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    $5k for a combat pistol is nutty, but the Alien isn't that IMO, it's essentially a production class pistol that through innovative new tech and tolerances/hand fitting/etc, will appeal to those who are involved in shooting sports. Those first 500 will all be sold out, maybe even already are, just due to the design lots of collectors and shooters will want it, and then there is the shooting sports people who will also want it, as $5k for them is pretty much the cost of any space pistol with all the mags/gear required anyway.

    Innovation is essential in small arms, but as was already said, nothing has really come around to climb up the next step since Browning. Sure there have been little things here and there, but essentially the tech in small arms has been stagnant for much longer in our lifetimes than that of those who came before us, right back to 200 years ago or so. Going from a Brown Bess smooth bore musket equipping the best armies of the world back then, with officers having single shot pistols - then jump 100 years to WW1. Huge leap. However However from WW1/Browning time to now - not nearly so much.

    The Alien design is a good one, and is a small step forward, however that said I don't think having a handgun with such tight tolerances and hand fitting assembly and construction will ever fly with the military, which is the driving force and $ behind small arms progress/tech, much more than the civilian market, IMO. Put the Alien through a sand/water test, or even just wade through a stream with it in your holster - I don't think it'll be as reliable as current handguns in common use then. It's a great handgun for shooting sports and flat range plinking I'd imagine, and again, I like the innovation, but that innovation very possibly won't fly when you put it through military standard testing once you get to the reliability/sand/water/etc testing. Their website does state that it has "military grade construction", and that is probably the case, but that doesn't mean it'll pass military testing. Plus there still is the question of how hot it gets when you pump 10 or 15 mags through it in rapid succession, even for just shooting sports. Perhaps they licked that issue too, but it's test I'd like to see from one of the gun channel people, again, even just for shooting sport purposes.

    I'd like to shoot one for a bit though, and if the next run of "regular" Aliens is more reasonable and justifiable, I'll grab one. Edit - the Canadian distributor says the 500 initial Aliens are all sold out already for the ones Laugo allotted up here, the US website still says they are in stock though...

    Are you talking about the new or the old classic "Midway" film Excel? I have both in digital format, I can send you them if you want.

    Really nice 3 screen setup Iron. Love the table, I hunted for a good table for a long time up here too, as I want as much surface as possible for my gaming PC setup, and I'm going to get another one and make an L shaped corner setup next month (I'll post some pics later of my complete setup). Should have tried making my own, I like what you did with yours.

    Settled on this table, 30" by 60", as I was planning on getting another one eventually once I moved my office room about at our Sask home. It was only $200 CAD so about 150 USD at the time too.…l-legs-65865/?variation=7

    Great solid table with a large strong surface, and very sturdy wide metal legs. My problem was similar to yours however, and that was the height. The DXRacer chair I have, which I got specifically for the reclining capability and nothing else, sits very high at it's lowest setting on the up/down height position. So the table felt like it was down by my knees with that chair. I went to the closest building shop, got some scrap 2x4s, cut them to fit under the legs on both sides of the table, wrapped them up in some old dark sheets/whatever material (too lazy to find some paint that day), and now the table is at a perfect height for the 2nd lowest setting on my chair.

    I ran 3 24" monitors for a long time, right when Asus came out with their first 144hz monitors, one of the first LCDs to ever have "gaming" attached to its marketing, close to 10 years ago now I think. For AH it was great back then, but I did go back to a single when the ROG Swift 144hz 1440p 27" one came out. Run 34" Alienware 1440p Gsync IPS on my primary gaming/DCS system here, and have 4k Asus ROG Swift 27" at our other. For DCS I'm using both the Reverb and the Rift, messing around between both, as I'm on Reverb number 3 technically (had one "repaired", and this one they outright replaced with a new manufactured unit when the repaired one died again, hence keeping the Rift S around, as its been bullet proof regarding hardware and software/drivers both). If I wasn't using VR in DCS, I'd probably set up multiple monitors too and take advantage of all the other things you can do with other screens.

    I have Saitek stuff too, I've been collecting hotas for a long time, have that same unit you do, the X36/45/52/55/65F and a couple pairs of their pedals. So long as nothing breaks, they are good value for the $.

    I noticed they put the gas-delay system above the barrel on the Alien, unlike on the P7/13 where it is just above and in front of the trigger. The first 500 Alien pistols are the $5000 signature models. We'll see what they sell for after that.

    I see that going back and looking at the vid again, you're right, and now I wonder what kind of effect/improvement that is over the HK/P7 design in terms of heat dissipation and control, as it's a real problem with the P7/P13. Of course the P7 was designed and used in an era where doing a pile of rapid fire shooting/training just wasn't a regular thing except for a very, very small number of units and training schools/companies.

    Today the Alien and any other handgun with a similar gas operating system, really need to have that problem worked out. With the "Alien", especially IF they do go into mass production with a cheaper variant of their current five thousand dollar hand fitted handgun, it'll have to pass muster on this, and few shooters wear gloves while training/shooting, especially civilians who make up the largest part of their potential market.

    You won't see that much unless you are on Base. There are spots like on the south side of the runway by the used car part yards, or you could see if ya can get into the speedway, but that's a bit away to the north side. this is what you will prolly see, like at Bergstrom AFB in the 80s.

    KDF, are these spots on the map if you get into the speedway what you're referring to? On the 2nd map pic here, do you think these spots South (they named them Cheyenne and showed a few different locations) are any good either?



    I carry the 411 which is the econo4006

    I remember that, you posted pics of it once here didn't you? I know you're a BHP user too right, I posted pics of my Novak modded BHP here too once I think. Your 411 have a magazine disconnect?

    That's a really good .40 handgun Storch still IMO - I know .40 has a lot of detractors for various reasons, some valid, but IMO most of the negativity around 40 cal is that a huge majority of 40 cal handguns out there, especially initially, were polymer framed units. The Glock 22/27/etc were really just 9mm pistols in terms of their design, with .40 stuffed into them. Hence the massive rise in discombubliations with them, and where a lot of the .40 cal criticisms started. Whole other topic, I only have a couple .40 myself, G22 for training clients in the past that all ran the G22.

    Metal frame .40 cal = much more good to go IMO than polymer framed options. If your 411 trigger is anything like my 1006s, it's a great DA/SA trigger, the SA in particular is excellent - better than stock 226/229s out of the box I think.

    I have 2 1006 and a 1046, picked up the 1006 on a trade back in 2000/2001 or so for next to nothing. My only 10mm I've kept around, and they are excellent. The RCMP up here use the 5946, so you see Smiths everywhere here in Canada. My 1st cousin is in the firearms unit at Depot/Division F (RCMP Western HQ and their national training center for new recruits), and works with Smith a lot as he issues every officer in the force their first duty weapon, as well as doing armorer and some range training. Not a fan of the DAO 59 either Lazs, which is what the standard issue is up here for the RCMP. Awful trigger, but otherwise an excellent, metal framed, reliable weapon.

    The rates of failure, particularly catastrophic failures surrounding the frames/slide, are way, way lower than the various polymer .40 cal handguns used by city/Provincial police forces in Canada. Alberta Sheriffs chose the 10mm Glock, and they're already regretting that due to the much shorter service life with those calibers in Glock than their 9mm variants.

    A saw that Vid too Gscholz, interesting, I like it. Very low bore axis too. Posted stuff about my HK P7s lots here, fixed barrel accuracy/advantage, for such a small pistol - groups I've gotten off sandbags at 25m are excellent, the only issue with the P7s IMO is they get incredibly hot due to the gas system, running one on a course or for any type of condensed time shooting drills is impossible without gloves as you'll get burned to shit with it. I'd like to spend some time shooting the Alien, particularly to see how much better/faster target sight picture acquisition is with the dot sights.

    I always assumed it was related to his work release program schedule.

    Ditto, hence the felony jabs I hit him with in past posts. Later I read that work release programs almost always work in the reverse way - lock prisoners up during the weekend to serve out sentences, and release them during the weekdays so they can work.

    Military aviation spotters MF, that's what you should search out IMO. Guys from The War Zone, The Aviationist, all those types of sites who sit out by the Jedi/Mach Loop places, and various airbases, capturing content for military/aviation sites.

    Edit - here, this should be a good start. Get yourself a cheap radio as all the open freqs are listed, so you can listen in on non secure comms, that'd be interesting too IMO.

    Has Finger ever explained why he's absent during the weekdays, almost like clockwork, then shows up Friday evening, posts a bunch of nonsensical posts into every single thread - you see Finger going right down the page on every thread when you open the main forums Friday evening. Then nothing after Sunday night until Friday again. At least that how it was for a long time last year when Finger would come around. Has that changed recently?

    Where did you go during the week back then Finger? Do you have incredible self control to not post during weekdays, and then throw a pile of shit on the wall come Friday evening, making it just a weekend gig here for you? Or are you someplace that doesn't have internet connectivity during the weekdays? What? I usually don't read Finger's nonsense, so maybe he's answered this and I just missed it, but I found it odd to be accused of "disappearing" myself by Finger, when he did it every weekday for months, or years here.

    The ravings of a madman has little or no impact. Still think he is fake though. A sockpuppet...

    You might be right, it's also how you define fake. In past threads I've asked him what his previous names were on this forum and High Tech Creations, as that's where the vast majority of members came from prior to GG merging this forum with the other a short while back, long after "Finger" came around.

    Finger refuses to say what his past forum names were, but admits he was here before with another name, which certainly gives your theory some validity.

    Gonna be a big push on Gman this week. Throw the beans on the radiator.

    See Gsholz, it's him. Maybe a med change or something has occurred, as his ability to write semi coherently has been restored. Everyone should thank me for taking one for the team, as I'm going to be the victim of a big push as a result.

    WTH is your LE thing? Where did Nuke say that, I can't find anything resembling what you're talking about.

    I had just found it curious timing that someone wanted information about me from 2 companies I no longer work for, and haven't for a number of years, a few weeks before I mentioned that to you in that thread, after sparring with you in previous threads and eating your shit, and then you blew a gasket.

    Coincidental, maybe, if so, it's my bad and I apologize. However, I felt certain with fair reason at the time it was you based on your hostility towards me, hostility without reason, and you calling me BS essentially.

    In that same thread, 1/2 a dozen other members here asked you about that hostility in that thread too. GG specifically asked you as well what your problem was with me, and your answer to her was along the lines of "I don't know, I just don't like him". It's in that same thread IIRC, I'll search/link it later if you dispute that.

    All of the major training companies keep records forever with regards to their instructor cert status, as there are piles of fraudulent schools and instructors out there, what with the explosion of the whole "tacticool" environment, which blew up around the time I stopped working in the late 2000s It was a pretty regular occurrence to have customers and others checking instructors and schools out, but like I said, I hadn't been working at either company for a while. Maybe it was someone else, Lazs said in that thread he'd checked up on me at some point - you say it wasn't you Finger, then again, I apologize for that, but it's pretty understandable at the time IMO why I thought it was you. That said, it still doesn't excuse or explain your BS towards me, and you still haven't shown the posts I supposedly plagiarized. Either do so, or STFU.

    You ran like a bitch. You tried to convince everybody how you were this, that and an author.

    Then you came back and tried to convince everybody that I called Canada and was checking on you. Ran LE bullshit for a fucking month. No one knew what LE was. Nuke told you to quit being a homo, and you stormed off. That is exactly how it went, mister author.

    This is my shitcan. You don't like it, eat it again plagiarist.

    Let's see the posts, quote them here Finger.

    When/where did Nuke tell me to stop being a homo? Where did I "storm off", I've posted pretty consistently, certainly every month, and frequently weekly here.

    IIRC at the end of that We Found RPM thread, you're the one who still didn't respond and left, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so. I'll search for that thread again and link it when I find it. It was historic for you, the first time you posted using understandable English and grammar.

    "Honjo", in the next upcoming Book Of Swords Anthology of a dozen+ short stories, which will be published in late 2020 or early 2021, by G.P. Conrish. That's me Finger. If you want to read it now, and will sign an NDA, I'll send it to you, and you can then continue to tell me what shit I write, and have material to prove it.

    How is Strike Back, I've never gotten around to watching that series - that and Justified. I have both marked on watchlist on Amazon Prime USA (using Astrill VPN they have one server left that Amazon hasn't found and blocked, so I have US Prime for now, as Canada's content sucks). Is Strike back worth the time Gscholz IYO?

    It'll be authentic.

    Why'd you slow down on that post count, gman?

    Where did I slow down my post count? I've been here at least a few times a week, sometimes daily depending where I am and what I'm doing.

    What, you think you've "scared me off" with your incredible internet savy about me? I've been pretty open on this board, lots of friends here know my name, I've posted pics of myself numerous times - how about you Finger?

    I'm still waiting for your plagiarism post of mine to be quoted here...

    Please, clearly type "You're a plagiarist, and this is why" for me would you.

    You going clandestine on me again? Or was that the other Canadian.

    You were the limp bitch running around yelling LE. Because you got caught plagiarising. Yup.

    Tom Brady Let's Go

    WTF does yelling LE mean, speak English FFS. And again, what did I plagiarize, you've never once shown me what I supposedly said that was plagiarized.

    I'm having a kid.

    I know, I remember reading you posting something about that, although it had to be deciphered as per usual to figure out what you meant. Congrats, I hope your offspring learns to post on the internet from his mother.

    You have a German Shep too don't you? Very nice looking fur missile. We have a Belgian Mal, posted pics, but I think they are on the old board.