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    762/51 is a great round, but the newer 6.5/6.8/etc rounds they are testing have even greater lethality, especially at ranges past 4 or 500 meters. Much better profile for busting body armor too, which is a major factor vs near peer threats like the Chinks and the Russians. The problem with 556 is that it doesn't have enough mass to bust body armor, while 762 has too much mass and the case isn't large enough to get enough propellant/powder in it to get the high pressures you need for the required velocity to penetrate said armor.

    6.5/6.8 is the perfect size for this, enough mass, and can get pumped up to 80 ksi from the 556's typical 45 ksi. The whole Next Generation Squad Weapons program will benefit from having carbines/riles and the lighter machine guns (SAW replacements and/or upgrades) from this round, as it's the best of all worlds, being lighter than the 762 so more ammunition can be carried than it, and also way, way more lethality/penetration at mid-long range than 762.

    Everyone here agrees I think that 556 needs to go as the main rifle/mg infantry caliber - it's great at 100/300m or less, as it's light and lots of ammo can be carried, plus newer bullet tech makes it a bit more lethal, but it'll never be a threat to the new body armor our threats are wearing now, at any range. That issue needs a solution fast, and the NGWS weapons will be issued in 2021 now instead of 2025 as planned, they are really stomping on the gas to get this program going faster.

    762 is still a great round though, and in the meantime it'll equip a lot of the semi auto precision rifles in the US/NATO military. It'd be a better option than 556 too IMO, but since the new 6.whatever calibers are performing even better than 762 in all categories, it's the round to go with now.

    And who can forget Jane's Longbow 2 with a Voodoo card.

    I remember the first SLI setup I bought for Janes F15 - IIRC it was 2 12meg cards, and it did make a big difference on graphics displayed. Good times. Longbow 2 was amazing for its day.

    Heh, a PITA it is for sure, it's one of the reasons I dragged my feet a year ago when I considered doing this.

    Iron, are you running the server on the same system that you're going to fly your client DCS on, or a separate system/rental/whatever?

    Gsholz - that pic of the Typhoon doesn't even show it at full a2a loadout too, it can carry double ejector racks on a couple of those rails IIRC, I know it can carry 2 tanks +12 aam - like I said, deltas, especially the Typhoon and Rafale, are crazy. The Captor radar is just one part of its capability too (I'm sure you know this), the electro optical stuff, as well as the defensive systems - if ED models this stuff, the Typhoon is going to be hilariously good vs everything else.

    Nice hook up - I felt the same way after flying the F14 for a few months after it first came out, then going back to the newer jets. I wonder if in r/l the crews who "upgraded" from the F14B to the Hornets, especially the SHs, felt the same...I'll bet they did. That leaps to stuff Mace2004 used to write about at NK, regarding his F14D experience, and just how awesome that a/c truly was, having all of the F14's strengths, and then add in modern avionics/etc. Just to think what the super-Tomcat could have been as well.

    Still the Hornets of all types are great too, and going from an analogue fighter at the tail end of that age to a more digital one what with the F14/F18 jump - I think ED did a good job of capturing some of that for sure. Hell, I miss the Hornet/Viper HUD almost immediately going from them back to the F14. Imagine not having a digital readout on your hud with such basic info we get in the Hornet/etc on the F14 hud IRL.

    You're doing some good work Dannes.

    How hard do you think it'd be to make a fixed blade like the now out of business Colonel Blades fixed blade knife? It was "the" defense knife until they shut down, and they are very, very difficult to find now, and when one comes up, it's astronomical in $. It's a weird angle so I know I wide piece of starting steel would be needed, that or some serious whacky-heaty-whacky to shape it.…oECAwQBA&biw=1728&bih=809

    Also, can your store ship to Canada?

    I forgot about EF2000 online until that mention. Good times.

    Did you see the P47 screen shots? Wow. I hope they continue to push the WW2 stuff, it's really becoming something.

    The Eurofighter - I guess it shouldn't surprise me that they can/are doing it, what with the legacy Hornet and what amounts to a pretty up to date F16 - probably minus a bunch of classified capabilities - already being in game. I really, really wish they could figure out a way to do the Suckhoi and Mig fighters with full fidelity without getting in massive shit with Putin+Friends. The Su34 Platypuss looking thing, all the various SU30s, 27s, 35, 33, etc, plus the Mig29k/etc off of the carriers. Be nice to have the best red air out there available in game, especially now with the Eurofighter coming.

    Maybe we'll get the Gripen someday, that and the F20 would be my wish list complete.

    Anyone remember when they flew a Typhoon with a full loadout at one of the big manufacturer airshows? 4 1000lb LGB, 8 AAMs, and 2 bags of gas? Say what you will about those delta wings, but the ability to carry shit is unreal.

    ED just announced that a new team's been formed and the 1st project is the Eurofighter Typhoon. Heh, they HAVE to do some red air after that IMO, even if it's mainly Chinaman aircraft. Should be pretty interesting to see the Typhoon and what they do with it.

    The Mi24/Hind is going to be good times as well. Once they finish the AH1 as well, helo vs helo could be some good times.

    Which is what I’ve been doing for years.

    Fucking hell, now I’ve got to compete with a buncha noobs for steaks.


    We're fortunate to have a family farm with all the beef/chicken I could ever need or want, plus lots of hunters in the family, so lots of duck duck goose and deer/elk/here moosy moosy meat too. Deer Jerky = good times. Good times.

    But I do dig the mail order business these ranches have set up for the meat/produce/etc. Good for them. The sort of business and farms that leftists HATE. Fuck. Them.

    Yeah, 1 gig dn, got 'em reversed. We need voice too. Could use SRS or set up a discord server.

    Agreed, until DCS/ED gets there in house voice comms they are working on released, a server would absolutely need SRS and Discord/channel. Most other servers use SRS, it vote for that for commonality. Plus I already mostly know how it works, heh.

    I really like the gun/gun sight system in the F-15. Very lethal.

    Yep, the F15 his a great gunsight. The F18's sight is very, very busy. The F16 sight is pretty good as well. The F14 sight is alright as well, it looks kinda wonky with the radar lock/sight/etc, plus the forward view due to the cockpit makes the hud/forward view very un-spacious compared to other fighters.

    I'd love to do some 1v1, 2v1/etc guns only fights with others here, I find it really tunes up your overall a2a skills.

    I don't know what the bandwidth needs for a multiplayer server are, throughput and monthly totals. I have 1Gps up/50Mbps dn with a 1.2TB monthly limit. Probably more than enough for the interested people on this board. Grows beyond that a paid hosted server might be in order. Maybe $60/mo.

    Problem is with only a few people there's no point in a 24/7 server where you can pop in find others, no one there. You need to coordinate the get togethers. Anyone here wants to arrange their own server for that or get some of us together on a third party server I'm in. I'm willing to set up a server for that also.

    Limit wise you should be ok. You meant 1 gps down/50 up right? That'd work fine. You have 25% more down than mine, but I have 15x the upload. Either connex would work fine IMO, but I know from the past running of co located gaming servers/etc that having a high upload can be very important at time, and a syncro up/down has its advantages.

    Hard to set up a co locate right now with the covid19 movement restrictions, but stuck inside I might check out some dedicated gaming servers and try running the DCS remote client and see how that goes. I know a co-located server has piles of advantages, but the cost for a dedicated gaming server (a good one) is around $100 USD a month max, and I've seen some as low as 50, which isn't bad at all.

    Interesting ventilator.

    We have my dad's 3 Cpap machines for his sleep apnea (2 older ones after upgrades), 2 oxygen generating machines we had for my mom before she died (she had chronic low oxygen the last 2 years of her life), plus I have 2 large air tanks filled with O2 that we used to use to fill up the practice 40mm grenades for our 40mm launchers back when. I have tons of tubing/masks/splitters/etc. Hope that is enough of worse comes to worse, and that any or all of the above have some positive effect.

    Have 2 large freezers filled with beef from the family farm, chickens too, tons of store and farm bought other crap like pork and lamb chops. Bacon, deer jerky, piles of canned crap, both home canned and store bought, and a pile of med supplies, enough for a platoon easy.

    Cool places in the USA you can order from, I dig it.

    Most here know how fucked the Canadian health care system is, it was riding and working on a knife's edge before, and a slight nudge would have shoved it over the cliff. Now..Ha...ahahah. Ahahahahah..I shouldn't laugh, but there isn't enough I told you so's in the world, for how many people x how many times = the CAD health care system has been warned. Now, engage fuckery Sulu, warp 9.9 repeating.

    How long does it last on animate surfaces?

    They are saying about 24hrs on cardboard, anywhere from 2 to 3/4 days on smoother surfaces (bathroom/kitchen/desks/door handles/light switch etc.), to up to 9 nine days on metal/some plastics/etc as worst case.…onavirus-last-on-surfaces

    Mix 3% to 97% Hydrogen Peroxide/water with a few drops of kitchen soap in a spray bottle. Nuke every surface a couple times a day, do it once and let it sit 5 mins, then wipe and respray again later in the day.

    I like the JF17, great module and real a/c for the $. The only thing they fucked up on (big time) was how the mounted the gun, and the angle at which they pointed it in that mount, making nearly useless for a2a (the pilots/instructors on the RL JF17 say to pretend you don't have a gun in a2a combat).

    I hope Deka puts out more red air - Chinese/Russian/etc - high fidelity modules. J10 would be great.

    I got to know Gilman Louie when I worked at, I interviewed him 1/2 a dozen times, and Pete Bonnani as well (F16 pilot who helped in Falcon 4.0's development). Falcon/Falcon AT/etc were big game changers, I had an Amiga and the PC of the day as well and used it on both. Falcon 3.0 was pretty revolutionary, especially with external views/etc, but Falcon 4.0 was the biggest leap forward IMO, and had the largest community of that day, larger than the European Air War and everything else of the time, more than all of them put together in fact.

    As for the age group here, I'm 46, I think Rollins was the same age as me before he passed away, and I think Assi is under 50 as well Gscholz. I have two things that count against me with this virus bullshit, Type 1 Diabetes which was a result of overmedicating with Prednisone for my SLE/Lupus from a retarded doctor (it's called drug induced diabetes - I had too LOW blood sugar readings for years whenever they tested me for it, then after 4 days of Prednisone, which put me North of 750mg/dl, or 45mmo/l readings, and it's never gone back to normal since). One bonus is they prescribed me Plaquenil since 2011, and I rarely have taken it due to the limited affect it had on controlling SLE for me, plus the negatives it would have on my eyesight, so I've just stockpiled it along with the painkillers they keep sending me every month from the pharmacy order. So, if anybody needs Plaquenil let me know, I only have about 80 bottles of 60 200mg pills kicking around (I'll post pics later).

    Anyhow, the WW2 servers for DCS like Burning Skies will usually have a 36 to 64 player max, and there is a lot of a2a action due to the nature of the maps and the combat. You won't be bored climbing for alt and flying for 20 mins to find I fight, I'll say that.

    As for WW2, the P47 and F4U are both scheduled to release this year, the 262 is in planning/pre dev with Eagle Dynamics, and the team working on the P47 has the Mosquito queued up after they release the P47 into early access. There is more, I'm just forgetting where they all are at the moment.

    AH was great in its day, and still has redeeming qualities, but I find the WW2 combat in DCS to be more focused on A2A fights, and due to the nature of how the planes fly, and how much more complicated engine management/etc is, that when actual fights happen they are far more visceral for me than they are in AH.

    Regarding Growling Sidewinder's WW2 skills - he's a fellow Canuck so I have to defend him a bit - he's a noob at WW2 flying, he's barely logged any time at all in prop planes, but in jets he's excellent, and has proven it by mowing very good opponents in gun duels on video, and then describing the fights. He's excellent at long and short range missile employment and even better at defense, watch some of his vids regarding this to learn how to evade incoming missiles, very good descriptions in trackview on this subject.

    Nice to see the interest in DCS grow here, I think it's time to seriously start putting together a server of our own - a lot of former AH players still looking for what AH gave them back in the day would be interested.

    In the car right now, but wanted to drop this rock into the lake.

    MF - if you think it's bad with jets now, the WW2 is amazing with DCS as well. Bruv and a bunch of other AH alumni are flying in the Burning Skies WW2 server many nights/week. Example below (Growling Sidewinder has a great channel you should sub to if you haven't yet as well on YT).

    I bought some of the new mod/parts for the TM Cougar from the guy on DCS/ED forums a while back, before China shut down and he sold out. Fantastic mod to the throttle, plus I picked up the USB adapter for it too. I use it with the F16 module all the time, and you can set stuff up almost exactly like in the NATOPS/etc manual.

    I've got the guides/manuals if you haven't found them already MF for the F16. Awesome isn't it. Just wait until you get the VR bug. Once shipping is normalized and this Covid BS is over with, I'll lend you one of my Rift S or Reverbs for a week or two while you're on down time/whatever.

    They updated the gunsight system in the F16 a few updates back, and now IMO it's the king of the hill for 1v1 gun duels, even better than the Hornet and Mirage so long as you know when to use rate/radius/etc fights against those two birdies.

    "Steve" was charged with other crimes after the whole underage girl thing IIRC. He defrauded me of $700 USD, which is 1$k of CAD money. I hope he got convicted of the new charges. At least he's on the sex offender list, I'd have payed more than $1k to have his name added to that, so I pretend in my head that it was money well spent.