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    Why is it that you Yankees love Boeing so much and yet Airbus is sponsoring the American Magic “Patriot”?

    Maybe Boeing needs to step up to the plate a little more. 🤪

    I do love watching those boats. 👍

    Your words will come back to you one day. You'll sorely wish they hadn't.

    I am the bus driver to hell.... do I have to put up with his stupid ass all the way down?

    It works the same way as cuntservatives who are oh-so-concerned about the life of a blastocyst, but they are more than happy to sacrifice grandma and grandpa for the sake of the economy.

    look.... if you had an imunodifficiencey then you would have to protect your self no matter what day it is or whether or not everyone wore masks.
    The government can’t stop people from getting sick.... it is up to each person.

    He was pretty butt hurt about that whole butt plug thing. Pun attempted.

    Hi Lynn

    he was “Butt” he hung around for quite a while after.

    just doesn’t seem to understand that it is Your own personal responsibility to stay healthy. He thinks that everyone should make sure to protect everyone else.... but killing babies is ok.

    I liked Chairboy and miss having him here.

    Lazs loves to poke fun at him.

    I just think it was funny that he would get into a discussion about the topic he brought up.

    OMG The funniest thing happened just now.

    Ben, unfriended and blocked me on FB because I asked why the libtards are for abortion but want to protect everyone else by wearing masks.


    first guy ever to block me on FB.

    So much for having a good conversation.... 🤪

    lol. I love being at home and I'm very happy

    Without winter how do you appreciate the summer?
    maybe you would love the spot you live more if you traveled.... or you might find a better spot.

    Well, I can SEE why you'd wanna see somethin beside Canada

    Oh ye of little travel.... there is much more to see in Canada then you can imagine, it is what excites me to see what other cool stuff there is out there.

    Yeah.... I hate the cold too. friends have done the Alaska fishing thing and it had more downs than ups.


    En serio?

    Everything has ups and downs.... The journey is just as important as the destination.

    I haven't even seen all of Amurrica yet

    Do the world when you have your health...

    Leave North America to when you are afraid to travel far from good hospitals

    Fuck that. Yellow tail, snook, speck and bluegill.

    I hate cold. Hate it.

    jeezus Jack... don’t go to Alaska in the winter... the summers are beautiful and the sun is up 20+ hours.

    Jack. Why don’t you pick up your fishing rod and go somewhere and catch some really cool fish... and just enjoy nature... like Arctic char in Alaska... sturgeon in the Colombian. Wet coast salmon????

    Because I'm a homebody. I like simple pleasures and simple things. I like to be alone and away from people most of the time. I don't like hassles like lines, airports, traveling, luggage... none of that. I like to be at peace and at home where I'm happy.

    jeezus man.... don’t want to be a downer but it sounds like you are just waiting to die.

    I have zero interest in that


    How can you just accept life in your small area....

    Don’t you want to see what is over the horizon?
    Meet new people.... in person... not just on the intardnet