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    Seriously. I will make bank. The leftists will replace the fortune I lost to Obama and ATT.

    I'm going to financially rape them like they deserve to be.

    I hope so, and the best part will be that you'll essentially be selling them a false sense of security. How soundly leftist must sleep knowing they have a locking gate at the entrance to their driveway, not realizing that swarms of angry negroes can climb over it not much slower than a pack of angry chimps.

    You should consider doing a 5x on your rates, as the more the $$$ goes up, the safer it'll make leftists feel (they seem to equate cost with security), and the more they'll buy.

    Look at this BS - one cop fired, the other suspended. Nigro takes one cop's taser after getting arrested for DUI. Runs away. At the 4 to 5 second mark he turns and fires the taser at the cop (look at the red car's open window, at the top of its frame you can clearly see the probes/wires/puff of propellant/etc fire at the cop). One of those probes might have either hit the officer or his own taser or light as it gets dropped/goes flying (cop isn't tased, but by his reaction it was either a single probe strike or he was just stunned/startled by being shot at and dropped his own taser). Cop knows Nigro has one more pair of probes in his taser to fire at him. What would anyone do at this point - threatening a cop with aerosol or electric weapons is grounds for use of lethal force, it's in EVERY single use of force continuum training, both live or the reading materials, that I've seen.

    So cop shoots poor poor Nigro, and now, more riots, burning, looting, and 2 cops out of a job for doing what they were trained, and legally allowed to do.

    It seems kinda bare...

    It is, but it's exactly what the F14 stick gives you IRL in terms of controls. I run either of the 3 throttles Virpil has made so far with it, and there is so many switches/dials on each of them that I literally am finding dumb things to add to various controls on them that I rarely use in game. I've been meaning to put up some updated pics of the hotas stuff I regularly use, but kept putting it off due to Covid and 3/4 of my stuff being at our other place which I couldn't drive to because of the Covid rules/etc in these parts. I have all my Virpil stuff but only one of my VKB Gunfighters, and don't have my Slaw pedals x2 or my MFG Xwinds either to hand.

    Maybe next week I'll take some pics, I've got some new mounts too, and hopefully my Alpha grips from Virpil will get here by then too.

    Grip wise the VKB/Virpil stock grips are fairly close-ish to the Russian sticks in modern fighters (J11 too), the TM Hornet stick is obviously good for the Hornet, and is close to the AV8B, F15, and one other i'm forgetting. I use the Tm WH stick for the A10 and F16 (I use the USB Cougar throttle I have for the Viper as well), the F5E stick for the F5E, F14 stick for the F14 only, and then have a few where I just use the stock MCG or T50CM2, like Elite and Star Citizen. I'm using hands on stick and stick plus throttle for Star Citizen, it works really well once you get used to it.

    make sure you leave a paper trail, just in case the property managers don't take proper action.

    Yep, this is also especially important if you take her to small claims over the damage she caused your trailer too.

    GG, do you have any security cameras? If not it might be worth the investment to get even just a cheap fifty dollar one and point it so that it gets your property/trailer and the garbage dump next door. Just in case she gets pissy or her relative/friend that's been building shit does as well. Insurance in case they decide to damage more of you stuff intentionally, or if they try to move your fence, etc.

    Nice Explorer, I try to get most of our vehicles in that same color. Silver/whatever is among the easiest to keep clean I've found (remember 1/2 our year on the road up here is slush/snow/sand for the ice/snow/other bullshit/etc).

    It is far worse than what I envisioned from your description.

    Seriously... they gotta go.

    Wow, ditto. GG you shouldn't have to live next door to that bullshit, holy fuck, what a shit show. How can someone live like that?

    Is the damage to your bedroom pop out that bent in part under the air conditioner? If that's what that neighbor did, you should file a claim in small claims court or whatever you have like that in California. Unreal, she didn't even offer to repair that after hitting it?

    All that shit outside of her place looks like a fire hazard, piles of combustibles and crap just strewn about. Call whoever your city/whatever has for bylaw officers, that has got to be against a bunch of regs. You've gone out of your way IMO tolerating your neighbour, and if your property management doesn't come through...

    I'm usually in a constant cycle of upgrading, always get the newest/best gaming CPU and whatever new nVidia ti card that comes along. I do think that I might skip the 10900k and wait for the next 10nm coming from Intel, as someone I know has tested DCS on the 10900k and found like 1 to 4 FPS difference in VR with the 2080ti compared to the 9900k which I'm running a few of now. Just doesn't seem worth the PITA of Win10/everything reinstall on my C drives for such little CPU gain, plus it's going to be out of date pretty fast when they go to the larger socket with 1700 and the Alder lake series. This will be a first since I can't remember, skipping a generation of CPU/MB/Socket. I'll for sure be selling off the 2080tis when the 3080ti comes out though.

    I bought the channel and P47, haven't had a chance to fly either yet - tomorrow. Looks great from the vid. They put a lot of the upcoming Mosquito in that vid as well - that'll be a lot of fun, twin engine WW2 plane. I still want a bomber, any bomber, WW2 or a more modern jet bomber.

    NBD - some of the things I saw Dred posting were correct IMO, such as no one drug does the same thing for every single person. A lot of people I know with Lupus for example can't take Plaquenil due to the side effects. Same thing with corticosteroids like Prednisone - I can't take it, in fact I was given a very high dose of it when I was first diagnosed, and it gave me what's called "drug induced type 1 diabetes". Plaquenil isn't a magic solution, but IMO it has helped people with Covid, while others it won't have any effect. The odds of having a real bad reaction in terms of side effects from just a few (few as in a couple weeks worth) doses @ 200 tid is going to be less, far less than the number that it has had a positive effect for. Just my opinion based on the several dozen people I know who have taken Plaquenil for that period of time or longer, and the side effects or lack thereof that they've had.

    Whats your dosage level?

    I've only asked you that question about 3 times

    200mg a day, pretty common dose. Started at 400mg 2x 200mg a day, then dropped to 200mg the last 9 years, so pretty much just 200mg per day - when I take it, which is dependent on various blood test results monthly.

    Did a search through all your posts in the last few months, haven't seen one much less three places where you asked me what dose I've taken. You asked John once, that's all I could find. Searched your user name to mine, the words dose, dosage, and level. Nothing. Maybe I'm wrong and missed it, link it if I did, and I apologize if that's the case.

    One thing I found ridiculous regarding the leftist and the Plaquenil thing - SO many of them said such stupid crap about its side effects, absolute nonsense and scare mongering. I've taken it off and on for 10 years no for my SLE/Lupus. I know dozens of others from various Lupus support/etc groups who have done the same. The VA gives out five figures worth of doses of it a month to vets with Lupus and other off label ailments. So what, it is "ok" for all of us to take it for these reasons, but oh no, if you take it for Covid treatment, the sky will fall on your head because of "dangerous side effects". Ridiculous.

    What are your thoughts on throttles? I'm slowly piecing together a setup and just started with a ebay virpil warbrd base. It seems their products are constantly sold out but overall, probably the best product .

    I've got all 3 of their throttles, and almost all of their other products too (just not the most recent desk mounts, I have their first gen ones and Monstertech mostly). I was a 1st gen adopter of their first gen base, and have a couple Warbrds and CM2s as well. I also have a couple of the VKB Gunfighter/Space mounts/sticks. Virpil's throttles are excellent, there isn't really a peer competitor in the category, other than what Phatzo just linked in. I have a Winwing throttle en route, I passed on the stick based on other stuff I'd seen, plus I have 2 TM Hornet stick setups already,. Everyone who has the WinWing throttle that I've talked with loves the thing, so we'll see. It'll be tough to unseat Virpil's throttles, each one has been incrementally better, and the first one was great.

    The switches and buttons on the latest Virpil throttle are like nothing I've pressed before. SO tactile and accurate, using them reminds me of the first time I used an IBM "M" clicky keyboard back in the early 90s. Plus it's a lot smaller footprint for those that don't want to mount it. Speaking of which IMO the very best bang/$ ratio is probably a Warbrd base, some sort of TM stick (Cougar or Warthog), and Virpil throttle, so far as a desktop non mounted setup (I prefer this for games like AH3 where there is a lot of accurate shooting involved, as I like to have my arm planted on the desk/surface for that).

    Virpil has been excellent to deal with as well, no hardware issues on my end, but figuring out the software side, they've always answered me within a day, usually hours, and have connected remotely to my system to fix stuff before as well (I had a base which got a corrupted flash and wouldn't take a new one, which they fixed remotely after I shorted the two little places/reset on the main board of the stick with a pair of tweezers).

    I did get my Virpil pedals in at last, pretty good. Really good in fact, you can make them like my Slaw Viper RX, foot on floor combat peds, or like my Slaw 109Cam peds, feet off floor completely. They're as good as either of my Slaws, and better than my VKB and MFG Crosswind pedals. Really impressed. Hopefully they get their cable situation figured out, as the pedals, newest throttle, and the latest base (CM2) all have a plug to interconnect, and be unified into one USB connection.

    Episode 2 down, and it's getting stupid.

    Basically they launch a new satellite, but a chinese satellite attacks it and disables it. The leader of the Space Force almost pulls off an outrageous attempt to fix satellite, but everyone is acting like the new Space Force fucked up. That's stupid.

    I checked out around mid way through episode 3 myself. I used to like Fred Willard (Best in Show is still a great cult comedy film IMO), and Malkovich's recent anti-SJW/Cancel/Outrage culture comments should be applauded. That all said, this show sucks, just more not so cleverly hidden anti-Trump crap from writers lacking good material.

    Looks like this fall will be another big upgrade cycle for me. I was going to grab the new I9/10900k and new socket MB to replace the 9900ks I'm running now, (they are out this next week), but since it looks like nVidia's new 2080ti replacement isn't coming until Sept/Oct, or the new HP/Steam/Microsoft HP Reverb replacement (new HP Reverb G2) until fall as well, I might as well wait and to everything all at once.

    The latest update from ED improved frames for me a fair bit, I have a mild OC @ 5.0 on my CPUs and fairly mid level OC on my 2080tis as well, running 150% on my Reverb for PD offline, and 1.0 online, and saw a decent improvement this last week. Sold my Rift s (both of them) for just under 700$ CAD, so made a $400 profit off of them both combined - covid shutdown their manufacture, so Ebay was getting huge $$ for them used. That said, they new stuff coming may be backlogged to shit because of covid too - Intel has the new MBs out already in stores I've seen here, just not the CPUs yet, so maybe that won't be the case.

    Puma44 @ HTC has great stories about his time flying Century series fighters.

    Any fighter that has a nuclear warhead in an air to air missile = good times IMO. Whooosh......puuuuuhPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!! Bye Bye inbred Russian aircrew x entire formation of bombers. Or pretty much any other airborne target(s).

    Paramilitary 2 - can't say enough about it.... you can cut up food with it, then open lots of cardboard boxes with it. The steel is incredible - very hard to dull, but a bit of work to sharpen up again -but when you do, it's good for 6 months of constant use. It's good enough in hand to be a self defense knife as well. It does it all. Still, it will never be that one "last knife" you buy because well that's impossible... but I think it's as close as it gets.

    Do you still have your Sebenza? Still one of the best folders you can get out there in semi-custom land, Chris Reeves still outsell almost all their competitors in that range too.