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    Horatius on the bridge - that's who and what this boy is, not the blathering pussy "Super Heroes"/Avengers/actors that are tweeting to the boy, trying to ride HIS coattails so their BS leftist super hero personas can attach themselves to actual bravery.

    Should be real interesting, I've ordered a Yoke from Honeycomb International/Alpha Flight controls, so I can be all "Yokey" flying civilian sim planes. Murderface, I want to try approaches into that nutso airfield too, should be a blast I think. Pre ordered the premium version with extra planes and airports. Xplane is great, for the little I fly it, but the graphics for MS2020 look impressive. I doubt the new 3080/ti/etc cards will be out by then, have to see how the 10900k/2080ti combo holds up.

    Gscholz, your sister is a great looking girl. Preference for Northern Euro blondes though, my missus and the one previous to her are both natural blonde North Euros too. Good for her being in the service, fur coat razor blades is a pretty good gig I bet.

    Snakes - my cousin is a $$$ dentist in Kelowna here in Canada (Kelowna is a beautiful lake resort area in Western Canada). He has a nice home right on the beach on the largest lake in the system of them there. Strange place to find a rattlesnake, but found one his son did. Reaching into the woodpile for the burn pit as he'd done many of times before, he got a negative surprise. The hospital ran out of anti-venom and had to get more from the next closest adjacent hospital that had some, it took so many doses for it to counteract the large dose the rattler put into him.

    I've always disliked snakes. Anyone remember when that kid Tupac who used fo fly Aces High, killed a snake that ate some chickens/chicks on his farm? The forum went berserk over the kid killing the snake, it was pretty funny.




    The Michael Brown one still makes me shake my head. That stupid nig attacked the cop while he was in his car, took his handgun, FIRED it, twice, into the floor of the police vehicle trying to shoot the cop, then everyone cries when he gets lit up? Stupid fucking leftist, shoot them all at this point, fuck putting them in camps. Since they love the Chinese so much, use the Chinese method, charge their family the $ for the round of ammo it costs to put them up against the wall and execute them. That's wonderful socialism after all, right.

    Boring huh. How about some expert knife instruction? Power slap elbow destruction! You only need your one and two. In the absence of a blade, the hand becomes the "hand blade".

    Bas Rutten's defense video is even better, hard to tell if he's being serious or if its a parody.

    In 2024 once Trump retires from the Presidency, I hope he'll consider becoming the leader of what will be the new former-Canadian Western Republic here. While Trump is forbidden from holding another public office in the USA by the constitution, it doesn't say anything about a newly formed country. Be just the sort of thing he'd be in for, a bunch of anti-leftist citizens and a brand new country to be the first leader of. Also be real handy for getting a trade deal done with the USA.

    I qualified for a ccw permit about a month ago. Paperwork was sent to the State Police Headquarters. Still waiting for the permit to come through the mail.

    I don't shoot pistols much, so by no means am I an expert. I nailed the section of the target shoot where the instructor called the point of aim before I shot. The only thing I didn't handle well was the quick draw, I use that term loosely, which is something I have never done before. No points are subtracted for flubbing that portion of the test, so no biggie.

    Don't worry so much about the "quick" part, you want your initial draw/training with regards to getting access to your weapon and presenting to target to be more "smooth" than "quick" - work on mastering the fundamentals of access/withdraw/present, so that you consistently (every time) make the same draw stroke, and present the handgun properly to your sight picture. Speed will come in time - faster (get it) than you think too.

    Sluggo I felt the same way you just did the first time I rode in a Tesla. Friends of ours have a Model S that's got the max performance software/whatever, but it wasn't just the power, application of that power, and performance that was cool, it was all the tech. Self driving (sort of) and a ton of other things the car can do is why I really was impressed. We've always had pretty high performance cars, we drove a GTR for years, and replaced it with our LC500 which is easily the best Lexus I'd driven, and I've had 3 different models. As much as I like gasoline powered cars and diesel trucks, which I'll always have one each of, IMO electric cars are the future for every day errands and driving.

    My dad hit a deer in the van we bought him, and they gave him a plug in hybrid Chrysler Pacifica for a week while they fixed his standard gas Pacifica. He drove it every day for that week, at least 25 or 30 miles/50KM, and never had to put a single drop of fuel into it, as the nightly recharging on a regular wall plug with the stock charger the van came with would pump the battery up to 100% in 6 or 7 hours, and be good for 60km+ in the winter, with lights/heaters and all kinds of other crap running. Pretty cool. I don't give a shit about the "save the environment" bs, I just think the idea of a plug in vehicle with a strong back up gas engine is the future for both cost and convenience. Plus it is smooth and quiet as hell cruising around on electric power.

    Saw Taycan electric Porsche a while back - guy really lit into it too, thing is so fast and quiet, spooky to see it rocket past.

    I saw Jay Leno's video with Elon Musk in the new electric truck - Leno even drives a Tesla every day for regular driving, his wife too. In 4 years he hasn't had to do a single thing maintenance wise on either he said. That was the one factor that kept us out of a Model S, is that the brick and mortar Tesla dealer/garage closed its maintenance bays in Calgary, and there isn't even one in Sask at our other place. You have to rely on this "rangers" who will come and "fix" your car, and the wait list is crazy up here. So until its more widespread in terms of having infrastructure, it's a barrier up here. That changes, we'll get one, maybe a Model 3 long range performance model - I'd like to support Musk too.

    Troy does make great flip ups to back up optics, probably my favorite iron flips too.

    I'll agree, the Garand rifle sights are probably still the best factory sights after 80 years almost now. I do really, really like the Spanish Fr8 sights, if you guys ever see one at a surplus show/whatever, buy it, or at least shoulder it and look at the sights. They are almost identical to MP5 sights, and for the 300m that the shorter barrel Fr8 in 308 is probably good for in terms of its accuracy with Nato ammo...they're perfect. When on the open notch setting, very fast and easy to pick up and center on your target. Even with the longer range settings dialed in, which changes the rear notch to a smaller hole to peep through, they are still pretty good, they just lose the speed.

    I have a storage unit in Bergen full of... um... shit. It's just that the Cat is not the most practical of moving vans, and The Rona has delayed the delivery of my Range Rover. So I'm like just chilling with the small stuff I could fit in the Cat and some IKEA furniture I could get delivered.

    Could you explain a bit more as I'm not familiar with where you're living and what you're driving based on past posts you made. Are you living in Spain right now, and just keep a residence back in Norway? Did you buy a new Range Rover? We looked at a couple about 2 years ago when we leased our new car and sold the GTR. Very nice SUVs, probably the best we drove in, we liked them better than the Merc and Porshe SUVs.

    Once the 3080 series is out I'll have a better estimate Elfie. Put it this way - I've never had an add up longer than 30 minutes without a sale, and usually a dozen+ offers of "if your sale falls through" etc.

    Nice Gscholz, when the new NV stuff is out at least one of my PC mb/cpu upgrades is going to be AMD this time, and that'll be the first time in a LONG time. Good times. 3950x is a pretty fantastic processor, not cheap, but worth it if you can take advantage of it.

    When the new 3080ti/3090/Titan card comes out in few months, I'll have a few 2080ti for sale. I always sell my previous gen GPU pot upgrade cheap to friends on the Hardware Canucks forum up here in Canada, but I'll put them up here first this time in case anyone wants a cheap upgrade from whatever they're using to a 2080ti. I have 2 Zotac AMP and one eVGA 2080ti FTW3.

    Ya, been following that story on YT and PC Gamer as well - they claim to support full Hotas, so in terms of controls/spaceflight model, it may have potential. If it's like an updated Xwing/Tie Fighter type deal, that'd make me pretty happy, as those were some of the best games of that era on PC.

    The 2cd cop had been concussed during the brawl. The tazer can also be used as a contact weapon once the darts are fired.

    The drive-stun feature that you're referring to Milo can be used both when the probes have been used or if they haven't. This gives the X26 (and other Axon models) a good secondary method of use. In my experience when I got tased twice when I took the X26 instructors course, the probes were WAY, way worse of an experience than when I was drive-stunned. It's much more common for targets to fight off/through being drive stunned, where as 99.9% of people hit with both probes (and they conduct electricity from the weapon properly) are completely fuck-o'd until the system stops conducting energy into the target. Axon specifically states that using drive stun cops/users shouldn't expect neuro muscular incapacitation, which is the exact effect the probes give, hence the erect body positions while falling and the head bouncing off the concrete type deals.

    ACM is a lot like the game of Chess. There are a lot of moves and counter moves. Thinking two, three, or four moves ahead of the other guy is what wins the fight. You can't do that unless you understand the capabilities of your aircraft and your enemy's. Although there are billions of possible combinations in the game of Chess a high fidelity flight sim offers almost infinitely more. Like quantum probability though, some outcomes are more likely than others.

    A good sim requires you to learn the basics before the advanced.

    I've found that ACM in DCS, at least very close range fights with guns in jets, it comes down to knowing your aircraft's advantages over the threat you're facing (duh right), and this is mainly knowing when to turn it into either a 1 circle or 2 circle fight, and when and when NOT to turn it into a rate fight. Also knowing when and how to get into and get out of said 1/2 circle and rate fights. Generally I've found the F14 to have the best turn rate with the flaps down and at mach .5 or so, but it's got a squirlly gun sight/radar cue that can be hard to get used to using accurately. The Hornet is fantastic at 1 circle, and can also out rate certain other planes at certain alts/weights/etc. Mirage is a great all rounder, but it too also suffers from a crazy, I mean crazy gun sight in the HUD, absolutely spastic. That and the 30mm guns have very low velocity which affects the trajectory and loft. Dual 30mm though, and once you figure them out, very good boomboom on target.

    The F16 is probably my favorite, get it into 450kts or so range and you'll out rate everyone, and laugh while you're doing it as they spazz about trying out defenses that don't work. Easier said than done though sometimes to get and keep that 450kts energy, but if you be patient, relax the pull/gs in the stick in a 2 circle typical round and round we go fight, the F16 will get that sucker into your HUD inevitably, and it's gunsight/radar is improved greatly over first release.

    There shouldn't be any federal law enforcement.

    The FBI was created from whole cloth by a minor bureaucrat who had illusions if grandeur and was a homosexual leftist.

    Dude, I say the same thing SO many times here in Canada. We're lucky that we only have the RCMP which are a Federal national police force, city departments, and very recently in Alberta a Sheriff's department which is now armed and performs traffic and other duties (They were formally Courtroom Protective Services before being renamed and retasked as Sheriffs - and they still do courtroom guard duty..) A couple Provinces have a Provincial Police force, like the OPP in Ontario, which means the RCMP don't do the rural and highway duty, the Provincial force does.

    It's so fucked up, up here even. Then I think of America, the country I would love to call home. You have the FBI as Storch mentions. Then you also get the DEA. Then you also get the BATFE/BAT. Every Federal agency also has the criminal investigation division cops, from the EPA to the IRS. Then you have Sheriff departments all over. Oh yes, then all the city departments like the LAPD and NYPD. New York has Port Authority cops, and bunch of other separate entity police departments like that. Then it's the State Police. That's nine+ I'm listing off the top of my head. Jesus/Heyzeus fuck, wtf. SO many separate units, all doing the same thing in a different manner, and not cooperating with each other, mostly seeing each other as rivals for budget $, etc.

    It's a ridiculous system IMO. Agree with Storch, scrap the Federal LE, and have local departments only, and give them the taskings that the piles of Fed units have, which mostly are replication/overlap of local LE anyway.

    None of what Brooks did warranted a death sentence. He took a Taser from one of them and not a firearm. If he had taken one of their sidearms and fired it at them then I'd agree with you.

    Elfie a taser can be as deadly as a handgun. The company who makes the X26 has been named in no less than 1000 lawsuits since the year 2000 for deaths by their conducted electric weapons. Hitting someone in the eye, head, or throat can be very lethal. When I became an X26 instructor I had to be tased (twice). You are completely fucked for 5/6 seconds, and even once it's stopped fucking you up, it takes a few second to collect yourself and start being able to actually move again. Also, the flying probes, if they hit you in the eye, that can kill you, or easily blind you, and if the other probe sticks in somewhere else, the electric pulse will absolutely fuck that eye up along with the probe damage.

    The X26 typically has a cartridge with 2 sets of probes, ie TWO shots, so you can tase 2 people quickly without reloading it, or tase one dipshit twice if required, or if you miss. The pinhead in Atlanta FIRED the taser at the officer behind him, who incidentally had his own taser out, and obviously was planning on using it once he got closer. When the pinhead turned and fired, you can see the puff of propellant in the video, and actually see the wires fly past the window of the red car. You also can also clearly hear the cop yell "ahhh" when the pinhead fired the taser at him, as one of the probes hit his gun hand/arm, and it blew HIS taser out of his hand. The pinhead was still turned and pointing the taser at this point, and I remind you that he still had one shot left, after blasting the officer's taser out of his hand. All that the cop had left was his firearm, which he instantly drew and fired, in less than 1.5 seconds after he was hit with the taser probe in the hand. According to his training, and the force continuum, if a threat has a taser, and you don't and only have a firearm, you and legally cleared to engage with that firearm. The only reason the cop only had his firearm was tha the pinhead blew the taser out of the cops hand with his own taser shot. IMO that means clean shoot, and a tough shit card for pinhead.

    Interestingly enough, last year in the same city 5 BLACK police officers were all charged with using a "lethal weapon" when they tased someone who the prosecutor said "didn't deserve it". If the cops are treated as using a lethal weapon with a taser, so should the drunk fuckhead at Wendy's.

    I also don't think typical backshoots are a clean shoot when the suspect isn't armed. That is BS IMO, but this threat had a weapon, one that can kill, and at the least incapacitate you long enough to get head stomped and disarmed. It's called "less lethaL' and not "not lethal" for a specific reason.

    I'd love to see Dan Crenshaw offer to step in for Cruz. That'd shut that stupid jewleftist up I bet. Crenshaw could even offer to fight him blindfolded and he'd still destroy him once he could get into contact and get a hold of him.

    Robert Deniro is another one who has threatened to beat the shit out of everyone from the President on down to average twitter joe who has disagreed with him. I think if anyone ever ran into Deniro and punched his lights out, they could claim "fair fight" and say that Deniro offered to fight him online, since Deniro has verbally sparred/threatened so many people.

    Typical leftist (not all, and I don't mean anyone on this board, jus primarily the celebrity leftists) who run their mouth about being tough, but have absolutely no experience, skill, or training in what real world violence and its application are actually about.