A6 pilot and his B/N board with us at an airshow when I was a kid, and the pilot, Lt. Dan "Buster" Brown from the Silver Foxes had just gotten back from Desert Storm, and I pestered him for stories for 2 nights straight, plus his a/c was on the static viewing line and he took me all threw the plane and its systems on the bases family pre-show on the Friday before the weekend airshow.

    A7 will be great too, a2g strafing with that 1000 rnd + magazine will be good times, plus the accuracy of the a2g dumb bomb aiming systems will be nice.

    Vice Versa here, I should get flying some IL2 as well (FSO/AH as well). Bruv and a bunch of the Few and some other guys are playing DCS/WW2 on the Burning Skies servers all the time right now. Of course Bruv is the top ranked, or at least top 3 ranked, pilot on the server.

    My first modem, 300 Baud.

    Dude, I had that modem too. Brings back memories, holy effballs. My uncle was the Commodore distributor/dealer in Central Canada, Dave Claypool/Microshack inc, my folks bought me a PET, which all I pretty much did was place Space Invaders on, but I did begin learning to code on my Vic20, and gamed a ton on the C64/128, and loved the Amiga platform before going over to PC. 300 Baud. Hah, I remember thinking that was SO baller back then in elementary, I was more puffed up telling friends about it than when I got my US Robotics 14.4 in high school.

    Heh, this makes me remember a lot of things regarding the topic. I grew up in Central and Eastern Canada, and played in a pipe band that was Canada's ambassador band for the Expo fairs, so I travelled all over the world for 4 years in the summer as a kid. Loved hot places, but it was in short doses. When I worked in Jordan for a few months during the hottest months there, it was very eye opening on the subject - I had trouble staying hydrated no matter how much water i drank, I lost 25 lbs at least, and had trouble sleeping even with the air conditioning cranked in my room there.

    I found the same thing happening in Arizona (family there in Scottsdale and Happy Jack) in later life when spending a month or so there in the summer - I would run from the truck to the mall/whatever the same way I would when it was minus effing 40 up here in the winter. But like I said, Florida was great in the fall for me at least, and I did go there in the summer one time to Ft Lauderdale for a week, and it was great temp/weather wise for me. Same thing in California, spent some time in the summer in Chula Vista, it was hot, but it was low average temps while I was there, and I found it pretty pleasant

    So Dred, I can relate, having worked in a very hot ass country in the summer, and in minus 60 with the windchill in Ft Mcmurray in Northern Alberta in the dead of winter. It can be brutal.

    Good choices IMO, I know Iron is very good at the tech, and the others are level headed and would be good mods.

    I modded for a couple years when I worked there in the late 90s right up to the tech collapse, as we were in the middle of a 15 million $ IPO which went down with everyone else. We had 250,000 registered forum users, and did a TB of data just on the forum traffic every month back then. The owner was exactly like GG has been for years here - very hands off, we banned 2 guys in the years I was there, and the FBI was involved in one of those incidents. Never modded posts, never.

    I was a different person then, I don't think I'd be a good mod any longer, but appreciate the thought a lot GG. Health wise it's a very good odds bet you'll outlive me as well, as others have said. It is a smart decision though, to have backups in place just in case.