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    I can't WAIT for the new F4U Corsair, Essex Carrier, and some Jap planes for this new map.

    Great YT channel for current updates for DCS and upcoming modules. Some great stuff here...The Mig17 and F8 Crusader will make for some great Vietnam era possibilities. When we get the F4 Phantom, and a nam era Mig21 module update, it'll be the start of a pretty decent Vietnam era subset, with the Mig17, 21, F8, F4, etc. Also a bit on the F15E Strike Eagle module at the end of the vid below - that's going to be fantastic too, woowoo.

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    Some early testers with examples of Intel's new Alder lake and Win 11 - which apparently might release together - are saying there is pretty big gaming performance increases. Of course these sources could be BS, but a couple of them have proven accurate in the past, so we'll see.

    Win 11 on its own is supposed to provide a decent gaming performance increase, so again, time will tell.

    I wrote the first review of the first Razer mouse back in the year 2000. The company that made the original Razer Boomslang 2000 was Kärna LLC.

    I'm no Razer fan either...not at all. I did recently buy one, the mini Death Adder, it was very cheap on sale, and I wanted to use it for a HTPC set up. It's "ok", I wouldn't pick it to game with, but that's just me. Still a Zowie fan for the most part. I dislike the "super light" mice with all the holes drilled in the housing that are around now too, about 1/2 dozen companies make a version of this type of mice.

    I still have that original Razer Boomslang, and about 3 or 4 dozen others, including the Logitech Wingman which is still my favorite mouse of all time - no roller wheel, just 3 buttons, and a perfect shape for gaming IMO.

    I'll post some pics of all the mice, keyboards, headphones, etc I've collected, but first I need to do an updated pics/vid of the HOTAS stuff I've gotten since I posted pics/vids the last time, the new collectives from Virpil should be here in 10 days they said in an email on Friday.

    Razer mice have a 2 year factory warranty. I'd try contacting Razer and/or registering your mouse on their homepage, then filling out the warranty/RMA crap - Amazon's warranty is Amazon's, not Razer's, I think...

    Walipinis are around, they "kinda" work, not my bag. My grandfather made himself a home buried in a similar way, thinking the window positions and a bunch of other nonsense would heat his home for nearly free in the winter. You can guess how that worked out (lived in it for about a year, just one cold season, ha ha).

    MF, he only plants stuff like dill, peppers, shit like that. Our taters and tomatoes all go into the ground, the soil here is considered some of the best farming land on the planet (hence the price per acre in these parts). Raised bed/box IMO should only be made and used for people with a disability, where getting down to the ground and back up is a probleml

    We've got 3 gardens (outdoor), one we plant at my father's city home backyard (big garden box between knee and waist high, makes it easy for him not to have to bend down), and 2 large ones at the lake home.

    I'd love to have a greenhouse Razer, but the winters up here make that a serious PITA. I wouldn't mind a purpose built building that could house aero or hydroponics myself, grow vegetables/etc year round. We get enough from our gardens every year though, my aunt cans a ton of our stuff for us, but it's never as good as fresh picked produce.

    I posted some pics of our solar array at the lake, we have a pretty good setup for storage of electric power/etc. Had a windmill setup too, but it was shit, the solar array makes enough power for 2 or 3 homes/cabins out there depending on usage. Frequently we're putting power back into the grid out there, but the $$$ isn't nearly as good as it used to be for that.

    "You need to take da paring knife, and go "Zig Zag", like dis, "zig zag", but you do NOT want to drink the wine when doing this..."Zig "Zag" "". Hahahaha.

    You had to have me find this at midnight, now I'm hungry as shit for some of these dishes, and have to wait till tomorrow to try cooking any of it. I only have some shrimp and some salmon steaks in the freezer so far as seafood goes for right now.

    I do have 3/4 of a moo, we bought 2 sides of beef last year from our relative who raises cattle, but one was a small steer they had to butcher, and it was tiny, so again, 3/4 of a cow total or so. Still, had to buy a new good freezer for the garage just to fit all the steak/burger/ribs in it. Good times, I've been cooking steak or burger almost daily around here. Might try doing that peppercorn steak this week.

    Crazy shit. This was 40,000lbs of shit going bang underwater, not sure of the distance but that's a fair ways off. The shock is pretty impressive even from that distance. That's 20 tons of explosives right? A single 1KT nuclear device is 1000 tons of TNT. So 2 million, 2,000,000 lbs of tnt equiv explosives. 50x this explosion in power. The Soviets/etc had pretty large warheads in their nuke torps, and even the USN's Mk45 had it been in wide usage, had 11kt warheads. 550x the power of the charge in these vids.


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    I collect mice, optical/Cherry mech keyboards too..and headsets, and VR, and Hotas...

    Anyhow, I picked up a Razer mouse myself last week, I typically don't use their stuff, even though it's decent, but I got the micro/mini Death Adder new V2 model for $35 CAD, which was 35 off the retail price, half off, just to use it on one of the couch's in the HTPC room. Nice small solid mouse, impressed with it, but I do hate Razer's pita software. Take some pics of it later.

    The smart criminals, ie the ones like the Big Circle Brothers up here on the West Coast (largest and most powerful of the 3 Asian gangs which constitute the "Triads" (there are 3 of them, obviously, hence "triad"), did the same thing that the insurgents in the Mid East did 10-15 years ago. Stopped using electronic comms altogether. It's more time consuming, more costly, and requires absolute trust in your message runners, but that's what they've done here in Canada, and I'm sure in the US as well (as far as the large organized crime groups go).

    That's not invulnerable either, but it just takes the best tool that L/E has off the board, monitoring all forms of communication. The RCMP here have outed their tech in court recently, their voice recognition tech (ie Googles/Apples/CIAs/Etc tech) can pick out your voice on ANY circuit used worldwide more accurately than your fingerprints can be tracked/identified. Use anything in the world, a gaming VOIP channel, Skype/etc, cell phone, pay phone, landline, whatever...BOOM, within seconds, the system will find and ID you and your location, and record every thing you say, and anyone within mic range of the device your on as well. They can also keep mics on cell devices open, even when you turn the device off. Ya, so again, the big crooks up here send runners, and pay them pretty well to stay loyal, and punish their families if they turn, so the L/E intel says at least.

    This isn't the first time the FBI has pulled this stunt either. Back in 2012 or so, The UN Gang (Triad affiliate in BC) had an offshore server in South America someplace with only their BlackBerries on it, no voice as well, and a completely private server (so they thought). It ended up being pretty secure, as the FBI never broke into it, they only got on it because someone flipped when they caught them on an unrelated matter and charges, and gave them one of the secure BlackBerries to clone. This is the head of that organization. They had the RCMP infiltrated, several members were poker gamblers and got into debt with Chinese casinos (how the Big Circle Triads laundered billions into the BC real estate market, that story has been breaking recently as well), and tipped this man who was the leader, Kam Wong off, and he escaped. Best part of the story is that a few years later, he got arrested in Thailand for drug dealing, was given a death sentence, yet because of his Chinese Communist Party connections, he was somehow "miraculously" released from prison there, and is at large again. Nope, no power at all, right. Crazy the connections these guys have.

    Wong's pic at the airport, skipping the country while his homes and business in the Lower Mainland/Vancouver were being raided right at this same moment of time. Every other close member of his crew was apprehended, but he bounced thanks to some advanced planning and warning.


    Wong getting arrested in Thailand with a Big Circle and CCP member.


    And, bye bye Mista Wong, you Wing the Wong Numbah! Back out there at it yet again, thanks to some Thai L/E officials that had to have been bought off (or threatened, likely both), who let him just walk out of max level prison and disappear. Crazy.

    I saw that a couple days ago I think too, if it's the same vid where he dared to let callers call in unscreened. Laugh out loud funny. Mark Dice from Youtube/books (He's awesome IMO), does the best Stelter impressions in his videos, I always laugh loudly, particularly when he edits in more lipstick on Brian Stelter face on the vids..bahaha.

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    I wish my joints could take it now, I'd love to pick up some of those hammers Storch, and learn to forge/make knives and swords, axe heads too, using that method. I think I'd last about an hour and then be fucked for a couple days, unable to open a ketchup bottle even. That's unless I piled in a ton of corticosteroids, which fucks me up in other ways.

    I'll just keep buying stuff, as making it my self is a bucket list item that's never going to happen unless some miracle cure comes around for the whole autoimmune and rheumatology sector. Very fun to watch others build shit though, there are a couple smiths in my area that are teaching TONS of youngsters this craft, which is a great thing, not having these skills lost to time, thanks to leftist education/policies teaching that such stuff is "bad".

    Thanks Lazs, he's improving greatly right now, very, very happy with the progression of his mental ability. His hip still gives him trouble in terms of balance/etc, as he obviously wasn't able to do the 6 week of rehab you're supposed to do after a hip replacement, so he's doing that 3 months late ATM. His incredible pain there is gone, for 1.5 years he waited on the "wait list" to get him in for a hip replacement, and if it wasn't for a pretty random set of events that landed him in the hospital for emergency hip surgery at the end of January, he'd still be on the list, writhing in pain, and being prescribed ever increasing powerful opioids to deal with it, which is shit. Now he's on NO painkillers, none at all - from him literally crying out in pain in his sleep for 6 months prior to his January surgery (he wouldn't even be awake and he'd cry and and grab his hip in his sleep), to sleeping soundly and again, NO painkillers.

    Couldn't be happier right now for him.

    EDIT - Thanks to Danneskjold, who already has my new knife on the way, can't wait to see this one and also be able to use it, it'll have a good home here.

    $ otw Dannes, don't worry about shipping it quickly or anything, just "whenever", no rush at all. Real sorry to read about your father too...

    Ya, it's been a real shit show for pops this year. Emergency hip surgery last week of January. We both get covid from the hospital he was in for that. Couple weeks later, his eyes roll back in his head and he drops. Off to the ICU for 30 days, Covid had given him pneumonia, kidney failure, crazy blood chemistry imbalance, and a bunch of other BS. That takes a month to clear up, the 2nd week he's in there the nurses abandon him for 3 hours in the bathroom, so he gets pissed off and tries to walk back to his bed himself. Falls, snaps the socket on his new hip, so he needs surgery, AGAIN, to fix/replace the hip that was just fixed/replaced. Couple weeks later, they then release him so I can take him to his home. We stay and take care of him, and over the next 4 or 5 weeks, the infamous C19 "brain fog" affects him greatly, it was like instant onset of brutal alzheimers, he acts like a 4 year old some days, can't figure out the phone, tv, etc, can't remember the names of simple things like food/drink he tries to ask for, and it frustrates him badly. I keep telling the doctors at the hospital what's happening, and they keep stringing me along with the "it's no big deal" type of attitude, and say to "wait it out". I try for 3 weeks to try and get them to come and take blood samples. Finally they do. His GP doctor (awesome, x South African army, lots more details I could go into) sees the results that the hospital puts in their computer, and flips out on them there, and tells me to get him to the ER ASAP, as the results don't look good.

    Same attitude at the ER, totally lax, "no big worries, take it easy" type of attitude, and "you shouldn't be here anyway due to C19 rules, so gtfo of here and leave you father with us, we'll call YOU in a few days". They call me back a few hours later, telling me to get there as fast as I can as pop had coded, no breathing/heartbeat, and they aren't getting him back after repeated jump starts. Anyhow, as I said last post, he did recover and come back, he's a tough old bastard (still), and I have him at his home here now, and he's improving greatly. He's actually in better shape than I've seen him in years right now, and his mental acuity is back to about 90% or so. I feel very, very fortunate, and blessed, to have not lost him.

    Sorry to rant in your knife thread Dannes, I'll stfu now. Thanks again, glad you still had that kitchen knife, makes me happy. I have some ideas for another project too in the near future here. Again, I'll take some vids/pics of the WW2 USN knife and the 3 clinch picks, and do a little review of them - might post some of my collection too, I'm close to 500 (!!! didn't think it was that high) knives and pocket knives now after the missus counted them recently.

    Okie dokie, knife #7 to me you can consider sold then, once you figure out a total$ hit me up and I'll xfer it as per usual. Not buying it because I feel bad for you getting a return, although I do and that story made me a bit angry to hear, but because I love your work, and like dealing with you. Plus I've said I needed a knife like this anyway.

    Prior to me first purchase, Lazs had told me you were a great guy, and a great person to deal with, and that's 100% true. People on the board here should know that your work is great and that you've gone above and beyond for me in terms of shipping and dealing with our stupid customs up here.

    I WILL get a review done and put up this weekend, I know I've kept saying that, but my father was back in the ICU post covid ([email protected]#!), and this last time had a heart attack as well, no heartbeat or breathing while they did CPR and paddled him over and over, and finally got him back (this was a few weeks back). He just got back home, so it's been busy as hell for me dealing with all of this, but now I've finally got some free time again.

    Anyhow, again, just hit me up with the $$$ total and I'll take care of it tonight sometime.