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    I ordered a set too, they look very similar to the VKB pedals in terms of function, so I'm very interested to see how they feel and work. I ordered a couple new control panels and some Monster mounts for those so I can attach them to my 4 Monster desk mounts I'm using. Ordered the Blackhawk collective stick too, as I only have the Russian type collectives as that's all that was available when they came out. Everything I ordered was back ordered, so I guess we wait...

    Sluggish, my pop had a 2016 Town and Country van, it was loaded/leather and had those fold down seats, and a push button electronic folding 3rd row seat. He had a disability scooter, and could drive it up a couple of small ramps right up into that van easily, even with the 2nd row unstowed, the scooter would fit. Easily fit with the 2nd row and third both stowed/folded. It was great for hauling, I put two 65" Tvs in there and could have fit 5 or 6 more of them I'd bet.

    Sold it and bought him a Pacifica with the hybrid plug in system. Works great, but they came out with an AWD version of the Pacifica this year, so when he's back on his feet, I'm going to get him that one, as the winters have been long and cold up here the last several years (global warming my ass), and the AWD with winter/studs will be much better for him.

    From my understanding and poor memory... The NS engine was based on the QOHC5.7L LT5 from the ZR1 Vette which was commissioned and built by Mercury Marine for GM. It was an incredibly complex and fickle engine with limited and inconsistent reliability. I always wondered what the Merc designers thought of GM reverse engineering their design which GM poopoo'd in the first place...

    No idea about any of that myself, I'll look it up for interest sakes - I do know that the L47 4.0 L V8s in the Aurora line was known for its reliability as was the entire car, as I quoted, it was so strongly built it broke the testing machines for crash rating, and they had to use truck sized crash testing machines for the Aurora. You could feel it in the car, just opening/closing the doors, it felt like the old 80s Volvos, very, very strong and solid feel. My father put 100k kms total on both cars in just a couple of years, and not one thing went wrong with either car, just regular maintenance and winter tires for one. I realize that 's only 2 cars experience, but the reputation I've read and heard about that motor and car was fairly solid.

    Hah, that's cool Holden. The banjo and violin are bucket list things for me, I LOVE the banjo, never played it though.

    As I kid I worked for several funeral homes, and played at a LOT of funerals. It's difficult for the piper too, as everyone bursts into tears once you start playing, and to play the pipes you need a constant steady supply of air to be constantly blown into the bag, with steady pressure, so if you cry, it's difficult to maintain that steady air pressure, and you fuck up and your pipes start to fail. I l earned to look away from the people, and up at the sky and to think about other things, or else playing became very difficult.

    I played solo at the RCAF's 50th anniversary for the Battle of Britain, thousands of personnel there, and a bunch of other events. It was good $ for a kid, plus I got to sit in a Hornet cockpit and do a bunch of other cool things as a kid who was very interested in military aviation.

    I don't know, the old Northstar motors were bullet proof.

    My parents when my mom was alive had 2 Olds Auroras with that Northstar v8 (technically it was "based" on the Northstar, but was essentially the same thing, just improved a bit). They had one for winter and one for summer, both 1999 models, the last year the 1st gen models were made. Dad had found a second one really cheap with only 50k KM on it, like 30k miles, and bought it. So they just set up one for winter with studded winter tires, and one for summer. My mom had 11 back and neck surgeries by that point, and constantly needed to move her seat around while travelling the 50 miles to her doctors, and the seat controls were on the door panel and easy to reach for her.

    The cars were also one of the only ones ever made that had a great V8 for cruising, yet were front wheel drive for the winter up here. Perfect cars really, I wish they'd kept them, but one got t boned in the winter and destroyed, and they sold the other as my mother was bed ridden and the remaining car wasn't needed. I drove one of them a fair bit when looking after my mom, great, great car IMO. It had the air suspension, you could hear it inflate if someone got in the back seats, as it would adjust for their weight, and it was fast for what it was, that V8 had good punch, but it was best just cruising at 75 or 80, just hummed along great, and the car had that "float" feeling you got with the old cars from the 70s and 80s. My LT1 and LS1 Firebirds were great in 6th gear on the highway too, 1250 or 1300 rpm at 70mph. Love that V8 feeling on the highway...anyhow the Aurora was a great V8 car for Canadian seasons.

    A good quote from lame Wikipedia on the Olds Auroras -


    The Aurora was noted for its engine, build quality, ride, and structural integrity. During normal crush-to-failure tests to evaluate body torsional rigidity, the Aurora's unibody construction broke GM's testing machine.[10] A frame-crusher otherwise used to test stronger truck frames had to be used, with the car twice exceeding federal standards for passenger cars.

    To be fair, I didn't create el oh el, my missus heard me going on a rant one day about people using the "lol, omg," etc etc , and yes I've used all of those countless times myself, I'd just gotten overloaded with it one day and went on a rant about how it makes you look like a 13 year old girl on her cellphone with all her friends. So jess just grabbed my keyboard and punched in el oh el and said "there you grumpy ass fuck". So I've used it off and on since then, hah.

    My friend Rob who started Tundra security with Alan Bell from Globe Risk, is a huge cigar guy, in fact almost every picture of him on his Instagram (started when he retired recently as he's making ar mag fed bolt action rifles for the Canadian market right now), has him chomping on or smoking a cigar. Cubans of course, since he's a bazillionaire after selling his PMC which was one of the largest and most diversified in the world. I know little about them, other than what he's told me, but everyone knows some of the Cubans are among the best, and that we in Canada have easy access to them, while Americans get fucked.

    I like your loophole Slamfire, I may just do that next time we drive down the Pac coast highway, hopefully this spring/summer if the covid border BS is all over with then.

    The Musical Ride tramples a grandma - it's so fucking ironic to see a weaponized Musical Ride. I'm sure Gman and even Milo had at least one or two field trips as grade school kids to go see the Musical Ride. So fucked up.

    Gman - am I lying ?

    My father was RCMP and stationed in the Ottawa area for a while, he was on ERT teams much of my childhood, and helped set up the nation wide SERT team that was based close to Ottawa. My father (and I) grew up on farms with horses, cattle, etc. I have pics I could post of him with his first horse "Stormy", a beautiful paint his sister gave him when he was 12 and he had for 10 years up until he he was hired into the RCMP. He never joined the Musical Ride, but it was number one on his bucket list until he broke his back, and then it was out, and he spent 2 years recovering before joining a city police force in a town near where he was born.

    And you're right, I'd seen the Ride umpteen times growing up, and again as an adult. It's beyond fucked up seeing them involved in removing and stomping on protestors. You should hear my father, already famous for screaming at the tv and supporting Trump, yelling at the TV/news now over the martial law act, and L/E actions and potential future actions (arresting people and seizing their accounts for donating to a kickstarter).

    I seen them live in concert.

    30 thousand fans lost their minds!!

    A mosh pit opened up !

    Are you talking about Iron Maiden?? If so, I'm jealous, one of the bands I always wanted to see live, and never did.

    Aces High is an online world war 2 flight/combat simulator Lucid (if you don't know that already, I don't want to be patronizing if you actually know), and it had a large number of players, tens of thousands at its peak, and was so busy it had to split its main arena into 2 due to lag (several hundred in each, and 500 to 600 on Tuesdays when the arenas were joined for one night). Anyhow, there was an active forum, and eventually a moderator came into action, and banned many of the members here, or at the very least censored all the topics we wanted to discuss amongst ourselves on the Aces High Forum. So, Nuke/Gina created this place, and many of us from Aces High migrated over here in order to have free speech. Something that we're fighting for in Canada, and the USA obviously as well, right now. Australia/NZ/list goes on. It is what makes this place special, freedom of speech. I wish GG would come back since she is responsible for creating this...

    The Ontario police "watchdog" (snicker), the SIU/Special Investigations Unit, has opened an investigation into the horse police and the old woman on her scooter getting run over/etc. So it isn't some "fake news" bullshit Goat - someone did exaggerate things saying the old woman died, I don't know who, and haven't looked it up yet, but she WAS knocked over and then trampled, it's on video, and serious enough to get the SIU to fire up a file on it, which is NOT an easy thing to get them to do, as they are motivated to NOT investigate, which has been the case on many incidents over the years in Ontario with SIU.

    I can't believe how close he resembles Castro - and Castro's grip on his arms, and the look on his face, as well as Justin's body language? Crazy.

    El oh El is MINE g-dammit, circa 2018 on this board and the old one before it. I'm proud to have it mugged by Storch, if anyone deserves it, he does.

    I'm still rewatching and laughing at that OP Slamfire. I can't believe I haven't seen it, when my father wakes up tomorrow morning it's the first thing I'm showing him.

    I never got into it really at all, which is a shame, too many games, not enough time. I grabbed it day one, and played with it a bit. I should revisit it, I have all the VR/etc to make it a good experience. Just need to read up about it, I literally know NOTHING about the upgrades/patches/etc that have happened over the years.

    I'm going to wager that once this is out of early access and all the units are playable, it's going to be a massive hit. Been wrong before, but something about this makes me think it's going to be big. I've been following it since the news first broke, going to be interesting for sure.

    MiniD, that's going to be so badass when you get it finished.

    Hey MF, you see the new V8 Jeep Wrangler you can buy? It's $100k CAD, but I'm seriously going to look at one if a dealer up here can ever get one in stock. Badass, big time, Wrangler Rubicon 392. O to 60 in 4.5 seconds, in a Jeep. Hah, awesome. Beedlocks (had them on all my Duramax trucks, Mickey Thompson wheels/etc), 33"s or 35"s, pretty good suspension set up. I like the juice.

    Big O/T -

    Holden, I keep forgetting you play the pipes also. Edit - I searched and went back 3 or 4 years and found where I asked you about this before.

    Did you play in any bands I might know, or compete in solo at all?

    I last played in Alberta Caledonia, my first band The White Hackle was a large competitive drill band, we were Canada's guest band at the Expo World fair's Canada pavilion, at Expos 86 (Vancouver), 88 (Sydney Australia) and 92 (some place in Spain I forget the name of). Good times. The 2nd band I played in was the 78th Fraser Highlanders, it was the first band in history to win the World's Pipe Band competition (grade 1, the highest) in Scotland, and not BE from the UK or Scotland. Ruffled a lot of feathers, but it was good times, I joined the band later after the big win, and competed in Scotland again twice. I won a lot of medals in solo grade 3/4 when I first started out,(I was 13), and won the Canadian national aggregate (combination of march, slow march, and March/Stras/Reel scores in solo piping) back in 1987. Won about 25 other 1st, 2nds, and 3rds in the first 2 years of competition in grade 3 and 4. Best medal was the 3rd place I got in Australia in 1988, looks the coolest, plus it was awarded by a British H.R.H..

    I still have 2 sets of pipes, my Henderson's and another set that are more modern. The Henderson's date to the first 20 years of the 20th century, they were World War 1 pipes belonging to the South Sask Battalion, and my first band was descended from the band in that unit. There were 2 sets left when we disbanded, and I got one of them (father bought them for me back then). They are priceless right now (well, maybe 10 to 15$k, but good luck finding others in country as they have real Elephant ivory fittings, and real silver engraved fittings as well).


    Every time Gman and the fake indian do not agree on something canada.... Gman is always right.


    The past times about covid details and firearms law/poclity, yes. In Spitbulls defense, in this case he probably isn't wrong (and neither am I), it seems to be bank to bank, jurisdiction by jurisdiction. I was able to get $5k from my own accounts with no pre-order made (that's my daily cash limit), and they took an order for a large amount and said no problem to pick it up Tuesday in Calgary. My father's bank continues to be a pita, but they are the largest national bank, and he's in a small town in Saskatchewan, so likely they have had a large run on cash locally, hence the limits placed on accounts, and he's far from the only one locally this is happening to. Time will tell what happens overall across the entire country. I'm still hoping the financial end of this just fizzles out.

    The government IS freezing accounts, and of those who brought no truck, and only "counselled others" to "commit mischief". Or just donated money which makes them guilty of supporting terrorism apparently now. Again, time will tell how it all plays out. The financial part is inarguably BS, and the only reason the emergencies war powers act was enacted, as regular laws could have handled EVERYTHING else.

    It's not always about HP - the 1991 Syclone (never had one, but spent a lot of time riding in a Typhoon back in the day), had only 280hp, less than my father's Pacific hybrid van. It would run 0/60 in 4.3 and 1/4 at 13 flat, and could do that in semi wet conditions still with the awd.

    My z06 was boosted, but I bought it that way, I think I put some pics of it in this thread earlier on. My own 1973 Volkswagen camper top van I inherited from my grandpop had a max speed of about 60 mph with no wind/tailwind, and 55mph pretty much the rest of the time. The big hills in Calgary would drop me down to 20mph max and that was pushing it hard. I wish I still had it.

    I'll post the videos of this from YT later - somebody with no truck, who was just down there at the protest and had donated $100 on givesendgo has had his accounts all frozen, and he posted the call he got from his bank.

    The "police" at the Ottawa protest are seizing the animals truckers have with them (lots of dogs/cats, as truckers frequently travel with their animals), and then are subsequently freezing the accounts of the drivers, and telling them they have 8 days to come up with money somehow to pay for their seized pet's care, or they will be destroyed. Child protective services is going to be grabbing all the kids there as well according to sources in L/E.

    The government is using information gained from an illegal hacker, and a reporter, who collaborated and made a spread sheet of all the donors names/info on the givesendgo site hack. They are using data from an illegal act to enforce their martial law arrests. Anyone who donated is subject to having their accounts frozen, and also to be arrested depending on what type of comment they left with the donation and on social media. So, sitting on your couch thousands of miles away, you are now a terrorist for donating money to some truckers driving to Ottawa.

    It's in the early stages, but if the government presses on with this shit, I'm beyond concerned now about what can start happening. Hell, the banks aren't even letting you take out cash here in quantity, I/we have a good pile of cash at all times, more than enough to survive a year or two, but I went to the back to order another $25k for my father from his liquid savings account, not even close to emptying it, and they told me to get fucked pretty much, and would only give me $500 from his account (i have power of attorney). I can't even order more, that's the max daily they've changed his account to, when it used to be $4k, with the ability to order any quantity with 3 days warning.

    There is going to be a big run on the banks on top of everything else up here, again, if the government presses on. It can still be stopped and turned around, I say it's a coin flip on that right now. Not good.

    Remember the Pastor here who threw out the police when they came to shut down his service?

    He's been arrested several times since, and recently he went to the border crossing in Alberta where truckers had blocked the access, and he preached a sermon to them there. The police charged him for aiding and abetting the protest under the Critical Infrastructure defense act. LOL. Preaches a sermon, and is charged under the defense act. Denied bail too, now in prison indefinitely under the martial law emergency power act probably as well.…email&utm_source=therebel

    Plz explain how gman is disarmed,he’s a Canuck too. But only an idiot would post about how many guns he owns on the internet,that’s why I gave mine to a friend…

    For private citizens, you're absolutely right, with no registration for long guns, discussing what you have just gives the gov information that is probably best kept tight. In my/our case, everything in inventory the gov knows about already, and are on our business license registry for destructive devices/etc.

    Perhaps what Lazs meant is that the Canadian government is trying to disarm the citizen of the country, not that they have already done so. The RCMP estimates there are 14 million firearms in the country, and the pending semi auto rifle bans only account for a very, very small fraction of this. But, the gov is obviously on the march towards prohibiting more and more types of firearms, as well as making ownership more difficult.