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    i played the open beta in 1999. many times i had the arena to my self. very few played the game back then. i can remember hangtime giving me lessons. it was hard playing the game back then with a dial up from new zealand

    You must have played at off hours, because I played the beta from the 2nd day it opened, and that wasn't my impression at all. Citabria/Fester was the first guy I met that day and he started teaching me. There were hundreds in the arena from what I remember in the evening hours in North America. So many came over from Warbirds - I'd just done a review of WB2.xx on, and somebody there told me about Dale leaving and starting his own game company. Couple days later the AH 1 beta arena opened, and we( ended up interviewing Dale a week later after our entire office did nothing but play the AH beta for 5 biz days straight...HTC ended up advertising with us, and we wrote a large and positive article about AH1 as well.

    Dale was surprised at the response to our adds, he didn't understand how large our member base and traffic was then (40 mil hits/month, 1 million unique hosts/month, 250,000 registered forum users, etc). I remember Dale calling us and asking " big actually are you guys", after getting a massive response of new beta players after HTCs add went up on our site as the primary banner add.

    It was good times though, I'm sure we all agree to that in the early days.

    3 guys from JTF2 (our Tier 1 SF unit) were arrested with the truckers yesterday.

    Also, a truckload of 2000 rifles and magazines was stolen a couple days ago too (most likely a shipment from Colt Canada as no firearms biz up here has the ability to purchase that many units, and there are only a couple manufacturers up here who put out those kind of numbers).

    A bunch of Canadian soldiers have been squawking, loudly out West here at least, about how much they can't stand our gov right now.

    Hence, Trudeau is afraid, and that's where this "war powers/emergency powers act" threat from him is coming from.

    Also, interesting vid from this Major.

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    I went to meet Winnie yesterday. She'll do.

    Great dog. Yellow lab? VERY loyal breed.

    My uncle died this week. We had a terrible blizzard storm come through here, and he was feeding horses on my father's side of the family's homestead farm just outside of my father's town here. He had a heart attack and just went down in the storm. His faithful sidekick Libby climbed up on a nearby bale (she has never done this before, not once, not even sure how she scrambled up on it especially in the storm), and didn't stop barking and yelping until we found Jerry thanks to her. We wouldn't have found him either without her, and to give an idea of how bad this storm was, the RCMP (cops) tried to come out, and both the vehicles they tried with ended up in the ditch, and the ambulance couldn't come collect the body for 2 days afterwards. The highways were all closed Province wide for a couple of days.

    Libby (the dog) is still depressed, I've never seen an animal take something so hard, but she was sure a trooper, standing guard for her master even after he was gone.

    Hope your new dog is just as loyal MF.

    There was a documentary on this here in Canada a short while back, and the crew making it interviewed some pretty large criminal groups in Vancouver -

    They had hidden compartments in their cars/trucks that had a hermetic seal, plus they also sealed the money using vacuum sealers several times over, and then alcohol washed down the bags of money prior to loading into a vehicle for transport. This was all to dodge the L/E practice mentioned in above posts. They had a Ford Excursion they showed which they claimed could carry over $1 mil in 100 dollar bills in a hidden compartment in the seat back of the rear bench, which the RCMP never found even when they seized the vehicle.

    There is now laws up here forbidding hidden compartments in your vehicle, even small ones, as removing the passenger air bag and putting a hermitic sealed hidden compartment there was very common with those trying to hide handguns, cash, etc in BC and Alberta.

    Hey Iron, I see you're flying the Blackhawk community made mod. What do you think of it compared to the Huey? Do you have the Russian helo modules at all? This video is from a US Army helo pilot - It'd be cool to hear what your brother thinks of this mod, big time.

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    Laugh out loud at the first two comments -


    I didn’t realize the PIT maneuver was adapted to be used against humans.

    Was the biker at least vaccinated.

    52 - I know those DDE Daily Driven Exotic guys a bit, my cousin is the dentist in their home town Kelowna and both Damon and Dave go there (Discover Dental Kelowna BC). I've met both of them a couple years back right when they moved there when we were in Kelowna for a weekend. Got a spin in a couple of their cars they had back then, Lambo and an R8. They drove our Lc500 as well. Dave also had dated a girl I knew from Ft Macmurray, Sam, for a couple years. Anyhow, they are doing great with their channel, Damon already had a TON of $ he made in the affiliate market game online years ago (and still).

    Heatblur is releasing the F4E model first, but also doing a naval Vietnam era variant. Having both will be awesome, and they are both going to be multi crew optional capable. The radar system is going to be really great too apparently. Heatblur did such a great job with the Tomcat, this is going to be fantastic. Rumors abound of a Vietnam map. F4 vs Mig21 and Mig15/19 = great times. Hope they do a Mig17 eventually as well. So much win.

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    Wow. In a just world that momma black bear would have grabbed that clueless idiot by the parked cars and gave him a good munching. Trying to handfeed a mother with 3 cubs is laugh out loud retarded.

    Same with the fruity haired scotsman with the bear with the radio collar. "Oh, she gave me leg a wee nip, and is growling at me now...". LOL.

    I can't believe I agree with Finger.

    Springer, I'd like a Tomahawk too. Thought about getting a Canadian forger to make me one of his - Ravensbeak made me my Sgian Dubh and Dirk that pipers wear, and he's made Tomahawks as well. I'd rather throw you some more business sometime though Springer, if you think you want to make something like this. IF you want to consider it, PM me and we'll can talk about it.

    Something like this


    I'll post some pics later of all the new Virpil/VKB stuff I've got. It's certainly not inexpensive, that's for damn sure. In their cases though, you do get what you pay for, and their tech support has been beyond incredible for me, like bend over backwards type of help the few times I've contacted them.

    Might do some knife reviews too, got a few new ones for Xmas.

    So So. The Saitek stuff is ok, but is usually more prone to breaking than other stuff. If you're not going to go down the mid/higher end hotas road, I think the best bet is a CH stick (the throttles don't get along with DCS frequently, but the sticks usually do, and IMO are still solid enough to buy), and the TM TWCS throttle, which is a solid little unit, cheap, and has rudder rockers if you don't have or want pedals. You can get both for less than any Saitek hotas out there.

    edit - I paid 75 USD for my TWCS for my little collection back in 2017, little bugger is up to $150 CAD now, so now sure what it is USD now, probably 25 or 35 more USD than I paid. Still a good deal though, if you look around you can find a Combat or Fighterstick for well under $100 USD usually.

    Yea, I won’t spend money to a company base out of Russia.

    While lots of the programmers and original staff/etc are Russian, the company is based in Switzerland technically. Wags is ex CIA (expert on Russian/Chinese/Threat Sam and AAA systems), and is based in America. Lots of teams from lots of different countries. I do get it though, I'm not a fan of supporting threats to the West, but the guys at ED don't really fit that category. I've had conflicting arguments with myself on this subject Oaktree, but I always tell myself China should be in the same boat too, more so than Russia as they are way more of a threat to us, but if I stopped buying Chinese things that means no PC, no phones, no TV, no internet, etc etc etc. It's a shit sandwich, but we still have to eat it. For now.

    It's OK Sluggo, plenty of Canadians grind my gears, the inroads the crazies are making are creating even more of them.

    TxMom and Lazs - we got a cat too, she was rehomed to us because her first owner got Alzheimer's very quickly, and started abusing her. So we took her, despite our fur coat razorblade (Belgian Mal dog war vet that we got from my last company I worked for, as they give employees first crack at taking the retired ruffruffs.) not taking kindly to the new house guest. She quickly won our dog over, who now basically obeys the cat. DJ (cat) has been great for all of us, when we're taking care of my pop, she comes and he's basically adopted her - she sleeps with him, and gives him a lot of comfort. She's an all grey cat, purple pads like the Russian Blues, she has some of that in her bloodline, but she's not a pedigree cat or anything. Just a good cat that turned into a great one, had her a few years now, she's about 5 Y.O.

    Many of those screens from their weekly update last week are AI planes, but still, having them updated is cool. The 339, Apache, and F4U are flyable modules, I WISH the B52, B1B, and S3 were too. Fingers crossed that someday we'll get a multicrew heavy bomber - I don't even care what, T160 or Backfire, B52, B1B, or anything, would be insta buy for me.

    The A7 is coming, and eventually the A6 Intruder - the Intruder will be where I spend a ton of time, while not a heavy bomber, it's a great medium on that'll be 2/multi crew capable. Low level night bombing missions during the cold war will be great fun.

    Hey BJ, are you using VR? You mentioned you wanted to be able to mouse around and VR in the same sentence, so I'm not sure if you're using VR or TrackIR.

    Anyhow, you can use your mouse in VR still in DCS, you don't have to use the "move your head to move your cursor" thing in VR. You can use your mouse instead while in VR separately from your head direction/position. I have a mouse on a plate mounted beside my right side stick controller, and have a mouse sitting on it for functions I don't have mapped to my hotas in DCS, as well as just general mousing about in game(s).

    Iron - once the Apache module is out, I'm absolutely in to fly with you and your bro. Not many players in game will have an opportunity to fly with a real former helo pilot like your bro, so good times I say.

    Anyone watching 1883?

    Same producer/writer/creator as Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan (played a sheriff in Sons of Anarchy, produced the Wind River movie too, which is excellent), is behind it and so far it's been excellent. Sam Elliot is in it as well Supposed to be a backstory of the Dutton family in the current "Yellowstone" show. The first 5 episodes have been great IMO.

    edit - aaaand I just saw that Lazs has an entire thread on the show in main forum. Disregard, hah.

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