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    Yes. You have to stay current and keep flying. Five years is the maximum.

    I have always dreamed of owning a R44... and they can be found at a steep discount, if you can find one that is 12 years or older but still has hours left on the airframe. (Less then 2200) you can fly them privately after the 12 year inspection. They are still ~$150k USD though.

    A rec license would be great to have... you can fly 172 but with only two on board.

    Nah... the disabled that stupid safety lever so the fucking toehead could push it easier.

    Then why wouldn’t the kid just pull the other lever that will turn the wheels and power the mower along.

    Oh yeah- that way the independents who can't afford to replace their motors will be driven out of business. People say California is anti business but actually they're anti small business, and very much pro big business because it's big business that gives them the big bucks- the little guys can't. This goes on time after time here, from forcing gas station owners to dig up their tanks way back when to force the independents out to now, forcing truck drivers out of business.

    I hear you Mike.

    I find that the USA is too restrictive for my way of life as none of my vehicles will fit into the new legislation.

    My newest truck is a 2006 so I guess your government would push me out of business


    What the fuck? I meant that whole post as a compliment and sort of olive branch.


    You have a way of fitting a music post in every thread.... ok we get it..... your a musician.

    I'm talking about his music, actually. Sorry for not being more elucidating : )

    I don't know for a fact that he wasn't literally gay though.

    Just step out of the closet...... I am sure there is a faggot here that will take your virginity.

    Fuck you bait... but.... you have a point I guess.........


    Just wait for a few years.... 2022 I think.... no more older diesels in California.


    Well at least we will take them from you at a very low price.

    Yeah well... not sure I want to jump into my very own $50k aircraft after 12 hours of instruction, or whatever it is. That CGS Hawk is looking like a really good starting point though.

    For your first go at a plane. Find something very affordable.

    Then you can fly for fun and not worry about money..... because it will cost enough anyway

    Oh I just found the money. They're selling the lots in it for $160k to $350k, empty. Monaville doesn't have sewers. I'm assuming they drilled a well on the property, that's how most of them around there get water.

    I happen to know a guy that can drill all the water wells ;)

    But that money sounds about right for all access and more then a postage stamp of property.

    Between the original property, runway and other improvements, I'd say they're about half a million USD in it. I have no idea what the annual dues are.

    Oh trust me there is money in it. I see the potential. Especially when our airport here is charging ~$35-50000 for a lot with no water or sewer.