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    Yes. Because there are many websites and news organizations that all say the same thing, but for some reason we should all believe this one random website that is very well known for promoting "fake news" as Orange Man coined.

    If you look at the Washington Post, it says something like, "According to the NYT" and then you look at the NYT, it says, "CNN has reported..." then watch CNN and it says, "Huffpo reported today that..." and you read HuffPo and it says "A front page story of the Washington Post reports" ...

    April 12, 1961

    Yuri Gagarin was in space just slightly less than 1 orbit.

    The FAI specifies certain guidelines for spaceflight. It is not necessary that a space agency follow these guidelines, but if that space agency wants to file a claim for a record, or if dispute arises, then the FAI will make sure that the guidelines were followed.

    One of the stipulations for spaceflight requires that the pilot should land inside their craft in order for the record to be valid. This requirement was created to prevent pilots from flying crafts that could not be safely land. The FAI did not wanted to encourage pilots to risk their lives for an aviation record.

    This rule became a problem for Gagarin because he did not land inside his spacecraft. Soviet engineers had not yet perfected the braking system that would slow the craft sufficiently for a human to survive the impact. Therefore, the cosmonaut was ejected from the craft.

    Soviet authorities went to great lengths to conceal this fact, and many times Gagarin had to lie during press conferences.

    4 month later Gherman Titov spent a full day in space, but still ejected during recovery, as that was the way of soviet spaceflight.

    John Glenn was the first man to orbit and fulfill the FAI's technicality of returning within the craft, but the technicality if overlooked in the historical record.

    1983 - when American Pershings were deployed and Europeans got a lil bit worried - becoming a target.

    They were already a target of your re-entry trails.


    Vienna, Munich, Verona, and other European population and cultural centers were to be “completely destroyed,” according to 1965 Warsaw Pact plans for war in Europe made public today on the Zurich-based web site of the Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact (PHP) -- an international consortium of scholars dedicated to the study of the historical background of European security,

    Found in the Hungarian archives, the documents are vivid reminders of the menace posed by the Cold War nuclear arsenals that Presidents Bush and Putin are only now beginning to significantly dismantle. Also published on the website is a confidential report from 1981 in which Soviet minister of defense Marshal Dmitri Ustinov identifies the Soviet SS-20 missiles as tools of the nuclear destruction of strategic targets in “all European NATO states.”

    Although Western European cities were always suspected as being targeted, this is the first time that obliteration of specific cities is confirmed from top-secret planning records. The Hungarian document describes a highest-level command exercise indistinguishable from actual war plans -- such as was the 1964 Warsaw Pact plan for an attack on Western Europe published on the PHP website in May 2000.

    Any Communist, Commisar wearing a dusty helmet (sorry it's your national meme) from 1920s who was Christian got sent to the Gulag for re-education.