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    Good vid MF, I watched it already, but I'll watch it again while I'm doing some soldering.

    I read Norm Macdonald's book a few days ago. It is excellent, very funny autobiography.

    If anyone wants to borrow it, I can email it (it's in epub format, tons of browser/desktop readers can read it, Ipad/Iphone/Android/browser/desktop etc). Worth the read, for sure.

    He doesn't stand a chance, but I really like Maxime Bernier - especially his PPC platform, and how he doesn't bow or apologize for shit on it. This Quebecois Frenchman stood up here in my pop's hometown about 3 weeks ago (Central part of Western Canada, it has a large Air Force base, and that's about it) - he plainly stated that the West has been getting fucked over by the Provincial transfer payments (commonly known as the Fuck the west up the ass, and give its money to the leftist frogs in Quebec - some in Ottawa/Ontario too, but not all - in order to maintain power and control). Currently the formula for Provincial xfer payments is complete bullshit, Quebec's largest industries are "exempt" from the formula, for "reasons", so that they can steal more $$$ from the Western provinces. He said he kill the current transfer payment system, and force Quebec to get off its ass and make its own $, which it can easily do by doing this thing called WORK, and exploiting its own huge natural gas fields plus a pile of other options. Among a lot of other things.

    Anyhow, it goes to show that there are still some fair minded non leftist people - and even politicians - in Quebec and parts further East. Lots of great Canadians in Ontario too, even Ottawa (haha) still.

    I hope Trudeau goes down. The current leader of the Conservatives is a wet blanket combined with a wet noodle, a very weak Conservative, but his one redeeming quality is that he isn't Trudeau. I'm hoping the Conservative party wins, and then he gets sick or steps down for another reason.

    Yes, a ton more, pretty cool huh? I've had missions on there where I've killed 11 ships/sups, and still a bunch either got away out of range of my remaining weapons (torps), or just had swarmed me with enough ASW weapons that I had to disengage.

    Set your difficulty to normal, and play some more missions if you can, and let me know what happens, it's interesting to get another gamer who is a good player's perspective.

    Are you employing the towed array and some of the other new options/commands that the Epic Mod has created?

    edit - have you played on the Russian side and tried out the Skvhal, that rocket hydrohypercavitating torpedo? I got a hit vs a slow moving close range merchant ship with one once (it doesn't have any homing system, it's a point and shoot straight running weapon).

    Now I have buy more hollywierd

    Storch, I feel conflicted frequently as well. Great example is Jason Momoa who plays Duncan Idaho.

    Momoa used to be on Stargate Atlantis in the mid/late 2000s, right up to season 5 in 2009 when it was axed. Filmed up here in Western Canada. By all accounts he was a solid guy according to the guys I know who worked in that industry and knew him well(firearms training, distribution, film armorers, etc, is all a VERY small world up here)

    Then Momoa became really famous after playing Drogo in Game of Thrones, got huge parts like Aquaman etc. He's also got a Youtube channel, which I've watched since he started it.

    Again, used to be a solid dude IMO, built and rode his own motorbikes/quads and shit, and always had solid "man" answers in interviews. Now, in the last couple years, he's fairly rapidly become a nearly insufferable leftist. It just seems to happen after long term exposure to the Hollywood life and machine - good guys get turned into fucked up leftists. Not all of them - but a lot of them.

    Truly sucks, and this is one reason I hate Marxism and Leftists, and feel their entire machine should be dismantled and destroyed - all of it.

    So, I try and compartmentalize these leftist actors (nearly all of them), directors, producers, and the media who interview them and present their information to us the public. So far I can separate the art and craft that is being created, from the political opinions and world views of those who are doing the creating. It's getting progressively more difficult to do this. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way here.

    So, I'll continue to be conflicted. Sorry to babble, it's one of those days...

    Did they find a way to convey the BG using "The Voice" without some stupid vocal effect?

    Sleepdet, this was almost the first thing I was going to mention, but then thought it might be a bit too much of a spoiler.

    The way they did the first use of the voice, when Paul was being trained by his mother, one of the first scenes really - it made me sit straight up in my chair, and I replayed that scene several times, as I was so impressed with how they used unique sound and imagery, all without as you said, some cheezy vocal effect. You'll be impressed too, I'm certain of it, as that was something both the 84 film, and even the SciFi TV series, struggled with (more so the 84 film, were it was laugh out loud ridiculous).

    So, SO many things about this film that redeems Dune from the disaster that was the Lynch nonsense IMO.


    I will not hype. Hype is the mind-killer.

    I plan to go watch it next week.

    You suck!! :)

    I wish I could see it in the theater IMAX next week.

    In this case, you will FACE the hype. The hype will pass over and through you. They hype will be gone, and only you will remain.

    I re watched the Sci Fi Dune series this year, along with the 3 part Children of Dune series they did a year or so after the first 2 part series of the first Dune book. All 5 tv "films" are excellent IMO, even if Susan Sarandon is in the 3 part Children of Dune series.

    This Dune film is better than them - far better IMO, and that's saying a lot. Again, best Sci Fi film I've ever seen, and I haven't even seen it in IMAX yet where it's designed to be seen.

    One small example -Just the way they built the various ships in this Dune film, their function, full size models, CGI, etc, is by far and away the best Sci Fi ships I've ever seen. Diverse and believable ships and propulsion, etc etc etc - that's about as spolier-y as I'll get. That and the various forms of combat - very much based on the book and its themes regarding advanced lasers, shields, yet still having edged weapons as a primary form of combat due to various environmental/etc reasons - whoever was the director of photography as well as their stunt/combat director, should both get every award available on these subjects.

    I'm not even covering the major point of this film, and its themes based on the novel(s), and the writing and adapted screenplay/script, as well as the job these actors have done with that material, is what truly makes the film great.

    One thing that had concerned me from the umpteen previews, was the altering of the Dr Kynes character to a woman. Instantly - and with sound reason based on past evidence in many other films and shows - assumed it was yet another round of feminist BS infiltrating its way into yet another great story. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the case IMO, and the direction they took with the Kynes character - particularly its final part in the film (based on the book, so not a spoiler) - was very well done I thought.

    Sorry to babble on as per usual, but this film is truly something special.

    Ya, just watched it for a 2nd time. I think this is my new #1 Sci Fi film of all time. Might even be my favorite film of all time.

    If you're able, make sure to catch this one, IMAX if possible. Unbelievably good.

    Try the "Epic Mod" Iron after you play the 2004 mod for a bit. The Epic Mod is insane in terms of difficulty, on the easy mode (again, I'm not sure if the in game difficulty slider even works with the mod), I survive perhaps 1 engagement in 2 right now. That difficult, and it's a wild ride the missions I do survive right now.

    Again, watch some of the Sub Brief channel guy's videos of him playing the Epic Mod. It'll give you both an idea of the new systems and controls (towed array etc) and how to employ them, as well as a very good idea of just how difficult mod makes the game.

    No spoilers. ;)

    No worries.

    Having said that, I just watched a pretty decent CAM (taken with a decent quality 4k camera inside of a theater version of a film not yet released in digital/bluray/etc, if anyone is wondering WTF a "CAM" release is), version of the new Dune film. UN REAL. I can't wait to see this in Imax, if Covid didn't exist I'd pay my $1500 to fly to Europe for a couple days just to see it a month earlier there than the North American release for those of us in the USA and Canada. That good.

    I have tickets for the opening Imax bought the second they go on sale in either Calgary or Regina, wherever we're at during that night, and I'll bribe my aunt with whatever is needed to watch my father that night. This is going to be an amazing experience in IMAX, both for visuals and for the sound. Zimmer's score is absolutely amazing, I've already got this Dune film's Zimmer Score complete on my plex/etc server, if anyone wants it. He literally created his own instruments even to go with his music, it's incredible on its own.

    Ya well I dont need or want a table saw,thanks no thanks.... I gave 2 away,a shop saw and a portable for jobsites. TBH I cant even listen to them they give me the willies!

    With good reason,I ran my hand through one,dont want to repeat that experience again.

    Lately I've been looking for bits and braces,if I can find and old egg beater type I'll be a happy camper. Also want a small thumb plane,think it will help with my next bow,looking to make a horse bow with elbows,still researching that ATM. BTW you can use dog rawhide chew bones for any lashing,thats cool!!!!

    LOL!! Sorry, I meant I was looking for a table saw for me for our cabin, and while doing so I'll be on the lookout for the 3/8th and 7/8th tools you were mentioning. Sorry, I wasn't clear enough - shipping a table saw from AB/SK to Ont would be probably 3x what it'd cost to buy one at a used shop, haha.

    If I see anything out West here Spit in those sizes, I'll let you know and post pics. I'm hitting the local haunts near my pop's place this aft in fact as 2 of the places have a few standing/table saws I want to check out (putting together some more tools/gear/machines for our lake housecabin as I'm tired of hauling shit back and forth out there whenever one of the endless jobs or projects comes up out there).

    Absolutely -

    Great one to start with is the 2004 Nato/Russia Campaign, it's 139mb. It features the newer Virginia class among others like the Ohio cruise missile boats like USS Florida, and many other subs. USS Florida/etc gives you the Rum 139 anti sub missile, and that weapon is good clean Christian fun any way you slice it. That and the 7 round TASM anti ship Tomahawks x 22 VLS, so you can take on HUGE fleets of commie/Boroda fleets and flood their defensive BS weapons with many types and large numbers of missiles. The Brit subs available in the mod(s) have that Spearfish torp, which moves along a LOT faster than the already fast MK48 ADCAPs, and so forth.

    The NATO and Russian/Sov diesel electric subs are playable as well, and trade virtual silence for speeds you can outrun on your bicycle. Anyhow, you get the drift, very diverse and interesting game, and if it's held the attention of a very experienced 20+ year USN sonar man from both SSNs and SSBNs, who still works as a designer/evaluator for the very latest sonar systems, classified and otherwise, it must be a pretty good MOD/game.

    The most popular mod is the one I posted the YT video of from Sub Brief/Aaron/whatever his channel is named, it's just called the "Epic Mod". Very realistic/difficult, I'd advise turning the difficulty level down in the game settings at first (not even sure if this makes it much easier). It adds great features like deployable and retracting towed arrays which are very functional, and a pile of other stuff. The Soviet/Russian subs are interesting to play as well, especially with their huge 650mm wake homing long range torps, and those cruise missiles the size of Greyhound busses that the Oscar class carries, etc, etc and a lot more etc.

    Watch some of Sub Brief's gaming streams on both YT and Twitch, I've learned a lot both about the game and r/l sonar/navy ops from him, VERY cool beans IMO.

    That's great Dannes - my blue handled "famous by Lazs" knife is one of my favorites. Probably 2/3 of the people I show it to ask where the sheath is for it, thinking it's as much a carry/tac fixed blade instead of a kitchen/utility knife, which makes it even better IMO.

    Do you still have the 7" blue/rubber-g10 handled knife that's on your Esty page?

    If any of you Yay-hoos don't have Cold Waters as of yet (Cold war + tons of great Mods Sub/Naval war game similar to Red Storm Rising of C64/Microprose fame), it's on sale right now for $10.99 CAD, which should be about 6 cents USD of STEAM.

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    Is that a Honda NSR? This kid I went to high school with, he was from Hong Kong and had a Honda 450 NSR that was a 1991 model year, oval pistons IIRC, great little bike.

    Heh, I've got a couple real tiny ones in my collection too.

    I'm going to finally get around to posting the mini reviews of the 7 I've got from you so far Dannes. This next week or the one after I'll pick up some more. I'm going to post some pics/vids of the knives I've got in my rotation out of my collection while I'm at it, along with some folders (which I know don't compete against you Dannes so I won't feel bad, haha) that I've recently picked up.

    That one Spit posted is about is small as I've owned, pretty tiny.

    I know he's from Cuba, but I've seen him post about the Spanish from Spain and their influence on Cuba/etc in the past here, so that's the reason I asked...

    I have an extremely mixed ancestry, my father is pretty much all English, but my mother had a pile of different folks up her line - Scottish/Jewish on her mother's side, and Spanish/English/Quebecois on her father's. I know little about Spain and my Spanish ancestry, but Storch has posted a ton of interesting shit regarding Spanish/Spain here, and I want to know more.