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    Yea. Remarried to a Latina. Shut my business down in BC and concentrating on building drilling rigs in High River.

    You still on Diefinbaker lake?

    So the class applies to the trailer hitching and not the tractor pulling?

    Like Bj said.

    Motor homes have three classes,

    Class A is the flat front Winnebago style

    Class B is a van.

    Class C is a cut away van with a manufactured body.

    CDL has its own class and they are A, B and C also…. But pulling the Jeep doesn’t qualify me for any increased licensing in AB.

    My Chilean wife is happy that the Pinochet feeling is returning to Chile and also to Canada.

    She just voted last sunday to overturn the constitution reform

    Auto correct Jack.

    Some one was towing w Jeep in behind their Class A motor home and had it breakaway.

    I want to do the same but I don’t want it to breakaway.

    A few years ago, one of you all had a keep break away from your class A. As I remember there wasn’t much damage but the keep went into the ditch.

    I would like to know more of why that happened so that I can prevent it from happening to me.

    Without a heat gun you are literally shooting in the dark.

    We have had to run “water wetter” to keep things cool until we could get to the end of the season and properly clean the radiator.

    I have an infrared heat gun. Really helps to determine where the heat is and where it is or isn’t going.

    Normally….You can watch the heat come from the motor and dissipate through the rad.

    Newer cars should have enough airflow through the rad at normal speeds not to require any fan cooling.