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    I just checked, I have exactly 992 subs on YT. Bewildering.

    Military/Navy/Aviation news, some DCS channels, Shawn Ryan is a great channel I rarely miss an episode of. Bunch of car channels. Pretty wide variety.

    That's fine. You are liberals though. If you are going to pretend a man with a sick fetish is a woman, understand what you are. You are progressives, progressing to a new understanding. Happy to accept any new notion of reality. More likely, you don't appreciate such thing but you are straight up raw dog cowards.

    Libertarians, or whatever new term that's "OK" to label yourself in that direction, truly do not CARE what someone else does with their life, so long as they don't harm or cost others. GG is a perfect example of this. She is the only trans person I've known. She's been the best forum moderator/owner, ever IMO, and I was they editor for a sim website that during its time was the largest out there by orders of magnitude - the owner was the mod there, and I learned from him, and his policy was identical to GGs in almost every respect. 250,000 registered forum users and 1.5 million unique hosts per month. Circa 1999 to 2001, at least while I was working there on the side when I was a kid. Nuke then GG ran and moderated this place in an identical fashion to IMO, this is the way.

    That's why people came here initially, and why we stayed after Nuke become Gina. She's my friend, someone I respect, someone I'd fight for. If all you can do is whine about the trans part of this whole equation, you really won't be missed. You're like a runaway belt fed on here...jewjewjewjewjewjewjewjew-transtranstranstranstranstrans-jewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjwejejjewjewjewjew. JFC, just stfu.

    Woke hasn't helped disney one bit but it's their inability to come up with a story on their own that's killing them. Inserting woke is one thing but trying to start from a blank slate with woke is a whole different level. They're stuff is written by people who don't understand children nor the concept of family. It is simply bizarre how lost they've gotten. How they can't understand that they are destroying established series and incapable of developing anything that would become a series is astounding.

    That is a central tenant of the left/woke ism. Right at its core - try and change children (which they are attempting to do in so many disgusting ways), and break down the family unit. IMO it's not so much that they don't understand, however you're correct though, they don't - by choice much of the time.

    They certainly have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It's stunning what's happening to Disney.

    So far as Star Wars, booting Kathleen Kennedy would be a great start, then putting Favreau and even Dave Filoni in charge. Of everything to do with production of SW IP.

    Last pic - skin peeled off, toenail on the right. Perfectly new big toe underneath, about 90% of the old size.

    I know, same here Mom, skin peeling off etc - I was pretty fucking depressed. Just passed my clearance with the Ukraine Col that runs their intel side of the foreign fighters brigade, and then the toe started to go. I was so scared that it would spread up my foot and they would take it off. In fact when I first had the surgery, they made me sign that if they couldn't fix it, they would have to amputate. I know they had considered it while I was out too, as there was a bruise from the tourniquet they wrapped around my upper thigh that was there for weeks afterwards. Perfect ring around my leg. So...ya, once that foot BS started, I was certain I was doomed.

    I've been blessed, all I can say. I'm going out to swim in our pool for 45 mins, then hot tub, then walk a KM or two later. Might run on the treadmill a bit tonight too. Leg is still wonky, but I have it, and if I can run, I'm GTG for the next window I can go. My best pal leaves again tomorrow, he's got his own platoon there now, all solid guys, 32 of them, I'll be 33 ASAP. My father is doing OK, and is ok with me going, as he had to step it up when I went down, and start taking care of himself more instead of relying on me and the missus to do everything. She obviously isn't wild for the idea, but her family is from Estonia originally, and are no fans of the Russians.

    The original reason I posted, I forgot to get too because as per usual I started blabbing/typing on another subject.

    My foot was at risk as well TxMom, and I too was very, very fortunate to have a great surgeon, who had worked on a lot of wounded in Afghanistan, and learned a lot about saving limbs/etc - the jumped ahead many years due to all the experience in new techniques the medical community learned during the busy war years.

    Pics of my big and small toe, I was scheduled to go in and have them amputated, but he worked it, and ended up cutting an entire big toe skin flap, like a snake losing its skin - and underneath there was a brand new, albeit slightly smaller, big toe. So ya. The foot is almost back to normal, I can even run a bit now, 3 months before they said it'd even start to graft all the bones together/etc.

    I have pics of the skin/etc they peeled off, but the only ones I have here atm are of the toe when it first started going necro. Warning, a bit effed up pics -

    None of the newer Marvel stuff is really any good. Black Widow was very generic. SchangChi wasn't smartly written, but not necessarily "bad." Thor 4 retreads stuff we've seen from Thor for 3+ movies. And not very well, at that. Hawkeye is classic Disney Bait and Switch (not really about hawkeye). Eternals was just poorly written, and had trouble keeping my attention even in the action scenes.

    I can watch the rest of it at any time I wish, but with everything Phase 4 being so bad and / or bland, I find I have little drive to see the new Dr. Strange, Ant Man, Black Panther, or GOTG.

    Phase 4 has been a woke disaster, no doubt about that. The latest Guardians has been the only decent-ish film/show from Marvel since Endgame IMO. And it was just luke-warm sort of good.

    Woke-ism has been destroying Disney IP across the board, from Star Wars, Marvel, and their own crap. The $ tells the tale, they have lost more money than they've made on many a project in Phase 4 except the last Spider Man, which they split with Sony, who gets a larger share of any profits, of which there was lots for this single film. Their share price, job cuts, etc, reflect this. They keep trying in shareholder meetings to re massage their plans to "change" the world by injecting their woke BS into their IPs, but people are getting sick of that - losing a lot of $ to support an effort to preach ridiculousness.

    I've felt obligated to keep FW going. I don't like letting people down. I don't like that some people will not really have a place to hang out. I really do.

    I'll miss the place too. We've had a lot of good times because of this place all of you guys.

    It's hard to see it get whittled down to what it is now - with really no hope of anyone new ever coming in (which is another thing that really got to me).

    You haven't let anyone down, it's the precise opposite in fact.

    Would you consider selling FW to someone else? Completely understand if you aren't interested in that, this is your creation, and handing it over to someone else...anyway, I know how I'd feel regarding that option, but I still feel I should ask.

    I enjoy ICOM, as others have said, going over there to keep in touch with everyone is an easy option.

    edit - NM Gina, sorry, I just read your email/thread after posting this.

    Great job TxMom, happy to read your progress.

    I was in a similar boat since Sept last year. I had a comminuted fracture of the tibia, fibula, and ankle in my right leg. Slight accident on the rappel/climb wall. Anyhow, 7 fractures in total (I thought it was 6, but they told me it was seven at my 9 month checkup last week), 7 incisions, 160 staples, a 16" titanium/carbfiber rod, 2 plates, 15 screws, 4 pins and a 7 hour operation. Yay. Anyhow Mom, the surgeon, MD, nurses, and everything I've read online about my type of injury said that it would be minimum 1 year before I could start learning to walk on it again. I was in a wheel chair for 3 months, crutching/leg wheely thinging it for 3, and I've been walking in a knee high air walking boot for 3 months now. I can walk with a bare leg easily now, and just started running gently on it on Wednesday after my check up cleared me to.

    So yes, you can, and likely will heal much faster than the normal/worst case scenario. I'm really happy for you Mom, I know how I felt when I got out of the wheel chair, it was incredible, everyone looked so short for about a week, then change in perspective and life in general once you being moving under your own steam again without support - huge dopamine hit. Good times. I truly hope you keep getting positive results as you've posted.

    Slamfire's sister looked at my xrays for me. Thanks again Slam, everything she said turned out to be 100% accurate, and it was a huge blessing, as my surgeon (all of them here) are so overworked and behind that you simply do NOT get to interact with them, at all, outside of their structured appointment schedule.

    I watched the new Dungeons & Dragons movie tonight. It is streaming on Paramount+. I sat through 120 minutes of it to come to the realization that the movie had zero hollywood tropes in it, throughout. It was pure Dungeons & Dragons in all of its simple prepubesent glory. The story was simple. Some of the acting was mailed in. Overall... it wasn't horrible and didn't make me want to strangle anyone. It's sad that hollywood has gotten to where that's a compliment.

    +1. That's well said MiniD, I felt much the same way. I really like Chris Pine too, but everyone in that film did a great job, without the constant insipid and annoying Woke bullshit that has invaded almost every other film recently. Worth the $ and time, for sure IMO.

    The 20 books of the Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O'Brien are probably my favorite. I have completed 5 Circumnavigations of the series.

    Also "Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors"

    Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, great book, I've got an epub of it if anyone wants to borrow it. There's one good paragraph I've always remembered, about a Fletcher class destroyer gunnery officer who was describing seeing a Jap officer rallying his troops near a beach, and him putting the xhairs of the sighting optics/system of the ship on him, getting a solution, then hitting the firing circuit - 5 5" rounds vaporized the Jap and most of his men. The CO of the ship give him shit for wasting ammunition.

    I've got all of the O'Brien books on drives too, I've only read a couple so far.

    Six Frigates is a good book too, on the US Navy's first decent warships.

    I've got 1/2 dozen books on the Spanish American war, but it's been years since I've read one of them. It's on the list for sure.

    I've got tons, thousands probably, military history ebooks I've collected in the last 15 years or so. Lots of hard copy books too, but definitely a lot more on drives. I try to read a few hours every day, some days more. Be less now that it's nicer out, plus my cast is off and some of the hardware has been pulled out of my busted up leg, as it's healed now, it's just the physio part left - be a bit less reading and more swimming/walking, then running.

    To quote Obama -


    Owning and using a firearm is limited in Australia to people who have a genuine reason and self-protection does not constitute a genuine reason to possess, own or use a firearm."

    Right, so based on that premise, shouldn't his Secret Service protection be disarmed? Self protection doesn't constitute a genuine reason to posses, own, or use a firearm after all...


    You started seeding yet?

    And how are you here on a Tuesday, the prison/parole thing change the rules, or are you out now?

    Again.No plebiscite. Kosovo-huyosovo. You stomp leaving trouble and misery. Democracy my ass.

    Perhaps true - we just stomp much, much better than you.