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    taser malfunctioned, probes didn't deploy

    The taser wasn't malfunctioning, that 2nd officer (tard, even look at his stance, I wouldn't want him as my backup that's ffs) was using the "drive stun" function of the X26 Taser/Conducted Electrical Weapon. The sound (crackling) and visual (sparking) are used as a de-escalation technique on their own. IF the X26 model is one of the later models, this can be done with the probe cartridge(the flying darts with the wires attached) still attached to the Taser, allowing the user to engage the "snap crackle and pop" feature while still retaining the ability to dart someone at a distance. Drive Stun is a close contact technique that requires the user to push the muzzle of the weapon into the target while it's in snap/crackle/pop mode.

    Yeppers, and I hope that bodes well for future ground/attack radar across the board too. Anyone mess with it at all yet? I haven't tried it out yet, gonna read the docs this aft if they updated the F18 manual re ground radar. Also, anyone fiddled with the Link16/datalink for ground tracks and targets (if it works as well)?

    Yep, A6 is in the pipeline too, it was pushed back, then ahead, then back, then ahead again, posted links about the A6/DCS somewhere in here too regarding where exactly it is now, both the AI and the actual module. A6 would be a 2 birds one stone deal for me, both a bomber, plus a great carrier ops plane. If they could model that attack radar/etc in, you'd never get me out of it. Flight of the Intruder was one of my favorite aviation novels as a kid, and the PC game (had a flyable F4 in it too) was an early fav of mine as well. You know, a Tornado (ground attack, not the interceptor) would be a really good module as well come to think of it, as the same company that did the A6 game (Falcon as well until the Falcon 4.0 Microprose merger with Spektrum), Spektrum Holobyte, did the Tornado game too, and it was excellent for its day.

    B52 with nuclear weapons would be great - hell, if the Mig21 gets a "nuke-ski", the B52 absolutely should get both B61 and B83, but also the various short range attack missile nukes, designed to pick off sam sites and other air defenses so the big happy payload bombs could be lain on the targets like a chicken pooping out eggs. I'd prefer a B52 to a B1B as well, so long as they modelled a bunch of the crew positions, as well as a model that retained the rearward firing pewpews.

    Didn't know that Leatherneck is working on an F4U-1D DCS module.

    Yeppers - I posted a link to the entire DCS roadmap somewhere in this thread or the other, I'll see if I can find it. With the P47, Mosquito, F4U, and one other I can't remember right now all in the pipeline for EA this year or early 2021, the WW2 side of DCS is expanding pretty well. I hope they do a bomber or two as well at some point, although I'd prefer a jet bomber first, B52, B1B, Backfire, or any cold war bomber really. Been forever since there was a good jet bomber game done. F111 would be good times too.

    Glub glub glub. Hah, I used to say that to "KillnU" in Aces High whenever I shot him down, as he was COB onboard one of the L.A. Class Subs out of Hawaii. He would always laugh too.

    SOG makes some good knives, I have a couple of their folders and fixed blades. Desert Dagger and Pentagon fixed blades and a 5" Pentagon Elite II folder. They haven't made my particular model of Pentagon folder for a while (better grip and handle IMO than the newere one), Axis Lock is fast, and it's a very long 5" blade for a folder, almost too long for pocket carry.

    Mainly carry a Medford 187F Flipper right now, Medford Praetorian, or a Cold Steel SR1, which is a solid folder that's overbuilt but cheap enough to damage/break/chuck. Have a Medford folding/flipping Fighter coming this month (hopefully). That's my usual pocket folders, carry a Ka-Bar TDI small/serrated and a Clinch Pick for my IWB/defensive (against dogs, carrying such a thing intentionally for use against people in any way would be illegal here).

    Stars are "illegal" here in Canada - yet throwing knives are just fine. I shouldn't say such things, it may bring down the wrath of the mighty Justin, and get them added to the new list. I had some of the Chinese 8 pointed stars when I was a kid, very short penetrating points, you could just barely sharpen them, but the stuck great into walls/etc. Into people, probably not so much. The Japanese 4 bladed stars were what I coveted oh so very much as a 12 year old...

    As for 9066, I'm all in for that. Hell, some days I think final solution for the entire left might not be such a horrible option - then I calm down. But there are days.

    I can't shoot a Gluck well without careful attention.

    I'll pass

    True - factory Glocks, asside from the target models, IMO have terrible triggers, and even worse factory sights. Change both of these, and it's an entirely different handgun (for me and many others), and you can get some pretty good accuracy out of them then. A 3.5lb disconnector/trigger and some really good sights = good times. Well, better times at least.

    IMO a really good shooter can shoot anything well, but as always it comes down to training and repetitions. Even the most naturally gifted and experienced shooter will often (but not always) show a big down arrow on the graph when switching to a handgun type he hasn't used in a long time, or ever.

    If any of you ever get the gumption to train somewhere, Rogers shooting school is by FAR the best I've been to. It's been around since my school was (Sig Sauer Academy), and has been running courses and training people long before the been "tactical" explosion in trainers/gear/etc in the mid to late 2000s or so. You never have more than 2 seconds exposure on targets, up to 25 and even 50 yards, and the pressure is on you constantly. Fantastic place, it truly is one of the best, if not the best in the world. Every special missions unit you've ever heard of runs their guys through it, but there is tons of civilians on the courses as well.

    Your stuff looks really great Danes, I've always wanted to try what you're up to, but haven't. I'm far, far better at breaking and destroying things than making them.

    Re the .25, tons, and I mean TONS of guys that I met at the Sig Sauer academy in the USA used a .25 or .32 Seecamp pistol as a tertiary backup (usually a G26 or something similar as their secondary). Seecamps work great, and are very flat and small in the right places, which makes carrying them concealed in an ankle or in waistband holster a breeze. We used to practice shooting ping pong balls with them, same sort of thing Storch is doing - training to go for eyeball shots or just improving general accuracy for a vertical track mag dump into the central nervous system's cone of vulnerability, from bellow the belt buckle right up to the T line at the eyes. I've got a .25 and a .380 Seecamp in the USA with some family in AZ. Excellent little handguns.

    Small knives still have a use - many of the guys I worked with carried a small knife like the Bear Claw, Clinch pick, or one of the KBar TDIs.

    Really like your work Danes, I should pick up a couple. If you get a Canadian order on your page, that'll be me (it'll be from Alberta, I'm a Province away right now, as soon as some of the restrictions are dropped there, I'll be home and will order from there).

    The Reverb has a fair bit better resolution for DCS and other sims/cockpit games, but the INdex is far, far superior in terms of build quality, fit, etc. Rift S is excellent due to the maturity of the Oculus drivers/system, plus it's "just" good enough to read most gauges in DCS without zooming or going to high on the pix density. If the Reverb was just a bit better in terms of res/clarity, it'd be hands down the best VR unit out right now IMO. For every other type of game we use the Indexs over the Reverb. I still think the Rift S punches way above its stats.

    I'd wait though if you don't have a pressing need, apparently HP, MIcrosoft, and Valve are all working together on the next gen HMD which should be out in q4 or so (that was before covid timeframe). I'm hoping the take all the best qualities of the Index and Reverb, mash them together and x it by 2 or so.

    Ya, that's what I was talking about in the last post re the LSO position. Cool or what? I'm going to start flying more this next week, hopefully hook up with you Iron and some others once this module is out, and do some Naval flight ops. F18/A4 I'm gtg, but I need to learn the F14 a lot more - I've got both the Virpil and VKB F14 stick, need to put it to use.

    On another note, I decided to put my 2 extra Rift S up for sale. They are out of stock here in Canada, and on they are going for nuts prices. I paid $425 CAD each for mine with a discount I have at the MIcrosoft store up here. With 4 days left of bidding, I'm over $600 on both already. I'm keeping one in case one of my Reverb/Index's die, but holy crap are they ever going for ridic $$$. One I saw just sold for $800 that was open box, mine have about 10 hours each on them at most, so close enough condition wise.

    Any of you using VR for DCS?

    Nice Iron, I'll add that to my tools to use (kneeboard list).

    Grim Reapers goofballs (Cap) did a nice job on this vid as well, the SuperCarrier module has been given to them to test and make some early vids for the rest of us. This is going to be excellent, you can even stand at the LSO position which has all the functions of that station irl in the game. Pretty cool.

    Case 1 landings with the new Supercarrier module coming out in a week or two. Half the fun I'm having in DCS is doing the carrier ops landing/takeoffs with the Hornet, F14, as well as the Harrier on the Assault ship.

    Am finding peculiar thing about new winblows build--damn pc canNOT stay connected to an adapter more than a few minutes, (assuming it connected at ALL to begin with) It refused to connect to what I knew to be decent motel wifi last week, so I kept it on my phone hotspot. Got home Friday, (where either MY phone or HER phone are the only options) Most of the time it simply said "cannot connect to this network", no other explanation, no popup from security, etc. MAnaged to get it to connect to my phone's usb port, invariably quit after 5 min or so. It DOES have the Windows 10 drivers for this 2014 mobo, uninstalled, RE-installed, same of course. Not sure. Ordered a usb wifi-doohicky to see what happens. (I can still hook up my windows 7 stuff, its a pain tho)

    Have you checked that your Win10 "usb suspend" setting is turned off?

    Control Panel > Hardware and sound > Power Options > Preferred plan > change plan settings > > change advanced power settings : Expand the USB settings, then expand the selective suspend settings and set it to "disabled". then click apply then ok. You can maybe check the wireless adapter in the same panel, and make sure it's set to "max performance" as well.

    Try that.

    What will you have to do with your guns Gman?

    Unsure at the moment, this takes effect in 2 years, ie there is a 2 year window before cops will supposedly be coming to your door, but believing/trusting that IMO is at one's peril.

    The biggest PITA with this new OIC law is that it states that it takes immediate effect in terms of usage, ie everything listed can't be taken out and shot. Funny thing is, it's a prerequisite to own handguns/mag fed semi rifles that are restricted class, etc, that you MUST have a gun range membership and participate in shooting/using said firearms, in order to even have them. So the new ban on usage directly conflicts with current laws..

    I still own part of a couple of companies, one which has a destructive/construction device permit, so we can make, test, modify and so forth, pretty much anything firearms/defense related, including suppressors. I've posted pics of the website for that company before on the old site, I'll see if I can post some pics from it later so you understand what I mean. The firearms I own that have been "banned" now, I've already transferred to the company vaults, and put them into the business's possession, so I won't "lose" them, but I can only use them at the designated range facility on the permit, and no place else. IE no training or competing with them, at all, and there are not a lot of Canadians with a company/permit such as this. The Gov has said they'll be offering "fair" prices in a buyback scheme, rumors from those involved in Trudeau's party have said it'll max out at 1000 dollars, which is going to piss many off as lots of the rifles banned are worth 3x to 4x that, many of them.

    So, it's a wait and see game for the next 2 years, many things could happen. Provincial Premiers (our Governors sort of) can use certain clauses to opt their Province out (maybe, it's not been tested, and the Fed cops will still be here, the RCMP won't care about Provincial law most like), or the Government could fall in the next 2 years as well. It ain't over yet, but in the meantime, all training and shooting sports, even general plinking, is "banned" with the listed firearms.

    It's the 20mm max muzzle diameter that is going to get a lot of 12 gauges/etc. I measured a bunch of mine, my 14" 590 is 20.7mm, and the two bird guns I have are both over as well, as measured from the choke. They are now estimating up to 3 million additional "non assault" weapons are now prohibited weapons. The 10k joules will get many big game/dangerous game rifles too.