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    Okay, watching Run hide Fight today.

    I'm sure it's been mentioned in this thread before, but "WInd River" with Jeremy Renner and the younger Olsen chick from the Marvel Movies, is absolutely excellent. Probably one of my top 50 right now.

    edit- so okay, maybe I'm not watching Run Hide Fight. It's not out on any of the Streaming services, nor on any of the Torrent/Newsgroups/etc options. I take it you just caught it on a pre screening that wasn't going to be left online Danes...I'll be watching for it too, and I'll buy it once it's out as I doubt any of the streaming services would allow such alt right terrorist associated content on their precious little boo boo servers.

    Facebook just shut down Tim Pool's page. He's never broken any TOS rules either.

    Oh, ya, and Ron Paul, you know, the former Congressman, Doctor, Libertarian...I sort of doubt he's broken any laws either. He's been silenced and removed from FB now too. (They now claim it was an "error". Ya sure, convenient timing on that "error". Typical leftist lies…your-world-liberty-report

    The purge continues.

    I don't know, nor do I care what Google has on their servers. They're a private company and can pretty well police their content as they like so long as they're not breaking the law. I have no idea what law you think they've broken by enforcing their terms of service, but that's not for you or me to decide. As a practical matter, Trumptard Terrorists provided Google and Amazon all the legal justification they needed to shut down Parler and lots of other hate-sites.

    What law do you think they've broken? As much as "conservatives" enjoy playing the victim, they're not a protected class under any statute that I'm aware of.

    I almost don't know where to start regarding the laws they (Twitter/Google/Youtube/Gmail/etc) have broken. Hosting child porn is an obvious one, but another easy one is Youtube demonitizing channels they dislike. Youtube adsence and monetization with channels are by their TOS description a "partnership", with the content creator being 1 partner, and YT the other. A couple/few years ago, Youtube/Google decided anything to do with weapons, shooting training, making knives/swords, or video games, weren't worthy of earning $, so they demonitzed their "partner", took all the money that was made retroactively (embezzlement or stealing if you or I did that to a business partner), and then shadowbanned those creators and channels so their traffic would die off. They destroyed the livelyhood of thousands of creators who had come to rely on the income they made with their "partner", and it was done all under the guise of "new family friendly rules", which had nothing to do with the TOS, which again, were NOT broken by any of the creators whose channels were destroyed by their "partner" Youtube.

    There are pending lawsuits over this, and a large class action by a large group of users in Europe. That's just one (more than one) of a bunch of laws that have been broken.

    I'm not talking about the "Trumptard terrorists" you're referring to, anyone who spoke about using violence on any platform SHOULD be banned. But that's not what's happening and you know it. The vast majority of those banned and shadowbanned/etc haven't made threats of violence, or broken the TOS - yet piles of FB, YT, Twitter, and other users have been canceled out, just for having a dissenting opinion to the leftist one world government dogmatic bullshit.


    I don't know, nor do I care what Google has on their servers. They're a private company and can pretty well police their content as they like so long as they're not breaking the law.

    Yet you obviously care what Parler/etc have on theirs, if you're onside with them being shutdown - see the double standard and hypocrisy?

    Also, the "so long as they are not breaking the law" part of your statement is interesting, as I'm specifically talking about things that BREAK THE LAW on their servers/platforms, things that are NOT actioned quickly if at all by the leftist platforms - the same reason THEY gave in deplatforming Parler, that Parler didn't "action or moderate" content they deemed "bad" quickly enough. Leftist hypocrisy.

    Again, this isn't going to end well, one side completely shut off from electronic communications, 70 or 80 million shut out, and soon to be even more angry, well armed, trained, and many with a lot of war experience, feeling they no longer have the capability to speak in their country.

    Add to that a nation of police officers who have been attacked by the left, threatened with defunding, and a military where the trigger pressers are 90% or more NOT on the left's side.

    Then mix in a pandemic which was caused by the CCP, the USA's greatest enemy and threat right now, a CCP that the left in the USA has sided up to.

    This is all a formula for the flying apart of the Republic, and it'll be the left's fault.

    And Twitter, Gmail, Google, etc, have all done the same. In fact a ton more of it, and worse (child porn especially). Do you agree, or not, that the above leftist owned companies are just as guilty of hosting and allowing the spread of child porn and violence?

    Twitter in particular has banned/shadowed/ MANY accounts who are guilty of nothing other than having a position that Twitter dislikes. 10s of thousands of accounts. No terms of service violations. Same with Google/Youtube demonitizations. This then becomes an issue similar to if a gay couple walked into a McDonalds, and the owner threw them out because they were holding hands. This is NOT legal.

    Here in Canada the Proud Boys are about to be declared a Terrorist Organization by our CSIS(Canadian Security Intel Service), and the government. They have said it's a "racist, misogynistic, and homophobic" organization. Funny, I know two local members who are both gay, and the Provincial leaders of both Alberta and Saskatchewan are visible minorities (one is Metis, the other is mulato). Also the overall leader of the Proud Boys is latino. Hilarious to declare them racist and homophobic. Anyhow, all the Canadian websites for the Proud Boys have been taken out, as well as obviously their stuff on Parler. Also a bunch of the Canadian PB left and formed a political party called "Canada First". They've been lumped in with the Proud Boys and all their websites/social media/etc have been taken down as well.

    Funny how it's the left's actions which are like Nazi's right now - it's absolutely NO different, the silencing of any discourse or disagreement. This is going to end in violence I fear. If Biden quickly bans mag fed semi rifles and so forth like the Liberal party has done here in Canada, things will unravel quickly I think, as that's really the "line" in the USA I believe.

    Quote from a guy in the comments on one of the news sites -


    Forget trump, dem, republicans, the riots, the elections. The fact that a bunch of big players could come together to shutdown a company or prevent a company from opening doors, based on THEIR demands, their power, needs to be a major concern for this country. It could be the gas and oil industry shutting down alternative energies (or visaversa), or public schools shutting down private schools (or visaversa), walmart and target shutting down aldi. Set this precedent and the country will regret it forever....

    We've truly arrived at the 1984 book.

    To shut down Parler for the reasons given is the highest hypocrisy online in history. Google, Gmail, Twitter, all of them, are guilty of having 95% of the world's child porn being shared, having helped organize all kinds of violent incidents from the Arab Spring forward to today. "Hang Mike Pence" was the leading trending Tweet on Twitter for 3 days, and it wasn't moderated or actioned, yet Parler is guilty of "not doing enough to moderate violence". Again, Hypocrisy.

    This all isn't going to end well.

    Getting my brother all set up and he just ordered a Reverb G2. Send me another stimulus check and I may order one of those also. ;)

    I'm really happy with my G2, have it really dialed in for DCS/Star wars Squadrons/etc. I jut got my VR opticians lens inserts late last week, so I don't need to get my glasses in there or put my contacts in now. Good times. G2 is amazing, running it at 100% in Steam Vr settings, and I can maintain 90fps a lot of the time, and 45fps when it kicks into the smoothing mode, and either way, spotting distance targets with it is excellent. Also a guy on DCS forums made a program that allows you to look behind yourself without cranking your neck all the way to 6 oclock, you can bind buttons for it and it works just like Aces High's VR does, which is fantastic. No more getting pwned by TrackIR players who can easily look behind themselves, while you couldn't with VR. With this ObiWan guy's program, you are now in even footing pretty much in this department.

    I've got one coming as well. I'll have 4 throttles from Virpil now, 1 each of the 4 major variants they've made so far. They keep improving, the new CM3 has finger lift devices for setting detents for afterburners/etc, otherwise it's now a whole lot different from the CM2. I've found the CM2 to be the best of the 3 I currently have from Virpil, the switches are incredibly crisp, it's a smaller/better footprint IMO - just a very, very solid unit.

    The latest patch sorted out the Hotas completely, no more Vjoy needed.

    VR however still has mouse issues, as in it doesn't work when you use VR, like at all. You have to use keyboard controls to move around in the menus or any other mouse related activity, that or bind the menu controls to your hotas, which eats up 2/3 of your buttons...which is gay.

    Razer Death Adder is probably one of the best mouse you can get.

    A bit late, but I agree - I have even more mice than keyboards, and the Death Adder is usually in everyone's top 3, mine included. Logitech makes excellent mice across the board as well. I'd stay away from the "uber light" mice with all the holes in them, I found them WAY too light, plus crap gets in easily. If you want a fantastic mouse with no software BS to deal with, get a Zowie. Steel Series as well aren't bad.

    The WWII planes are far simpler in nature than the jets but still more detailed than AH aircraft. That said, there are auto start and auto shutdown features available. After that it's just arming your guns and trimming the plane. While even the WWII planes are more involved than the ones in AH they really aren't all that difficult to learn.

    I know jets aren't your thing and there is no need to fly them in DCS if you don't want to. There is at least one server with old AH pile-its where all they do is fly WWII aircraft, Gman can tell us which one it is.

    What I personally find interesting about the game is that you don't just fly an F-14B, you operate the aircraft and all of it's systems.

    Burning Skies was the go to WW2 server but I think it's down now - Bruv and a bunch of others from AH played there, but I think most moved on to the Storm of War WW2 server.

    I re watch that once a year or so, By Dawn's Early Light, haven't read the book in a while though (Trinity's Child). I just read a book called "Arc Light" which has some pretty frightening parts regarding a massive nuclear exchange.

    I've got a couple k95, one Brown one Blue, got them as factory 2nds and they're a good board, but IMO get the K100 with the optical keyswitch. I have a Bloody 975 Keyboard with the same sort of clicky optical switch, and it's by far the best switch/board I have out of the 20+ I have kicking around. I like it more than the original IBM M clicky KB.

    Yeah. What an ugly thing to type.

    Ed what an ugly thing to say...I abhor ugliness. Tombstone, good one Storch.

    Norwegian women, especially the blonde ones, are smoke shows. My gf of the last 12 years now is one of these units. Whenever we watch Deadwood I get to needle her when the square head lines come up. She retaliates. Big time.

    HT has posted pics when the Covid crap started with his 1911 and AR 15, standing barricaded in his server room with a pile of ammo cases up to his waist/chest. Pretty funny actually - MR No Name might be right, certainly must lean right, or be one of the very few libs who actually believe in 2A.

    I don't play DCS for the building detail.

    No, me either, and that's sort of my point - I wouldn't want an already very taxed engine/game/whatever to be further slowed down for the sake of FS2000 like visuals. Love to have cake and eat it too, but not at the expense of everything else, in terms of nicer graphics vis a vis ground/clouds/etc.

    It'd be cool to have FS 2000 like surface/etc graphics in DCS, but I shudder to think what it'd do to performance. DCS is already struggling to make FPS (I'm talking VR here mostly, but it affects 2d players too) with details turned up, in VR right now with the top flight systems like mine, using the current VR standard (reverb G2), details are turned WAY down just to keep decent FPS. Imagine a newer graphics engine like FS2000 trying to keep up with all the other info/data that DCS games have down to 5 FPS most likely.

    That is, unless DCS is so fucked up right now in terms of efficiency that it's possible to re code/re do the entire DCS framework/etc and make it look as good as FS2000, keep all the sensor/weapons/etc data the same in game, all without losing current FPS performance. I doubt this is the case, or even possible.

    Again, I'd like it if DCS looked like FS2000, but I don't think it can happen with current CPU/GPU limits. FS2000 on my G2 is nice, but again, details need to be turned WAY down to maintain playable FPS, and FS200o isn't doing 1/2, or maybe 1/10th of the things that the DCS code is having to do.