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    But I enjoy it as is now. For me it's a sandbox. I decide what I want to do/learn and set goals. Otherwise the aimlessness sets me adrift.

    That's what's great about it, there is something for everyone, a truly endless amount of shit to do, be it missions/campaigns made by others, or stuff you create how you like it. SO many modules, I buy every single one (for several PCs), and there are modules I haven't even loaded up yet, like the new A10 2, the P47, and a bunch of others. They have a huge number of teams and people working on all kinds of things, the next year or two is going to yield some great stuff.

    Yeah. I will.

    He got so pissed at the VA, but his stories were so funny. LOL!

    Remember one of the later ones, they locked the door and he was in a hallway. They said there was an active shooter loose and wouldn't let him in. LOL.

    LOL! He described those idiots so perfectly too - ya that was by far the funniest one that I can remember. What a guy.

    As much as it isn't funny how the VA treated him (and other vets), his VA stories always made me laugh my ass off. How he trolled (in person) the attendant at the one that eventually banned him... - If GG can get the old site up first thing I'm doing is trying find that story.

    I regret never having met Mike in person. Great FW member, always enjoyed reading what he had to say, lots of laughs provided.

    Lazs, keep us in the loop if you plan on setting something like the poster or whatever from FW, we want to help out with anything like that.

    We don't have an Iraqi terrain but the first mission I'm going to create for the AH-64D will be this raid on Baghdad.

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    Hah, that'll be awesome, count me in on that. I still remember when they reported on that mission from their command bunker for the media in GW1 - pretty incredible operations, those old Pave Lows were fantastic.

    DCS has roots that go way back, 27 years now. Anyone remember this one:

    Oh yes, I still have that box/game. I was one of the tards that ran the head to head ladder for Flanker 1.5 back in the day.

    When I was at, Carl Norman, the director at that time of SSI's ED/DCS division was a good friend of ours, did tons of advertising with us, and was very active in our forums and whatnot, plus was always available for interviews and articles, of which we wrote many.

    There almost was no DCS, they came very, very close to shuttering the doors back during my time working in that industry, they were looking at a pretty terrible outcome post bust. Here is the letter Carl wrote to have us post on our site and try and get the community to pitch in with $$ to help save them. The community responded, big time, and here we are today.

    The long version of Carl's letter/etc is at the link below if anyone is interested in reading about DCS history. I'll quote in a few relevant paragraphs for tildeer. Carl was loyal to us as we were to him/ED in those days, notice how he encourages simmers to come to our forums at, and that the new info/materials will be posted to our site first, before anywhere else online back then. Again, the community, in particular our members at csim (250,000 registered forum users, and 2 million unique hosts/month on the site), really threw in, big time.

    Anyone else playing this? I picked it up on the xmas Steam Sale with a Steam gift card I got for xmas.

    Really good game. I missed the boat on the 1st one, but played the shit out of Age of Empires 2. I remember when PCXL magazine (best gaming magazine ever) gave it a 95 percent and featured throwing Kathy Griffin in a trebuchet into a wall in a pic/vid in their article. Hah, such good times, nobody would ever print anything like that today.

    Anyhow, AOE 4 is worth it especially if you can get it on sale, it was only a bit off the regular price, but all the reviews I watched on it sold me, and I have pretty much all the other current games/sims/modules I want.

    He was talking about MS Flight, not MS FS. That was the "light" version of FS made free several years ago.

    He mentioned both, his first post was "MS FS", which isn't MS Flight, I'm aware of the difference. MS Flight was 10 years ago now. I just thought he was referring to MSFS as well as Flight when he said it he liked it, misread what he said a bit I think though, liking "Flight" but asking if you'd tried MSFS.

    The new (newest anyway) MS FS is on Steam - not sure if it's exclusively there or anything, but it's there. Sluggo is right too, it's excellent. They have an F35C/B module that just came out and I'm going to pick up today or tomorrow to try out, as the YT vids look great so far as carrier/assault ship operations go. The general aviation stuff in MSFS is incredible IMO, some of the mountain airports around the world make for pretty tough challenges, and there is no end of other things to do in it, I've barely scratched the surface despite spending a fair bit of time tooling around in it.

    I have all the IL2 modules, including the Tank Crew, but haven't even played it yet. I've read/heard really good things about it, I'm going to get into it this week.

    Do you play multiplayer with it AckAck when you're playing CO OP, ie is it co op vs AI, or Co Op PVP sort of deal? Really interested in this now after watching some YT vids.

    He's just kidding Iron, he'll be back posting shortly about how DCS has changed his life, and how he's selling all his guitars/bass/etc in order to pay for all the modules.

    You should see how I have your knives.

    Ditto. Over the holidays the clinch picks drew blood twice, despite me warning people umpteen times that there IS AN EDGE ON THE TOP SIDE AND DON'T PUT YOUR THUMB THERE STUPID.

    The file daggers take a good edge, but the WW2 USN fighting knife has probably the best edge on a 4" or longer blade that I've got. Mainly because I love it, and spend a lot of time on it, plus the little magic marker trick has paid big dividends for me when using my stones. All 7 of my Dannes knives have a wicked edge, the Lazs/kitchen/utility knife has a very fine edge too, I'm surprised how well it holds up considering it gets used several times a day.

    20 22-250 rounds are 49.95 canuk bucks. Not that I would need them as I gave my guns to a friend.

    If you ever do let me know, I can't send ammunition to the USA without a pile of pita paperwork/permits and cost from my personal stock, but within Canada it's easy. So if you ever need ammunition, ask me first.

    I only have a couple 22-250, but shoot them a lot in the spring varmint season, and have enough ammunition in that caliber let to last me my lifetime. .22 I have 6 figures worth, so again, if you ever go shooting with someone else's firearms and need ammunition, I've got it.

    My Chem Romance is a good band, their songs were used by the Calgary Flames under license for a long time, when we had season tickets, we'd always be jamming out to their songs at the games. The main singer has written some good stuff about 9/11, about how he was working in his comic shop in NYC and saw the planes go into the buildings, and said after that fuck those guys, and now I'm going to make something of my life. In short order he was in a famous band.

    Any of you watch Metallica's 40th anniversary concert? Fucking awesome. I saw them in Calgary circa 96 or 97 live two nights in a row from my biz partner's father's box at the Saddle Dome. I was deaf for the next day or two afterwards. Loved it. Anyhow, the 40th anniversary concert is on Amazon I think, or you can downloads/torrent the video various places.

    Also, the Kalashnikov knife is ok, with the plunger/button lock it's more reliable than the liner lock in terms of lock failure. Good utility knife, for sure.

    That's great. They should try to implement that this next congress

    Agreed. Then the Jan 6 whiners can see what a real insurrection looks like, not an angry protest by a bunch of unarmed people who were essentially allowed into the Cap buildings (which are supposed to belong to the people in the first place), who just walked around in there taking pictures. If that proposed BS constitution changing bill got to the floor, the folks coming this time won't be pointing their iphones, they'll be pointing other devices. Plus there will be a LOT more of them, and I'd predict a lot of nearby US military units such as the Marines at 8th and I street, would be coming along with the people as well.

    VKB's pedals are inexpensive compared to most other semi-custom pedals such as the MFG Crosswinds, Virpils, and Slaw's RX Vipers. They are $215 for an all metal pedal setup, which has the best fine motor skill accuracy of any pedals out there IMO. And I have them all, CH and Saiteks x 6 sets, 2 sets of Slaws, 2 sets of Virpil, 1 set of Xwinds, and 2 VKBs among a bunch of others.

    The VKB pedals are fantastic IMO, the only negative is there isn't a toe brake tilting axis, but there are software workarounds in the software to take care of that, and this inconvenience is more than offset by the utility of the pedals. They have a perfect size footprint, excellent motion (adjustable, but stock is perfect IMO), and a great design. The motion is done from your ankle, instead of your knee/hip like most other pedals, which results in a lot more precision, and less moving around.

    I might try a set of them out too, let me know what you think of them MF once you get em. Dannes thumbs up is enough for me, but I wouldn't mind more opinions anyhow.

    I already have the Spyderco set of stones, and a few other coarser ones. I've been using my WorkSharp mini belt sharpener systems, I'm really liking how it performs still, plus I found some inexpensive replacement belts online and picked up a bunch of them.

    I'm getting better at hand sharpening, I still really like doing it when watching TV/Movies with the missus, particularly when it's woman BS type shows she's forcing me to watch, hah.

    Great stuff.

    Such an amazing aircraft. It had HUGE range with internal fuel and a couple/few bags of gas loaded, and could still carry dozens of Mk82s or whatever else. Very fast on the deck as well, and with the systems/sensors it could fly very low and very fast in all weather/night, making it a real bitch to intercept. The USN should never have retired it until they had a medium attack replacement. They lost SO much striking capability, range, and of course all the KA6D tankers, which has meant that the USN has had to use up valuable and expensive SuperHornet hours and airframe time as buddy tankers, which don't carry as much fuel as the KA6Ds did. A SH pilot posted on EDs forums recently that most of the single seat E model SHs are used almost exclusively as tankers for the 2 seat F18Fs. That drone tanker can't come soon enough, but they wouldn't have needed it if they had either kept the Intruder or replaced it properly.

    I've read that Dick Cheney hated the Grumman company due to personal conflicts with people there, and that he felt that they had gotten special treatment for too long, hence one of the reasons he shitcanned the future Tomcat 21/SuperTom plans in favor of the SuperHornet, which was and still is in every way inferior to what the modernized SuperTomcat would have been. Anyhow, the A6 being a Grumman product wasn't long for the world once Dick Cheney got involved - at least that's what I've been reading.