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    Maybe, but there are dozens of defense journals saying that there have tons of cargo aircraft landing the past 6 days unloading thousands of missiles. That can't be just from the UK, 1615 missiles wouldn't take that long or so many transport sorties.

    You can go with pledged, but that is from one single source in one article, competing against countless sources, I've read at least 2 dozen, that all claim that the USA and a few other Nato allies which possess them have sent 17,000 Javs and 2000 Stingers. Just google it, the story is everywhere and has been for days.

    Looking at the numbers of tanks, apcs, and vehicles that Ukraine has destroyed, they must have been given thousands and thousands of anti tank/vehicle missiles, how else would they be giving the Russian army such a working over.

    “In less than a week, the United States and NATO have pushed more than 17,000 antitank weapons, including Javelin missiles,..."

    "The Defense Department would not confirm that more than 17,000 anti-tank weapons have been sent to Ukraine,..."

    “On the figure: That is much higher than we’ve been briefed,” said Waltz, an Army colonel and Special Forces officer who serves on the House Armed Services Committee. “Is that 17,000 pledged or 17,000 in their hands? And what’s the breakdown because it’s certainly not that many Javelins or even NLAWs [Next generation Light Anti-tank Weapons]. I’m curious what they’re classifying as an anti-tank weapon.”

    Yes I read that too, but it's been widely reported that 17000 is the number of Javs and 2000 the number of Stingers. Just because the DOD doesn't release the official numbers doesn't mean anything, as they may not be doing so for dozens of opsec reasons, yet the numbers slip out through "leaks" as they frequently do.

    Either way, saying that the UK has sent 10x the number of missiles means that the USA has only sent 360, as the UK has officially sent 3615 total, and that's from their DoD, not just the BBC. Do you think the USA has only sent 360 missiles total? I don't.

    Ya but that was years ago. The USA has since set thousands of Javs and Stingers, at least that's what they claim and all the defense journals area saying, as per the numbers I posted. The UK sent 2000 Nlaws, a much less capable system, prior to the invasion, and only 1600 since. That certainly isn't 10 times the number the USA has sent, it's less overall in fact.

    That is the total number of Javelins in Ukraine inventory, not the amount we provided. Other NATO countries provided Javelins.

    When Trump sold the Javelins to Ukraine, there was were two major caveats. The missiles had to be stored in Western Ukraine and could not be used on the conflict zone.

    Like is said, where is the numbers for what the USA provided specifically, I can't find anything, but every site is saying that the USA along with a few Nato countries sent 17,000 Javs so far and 2000 Stingers. The UK contribution is easy to find, every source says the numbers I already posted. I'd like to know what portion of the 17,000 was from the USA specifically - again, IMO it's a large, large percentage of that 17000 total. No source says that the 17000 was already in inventory, but even if they did, the USA would still be contributing the lions share of that.

    The BBC claims that 3600 Nlaw missiles have been sent to Ukraine by the UK so far, and no Manpads systems as of yet.

    With the large share of the 17000 Javelins and 2000 Stingers sent to Ukraine by the USA, compared to the 3615 total missile systems sent by the UK, I think that it's the USA that has sent many times more than the UK, not the other way around. Again, just based on what is being reported by all the defense sites I read.

    Of course this is all after the invasion started, I can't find much that isn't conflicting about what was sent by each country prior to the invasion happening, if that's what you're meaning.…-stinger-missiles-russia/…e-s-the-result-1.10657786…nding%20another%201%2C615.

    Spock predicted an ice age in1979 too.

    Live long, and prosper.

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    Oh, the UK has sent more at-missiles to Ukraine than the US has, by ten fold.

    Where have you found the info regarding the USA's contribution to Ukraine? Everything I've found says that 17,000 Javelins have been sent to the Ukraine by the USA, but that number includes other NATO countries' contribution. Same with the 2000 total Stingers sent by the USA and a few Nato countries. The USA obviously is the largest contributor in those numbers.

    The UK has sent about 3600 NLAWS total as of now, 2000 before the invasion, and another 615 afterwards so far.. Unsure of the MANPADS contribution from all countries, the UK has been said to be considering sending Starstreak SAMs to Ukraine, but I don't think they've shipped any yet.

    Ditto, and ditto.

    Some people have gotten orders recently, but from what I can tell they mostly seem to be UK/Europe orders.

    I've got on order put in that hasn't charged to my credit card yet - new pedals, one of the control panels with the landing gear stick/axis handle thing, two of the new Blackhack helo cyclic grips, and a couple smaller table mounts (keyboard) to try out.

    Fuck you Russia.

    The comment was made because the USA import and exports are almost the same quantity of crude oil.

    Yes, but you have to know that the WCS oil imported by the USA costs less (until recently, much less) than WTI product that the USA produces on its own. Again, as I said, there are complex reasons to why both Canada and the USA do this, but the USA certainly doesn't "need" to import WCS, but it continues to do so for beneficial reasons, both for $ and for the strategic reserves component of Canadian oil reserves.

    If the USA stopped importing WCS, one of two things would happen, both VERY bad for the USA - Canada would either stop producing (at least in large part), and the world's second largest oil reserve would lose the capability to quickly extract the product when that strategic reserve could be needed - OR - Canada would start selling much much more to say, China. As I said, both BAD for the USA (and Canada too, at least IMO).

    Milo it's because you guys cannot refine it.

    Partially, but we also have contracts/treaties with the USA who count the Alberta tar sands as 1/3 of the US strategic oil reserves.

    Regarding Milo's comment - "If you didn't export so much oil you wouldn't need to import oil from Canada." - that's ridiculous Milo, there are many reasons why the US still imports tar sands product, and your provided reason here is a troll and you know it.

    Canada can and does refine its own petro products, in fact for the last 15 years we've been refining more than the country here uses, which contributes to why the other 75% of the WCS tar sand oil is exported to the USA to be refined there.

    There hasn't been a new refinery made in Canada since the mid 80s, and until recently the USA hadn't built a new one since 1974. 25 Billion was the estimated cost to build a new refinery in Canada, but it was complex and piped through native Canadian lands, and hasn't happened and probably won't.

    So you're correct, Canada doesn't refine the WCS extremely cheap oil that it sells and ships to the USA for refinement there and there are many reasons for that, but Canada does refine 1/4 of the product extracted each year for its own use. There are all kinds of BS issues thanks to leftist in government regarding production and both internal use and exported product, but that can take years to discuss.

    Canada provided and built the nuclear tech India used for its reactor and subsequent nuclear weapons program nearly 50 years ago, I think we can figured out how to refined tar sands oil.

    I was just getting settled back into Elite Dangerous too. ;)

    Man Iron, I have SO many games and sims I want to get into, and I'm in the same boat. IL2 and all the stuff with it, their tank and WW1 sim, Cold Waters, all the DCS new modules, and then Elite for me as well. Star Citizen, and so many others as well.

    I'm building another new box this weekend too, 12900k z690 and another 3090 (3090ti if they come out in a couple weeks if I can as well). Should be good times when the AH64 comes out.

    In this case it may not, Wags said he made this video out of order this time, so we might get one or two more vids before release - I'd bet on this week though.


    I think we're getting close. You guys been practicin' in a chopper?

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    Agree, usually when Wagner puts up a "cold start" video, the release is imminent for that module, typically a day or two after that based on past releases. Can't wait for this one.

    Same here Shuckins, I just rewatched it a couple months ago myself.

    Eastwood with the MP40, as well as back shooting the Nazi secretary = good times too. That whole scene prior to the secretary in fact.

    I messes around a lot with Star Citizen when Arena Commander was first out, but nothing since.

    Hey Iron, how long of a time grind does it take in real time do you think to get a Fed Corvette like you're after?

    Like I said I'm going to jump into ED on the weekend, I've got my VR all set up for it, and have the Hotas grips and throttle I want to use already installed on my primary gaming system. Can't wait, should be fun.

    I wonder if there is a more widespread war/invasion in Ukraine if it'll affect Virpil's ability to ship, if sanctions come clamping down fast?